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Very good

Julie W
Northampton, UK2 contributions
Oct 2021 • Couples
We came here to see the Skints & had a great night.
Door/ security staff were pleasant & friendly.
Bar staff were efficient & we were served quickly.
The sound & lighting were good.
There were loads of toilets downstairs & they were clean.
Would definitely come back .
Written October 12, 2021
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Leicester, UK50 contributions
Nov 2014 • Friends
I attended a concert at the O2 on Saturday and was really looking forward to attending the fantastic O2 that was shown on the website.

I came away feeling ashamed that in my home town we have such a bad and unwelcoming venue. I have been to many concerts this year at many types of venue, and have never before felt unwelcome, and that the venue could not care less about their paying customers.

The O2 indicates that it is a venue with first class facilities to cater for the biggest live acts on
the circuit. I did not see that, but have the worst experience and list below why:

Car Parking
I looked on the site and it has a link to the University site for travel and parking. I saw loads of parking and though that’s Ok, only to arrive a see no entry barriers everywhere and when I buzzed was told their was free parking somewhere else and a long list of instructions of how to get there.

Arriving at the Venue.
It was all in the dark and I thought the concert had been cancelled. Climbed many stairs to meet many other fans confused as to where to go and then a mystery tour to find the back door entrance, in poorly lit conditions again with stairs everywhere. My friend is partial sighted and you could not see the steps clearly, good job he was not in a wheelchair otherwise I would not have been able to get into this 3rd class venue

No real signage to the toilets and it was a mystery tour to find them and see many other fans in the same situation.. again stairs to climb and not disabled friendly.

Thrown out of the venue
The door staff very keen to throw us out as soon as possible as 10.50 on a Saturday night! That really added to the feeling you not really wanting to make your paying customers welcome. A venue way out of the City with no facilities and rushing to throw you out a few minutes after the show finished. Why not run the bar a little latter and as people to leave by 11.30, or request people to leave in a friendlier manner.

I felt ashamed that people had travelled many miles to attend your venue and it was awful, and badly reflects on the City of Leicester and the University of Leicester. I emailed the O2 10 days ago and had an acknowledgment but no response. Maybe this venue is OK for students, but if you are older, disabled or visiting from out of Leicester you may wish to consider seeing the act at another venue on the tour.
Written December 3, 2014
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Leicester, UK47 contributions
Mar 2017 • Friends
Maybe it's an age thing. I'm now 53 and been going to gigs for the last 40 years. This venue is off the beaten track,
Poorly sign posted, entrance's not clearly marked,poor parking,slow entry,few bar staff,toilets miles away,lots of steps and stairs, overall it shouldn't work. But it does. The sound, atmosphere,flat beer,sticky floors,top bands and over zealous security tick all the boxes for me. I'm old school and this venue is stuck in the last century. Just perfect.
Written April 23, 2017
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Helen B
1 contribution
Oct 2022
Absolutely awful - there was no signage at all to indicate which queue was for which band, we joined the queue which appeared have other fans wearing merch for the band we were going to see.

Our tickets were scanned in at the door and we were told to step on in, but it turned out we had been sent into completely the wrong gig!! We ended up watching the show for most of it because we assumed this was the support act and ended up missing the show we had actually come to see. We definitely were not the only ones - there were a lot of other Nephilim fans who were sent into the wrong venue! How does it even happen that they can scan your ticket on the door and don't bother to tell you that you are at the wrong show??
Written October 29, 2022
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Leicester, UK20 contributions
Sep 2016 • Friends
Before I start I have never given a 1 star review, I have been to this venue and think its fair based on the times I have visited.
Last night was the final straw with O2Leicester, I have been to a few of them around the country and this one is easily the most poorly organised, very unmotivated staff (and massively overstretched) the usual unhelpful security, and generally poor venue to enjoy a gig.

Right then, like others have said the place can be tough to find, but that's not an issue, just jump in a cab and ask.

Where I have issues is that if you go to similar style places like Rescue rooms its a million times more friendly & organised.
Last night at the Enemy gig you had flares being set off and the only guy who was kicked out was the guy who was choking as he (wrongly) threw it away, why didnt you check the CCTV and see the young chavs who lit it?
Fights galore, at least 3 around us and even the band asked some lads to stop while he was singing a ballad, where was the security then?
The upstairs was closed, I suppose you could say that was fair enough but why not open the bar?
You must have had 1000-1200 people in with one bar open and 6 bar staff on, our party queued for 25 minutes (yes we timed it) and got no nearer the front but we moved as a scuffle broke out next to us.
The barstaff were being abused even though it wasn't their fault.
You only had one lot of toilets open, excuse my language but, thats piss poor.

As a frequent gig goer its the most appalling venue we have been to, we have been 5 times in the last couple of years but thats it, no more.

Its a pity as it could be a great venue, the sound is good, and its the right size for a good sized gig, they get some good acts who have the right sized following for the space.
It is so poorly run.

Come on O2, Im not a whinger, I know what I get from these venues and this is NOWHERE near as good as it should be.
Written September 9, 2016
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Northampton, UK18 contributions
Apr 2016 • Friends
Was here last night and have to say it is the oddest venue I have been too.

There are no signs for the place from the car park they recommend you to go to so it is a bit confusing to know where the heck you are going and not many locals know where it is ( out of 8 people we asked only one guy knew)

It was cold and we were a bit early but there was nowhere near that we could go inside and have a drink or something to eat. All the campus coffee shops were closed. We ended up in the library there and the drinks machine wasn't working.

Tickets said 7pm but they didn't open the doors till @7.20 even though it started raining outside and when we complained about getting wet they thought it was funny.

Once inside, drinks were expensive not presented well and bar staff not very quick.
Getting to the toilets was a Journey down some stairs and down a long badly lit corridor with flashing lights in part of it, reminiscent of a Dr Who TV set up.

Band didn't actually come on stage till @8,30

Band were great but venue awful.
Written April 17, 2016
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Leicester, UK52 contributions
Dec 2019 • Family
We came here to watch mahalia perform. She was incredible - as always.
However the people on the door were awful to mahalias fans.
Young boys and girls being told they can’t go in without ID (why would they have said when they’re clearly underage). Left them outside in the freezing cold frantically ringing their parents.
Awful to see.
Glad someone on mahalias team came down to sort them out and let them all in.
Written December 12, 2019
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Andrea P
Leicester, UK40 contributions
Apr 2017 • Solo
I made the mistake, as a disabled person, of visiting this place for the Chris Ramsey show.
First thing- no disabled parking or drop off point as claimed. My partner had to pull up in front of the barrier to allow me out as I couldn't walk all the way up from the road. Yes okay I was wearing wholly unsuitable shoes but it makes no difference- even in my Ugg boots I would have struggled.
I was then greeted with a notice saying to walk round the back of the building which I did with some difficulty and I was faced with my worst nightmare- a large queue.
I'm not an intentional queue jumper but standing for me is not possible. I actually tried to phone in advance to tell them I would need to bring my large rollator and I couldn't get through- but I am so glad I decided to go on my crutches for reasons that will become clear shortly.
The security guard however was kind and ushered me to the front of the queue and inside, where to be fair the ticket staff were helpful. When I got inside I was shocked at the size of the place- I honestly don't think a wheelchair user would have got anywhere in there, tightly packed rows of seats in a tiny room. I could also see my walker was causing chaos- as it seemed were my crutches. The aisles were so narrow I nearly broke my neck several times as I couldn't get my crutches through, thankfully I can just about balance on one crutch for a few steps which allowed me out but access was terrible, it's a darn good job there wasn't a fire!
The bar was a little busy but not too bad- I paid £2.80 for a lime and lemonade which I didn't complain at- I think that's about standard for an o2 academy venue as I recall paying a similar price in Liverpool.
The problems started when I needed the loo. I went out to the sign marked toilets and I soon realised there's no way I was getting down those stairs.
I went to the security on the door and asked politely was there a disabled toilet. She seemed to have the attitude of Vicky Pollard as she grunted 'not up here there isnt' followed by a belligerent stare. Luckily a lady who I think was the supervisor saved the day and she took charge and offered to take me downstairs so I could use the loo. She was very kind and helpful and didn't mind taking me but I can't believe there were no disabled facilities readily available. It's 2017 not 1917! For that reason I couldn't drink anymore- I wasn't too bothered as I don't drink alcohol but if it had been in the days when I still drank then it would have been a bit of an issue...
For some odd reason the first four rows hadn't been sold. It soon became a bit of a free for all and everyone just dived into free seats- me included- front row, wey-hey! Luckily security didn't seem too bothered.
The feedback from the mic and speakers was awful although being front row it was probably amplified. I doubt very much I will be back here to be honest. The campus is very impressive- and I'm a student myself, I have been to some absolutely spectacular student dives but this place well and truly takes the proverbial.
Five stars to Chris Ramsey as always- think average rating for the venue is being a bit kind!
Written April 3, 2017
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Portsmouth, UK37 contributions
May 2016 • Couples
I feel at home when I'm watching a good band with a plastic cup full of slightly flat beer and feet sticking to the floor. These are the venues where great gigs happen and we witnessed one!
Don't be put off by negative reviews here, if you like the sound of the band go and see them!
The toilets aren't hard to find as people have made out on previous reviews and you get a nice walk down a psychedelic corridor to get there!
The sound was great and there was a good atmosphere in the room. No problems with staff and drinks were a pretty good price too!
Written May 16, 2016
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Steve T
Coventry, UK6 contributions
Mar 2016 • Couples
Gig was great. Organisation dreadful. Having travelled as many others we arrived early as tickets all said 7. They didn't open the doors it 7:10. "There is a cafe in the university library was the best advice" The security staff were a joke. You have to move 3 feet to your left as that's the priority booking lane. With only 70 tickets bought and 12 of us waiting that's an unnecessary overreaction inside it was freezing. The heating kicked in later. All in all a poor experience. Ticketing lousy, event staff aggressive and cold. What more could one want on a night out
Written March 6, 2016
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