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Purchase ladies fashions at this popular wholesale store.
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The area
Neighborhood: Notting Hill
As West London's friskiest corner, Notting Hill more than manages to retain plenty of the same appeal that's brought the affluent area so much worldwide attention. In this attractive cobblestoned neighborhood, a delectable variety of eateries, independent shops, galleries and street vendors offer a delightful window into how to live the good life in London, with each presenting visitors with an experience that's a little more idiosyncratic and endearing than the last. Travelers looking to forage for antiques should be sure to visit the Portobello Road Market on Saturdays, the largest antiques market in the United Kingdom.
How to get there
  • Notting Hill Gate • 4 min walk
  • Bayswater • 9 min walk

13 reviews
Very good

Diana R
9 contributions
Trip down memory lane
Jul 2019 • Friends
A friend recently passed away and her daughter gave me the burgandy/red coat she bought at Maribou when we visited there in July 2005. I bought a beautiful teal coat. I donated my coat after I lost weight and it was too big. I’ve since gained the weight back (sigh...) and my friend’s coat fits me perfectly. Three of us visited the store and I know we spent approximately $2,000!! We had a fun time in the store!
Written May 22, 2020
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Westminster london1 contribution
fabulous! Wonderful interesting shop!!
Nov 2012
I recently popped into this very interesting and unusual shop. A ring on display caught my eye, the owner a was lovely lady, very charming & helpful I decided to purchase the ring while looking round at the beautiful handmade clothes- very tempting, will be back again soon.. I've had so many comments on my ring..
Written October 13, 2013
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emmie d
London, UK1 contribution
Clothes awful quality and the owner is mental
Apr 2013 • Solo
My mum ended up dragging me into this shop as she was drawn to the ethnic print fabrics.
I was less than enamored by the poorly sewn clothes which consisted of several mismatched scarfs sewn together.
We got roped into a long conversation with the owner in which she slated black people, Americans, Eastern Europeans, anyone who watched reality television and she thought of herself in a higher caliber than most because she "refused to watch television" and only read classical literature. We spent 10 minutes listening to how "cultured" and "worldly" she was and I left the shop feeling like I went down a few IQ points. She was kind enough but what came out of her most was ghastly, I can't believe such people exist!

We got home to where we actually had decent light to see in and the skirt had 3 holes in the waist band like it has been attacked by moths and the stitching looked like it has been sewn by a 4 year old. Awful place, would not recommend it.
Written September 13, 2013
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Richard J
London, England, United Kingdom1 contribution
THe best clothes my wife has ever bought
Dec 2011 • Couples
If you don't get the owner's sense of humour, that's your own lookout. But the clothes are amazing, they last and my wife gets compliments and is asked where she got her coat all the time. People come up to her in the street to ask. We always tell them, Maribou in Notting Hill.

If you are American though, pretend to be Canadian. It's easier that way.
Written May 11, 2012
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Newman Lake, WA198 contributions
Fantabulously Fashionable
The Fashion Sirens and hot pink store front beckoned me to this one of a kind shop and I was anything but disappointed. The handmade clothing is what any fashionista needs in her closet. Ginny, the owner/designer is as fabulous as her one of a kind creations. Any of Maribou's pieces will take your closet from drab to fab. If you love fashion and you're in the London area, this is a MUST SEE STORE. Can't wait to visit again in the Spring.
Written November 24, 2010
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littlemissellyme1 contribution
Respect this boutique for what it is. Fabulous and unique.
Having just bought two items over the years from this shop I felt compelled to write a review after reading the negative responses on here. Firstly it is a different experience to your average, 'the customer is always right' store. The owner is bonkers, but is friendly and such an eccentric delight if you are respectful to her and what she creates. A bit like entering a strangers home, would you go into a hand-made eccentric boutique, where it is just you and the owner, on a mobile phone?! It just lacks a bit of understanding of the situation.
Similarly having worked in a few boutiques in London, returns policy are always a tricky area. Boutiques are always under immense pressure to get cash in the till, and is kinda common knowledge of the no refunds policy. I suspect if you spent so long in the store, then returning something goes against deep rooted ways of how to run a business for this eccentric lady-putting you, I agree irrationally, on the wrong side of her.

I hope this puts the bad reviews in a different perspective. Variety is the spice of life and perhaps cultures are more different than you think, despite the common language. I just love the whole unique philosophy of the shop, it showcases pure originality and requires an ability to understand it, too enjoy it as much as I did. The gorgeous clothes are a mixture of fabulously garish colour combinations mixed with traditional Victorian-esque velvet coats.
Written February 3, 2010
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Santa Clara1 contribution
Fun and quirky- nice to Americans with manners
I stopped into Maribou in full tourist scrubby clothes with an equally scrubby boyfriend. I fell in love with the handmade dresses their and enjoyed talking with a very quirky older woman who owned the store. She was very funny and not afraid to say what she thought. I felt no pressure to buy a dress that was about $300 US dollars but she was very helpful in showing me how to get it on and tied right "so my knickers wouldn't show". She was very nice to us both so I am sure she is not rude to all Americans, just ones who are not courteous. She did use interesting terms that one might not hear in the states, but that is apart of the fun of traveling and meeting different people. Many people consider talking on cell phones in small places rude, and I can see their point. Also not every country has the "customer is always right" idea of service, so maybe we should be more respectful when visiting stores in other countries. Great shop, I hope to go back one day, and yes I did go back and purchase that dress and it is still in my closet loved just as much three years later. I highly recommend this store but save up before you go and remember to be respectful and remember your manners.
Written December 20, 2009
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roma1 contribution
Wonderful Shop in Notting Hill
I bought a dress for 40 pounds and two strange hats for 30 a couple. All the clothes are handmade by the owner which is extroverted, kind but a bit weird. I heard from her that if the clothes don't fit your suitcase, she can send them wherever you want for free. I really enjoyed this shop. Hope to come back soon :)
Written August 8, 2009
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london1 contribution
Racist, Rude Owner. Most humiliating horrifying experience ever.
I visited this store yesterday and have never been so humiliated in my life. I did give her a piece of my mind but have decided to lodge a complaint or do something about this very rude, extremely obnoxious lady at the store who has no reservations from making insulting remarks around race, upbringing and has the cheek to shoo customers away from her store as if we were beggars or dogs.

Here's my story. I entered her store since it was open. I was on the cell phone with my husband while i entered the store and started browsing through the stuff on the rack. Suddenly i heard someone shouting at me. I turned back and the owner of this store was saying this to me at the top of her voice " THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO SOCIALIZE. GET OUT OF MY STORE AND GO DO YOUR THING ON THE STREET" I was completely appalled and was like " how can you talk to me like this" ... On this she continued to Shoo me away with her fingers pointing to the door at this point started making racial comments like " If you were English you would have some manners. We have manners here. Where you come from they must not teach you this. She called me a b**tc** American. I stayed in the store and demanded to call the police. On this she called a big tall man, they shut the door of the store and tried to intimidate me. She also pushed me to make me leave the store.

I am completely appalled by this experience. The owner here is making racial slurs and humiliating anyone she wants. In my case she also pushed me. We need to expose her and I am not comfortable leaving this incident without doing anything.

If anyone has been insulted by this woman, please get in touch with me. We can file a complaint together.

Portebella road, where her shop is, is one of the most touristy markets in London and she seems to be humiliating non English people there all the time.

Please email me back at and we can communicate around this.

I'm an Ivy league graduate from University of Pennsylvania and a good citizen of where ever I travel. I will not let this completely obnoxious woman get away with this just because she thinks she can.
Written September 7, 2008
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Minneapolis1 contribution
Maribou -- Beautiful clothes but atrocious customer service
I visited Maribou Unique for the first time yesterday and was impressed by their gorgeous and unique clothes and accessories, but was appalled by their customer service.
During the first trip to the shop, I browsed for almost an hour before settling on a jacket, hat and small bag -- for a total of 120 quid.
I told the owner of the store that I was a little bit leery making the purchases because my husband was not along, but she encouraged and told me "just take them home."
During the hour that I was in the store, I heard her speak about other customers (and particularly Americans) in a very negative and disgruntled manner. But, I swallowed my concern.
Today, after showing my husband the purchases, I decided to return the hat -- which was only 20 quid out of the entire purchase price.
She informed me that there were NO refunds -- despite never having alerted to me before -- and that I had "spent plenty of time in the store to make my decision." I explained that I only wanted the cash back for this small item and that I had come in to purchase another 325 quid (for a beautiful black frock coat and a capachon) and that I would be putting that portion on my credit card.
At that point, she proceeded to roundly abuse me and tell me that only "bad American women" ever return items and that she knows "what type of women do this" and then when I continued to persist, I was told to "buzz off."
NEVER (!!!) have I been treated with such disrespect in a store & I should say that I am an "epic" shopper who has spent thousands on shoes, bags and other items around the globe.
Written June 22, 2008
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