Isle Of Wight Festival

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Isle Of Wight Festival
Originally founded as a celebration of counterculture in the late 1960s, the award-winning Isle of Wight Festival is famous nowadays for kicking off the UK’s summer of major music events in style. Featuring a cool blend of legendary music icons and hot up and coming support acts, its line up never disappoints – plus the huge range of rides, refreshments, and other diverse entertainment on offer, keep visitors entertained at all hours! Whether you’re camping, glamping, or just popping in for the day, there’s no better way to start your summer.
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Very good

1 contribution
Sep 2021 • Family
First festival experience and maybe a little naive as to what to expect. Firstly very badly organised, very few signs and even asking the staff/security they had no idea where anything was located. On arrival searched and searched for a place to put our tent. Finally found a small spot and others were complaining that some people had gazebos and there was barely room for the tents. Sadly we were pitched next to a very loud group who blared their music until the morning. After asking them to keep the noise down an argument and some pushing and shoving ensued, security were USELESS they just walked straight past! Anyway we decided camping would spoil our weekend so we managed to book into a caravan park. However the transport was awful, not enough buses and very expensive. Very hard to book taxis as must have been booked weeks ago by people who live on the island. As for the festival itself we enjoyed the music when we could hear it, something needs to be done about the loud music coming from the fairground rides as it drowns out the music from the stages and the tents. Organisers need to rethink the size of the tents or who they put in the tents because at times it was dangerous with crowds surging forward and very little security to control them. At 1 point 2 security guards went flying through the air! Food choice was good and what was expected for a festival but get a bank loan for food and drinks super expensive! Drink choice needs to be more varied never drinking Strongbow again! It sounds like we had an awful time but we did make the most of it and had some fun but it was very disorganised, and honestly felt a little unsafe at times! Enjoy next year peeps!
Written September 21, 2021
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Sabrina H
Hemel Hempstead, UK2 contributions
Sep 2021 • Friends
Starting on the positives, i had a great weekend and the cirque de la quirk stage and river stage were definitely highlights. It was also quite easy to get a good spot at the main stage. The fest was quite relaxed and the security were polite and not too imposing (at other festivals i have found it can very much feel like you’re being watched and treated with suspicion at all times which makes it hard to relax). The queues to get in didnt take too long which was a relief as it was a pretty warm muggy day. The showers are also pretty good and you dont have to wait in a queue for ages to get one. However, the festival could be a lot greater if they simply addressed a few things . As many people have already said, because all the tents are in a line towards the mainstage and big top, there are huge bottlenecks where you are rammed in a huge crush whenever acts finish as there isnt enough space to move. Furthermore, there should be TWO main stages - it was ridiculous having Kaiser Chiefs in the big top as this created a potentially dangerous situation as more people wanted to see them than the tent could accommodate. The ride outside the big top was far too loud when it was on, drowning out the sound of acts playing if you werent right inside the tent. Tbh this ride should really just be removed altogether. Also the scheduling was a bit funny so that all the most popular acts were sandwiched in all at the end of the day and overlapping a bit which made it difficult to see everything you wanted to (especially when you knew you were probably going to be stuck in a crush for 15 mins between acts). Also would’ve been really good to have somewhere to wash hands properly with the pandemic still being a major concern. Some more variation in the evenings for dance music would also be good (a few tents playing big hits and a bit of drum and bass at cirque but didnt hear any house, techno, trance etc.) Overall, had a good time but the fest has the potential to be better!
Written September 26, 2021
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South England32 contributions
Sep 2021 • Couples
Just great to be out at a festival again.
Live a mile or so from the Cowes ferry terminal kn Southampton, and as Redfunnel provided a day trip package option, decided to catch boat over, do festival, come back.
But... 1 hr queue at Redjet , so 1pm became 2pm departure. Island side, foolishly caught festival bus at £14 return each. Took an hr as got stuck in jam rhrough Newport then went all the way to Wooton Bridge (from West Cowes!) to get onto the one way system.
Busses back were only on hour every hour so had to get back for 930pm to get the 11:35pm Redjet. And all the best bands are on aftwr 10pm.
So next time we will book up an airbnb or hotel on the island, and take pushbikes. Then we might see the best acts.
Written September 27, 2021
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1 contribution
Sep 2021 • Couples
First of all this is not my first Isle of Wight festival and there are many positives. It’s very laid back compared to other festivals and maybe more family orientated. The location is good and the town is very accommodating of the festival which should be congratulated. The negatives are mainly the running of the festival, bins aren’t emptied enough, scheduling is pathetic and it’s layout is all over the place, you could be watching a band in one tent which is drowned out by the personal sound system of a fairground ride 20 metres away and this isn’t just a one off it’s all over the festival ground. You can’t just have everyone blast out their music at the same time. Also put big bands on the main stage, what is the point of paying for a weekend or day ticket if you can’t physically see the band you want. the big top is far to small for bands like primal scream, kaiser chiefs and razor light which just means that not everyone can get to see them. It’s not hard to judge a bands popularity all of the mentioned play large venues all over the UK. Stop limiting their attendance whilst putting other performers on stages that are clearly to big for them. It’s just poor management.
Written September 18, 2021
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West Sussex, UK5 contributions
Sep 2021
In our party of 4, two had weekend tickets and the other 2 were going to get a day ticket for Saturday at the gate. (Had no trouble at the last Festival in 2019).
The box office said they had run out of day tickets but we could buy a weekend ticket for £200(bearing in mind that 2 of the days had already gone). We pointed out they had been advertised at £179 for a weekend ticket. The person at the box office said that was the online price. So, although this was exorbitant for one day, we bought 2 tickets online. One of our party spent £358 on 2 tickets . The money was deducted from his bank account and he received 2 QR codes.
When we showed QR codes the girl on the gate she said the codes wouldn’t scan and we should have gone the the Ticketmaster site. No one mentioned this before. We just used the first site that came up – Viagogo. Then when she tried again one of the codes did scan, much to her surprise, but she said the other one wasn’t valid . Really strange that, as they were bought together. We showed her proof that we had paid for 2 tickets but she called for reinforcements who wouldn’t have it either. We thought this rather heavy handed and inflexible and we had to go back to the box office only to be told that we would have to buy yet another weekend ticket if we wanted to get in. In the end yet another ticket – at a cost of another £200 was bought at the box office.
Altogether we had paid £558 for 2 tickets just for the Saturday performance! When we told other Festival goers they were horrified and said it was all about the money. I have to agree. Plus the people scanning at the gate could see we had paid for 2 tickets. Strange that one scanned and the other didn’t . Nothing faulty about the scanning equipment or operator obviously.
Surely they could have got advice from a superior as we had proof of payment. We are not talking peanuts here. They said there was nobody and referred us to the box office again, and repeated that Ticketmaster were the only official website. Pity the person in the box office didn’t see fit to pass this on at the beginning and strange that at least one ticket from Viagogo was recognised..
This put a real downer on what should have been an amazing evening.
Written September 22, 2021
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Athelhampton, UK29 contributions
Sep 2021 • Couples
The site is not big enough for the number of people they let in. The layout is such that potentially dangerous bottle necks occur when leaving the Big Top or Main stage. It was so badly organised. On the Thursday the main stage was closed so most people couldn’t get in to see the main performers who absolutely should have been playing on the main stage. There were not enough toilets and they were not positioned throughout the main festival site. The bins were your regularly sized home bins so filled up and overflowed throughout the site. They needed bigger, easier to use and empty bins.
The general campsite was packed. Tents were literally on top of each other. The app could have been better and the maps were useless.
The whole site needed more maps on boards and better signage. I can’t see how this is so difficult. We enjoyed the acts we saw but could see unless you were right in the action they would have been hard to hear. There is no doubt this will be a super spreader event as tents were packed and unventilated. Hand sanitiser stations were not anywhere to be seen and absolutely no Covid measures were taken. We will be taking lateral
Flow tests before we see elderly relatives. Overall we enjoyed it but I do not understand why there cannot be more clean up crews to stay on top of the rubbish and why this festival did not support reusable cups and bottles so the amount of waste could be reduced.
Written September 20, 2021
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Ben C
Hastings, UK40 contributions
Jun 2019
Great music, attractions and vibes. Good mix of ages and music and never any trouble. Its our yearly thing and we always have a great time. Price wise its very fair if you get early bird tickets its only £130 ish and thats for your 4 days there and all the music.
We book the campervan spots which sell very fast so you got to be quick!
Written February 10, 2020
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Bobby K
1 contribution
Sep 2021 • Friends
I don’t know why people are moaning about buses, we left the site twice and they run regular shuttle bus every 20 minutes outsides Morrison’s in Newport.

There’s just not even space for everybody to camp And the arena is a mission to walk to Fromm the camp site. Other than that it was ok
Written September 21, 2021
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Yolande F
4 contributions
Sep 2021 • Friends
We come here every year, camped with friends. 8 of us and had the best time! Although for some reason it felt like there was a lot less room for camping? We were asked to move 5 times but we refused as there was just no more spaces. Also can you guys get a second main stage? Big top just isn't big enough. 💔 and more varied alcohol please. But we'll be back next year!
Written September 23, 2021
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Phil C
1 contribution
Jun 2018 • Business
Please don't go to this Festival. It is primarily a mechanism for making money, masquerading as a cultural fun-filled experience. The prioritisation of the corporate elements and cost-cutting outshone anything that vaguely resembled the festival of 1968. Firstly, it was boring, there was basically 2 decent acts the entire festival - safe household names - dull and dismal - all of whom couldn't find the sweet spot. Possibly because they could pick up on the crowd's feelings.

The food was basic level mid-noughties crap, there was literally nothing to eat except for the grotty burger vans they must've rushed in at last minute.

The whole festival was laid out in a line, it was about 3.5 miles from the main stage to the campsite we were staying in, this, of course, means you can reduce costs of security, it means you can kettle people in so their only choice is to spend money on basic necessities. Horrible, malevolent layout - we're talking laid-out-by-design to cut costs and generate sales at the expense of the consumer. Nice job

I was there as an artist and I was treated appallingly. No help lugging heavy gear, no quick skip through the gates to make my stage on time on my 3-mile hike through the heat. The clueless uninspired staff acted completely dumbstruck at basic questions or simply, on a few occasions, MADE STUFF UP! Just to get rid of me.

The organisers need sacking, the ethos of the festival needs changing. I am boycotting this festival - I hope my band can get even bigger and shut this rotten traveller's fair down. Everyone I meet in the industry I tell them to skip this one out.

Nauseatingly Disgraceful
Written November 20, 2018
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