Cameo, Bournemouth: Hours, Address, Cameo Reviews: 3/5

9:00 PM - 4:00 AM
9:00 PM - 4:00 AM
9:00 PM - 4:00 AM
9:00 PM - 4:00 AM
9:00 PM - 4:00 AM
9:00 PM - 4:00 AM
In just over 12 months since a 1 million pound refurbishment, Cameo has established itself as the lead destination venue, for not just Bournemouth, but the South Coast. Set across 4 rooms, featuring exquisite decor, state of the art sound and lighting systems, glamorous VIP booths and table service, with the most indulgent Champagne and Vodka, nights out in Bournemouth will never be matched! Party hard with a thousand others in the main arena of Cameo, enjoy a sophisticated drink in the opulent surroundings of Myu Bar, check out the best urban tunes in the Basement, or groove along to the anthems in our sister venue Vinyl; this is the new breed of club that has it all.
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Oct 2021 • Friends
Met the best bouncer ever at this club, his name was Skis. When our friends got kicked out, he helped us communicate with them as obviously being split up isn’t great. He was not like every other bouncer on that night who felt the need to shout at girls just trying to pass their friend a bankcard. THANK YOU SKIS, most respectful guy and maybe if the rest of the bouncers could get a lesson from him they would be less aggressive. Give him a raise Cameo.
Written October 31, 2021
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Peter H
Southampton, UK42 contributions
Oct 2021 • Friends
Honestly can’t see where the negative reviews come from. Never been before, booked a VIP table through Fixr, we had an absolute blast - all the staff were really nice, and it was brilliant to see Majestic live with his support DJ’s. Nothing wrong with sound or lighting though the lighting guy loved his blinder a bit too much he did a great job as well. Top night.
Written October 23, 2021
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Liv W
Hartley Wintney, UK7 contributions
Oct 2021
Let me preface this by saying someone I’m close to has a job that involves them occasionally interacting with politicians, and I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of meeting some of them. You didn’t hear this from me, but there’s a T*ry politician who doesn’t know what an asthma inhaler is. With that out of the way... I have NEVER seen someone as obsessed with the sound of his own voice as the vinyl room DJ! For whatever reason, he felt it necessary to embellish Every. Single. Detail of announcements he gave. While I am sure Katy from Northampton who is here with her friends is *loving* having you announce her 20th birthday, there’s a different Katy I’m interested in, and you complete stopping the song means I can’t hear about how she kissed a girl (and she liked it). This repeated throughout the song - oh sorry, did I say song? I meant SONGS. ALL OF THEM. I don’t think a single tune passed without the DJ feeling the need to wipe his fingers over them. Why was Don’t stop the music cut to 90 seconds? Why did you drop the volume at seemingly random points, only to bring it back a beat too early? Why did you feel the need to announce the presence of FOUR SOCIETIES consecutively, eliciting cheers from neither people in the society nor out of it. Since I, like most members of modern society am aware of the linear flow of time enough to know my current position in spacetime , Idid not need the eleven (we counted) reminders that it was Wednesday night, especially when five of those reminders came after midnight, rendering them both annoying and factually incorrect. Sad!

His commands on how I should react to a song were equally unwarranted. His commands of ‘everyone sing this one!’ to particularly well known numbers would have been far more effective had they *not* been present; although I’m no DJ, I’m pretty sure talking over all the verses and/or the *entire* buildup to a chorus rather lessens the hype of said chorus. The subsequent volume drops at said choruses, encouraging our voices to take command were well-intentioned, but the novelty wore off after it was done on every song; first chorus, second line, every time. To spice things up, sometimes it would be the first line: and in the case of ‘Hot and Cold’ by the artist of my childhood Katy Perry it became the entire chorus, an excessive that became increasingly excruciating as the number of people knowing the lines as they went along exponentially decreased, with only a select few making it to ‘it’s black and it’s white’ (sic?). I was one of that blessed number, and quite frankly I wish I wasn’t, because it meant I was enabling this man’s terrible, terrible decisions. The same went for being told to join in for Avicii’s Wake me Up; a song that would have been much better had he not cut the volume for arbitrary words in the verses. He severely overestimates my ability to recall my year 8 talent show, which was the last time I properly listened to them. (Not that I mind! This is *meant* to be a throwback playlist. The problem lies in *nobody* knowing the verses for EDM songs). Same goes for Bonkers: I’d be ‘jumping around’ a lot more if you let the drop build up organically for more than three seconds, instead of artificially pumping in commands like we’re subservient aliens only vaguely familiar with the concept of ‘clubbing’ and ‘music’ — ironically, a statement that rings true to the man behind the decks. Whenever a new song came on, I felt not happiness or excitement or even nostalgia — no, I felt a sinking dread knowing he was going to find a way to ‘personalise’ (read: destroy) this one; a fear that almost always proved founded when the verses had random chunks bitten out of them/were in a random order/we were only allowed one of them. I left the room simultaneously frustrated, yet confident. Confident in my ability to curate an enjoyable experience, because I believe my Spotify playlist with a standard 6-second crossfade (I don’t know/care how to change it) would be a better host. Scratch that, that year 8 talent show performance might have been better.

I sang, by the way. I am not a good singer.

Now to post this review before my £3.50 Malibu and cokes wear off, of which I drank many to make the experience bearable. My flatmates are asleep right now, which is fortunate for their sake because they recommended this club to me, and if they were in front of me right now I would be questioning their taste, at great length.

TLDR: of all the clubs that exist this sure is one
Written October 13, 2021
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Ad B
1 contribution
Sep 2021 • Friends
Don’t ever step into Cameo. Security rude and racist. Manager arrogant, ignorant as well as racist. If you are sober, not disturbing anyone or causing any harm to anyone however you have a dark skin tone (black) you will not be treated with any sort of respect. Kicked out for no reason, did not cause any harm yet due to the colour of our skin the manager and security saw it fit to target us for no given reason. Much better clubs in Bournemouth, if you’re thinking about going to cameo, DONT!!!
Written September 18, 2021
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an b
1 contribution
Aug 2021
A weekend hotspot for traveling stag do's to trap and sexually assault girls in dark corners.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Written August 6, 2021
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Portsmouth, UK126 contributions
Jun 2021 • Friends
Having booked to watch the football here with my friends I was quite looking forward to the evening. I was unfortunately very shocked to find the only beers on the entire virtual menu were warm cans of Budweiser(not even a pint can) which cost a whopping £5.10 and they ended up running out. If you were to order cider then your choice was Koppaberg in a 330ml can at the same price which is laughable. Not only this but the system of scanning the QR code(which needed a friends torch on their phone as the place was in darkness) to access the menu and make an order messed up on many occasions leaving us without drinks but the money being taken. It seemed that the lady behind the bar that was in charge had no customer service skills and wouldn't accept that an order had been made even with proof of purchased from the received email. She argued that we did not buy a drink and said 'she was not in the wrong' and we must be lying. Such a shame for a club which I expect is fighting for survival and that individual being such a let down making us not want to return.
Written July 15, 2021
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Terry W
Bridgwater, UK15 contributions
Jul 2021 • Friends
Absolute rubbish. Out dated tunes and ages to get a drink.
If this is the best they can do, we'll good luck to them. Stick to the local pubs.
Written July 2, 2021
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Welwyn Garden City, UK39 contributions
Jun 2021 • Friends
Comedy club, sound is so bad you can't hear the acts. Treble is so high a dog could hear the acts better! People walking out as I type.

Terrible venue
Written June 26, 2021
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Lola T
1 contribution
Jun 2021 • Friends
The treatment of students is unacceptable. We came to cameo for our sports night yesterday, we never received our £20 drinks and when speaking to the manager he got very heated and was using some excuse about receipts even though we had email confirmation of our drinks. They even tried to tell us that our friends stole our drinks? Even though we were at the table the whole time waiting for them and no staff ever brought any drinks over.

The easiest way to resolve this would have been to just give us our drinks, I’m confused to why they thought it was easier to just argue?

I’m disappointed as they thought because we were students we were too drunk to understand… we were sober.
Written June 10, 2021
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Shannon C
1 contribution
Mar 2020 • Friends
Me and my friends went to Cameo last night for my birthday and honestly I am baffled with the lack of effective security within the club.
Considering they have metal detectors upon arrival, my sister and my friend were still confronted by a couple of boys with a knife on a unprovoked assault which thankfully only resulted in a broken nose for my friend.
When reported immediately and repeatedly while he was receiving medical attention, the bouncers and security showed little interest in the severity of the situation as we were told “they couldn’t look at CCTV footage” to see who the boys were and if they were still located within the club.
Absolutely disgusting how the so called “security” couldn’t have cared less and therefore, I feel failed in not only keeping us safe but everyone else who went to Cameo last night.
Written March 8, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Hi, and thanks for reviewing us, but this was concerning to read. If you could please put this into an email and send it to then it will be passed on to our Head Office so they can investigate what has happened.
Written March 10, 2020
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