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Colab Factory
This Is A Place Where New And Exciting Ideas Are Created, Explored And Experienced. This Is A Place For Immersive Theatre, Unconventional Theatre, Dining Experiences, Street Games, Board Games And Everything Else In Between. If You Enjoy The Unusual And Unexpected, You Have Come To Right Place. The Colab Factory Is The Accumulation Of The Uk's Most Forward Thinking Immersive Theatre Makers. To
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Neighborhood: Southwark
Even before the arrival of the instantly iconic Shard, the riverside scene in Southwark had moved well beyond any up-and-coming phase of development. For quite some time, locals and out-of-towners alike have loved browsing the boutiques of Bermondsey High Street, foraging through the bounteous stalls at centuries old foodie haven Borough Market, and flocking to the banks of the Thames to enjoy some of Britain's biggest attractions such as Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe. Despite Southwark's many popular draws, instant calm can be achieved easily by turning down almost any side street. For more urban buzz, a quick stroll across famed bridges like the pedestrianized Millennium Bridge or the ever photogenic Tower Bridge yields access to the very core of Central London. And with London Bridge Station as this neighborhood's main transportation hub, getting across town (or to anywhere in England for that matter) is a relative breeze.
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  • London Bridge • 7 min walk
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Hit & miss
Nov 2021
The Crooks 1926 was one of our cultural highlights of the year - immersive setting and atmosphere, a fantastic bar with delicious cocktails, intentional decor and attention to detail, a great story and convincing acting. It felt fresh and exciting so there was no question that we wanted to experience Echoes, Colab's latest production. But how did it go so wrong?

Echoes was a chaotic and poorly thought through experience that was priced the same as The Crooks. The lead actors were great but far too much was demanded from them. The two main actors did the ticketing, ran the bar and managed the audience participation during the performance which left very little time for them to weave the story. The plot was far too complicated and the interactive elements were drawn out, frustrating and often irrelevant. Most of the time we were waiting around for clues to be provided and after two hours we still didn't really understand or care about the plot.

The general horror atmosphere was lacking, with a decent theatre space not utilised, and whilst some technical aspects of the play were ambitious (an app, website, outdoors quest) they added very little and were probably at the expense of simple, well-crafted and logical set and story design. As horror fans this felt an enormous missed opportunity and a disservice to Colab's enormously talented team and reputation. We hope they find their flair again with their next production and we look forward to experiencing their magic again.
Written November 6, 2021
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Marie C
London, UK45 contributions
Crooks 1926
Aug 2021 • Couples
Crooks 1926, now what an evening. We were told to dress up and look the part and on arrival, it was so great to see the effort that everyone had gone to, to get dressed up and fully immersed into the evening.

The actors were fantastic and really hospitable, anyone that had any questions or queries were well looked after and the crowd interaction was fantastic (even got married on the night - now there is something to leave you baffled!)

Highly recommend to any couple or friendship group, was hands down the best night I have had in London in a very long time!
Written August 9, 2021
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Ferenc M
United Kingdom906 contributions
Absolutely have to try it..we did 'Crooks 1926'
Aug 2021
This was absolutely brilliant. cant say too much as it would spoil it but what a show and what an experience. The actors were brilliant. The more you join in, the more fun you will have.

We cant wait for the next production.

And the cocktails were great too, and not a rip off at £9/10 each
Written August 7, 2021
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London, UK8 contributions
Great night out
Oct 2019
As someone who usually steers clear of jump scares, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this production. We went as a pair but the show is designed to bring the entire group together to solve the murder mystery. Expect to be fully immersed from the start and be prepared for darkness throughout the production (you will be provided with torches). Without giving anything away, the area the production takes place in is huge and on multi-levels so make sure you explore as many rooms as possible on your first venture into the unknown as that will help you going forward! Also dig out your quietest shoes so you can tiptoe around unnoticed (silence is key!) and bring layers because it does get quite cold inside. This was my first COLAB Theatre experience and will definitely be checking out their future shows, especially any of their horror productions as I think ‘Silence' may have converted me…theres nothing quite like the adrenaline hit!
Written November 1, 2019
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London4 contributions
The Great Gatsby
Aug 2019 • Friends
Absolutely brilliant. What a fantastic group of young talented actors/singers! Amazing to see people at the top of their craft. The immersive dimension of the night brought this story to life, one which I may have otherwise missed. A great night out, dress up too! Loved it!
Written August 2, 2019
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London, UK1,652 contributions
Gatsby show was very impressive
Apr 2019 • Solo
Past shows at this 'immersive theatre' venue have had mixed reviews, but there's no doubting The Great Gatsby's entertainment value, professionalism, polish and sheer fun.
The audience (mainly dressed in flapper gear or clothes that could vaguely be expected to be seen in the 1920s and 1930s) is split up into sub-groups, addressed, sung to and cajoled by different cast members, and led from room to room - sometimes upstairs - where little bits of the plot are revealed, before coming together in the main room.
It is immense fun, it is brilliantly choreographed... and if you throw yourself into it, it will be an experience that will stay with you a long time.
All the cast members are exuberant, the American accents hold up well, you drink cocktails (soft drinks available too - but not cheaply - £3 a ginger beer) for a tenner a time, so it can be an expensive evening out, especially as tickets are around £30 apiece.
But it's slick, entertaining and well worth the cost. A handful of the audience on the night I went were clearly overseas visitors, and didn't seem to have a clue about what was going on - but they, too, enjoyed themselves, on a slightly different level, you suspect.
The cast members ask individual audience members questions from time to time, which is unnerving at first. But it all rolls along with a pace that's breathtaking and a collective spirit that carries you along.
Whether you follow every nuance of the plot is immaterial. This is, indeed, an immersive experience performed by a cast who know what they're doing and how to entertain.
Cast members serve you drinks from the bar. You pay with card - no cash.
I'd love to show you pictures of the inside, but photography is banned. Shame.
Written April 22, 2019
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Southend-on-Sea, UK15 contributions
Copycat was a disappointment
Oct 2018 • Friends
The way this was advertised made me think this was going to be a terrifying experience, with lots of jump scares, screaming and dark cramped spaces.

Well it was cramped, but that was probably because they tried to fit so many people into one time slot (no doubt to make as much money as possible). With 5 groups of people all going through the experience at once, it's pretty much over and done with before you know it, with people talking over the clues and solving puzzles before you've even had a chance to step into the room.
Written November 1, 2018
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1 contribution
Unprofessional..What a shame
Oct 2018 • Friends
The last reviewer was spot on. The main actors were good and the idea is excellent.

I would add that the planted actors in the audience were very obvious and gave away the clues to the puzzles way too easily.

Worse of all was the girl actor with the nose piercing who giggled all the way through serious moments and looked drunk or high.

Lets not forget 2 of them taking a selfie on one of the bed props.

I wonder if they were mates that had been invited along by the organisers..

For me they completely broke the immersion and ruined the night
Written October 20, 2018
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Ian C
4 contributions
Copycat falls flat
Oct 2018 • Couples
It promises so much. Part horror experience, part immersive theatre, part escape room. Perhaps they should've concentrated on getting one or two of those elements spot on as it falls flat on all fronts. The picture used to advertise it is incredibly misleading and makes you think it is a scary horror Halloween experience, but apart from being the dark their is nothing scary about it. Not one jump or scare. The immersive stuff feels like a office workshop no one wants to be at and the escape room element is ridiculously easy and you find codes without actually realising why or how you got them, you just stumble across them, open a few locks and then you are suddenly out of a door and it's over. This was a really good idea but so poorly executed. The one good point I'll say is the setting was very well done.
Written October 19, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Bianca W
London, UK971 contributions
Terrifyingly good!
Oct 2018 • Friends
On Wednesday I was invited to check out Colab Factory‘s new horror experience, so along with other members of Love Popups London, we headed down to Borough to try The Copycat.
Advertised as part immersive theatre, part escape room, we were very curious to see how this one played out. It’s always difficult to write reviews without giving anything away, but I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible!
The Copycat begins with hobby detectice Anthony Larson welcoming our group of adventurers like well known to him online acquaintances. From his introductory speech we gather that the premise of this experience is that we all know each other from an online community that likes to play detective and talks quite a bit about serial killers. From this community we were all invited to join Larson in his quest to prove that a recent string of murders is connected.
From here, the experience morphs through different phases that make it really varied and interesting.
From gathering information from witness statements, picking out the most likely suspects, interrogating suspects in a dark, dingy basement, to suddenly having to break out of a murder dungeon, The Copycat has it all! Plot twists, games and puzzles, creepy props, and just the right atmosphere to set your nerves on edge.
While the story and puzzles are quite easy to figure out, the whole of the experience is terrifyingly good! This is not purely an escape room, so keep that in mind! If you’re experienced at escape rooms, the puzzles won’t be too much of a challenge, but the atmosphere, with its creepy darkness, and overall horror movie look, make this a whole different level of horror experience.
If you’ve ever wanted to be a detective and hunt a serial killer, or just love horror movies and always wanted to be in one without truly being in danger, this is your chance! Go and experience The Copycat while you can! It’s super fun and really quite scary.
Written October 12, 2018
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