Odeon Cinemas

Odeon Cinemas, London: Address, Phone Number, Odeon Cinemas Reviews: 3/5

Odeon Cinemas
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2-3 hours
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The area
How to get there
  • London Euston • 3 min walk
  • Euston • 4 min walk
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10,000 within 3 miles
2,019 within 6 miles

3 reviews
Very good

Dubai, United Arab Emirates4 contributions
Wish If there was a minus
Aug 2020 • Solo
If there was a minus option, I'd put minus.

I went to TCR Odeon cinema, tried to print off the ticket but the machine had no paper and the team then wrote out the ticket on a piece of paper. I bought a large nachos using my odeon limitless membership discount. I entered the screen and the movie was not running as there were technical and sound issues. We waited for 30 minutes and then the staff asked us to leave as they couldn't fix it and cancelled the show. The assistant manager Lauryn refunded tickets, food and gave movie vouchers to everyone, when my turn came since I was a limitless member, she couldn't refund me the ticket and instead gave me a movie voucher, although every customer got a refund on full price of the ticket and food plus a movie voucher on top which is quite frankly very unfair for a premium customer as we limitless members are made to feel, we commit and stay loyal and yet I felt I was treated less and made feel for for asking another movie voucher to bring along a friend if she couldn't refund the ticket and she couldn't even refund my food due to some technical card machine issues. I asked her if I can get a food voucher or cash refund of the food instead to which Lauryn said she's cannot and not allowed to refund either of the ways and simply said to me to take the other movie voucher to which I said to her that I have paid 5.85 for my food and want same or equal value in voucher back, what good is a movie voucher when I can get free unlimited movies and only have to pay slightly extra for Imax or premium seating. To this Lauryn said this is the best she could do either take it or leave it. This made me feel very uncomfortable in front of the staff and other people around me. She was literally forcing down movie vouchers and it my right to be treated with respect. I was demanding a refund or equal value in return to which Lauryn addressed in a nasty way saying, 'why customers like me always demand or ask for more!' to this I felt very hurt. I felt raciallypprofiled that time. I made no scene and no drama and I walked away without forcing a refund. You can check the cctv footage as well and ask the staff too. I get it maybe she was having a bad day maybe because of the pressure and technical problems she was facing but I don't think stomping a customer is the answer, maybe I was the nice guy and easy target to which she could lash out on. Anyways, I just want to say that I'm extremely hurt and would probably not renew my membership and probably try a different cinema and entertainment experience provider for a change. 5.85 is not a big money to me but what I value more is respect and integrity, there's no way you can buy out those by handing over free cinema ticket vouchers and expect a customer to do as told. Even when I raised the complain to the customerservice team, they were even worse they don't even listen or tried to resolve the issue instead simply told me off and not took my complain seriously to which I felt that maybe it because my name gave the impression that they can treat me differently than others. Extremely unhappy!
Written September 12, 2020
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22 contributions
Busy, badly laid out cinema
Feb 2018 • Friends
Whilst this Odeon's ticket prices are marginally less of those ten minutes down the road, there are many reasons why I would now choose paying extra to go elsewhere.

Firstly, it is terribly laid out. Whilst I appreciate part of this is out of the store's control, there is surely more that could have been done to improve the use of space. As you enter, you're immediately faced with self serve screens on the left, and a counter for ice cream and bubble tea on the right. If it's peak time, you probably won't easily be able to work out where the queues for these two areas alone end. Then, ahead of you, you have the queue for the Odeon's food and drink and ticket counters. This queue, and the fact that the rails to allow for it take up 3/4 of an already narrow corridor, means that you can't easily get out of the way if you're not in one of these three queues, and the only real way to get past it all and get to your screen is by squeezing through the queue.

As always, the drinks and food on offer are hugely overpriced. This is why the majority of the people in our screen had clearly bought their own food in, which normally I wouldn't have minded, but the person next to me had basically a three course picnic during the film, every item rustling, noisy and smelly!

I have to say it was good to see one staff member check every person who had a student ticket had student ID on them, but one person to organise three screenfuls of people was not clever planning!

In the screen itself, I didn't realise there were even any staff in there until we got accosted because we wanted to walk through the "premier" seats to get to the standard seats on the other side. This member of staff was camouflaged, partly by their uniform, but also because they were sitting down! The same was true of the staff member on the other side of the screen, who didn't seem to notice or care about the people taking photos of the screen during the opening trailers.Having worked in both West End theatres and cinemas myself, I know how easy it is to spot phones in a darkened room and how strict the copyright laws are, so am surprised that for a film so recently released (Black Panther) the staff weren't more concerned!

My other issue is the fact that they don't have reserved seating for the standard seats. This caused commotion when coming in; it wasn't explained and no one had a clue what they should do or where they should go...and it took some time to see the staff, as mentioned above!

The toilets were, in general quite clean, which was pleasantly surprising for a peak time on a student-popular date.

If you're keen to see a film and want a nice experience to boot, I'd strongly suggest finding somewhere else to go, even the West End cinemas in Leicester Square, because it feels like you're actually getting something for all your money in the facilities available.
Written February 20, 2018
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Caroline R
London, UK192 contributions
Good place to enjoy a movie
Jun 2017 • Solo
This is a nice theatre close to Tottenham Court Road tube station. The price range is reasonable compared to Leicester Square (which has become unbelievably expensive). If you want to relax whilst watching a film or in between activities with friends, family or on your own, I recommend this venue.
Staff make a difference here as they are very friendly, welcoming and professional. There are lots of choices for drinks and nibbles too and great popcorn.
Written June 24, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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