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Whisby Garden Centre
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9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Whisby Garden Centre is a GREAT day out for the whole family! Whisby Garden Centre has 5 lakes and is beautifully planted up creating a wonderful place to shop and take a walk round. Have a look around our website to see what we have to offer for you. We have everything your garden needs with a wide variety of plants, trees and garden accessories. There is something for everyone here with Concessions, Lakeside Cafe, Animal Park and indoor Play BarN. Concessions have been added into the Garden Centre so you have even more to enjoy looking at and shopping around.
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Very good

Heanor, Derbyshire.180 contributions
A curious visit to the Lakeside Cafe.
Jul 2021
We called in at the Whisby Garden Centre for a coffee today(13th July)
We like this garden centre and usually sit with our coffee next to the lake.
We like gardening and have a look round as well.
It is a good stop off for us on our way to the East Coast.
The coffee is usually O.K.
Today there was a cool wind and as we had left our coats in the car we elected to sit inside the cafe.
The cafe was a third full and it was 11-00 a.m.
The guy at the counter, operating the coffee station , directed me to choose a table and that someone would come and take our order.
The table we went to had not been cleared or sanitised which was a bit off putting but not too much. A waitress soon arrived and wiped down the table and laminated menu. We thanked her and remarked that we just wanted two cappuccinos , but she said that someone would come and take our order.
A couple came in and were served before us!!?
I waited long enough to get that “shall we just leave it and walk out” feeling.
(Perhaps I was in an impatient mood or Covid discomforted by the initial presentation of the table?).
Before I decided to leave a pleasant lady arrived and took our order.
She had a card machine and I paid for the cappuccinos.
I have never been asked to do this before anywhere!
Were they concerned that we would bolt?
The cappuccinos arrived after a while and they looked well presented.
They were milky, warm and wet but the good coffee taste was hard to pin down.
Milky Nescafé tastes better and this would have been a good idea!
Cost was £5-40 which buys a better offering elsewhere.
Shall we return?
Written July 13, 2021
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Lincoln, UK1 contribution
Unhygienic and rude
Jul 2021 • Couples

I visited the cafe today at around 3.15. I came in for 2 takeaway cakes. The man making the coffees was very rude and told us to sit down and someone will take our order. So I did, the woman serving us told us it would be a 10-15 min wait. Which I thought was bad, but as I have previously worked in the industry I understand how it can be with orders. So we waited, 20 minutes, and whilst I was waiting I observed the man who was making the coffees picking up the tray bakes with his bare hands, no gloves, no sanitising before or after, not only is they extremely unhygienic in normal circumstances now during a pandemic it's unacceptable. If I hadn't of already paid for my items I would have walked out. Once the stuff eventually arrived we took it home and when we sat down and opened the boxes we realised one of the traybakes was completely wrong. Which was ridiculous, if we was able to order at the till we could have been in and out in 2 minutes, we could have pointed to the one we wanted and a table wouldn't of needed to be used and then sanitised.
I'm completely shocked by this whole situation. Mainly the unhygienicness of the staff. I use to like coming to the cafe but now, after all of this. I don't think I'll be returning again.
Written July 10, 2021
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Scunthorpe, UK56 contributions
Simply Rude!
Jun 2021 • Family
TERRIBLE DISGUSTING service. We visited Whisby to eat in the Restaurant. The Staff all just ignored us. We went up to the counter to ask if it was table service, grunted (yes grunted) at us that it was. Collected our own menus from other tables, still ignored, went back to the counter to let the staff know we were ready to order, they just looked at me like I was speaking Klingon, ignored me and did nothing again. Time passes….. we tried to get service another two times repeating the requests that we were ready to orderbefore leaving letting the Staff know how we felt, no reaction at all apart from looking the other way. This has got to go down in history as the worst Restaurant experience ever. The staff should simply be sacked. We will never return. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE.
Written July 7, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Jack G
Lincoln, UK2 contributions
Replying to Borderline
Jun 2021 • Family
Replying to Borderline.
You quite clearly have an affiliation to the place. The staff, as you did point out, were doing nothing. That is exactly what escalated it to the point of us leaving. We were waiting 20+ plus minutes after being grunted at and then only responded to in one word answers or actually ignored. The staff clearly did not want to serve us as they wanted to reach 3pm so they could say they were no longer serving food, why else did 4 members of staff ignore us? While 2 collected rubbish and 2 stood behind the counter. If you would like to leave a review for your lovely service then you are well within your rights, your opinion on our service and how we were treated is invalid. You were not part of our group and do not know the ins and outs only what you saw and overheard. The fact you are saying I'm only writing a review for a freebie is laughable, I won't be going back freebie or not, have you ever used trip advisor before? They don't give out 'freebies' either, I wrote my review so other consumers don't have their family day out ruined like we did from rude and lazy staff who wanted to make sure they they did the bare minimum. You may also want to read the reviews that come before mine, mostly all of them are complaining about the service so maybe due to your affiliation with the staff/cafe you get treated better. Review your own experience not others. Thanks...
Written July 5, 2021
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Newark-on-Trent, UK2 contributions
Nothing wrong with the service
Jul 2021
We were one of the two other tables mentioned in the two previous one star ratings posted on the 4th July, and as they say, 'recollections may vary".

We followed one of the couples from the other reviews into the cafe, and took our seat - we had not finished eating, and did not any any point order food. While there were only three occupied tables inside the cafe, there were a lot of people seated outside, overlooking the lake. It was busier than I've seen on my recent visits, and a lot busier than I was expecting for around 3pm on a Sunday.

There were several staff working, though clearly since COVID and the introduction of iPads to order through, not all of them were tasked with taking orders from customers. At no point did we see any of the staff down tools, or not work - they were all busy. I would also suggest that at that time on a Sunday, staff starting the earlier shifts might have finished for the day. When another table asked to be served, the young lady pointed out someone would be with them shortly. It seemed to be a fairly standard first come first served queue, which is what you would expect in cafes. There was a wait but given how many people were outside, I wouldn't say it was excessive.

When the group left, one of them was shouting at the staff that she's be leaving a review and called them rude, though I'd dispute this (her own manners were quite imperious and rude towards the staff). The staff working today were lovely (as they always have been).

We thought the staff handled the incident really well - the mention of a negative review always suggests someone is looking for trouble (or freebies) and the staff did nothing that could have made the incident escalate.

Cafes and restaurants who have adapted so well to the challenges of COVID have done so much to bring normality to people's lives, and I'm really grateful for that. Whisby have been great for takeaways in recent weeks. It's great to be able to support small local businesses - we're lucky to have them. #bekind
Written July 4, 2021
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Josie G
3 contributions
The worst service (cafe)
Jul 2021 • Family
This is a review for the Lakeside Cafe (not the Garden centre). TERRIBLE SERVICE, THE RUDEST PEOPLE EVER. We have just had to leave the cafe after being ignored for 15 minutes. The cafe only had 2 other set of customers in it and they were already eating so it was not busy. We walked over and asked if we could order food, they did not reply but grunted serving until 3. After approx 5 minutes we had not had service and we were aware it was quarter to 3 so we went back over and checked again. This time they didn't acknowledge my dad at all. We noticed the waitresses were cleaning and collecting rubbish and not looking at us at all. They did this for another 10 minutes while we just sat there. We then decided to leave as 3 people in our group are type 1 diabetic with bloods dropping low so food was actually essential medically. As we left I told them how rude they had been for ignoring us so they could clean up and get home early rather than serve a group of 6 people a few sandwiches. They all turned their heads as they had heard me but when they realised it was someone from the group they had planned to ignore they all turned their heads back and pretended not to hear. Really disgusting service, as regular visitors we will not come back and eat again ever.
Written July 4, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Steve F
Lincoln, UK49 contributions
Worst service I've ever experienced
Jul 2021 • Family
Arrived for food just after 14:30, asked if they were still serving and was told yes until 3pm. Only 2 tables occupied (that had already eaten) in the restaurant so we sat down. After 10 minutes we went and asked if its table service and was grunted at. Another 10 minutes pass and ask again and was told someone will come to take the order. ANOTHER 10 minutes and we had had enough and told them we were leaving. Not even a response from the 3 staff just stood around.
I have never been so amazed by the lack of interest from staff. Got 1 star as can't leave 0
*Please note this is for the restaurant which is separate to the shops
Written July 4, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Kingston-upon-Hull, UK3 contributions
Not worth the time food cold and service slow even at quieter times.
Jun 2021 • Family
The place it’s self is a lovely setting and why the family chose to meet up with family here. However, when deciding to have early lunch we was shocked at the service and quality of food. The waitress who welcomed us was lovely and the place was quiet just finished breakfast. But once ordered all the food and made to take payment straight away which we found odd even with covid protocols this was unnecessary I believe done this way to avoid refunds as was so disgusted by food quality. The food took a LONG time to come out for a start and the place was starting to get busier so felt glad came earlier but made no difference as food arrived same as most who not long been in. One of the meals was forgotten and told wouldn’t be long but had to wait 15 minutes + for a panini which was freezing cold half the chicken was warm and cold was bizarre and felt food safety was overlooked and not even pressed down as bread still soft and only bacon in one side of the panini which was bizarre. The homemade soup was stone cold no one is could believe it even the bowl was so felt had to have been a mistake and taken out too earlier but tasted like Heinz soup with a tin of tomatoes blitzed through. What annoyed us the most that this was for a lady who is 72 and did not want to make a fuss but could not consume this as who could for the meal to come back 10 minutes later so hot the bowl was untouchable had just been nuked in the microwave and again with having worked in hospitality myself know how dangerous that is and felt staff could have transferred the soup into a cooler bowl as quite frankly common sense. Chips oil was grimy like needed changing and had to ask for condiments 3 times for them to be handed once everyone had finished eating which understandable busy time however could see waitress we asked cleaning all the tables for a long time and asked if was okay to get now as food will get cold she said won’t be much longer and continued. Having worked in hospitality myself I just felt service was bellow par and unapologetic to forgetting the meals and was a different waitress that actually apologised to us at the end wasn’t even the one that served us. The food cost over £40 and was far from satisfied and was highly disappointed as was just not expected for the price of food. The only thing that was nice was the hot drinks and the crisps and way too overpriced for the quality. Was made aware that chefs were off sick and why service slower but felt this really impacted the quality of food and service. Sadly won’t be visiting again as for the area felt extremely underwhelming.
Written June 27, 2021
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lincoln82 contributions
Had better
Jun 2021
Nothing wrong with the Garden centre ,had a nice walk round then decided to have lunch in the lakeside Cafe
Bad idea bad service , a very abrupt girl took our order pay as soon as you order at the table no offer of receipt , we got served the wrong coffees ,
We waited ages for our food over 30mins one hot and one sandwich which we had to ask if we had been forgotten about , it then came out straight away which i guess had been sat as the hot was not very hot, also the cutlery was not wrapped and we did not even get a serviette or salt and pepper offer .
very disappointed will not return
Written June 27, 2021
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Lincoln +cyprus
Lincoln, UK104 contributions
Good could be great
May 2021 • Friends
Well it’s changed since last I’ve been there but for the better I go for breakfast it’s reasonable price n tastey better than it used to be aswell the staff are polite n nice the only things I didn’t like n this is the reason I knocked them down is because they take advantage a little u get a breakfast but most things are extras which is fine but yet it came out on the same plate very small I thought it’s a bit of a scam I want my breakfast n wat ever extras in pots nxt to it they just gave me a normal breakfast n said oh we put ur extras on I think n then we stayed for extra drinks n they took that order brought drinks n still never took dirty plates or old cups n glassses away apart from that very nice tastey lovely views
Written June 26, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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