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Blackpool Pleasure Beach
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Very good

United Kingdom11 contributions
BPB is a fantastic theme park with a wide range of rides for all the family, it’s great that they keep their classic rides running for younger generations to enjoy. The wait times weren’t too bad when we went (on a Sunday) longest was around 30 mins due to the operations of the rides being good. It’s a shame that food & drink can’t be taken into the park because it’s quite an expensive day out as it is, we did get a hot drink and cold drink refillable cup which we used all day, one member of our group doesn’t go on many rides so they were able to make use of these while they watched other riders. Ensõ is an incredible experience, I would recommend riding it on your own to get more spins, it is an expensive up charge and I probably won’t do it again due to this but definitely give it a go! The park seemed a lot cleaner and tidier than my last visit (2020) however some areas such as the ghost train need a little TLC to bring it up to standard. One thing that we hated was the fact that you have to scan your e-ticket when entering every ride, most scanners didn’t even work properly, this really slowed the queue down. Not entirely sure why they make guests do this because everyone has to pay full price to get into the park so why should they prove that they’ve paid on the turnstile? Hoping that this feature is removed, unless they bring back a lower price ticket for those who want to enter the park but don’t want to ride anything.
Written July 11, 2022
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Sunderland, UK47 contributions
My son and I visit each year and the crowd levels seem back to normal this year, compared to the last couple which was nice. We had a great day, got on all the rides we wanted too. We were on the park from 10am to 6pm and it flew over. We had lunch at Burger King which was ok. Staff were all great and queue times were not too bad for anything.

M only niggles this year where people who were smoking or vaping in the queues, that was uncomfortable and staff didn't say anything to people. I thought it was a no smoking park/designated areas to smoke etc.

The operator on the grand national letting the people in front of us know he didn't care that they were not filling the trains up full as he gets paid regardless of how many people get on the ride.

The other niggle is the turnstile at every ride entrance. I could understand this when the park was free for anyone to walk in, but now surely this needs scrapping. I know people can buy spectator tickets but it hardies seems worth it for the trouble these barriers cause. They slow the ride loading times down considerably, some were not working and some we were asked by the operators to press a button on the back of the turnstile to let the next person in as the scanners weren't working. Get shot of them, charge one price for entry and the ride load time efficiency would shoot up.

Overall a great, good value day out though. We'll be back next year no doubt.

Oh, Valhalla still not reopened either, guess we'll have to wait until 2023 to try that :)
Written August 13, 2022
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Chris cross
Rosyth, UK4 contributions
We booked in advance for a day at the pleasure beach on Monday 2nd august. We are a family of 5 with 3
Kids aged 17,16 and 11. We paid £185 for the day ticket. Even before arrival we did the whole activate your e-ticket, upload photos, save it on your smartphone etc and were shocked that to even enter the park they didn’t even ask to see the proof of purchase lol. The queues were absolutely ridiculous 2 hours for all main attractions, 45 minutes to
An hour for all the other rides. After we waited as a family for 45 minutes for the first ride my 2 eldest went to see if could pay the £50 each to upgrade to VIP so they could enjoy all the thrill rides without queues but they and sold out. We decided to split up so my eldest two went off and throughout the 8 hours did manage to get on every ride but only once. The icon being their favourite. We spent the day with our youngest around nicolodian land where the wait times were still extreme but he had a great day so it worked out fine. I would recommend paying the £10 per person for the unlimited drinks refill as a bottle of juice is £3 per time and with the heat and waiting about danger of being dehydrated. My favourite ride is the Valhalla which is closed until 2022 for a refit so hopefully when we are back next summer it will be open as it’s a massive part of the pleasure beach experience. Wee tip for any family download kids pass app for 2.99 a month and book pleasure beach through that as get 10% off admission so saved us about £35. The one concern for me is their is no social distancing or masks being worn at all. You are literally mingling with thousands of people and the risk of catching covid is highly probable
Written August 5, 2021
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Brighouse, UK206 contributions
We visited Blackpool pleasure beach as a family for the first time in many years. The booking system has changed much and now everyone needs to purchase a full price ticket even if you don’t intend to ride.
Due to one of our party being wheelchair dependent, I followed the online instructions and sent our documents through for a carers ticket. We had to state why a carers
ticket was needed and then I received an email confirming the carers ticket and we were inform that we had an easy access pass.
On the day of our visits, we arrived at the pleasure beach early and once we entered the park, we went to the guest service desk to collect our easy access pass. At this stage I was quizzed about why the access pass was needed and asked how the wheelchair user would be going on the rides. I then repeated what I had put in my email to request the carers ticket and told that I would be transferring on and off rides as the wheelchair user is unable to walk. At this point I was told this was not possible and that I wouldn’t be able to do this. I was told about the accessibility guide but there is nothing on here about being able to walk on/off rides. I was informed at this point that I shouldn’t have been sold the tickets as there is no way you can access the rides with out being able to walk. You have to be able to walk off some rides if they break down.
There was no mention on the website. We were told the only ride we could access was the express train which has a wheelchair accessible. I was told that if I wasn’t happy with this, I could have a refund. I refused as it would’ve really upset our 4 year old who we had been promising the trip to.
After spending a couple of hours on the rides we decided that it was time to go to the express train. When we got to the train, we were told that we couldn’t go on the train as the wheelchair accessible was broken and we couldn’t go on this.
We really didn’t understand about being refused on the rides when there is a full accessible disabled toilet which is full equipped with hoist and changing table.
Written July 24, 2022
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Victoria E
5 contributions
I’ve been pleasure beach before but wow, how things have changed! You can no longer buy a spectator pass and so those who do not ride, like many parents, pay the same price as riders making a visit now even more expensive. And to top off the cost of entry, the queues were just ridiculous. 1.5hrs at rides… even the kids rides were over an hour wait on some of them! We paid full price for x 5 adults and 3 kids and managed to get the younger kids on a total of x 5 rides in 6hrs and the older kids on x 4. It seems the only way to do it is to get the speedy passes… making your tickets well over £80pp Also, the app waiting times were/are a load of tosh!
I was also really disappointed In the staff at the food vender stalls. Every single one we went to (and we went to a few as everyone wanted different) were sooo very miserable! Don’t think any of them cracked a smile! Everything seemed like a hassle or that they were upset about something. It was quite sad really.
Non of the tables were cleaned, to the point were I tried to locate some disinfectant to do them myself as it was disgusting, to be told they couldn’t give it to me and I had to wait for a cleaner. Apparently adults cannot be trusted with cleaning spray. I cleaned it with some baby wipes and sat there a good 40mins. No cleaner came to clean any of the tables in that area. People in general though also need to use the fricking bins! And clean up your mess!
Also, there is a little cut through or shortcut into Nick Land (which is for kids) from where the bigger rides are, but this short cut is just lots of stairs…. So if you have a pram, or need accessibility access, you will need to walk a good 10/15 minutes through the crowd and around to get in…. Seems a really stupid design. Just not worth the money, stress or wait time. The kids had more fun and got more rides when we left the pleasure beach and went on south beach! And it was cheaper!
But, if you can afford the speedy pass, I’m sure you would get more from it.
Written August 9, 2022
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Oldham, UK26 contributions
As a visitor to the pleasure beach every year, this year I was very disappointed!
Being a family of 6 you can imagine how much entry to the park costs us, which isn’t usually a problem as we have an amazing time, however this year, that wasn’t the case!
We arrived at 10am, entered the park, collected our digital photo wristbands to soon find that half of the rides where shut, (including 3 in Nickelodeon land & the big one) resulting in the half that where open had queue’s for over an hour long wait already! There was no mention of the ride closures on our entry.
After being in the park almost 2 hours and only having been on The Alice in Wonderland ride my partner went to speak to a member of staff about the ride closures, as the weather wasn’t amazing, but there where no winds and only a slight drizzle. He was informed the ride closures where not due to weather, but staffing issues caused by the covid restrictions! Apparently they’re still only permitted so many staff members in the park, which results in not all rides being open. I am sorry but if that is the case, then do not sell out tickets to maximum capacity when you’re on limited staff numbers! He was told that we could change our day to a different day that week if we wanted, but these restrictions would still be implemented, so what would be the point of that? (Also we visited Wednesday, we where travelling home Friday and had already booked and paid for a trip to the Zoo on Thursday, so couldn’t really have changed even if we wanted to risk it being quieter on another day)
He asked if we could purchase speedy passes, so at least we could avoid the massive queue’s on the rides that where open, to be told no, as they where sold out to maximum capacity on those too!
We purchased the unlimited drinks cups, and due to the queue’s at the facilities that supply those drinks, we managed to get it filled twice during the whole day, so another total waste of money!
Then it came to trying to feed the kids!! The queue’s for the eating places where as long as those for the rides. Resulting in us having to leave the park, feed the kids at the South Pier, then return to the park!
Due to the majority of rides being closed, the £20. digital photo pass I had purchased before our visit was also a waste of money, as the few rides that where open don’t even have camera facilities! So we paid £20. for a photo of the Rugrats ride & the Avalanche!
I was so disappointed, and will not be revisiting the pleasure beach on my next visit, it is a complete waste of money!
Written August 20, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

1 contribution
The ride staff were helpful and friendly, Icon was good and souvenirs reasonably priced. The other rides however... very very rickety. Maybe I've been spoilled by other theme parks but these carriages shake you about like nobody's business. Like doing 60 over cobbles in a mini with no suspension. Getting off the blue coaster (cyclone?) Everyone was complaining about their sore ears as our heads were shaken around in the restraints which constantly slammed into the sensitive ear tops. A lot of the rides were highly jerky, causing us to feel rattled and nauseated- an experience I don't normally get from rollercoasters. We also bought a ride photo pass online which we were given a wristband for but the QR code doesn't work so we may have lost all our photo memories of the day.

While we did have a good time, there are other large theme parks nearby with smoother, better maintained rides, at a similar price. I enjoyed the day out- and the coaster restaurant was lovely- but for white knuckle rides I prefer to go elsewhere in future.
Written May 17, 2022
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18 contributions
I love the pleasure beach and have visited frequently for many years but this was my first with a young child and there wasn’t a great amount for them to do. Some queues got quite long (can obviously pay premium for fast passes) and for young children this can be quite tedious waiting around, which is fine but the price for young children doesn’t reflect this well. Food and drink has gotten quite expensive (hasn’t everything) but one portion of fish and chips beside Big Dipper was over £7 and no kids portions were advertised. Staff at this stand seemed to be jumping along the sections which resulted in one of our orders being mixed up and when our teen asked what the fruit was for the waffles/crepes the staff member was quite rude and didn’t answer the question and said that waffles weren’t on that day and it was only crepes. They then nearly gave our order to someone else in the queue as well.
However, in Nickelodeon land the staff manning the rides were fantastic with our toddler, and shout out to the gentleman manning the cars beside the Big Dipper who was great with our overtired and hot toddler as was the female attendant at the elephants in Nickelodeon land It was appreciated on both accounts. Some rides were not running which was a pity, but does happen with these parks and better safe than sorry.
The tickets are quite dear with no option for spectator which is a shame as grandparent would have loved to come with but would not wish to go on any rides so would not pay the full price, and the toddler price is the same price as an up to 12 year old who can go on a lot more of the rides, so pricing could perhaps require a bit of a revisit to reflect this. There are many reason spectator tickets would be beneficial, as it does rule out anyone not willing to pay nearly £40 to go with their children (eg pregnant people who cannot go on the rides too)
The main reason for the 3 star review is also the new app for tickets. Great concept but not so great in practice. We were a family of 5 with a toddler and 2 teens. The tickets were all on one app, you couldn’t seem to split these up, although could set a group, which is fine but the group weren’t always together on same rides. Also some of the scanners had issues reading the QR codes and it meant having to get phone out and put away constantly when getting on rides. Bit inconvenient.
Park was clean as were the rides we were on and we will be back in future as the kids do love it.
Written July 12, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Zulma E
Manchester, UK1 contribution
Never again, they had us once, but there won't be a second time. Terrible day out. We went as a family 4 adults, 1 child. Only 3 of the adults wanted to ride whilst grandma said she'd watch and look after our bags - it still cost her the full price of entry, a whopping £46 just to walk around. Nothing short of robbery. Like they hadn't already made enough out of us, then even more on the over priced frozen junk food we'd be forced to eat all day. Everyone we'd mentioned this to seemed to use the same excuse, not just the staff but even the cabbie on the way back to the train station. The excuse "well they are doing what Alton Towers do". Their marketing team have done a great job of getting this out, but what rubbish it is. I couldn't care less what Alton Towers do, i'm not in Alton Towers. Charging a top fee just to walk around is the reason I don't go there also. Plus, Alton Towers is set in pretty grounds anyway, where Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a dump, much like the rest of Blackpool. The council should be ashamed of themselves. Anyway, all in all, a complete rip off. When you work out how many rides you actually get to go on after all the queuing, it's terrible value for money. As you're stood patiently waiting, you get to watch other customers jump the line in front of you because they paid an extra tenner. Another money grabbing exercise to fleece you for a bit extra, quite a lot extra when you visit as a family. This idea only annoys the people who can't afford it and rightly so. It's discriminatory. When you're hungry you get to choose from various stalls that take huge bags a nasty frozen food and throw them into deep fat fryers and then you get charged top dollar for it. The whole place is awful, One rung up the ladder from a dodgy travelling fairground. Don't go, there are a million better places you could visit as a family and still pay much less and have twice the fun - and more importantly not feel as if you're constantly having your pants dropped.
Written May 5, 2022
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Kate L
1 contribution
We went with 2 adults, 2 teens and a four yr old, 3 hours queue for any 9f the thrill rides is rediculous, 3 rides all day between a family of 5! And that was just the family rides that we waited over 50 minutes for each one.
We paid £170 for our tickets so we basically paid over 50 pounds for each of the rides we finally managed to get on.
We prebooked online and so we did try to upgrade two of the kids to fast track knowing they weren't able to get on anything but all sold out within an hour!

I suggest limiting your numbers massively!
Limit your numbers make sure people get what they paid for not pile as many people as you can in to make as much money as you can instead of having people enjoy their day.

I have emailed three times now over a week but no response unfortunately.
Written August 30, 2021
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