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Rebel Paintball
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Paintball is one of the fastest paced team sports in the country, combining stealth, speed and skill with adrenaline-fuelled tactics. This means you're assured of a frenetic group game that is massively enjoyable for individuals and parties alike!It is therefore essential that your paintballing experience is hugely enjoyable and leaves you wanting more - and that's exactly what we aim to provide
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14 reviews
Very good

London, UK2 contributions
Brilliant time
Sep 2015 • Family
Took my boys for their 11th birthday (twins) and we had 18 kids in total. Had an amazing time. Everyone loved it. It is always a good sign when you hear all the other kids walk away asking their parents to take them back again. Top staff!
Written September 19, 2015
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Robert W
1 contribution
First time
Jul 2015 • Friends
I went to ratby paintball for my sons first time. When I arrived I was told that I had to pay again as I was the last one in. I refused. So it was upto me to go find the person who hadn't paid. After that we waited twenty minutes to to be briefed. After the first game it was clear that the marshals had no control of the clients. As even though I was clearly shooting them the people wasn't declaring the hits. The marshalls stood by and let it happen. This was extremely frustrating. Even though I complained about this. nothing happened. All they were interested in was selling us more paintballs. I had paid for a full day. But left after half. Never again
Written July 6, 2015
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Market Harborough, UK1 contribution
Intense paintballing action as long as you wait for it!
May 2015 • Friends
A group of 12 of us went to the site for my mates birthday, the games themselves were enjoyable with capture the flag, and attack and defend games being high intensity and at times felt like we were in a proper war zone. Each of us had 500 paintballs which was more than adequate for a half day. For a full day I imagine you would need to buy more, I feel that personally 200 paintballs for £15 for a full day (as advertised on the website) would not cover you past the first game, especially if you are trigger happy.
The main concern is in regards to the organisational aspects of the day. While the staff their were well trained, friendly and safety conscious at all times I felt that parts of our day were effectively wasted by meaningless waiting around. My friends arrived at 12:00 expecting to start at 12:30 (as stated on the website) however we spent the first hour and a bit standing around as other parties turned up and were given their kit. In certain circumstances I know this can't be helped, however there was no communication as to when we would essentially be starting and how many others we would be waiting on, as it turns out 40+ people were effectively playing.
My friends and I also thought that we should have been given the option to all be on the same team due to the size of the groups there as some people barely saw each other throughout the day unless they were killed in the game.
Finally while I do know that safety is an important aspect of playing paintball, I felt that at times this could have been scaled back slightly, as after every game (2 rounds) we were required to leave the paintball arena and return to the seating area to rest for 15 minutes each time (which for most people wasn't required necessarily) ,this was due to the fact that we were not allowed to remove our masks once the game had ended inside the arena itself. I believe a simple solution, which I have witnessed at other paintball sites, would have been to simply notify people when the game had ended and that they could remove their masks, any further paintball fire could be dealt with by simply removing the culprit from the next game. This would then have left room for another game at the end of the day essentially.
Overall we did as a group enjoy the experience however feel that the amount of waiting around we had to do was at times unnecessary, this may have been due to the large number of people there however if more staff were available this could have been addressed.
Written May 19, 2015
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Felicity C
Aberystwyth, UK4 contributions
Excellent All Round
Jun 2014 • Friends
A group of 6 of us went 21/06/2014. We had other folks added to our team till we were approx 20 strong. The marshals and refs were very dilligent about safety, clear about rules and always on hand to help if you needed something. We were there from 12:00 till 16:30. In total we played three different battlegrounds. Each team played from each side of the battleground so that in total we played six games. I got the impression there were more games/battlefields but that we just didn't see them. Each time we went to a new map we were given the opportunity to practice with our marker on a shooting range. I was moderatley trigger happy and got through 600 paintballs the whole day. (35 quid) The first game was capture the flag where the goal is for either team was to capture the flag and run to the other side of the pitch and shoot the bell. The second game was Military VS Villagers where a pilot was hidden (from both teams) the villagers had to hide the pilot and keep him from the military and the military had to capture the pilot and take him back. Two of the military had riot shields (exactly as they sound). I was one of those two military during the first of the two games which turned out to be awesome because i just strode straight into the middle of the field robocop stylee and laid down plenty paint. The final battleground was prisoners vs guards. This map was similar to the others only in that it had stuff to hide behind dotted about. The main difference was the Wall running down the middle. At one end was a look-out tower. The wall itself had windows and grates to shoot through and only two doors. It was the hardest map in that it really does require the teams to properly think about the lay-out and strategise. So on one side of the wall was the prisoners who were trying to break out through the wall to a safe house on the guards side. The guards were on the other side and had use of the tower. Two of the guards had riot shields. The first game I was one of the prisoners. We kept up communication and told each other where we saw guards. When one of us went to run forward the others laid down cover. I managed to get my back to the wall. One door was blocked by a guard with a riot shield. I ran for the main door and received eight shots to my right arm. I think the only way to get prisoners into the safe house is to group up and run at the wall together! We had a break between each game to cool off (it was a very hot day) and talk tactics. I will say the toilets were gross. They were sheds with portable loos in them which i don't mind but they ponged and there were many spiders! Pee before you go folks! Tea & Coffee is available for a donation to Help For Heroes which was really nice. Also available were drinks and snacks. For an extra 10 pounds you could upgrade your marker and wear a swat style helmet and vest. Honestly the markers were so good this isn't necessary. Anyone with left over paintballs at the end of the three battlegrounds were able to shoot the bejesus out of each other in a brief but violent mini game. Also, people there for Birthdays can be put into a very visable bunny suit. They also takes pictures of the teams and upload them daily onto their Facebook page "Rebel Sports, Leicester". I have previously played Kidderminster Paintball which in retrospect was rubbish and they only provided goggles as opposed to the full face masks Rebel gave out. Looking forward to going again.
Written June 23, 2014
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Jake S
Leicester, UK1 contribution
Great day out paintballing
May 2014 • Friends
We were a small group of students who were celebrating after exams.

Have been twice now to this paintballing site (March and May 2014 for full day and half-day respectively). Both times have been really good fun. Professional and relaxed staff. Good games - rules were followed and enforced. Well maintained site. Very reasonable prices. Amenable to late booking or booking in advance. Limb shots don't count you out so you get more game play. Good for children and adults (the groups were very diverse and it worked well). Can be in a team with friends.

All in all they have both been great trips and I would strongly encourage others reading this review to try paintballing there whether you are a novice or enthusiast.

Check their Facebook page for pictures. Call to check if there are any promotional deals for paintballs and to book.
Written June 4, 2014
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Leicester, UK5 contributions
Very Happy!
May 2014 • Friends
I treated my twelve-year-old and seven of his friends to half a days paintballing for his recent birthday.
From making the initial enquiry, to finalising the booking, to completing the day.......faultless.
The owner/manager was a huge help and very informative. The stewards/referees were very helpful and pitched the safety talk just right for a group of young teens. Birthday boy had a free tactical upgrade and a recent offer meant that the boys were given extra paintballs! Smiles all round!
Nice area where the boys could leave their belongings, clean overalls were provided, clear demonstration how to put on the safety goggles and we were encouraged to take lots of great photos! There was no rush, the boys could take their time and the staff made us feel like no question was too silly to ask.
A great variety of zones for the boys to use, adequate breaks when needed and the trees made a perfect shelter when it rained heavily. Rain did not stop play!
Refreshment area was provided for the boys to purchase drinks and food, however I'd taken food from home which the staff were happy for us to eat on site.
In a nutshell:
Great prices
Superb site
Friendly and knowledgeable staff
Excellent awareness of safety.
Would I recommend? YES!
Written May 24, 2014
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Leicester, UK3 contributions
Amazing paintball site to play regularly or just to try out.
Apr 2014 • Friends
Staff are always great help regardless of whether it's a technical issue with your own marker, or just a punter learning the rules. Site is always changing and new games being developed, I play there every month now and very rarely play the same game twice. Would recommend to anyone. And there's usually a deal or competition on Facebook, Rebel Sports, Leicester. Free paint next time if you're good enough to get MVP!
Written April 27, 2014
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leicester62 contributions
Good Intro to Paintballing
Apr 2014 • Family
Took my 13 year old son and some friends plus the rest of the family. Out of 8 only 2 of us had been paintballing. A really good site. The staff were friendly and the quality of the equipment were good .The game areas were really good with plenty of room and cover. Had only been paintballing once before but this was much better than my first experience. I suspect we will be going back.
Written April 26, 2014
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Swadlincote, UK1 contribution
Excellent Paintball Site
Feb 2014 • Friends
First played at Rebel 13 years ago it was great then and is still great now. Played at loads of sites over the years and Rebel is by far the best site I've played at. The game areas are well maintained and always been updated and the guns or the best site guns I've ever used. I would recommend to anyone looking for an awesome day out.
Written February 22, 2014
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Justin W
Leicestershire, UK6 contributions
A great fun day in the woods...
Dec 2013
Great paintballing lots of fun, high adrenaline, great choice of games and variety, food and facilities best ive played at in the woods, friendly and knowledgable staff, great value for money doesn't break the bank for a good solid days fun, just wish i was fitter so i didnt ache so much after running around a wood shooting people think i was 24 not almost 42!! Thank you rebel sports
Written February 18, 2014
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