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The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre

The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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4:30 PM - 9:30 PM
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Since 2001 ‘The DAM’ has been the best kept entertainment secret in the Lower Mainland. Think of Saturday Night Live ... with DINNER. Think of a rock concert ... with DINNER. Think of a mind-blowing, 4-hour blend of politically incorrect, interactive LIVE musical comedy, an eight-piece LIVE show band and LIVE Vegas-worthy celebrity impersonations...with DINNER. We’re different. We’re the only one. We have way too much fun. We are the best entertainment value in town. You should join us!
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Very good

Tamara Davidson
2 contributions
My hubby and I are HUGE fans of The Giggle Dam and we have been seeing their shows since 2013! We try to make it once per show season and have never been disappointed. Tonight, seeing their current running show “Cirque Du So Lame” was no exception. My cheeks and sides always hurt by the end of the show from all the laughter from the non stop entertainment. If you can’t handle raunchy politically incorrect humor this show is not for you. It is a unique, hilarious and fun, high energy performance each and every time. The cast are incredibly talented not only as actors/actresses but they also make up the 8 piece Giggle Dam Band. Not only do you get hilarious skits you also get to hear a great musical performance. The entertainment is exceptional! They even feed you dinner and dessert! Chef Pieter is an amazing chef and the food and drinks are delicious! His artisan Beaver Dip is addiptive and you can even buy a jar to take home and enjoy. The table service is top notch and the wonderful servers address you by name. It is a great place for any sort of celebration! Birthday’s, stags/stagettes, bridal showers, baby showers or even celebrating your divorce! The Giggle Dam also has a COVID-19 safety plan in effect that makes the audience feel comfortable and safe. During these difficult times of much stress and anxiety for many due to the pandemic a night out at The Giggle Dam is a great way to relax, and have a good time with some much needed laughter! I highly recommend The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre in Port Coquitlam for anyone with a sense of humour and a love of music. Overall I would give them 5 stars!
Written September 6, 2020
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Jonathan B
1 contribution
If you're into live music and silly jokes, this is the place for you. This was my first time visiting even though I lived 10 mins from there and it was fantastic.
The musical talent of this group was the surprise I never knew I wanted. If seeing a hairy man in a Britney Spears outfit doesn't make you laugh, his musical talent along with his troup will certainly make it worth your while.

Go for the lasagna or the fish, the tofu isn't quite there yet but the drinks are great.
Written September 6, 2020
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Jenny P
Abbotsford, Canada5 contributions
Ever part of the night is INCREDIBLE, from the moment you walk in the door to the time you roll out belly hurting from laughter and tears rolling down your face. Love love love this place great for any ocassion date night to staff parties and everything in between. We will be back. Thank you Dam Family!!
Written September 13, 2020
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Candy R
1 contribution
I have been going to the Giggle Dam for over 20 years. I have taken friends, my mother, even my 90 year old grandmother. It is ALWAYS a great evening! 3 years ago I moved from the Fraser valley to Ontario but I make it a point of visiting the Giggle Dam every time I come back for a visit! Great food, great service and Superb entertainment!
Written July 11, 2020
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Abbotsford, Canada96 contributions
Had a great time with friends here. Food was really good and service was exceptional. The show itself was fantastic. The cast of this show are so talented. Best night out I’ve had in years. My stomach muscles are still sore from laughing. Special shout out to Mark, you are hilarious 👏👏👏👏👏
Written November 27, 2021
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Vancouver, BC66 contributions
Save your money! This place is terrible. I wish I had thought to come here and read the reviews before we went, but I got sucked into going along for a friend's birthday celebration.

I have been to dinner theater, cruise ship entertainment, broadway shows, tony and tina's wedding and everything in between. I can appreciate good talent and a good play whether at a local dinner theater, high school play or by an A list name talent on broadway.
I will say, the actors/singers here have talent. They sing extremely well and should be doing something other than Dinner theater at this place. But a job is a job I guess.

That being said, the show was TERRIBLE. Food was even worse.

We were seated and there was an antipasto plate before every one of us. I don't eat this. In fact I would say 70% of the room didn't touch it. Very odd choice to present for appetizer for a large group with many different tastes. I would have thought they were better to put out a cheese and crackers plate, nachos and salsa- but this antipasto plate was obviously a bad choice and a huge waste of food - dozens of plates just going back.
Next up was buns and butter (good) and beef soup, which was actually pretty good and filling.

We had a choice of chicken, beef (steak), salmon or pasta. I had the steak, but it was not a steak, was more of a thick slice of dense roast beef with gravy, and it was cold. There was a potato 'brick' and some steamed vegetables.

Later on we were brought custard with a half strawberry on top. The custard was gross and fridgey.

Spoilers below: (although trust me not much to spoil).
Now for the 'show' - still trying to figure out this show, as it made no sense at all.
Started with all the actors coming around to the tables to talk to you, feel out who will be the types to bring up on stage, etc...
This is when drinks were being pushed.
Then they start the show adn bring up 4 people from the audience on the stage dressed as a chicken, a box of pasta, a cow and a fish - to represent the food for the night. The only thing that struck me about this was how disgusting and dirty these costumes looked and how they all had wigs or hats, and how many people prior to this had worn these? Lice anyone? Sorry but that was my thought process.
Then we had dinner and the main guy came back on and started the show - basically from what I could gather (although the sound system is so loud it slurs the words of the actors) was some dude had a record store and now CD's were the next big thing and he wanted to preserve the vinyl. The actors did some very disjointed acting about this and I sat and yawned. I would look around and a few people did a token smile or laugh, but not many. Then they would do stupid little skits like a workout routine (where they brought the drunkest guy in the room up on stage to do it with them), a pretend makeout scene, etc.... There was also one where the female actors would rub their breasts in unsuspecting mens faces. Hmmmmm....

I appreciate good comedy and a good laugh - but none of this was funny - it was just stupid. I wanted to leave.

Then a break (and they brought the lovely custard out) and then all the actors came out as themselves (nice to see because the hideous 80s costumes were just bad) and sang 80s songs. They were very talented and very good - I enjoyed this part of the show.

The main guy then pretended to be neil diamond and then had a lady come up and dance with him, then he faked an orgasm on stage. I can take some good sexual humor, but this seemed TOO off color for this show and was awkward to watch - and this poor woman (probably 60-65 yrs) had to have him grabbing her and pretending to orgasm all over her -she looked very uncomfortable and played along, but could tell she wanted nothing to do with it.

At the end of the show they bring you your bill. Now keep in mind you have already paid the $55 each to get in, but they put this back on your bill and then add an 18% gratuity on the 55 plus your drinks. Its highlighted in yellow for your ease of viewing it and paying it. I chose my own gratuity I felt appropriate (our server was good, but between 2 of us not worth a $45 tip) and left that. Also some of the skits in the show are not skits - they are selling tshirts and sing about it, selling overpriced drinks and sing about it - was a big sales show at some points.

Overall - save your money - I could have gone out for this birthday dinner somewhere a LOT better!!! Never again - expensive lesson learned! Hope this review helps some of you save your $$!
Written November 10, 2012
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Wow. I must admit, I’ve been a little surprised by the last 3 reviews, as we are not used to having such negative feedback for our venue, however, yours is so detailed and scathing I felt compelled to respond. I am the co-owner of The Giggle Dam, along with “the main guy”, as you referred to him. I am also one of the performers (I made a cameo appearance that night in our tribute to Prince and performed Purple Rain). I am also the show’s writer and director. I am glad you, at least, felt that the show band section of our show was enjoyable – we, indeed, have some remarkable talent working with us! We are aware that our brand of politically incorrect humour is not for everyone, but thankfully 95% of our patrons leave still laughing and proclaiming that they can’t wait to come back and bring new friends/family to see it for themselves. I can appreciate that it was clearly not your kind of show, as it simply can’t appeal to everyone. I am curious to know if everyone in your group had such a horrible experience. Did we use your birthday person in any of our skits/sketches? We always try to make sure that the guests of honour who are celebrating something, whether it be a birthday, an anniversary, out-of-town guest, a staff function etc, are included in the night’s entertainment if they so wish. We proudly describe ourselves as Celebration Central. That is why we dress customers in costumes (which are laundered constantly, so your concern that they are swimming with lice can be put to rest), bring them up on stage to perform skits with us, or come down into the audience to “rub our breasts in unsuspecting men’s faces”, which by the way is ALWAYS done in a comedic fashion and never an alluring one – that wouldn’t be funny (ie: our “breasts” are often balloons and we are rarely portraying an “attractive” character). I’m dumbfounded that you referred to our patrons as offering a “token smile or laugh, but not many”. If we did not continue to receive the roaring laughter that we do, I would definitely re-consider the nature of our show, because as a business concept, we would not be able to survive without our repeat customers. We are not in downtown Vancouver where we can rely on one-time tourists to fill our venue without a care as to whether or not they return. We truly value our patrons and make sure we create relationships with them that we are so grateful to mutually maintain. Just as a side note, it was Tom Jones that danced with the birthday lady on stage - Neil Diamond is not in our show. This is a “bit” that we’ve been doing for 11 years (mostly with Elvis Presley) and is one of the most anticipated and well-received side-splitting sketches of the night. Your description of it sounds so disgusting that we would never have been able to remain open if we sexually assaulted elderly women in such a manner. We have had hundreds of wonderful ladies up for this bit, all the way up 90+ years of age, and they are hilarious and feisty ladies who tell us it has been a highlight of their lives. Often times they are the ones who completely upstage us, and they end up having the audience in tears with laughter. We have also become very good at finding out who will be just the right person for each one of our on-stage numbers and would never do this bit with someone who was “very uncomfortable and wanted nothing to do with it”. Could it be that you would have wanted nothing to do with it, and therefore had a biased idea as to whether or not she did? You also might find it interesting that we recently switched from “taco chips & salsa” as our first appetizer to what we feel is a much nicer antipasto plate with tomato, bocconcini, prosciutto, etc. It’s a shame you “don’t eat this” as it’s delicious! And you can rest assured that if 70% of the patrons were sending this back, we would undoubtedly change it to something else. I am curious to know where you got this 70% from, as we seat 200 patrons, and I find it interesting you were keeping such a watchful eye on the 9000 sq ft of space that they are all seated. Also, our great chef makes all of our food fresh daily, and takes pride and care in the plates he lets leave his kitchen. I won’t subject you to an exact point-by-point rebuttal of your review, but I will say that I am glad that you at least gave us a shot. I am proud of our venue, our remarkable staff, our mind-blowing talent, our skilled chef and most of all, our amazing customers, as they are the reason we continue to put on what we hope will always be received as hilarious and entertaining adventures. We are ALWAYS grateful for first-time folks like you who give us a try, because in our experience, we are sure to see them back. I am sorry you won’t be one of those people, but I do hope that others who read your review will come and give us a chance and form their own opinion! Sincerely, Sheila Sharma Owner, Artistic Director
Written November 20, 2012
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Coquitlam, Canada9 contributions
I heard tons of great reviews about this place (mainly from online sources) so my expectations were high.

My party of 6 arrived at 6:30p.m. and the doors opened promptly. We were seated at a table on the lower level in the back in a "cafeteria" style table which was angled at the stage. The beaver dip was great and there was plenty for our party.

I have read other reviews about the drinks being to expensive but that's not very accurate. They are average. Bottle beer prices were high though (at $6.50). Cocktails were $6.50 for a single and $13.50 for a dam size. I don't drink and I was just drinking pop. I was a little surprised that the pop was $2.50 and did not come with refills.

The soup was good, the dinner was good and most of our guests enjoyed there meal.

I felt like we were waiting around FOREVER and the seats were not comfortable at all. The first half of the show was great. Your standard musical / comedy routines. Then the second half of the show was the performers doing covers to other songs. Although the performers were great and very talented this is not what I thought I paid money for. I thought I paid money for comedy and only about 40 min of a 2 hour show was comedy. I was disappointed in that. The Canada song at the end was strange.

When we received our bill at the end of the night I was shocked. I have read other reviews on here so I was prepared ahead of time (some of my friends were not). Basically, the tickets are purchased ahead of time (57 each) at the end of the night these ticket prices are then added to the bill and then they give you a "suggested tip amount " at 18% on all your drinks AND your tickets. I have read managements responses to other reviews concerns on here. First of all I was not prepared to pay $30.00 tip on service that was just ok, the standard tip amount is 15% and that is what i normally tip so I knew right away I was not going to give this MASSIVE tip. When I went to pay the waitress I explained that I wanted to tip on the drink prices only. The waitress was basically arguing with me stating that the ticket did not include the gratuities for the food. That was annoying.
I have been to many dinner theatres and have never been charged (or "suggested) for a tip on tickets. The giggle dam was also assuming that the service they provide is worth a 18% tip which sorry but it's not ( I waited 45 min for water while my friends got there drinks right away). Service was mediocre at best (worth maybe about a 10% tip) I found the fact that they even put this on the bill strange most of my friends thought it was weird too.

I felt as if the keep you waiting for the show to start for way to long, most likely the giggle dam was wanting you to stay and buy more drinks which is fine but if they are going to do that they need to figure out seating. All of my guests necks were super sore by the end of the 4.5 hour evening. The air conditioning was not working so I was very uncomfortable.

I have lived in poco all of my life and thought that I would give this place a go. I am glad that I went but I would not return.

I would advise future guests the following:
1. Don't feel obligated to pay the 18% gratuity
2. Bring some sort of chair pillow for you chair as you will be in it for 4.5 hours
3. Note that the comedy portion of the show is very small, you are basically going to go and see a musical band sing cover of songs

Hope this helps.
Written May 8, 2016
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Port Coquitlam, Canada33 contributions
I have only gone once (years ago) and the ticket was free. So I really shouldn't complain but you asked. As the title suggests....once was enough for me and judging by the comments the place hasn't changed much. The food was terrible, the drinks were watered-down & too expensive. And the not funny!! I like a good laugh but I'm not 16 yrs old and bathroom humour is boring. There is no way I would ever go again NOR would I EVER recommend this place to anyone!!
Written April 15, 2014
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Vancouver, Canada164 contributions
OK the food was somewhat edible, and the singing was pretty good but the volume was way too much - I'm not a old folk either. But......

When all you have is jokes about pedophiles, flatulence, drugs and humping you surely have to know that you have no comedy talent and no sense of humour? What is wrong with this place? How low class can you possibly get? There's lower class humor that can be funny, then there's very low class humor, then there's Andrew Dice Clay humour(remember him ? - ew) and then there's this place. Old, Dirty, and reminiscent of a thrift store (the smell included). I wanted to burn my money and bolt but I was with a BD party. I did retreat to the ladies room when Elvis unloaded on the old lady - I was too embarrased for her and the staff. OMG! There was a party from Denmark near us and I felt SOOO embarrassed that this place existed in my country. Seriously. They just sat there stone faced as did most of the sober people. This show honestly must be written by 14 year old zit faced boys.

I too found it odd( against the protestations of the owner) that an "antipasto" plate would be served. Look at your clientelle. If you want people who laugh at your low class, low brow, unfunny jokes, then serve them the type of food they want - chips and salsa and beer and chichis. They'll come in and chow it down after they all pile back in the place reeking of smoke. Gross. If you want the type of people who like your "anitpasto" then have classy entertainment and witty performers and nice wine. It;s not rocket science. Providing a mish mash of messages does nothing for your busineses nor your clients. I also might suggest your peruse your audience for a "meat cutter" - I'm sure there will be one out there, and ask if what you call steak is actually "steak". Why do people fall for this stuff? I can't open a restaurant and put fois gras on the menu but serve liverwurst. It's illegal and everyone would complain. Maybe everyone was too drunk by the time dinner was served to notice.

Please do not ever make me go here again. I even cross to the other side of the street if I have to walk by the place. They have applied for a liqour primary licence meaning they would be more like a bar - then every drunk from Maple Ridge and beyond can pile in and they wouldn't have to worry about the mediocre food. Call the cops.......just sayin.

I also find it very pathetic how the owner has to get on here and write a rebuttal to every negative review - often longer than the review itself! Me thinks thou duth protest too much. Every rebuttal is like "oh well we like it - it' s not your cup of tea." Very school yard. We know you like it. I have written many reviews here and never seen any owner so desparate to "dispel the myth". Hmm. I've been there and have no stake in it. Who would I believe?
Written April 30, 2013
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Oh my. I'll keep it short :) I hope your day brightens up, that you find some time to breathe and that something gives you a reason to smile! Sincerely, Sheila Sharma
Written May 2, 2013
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Melanie C
Pitt Meadows, Canada10 contributions
I love comedy shows and a night at a dinner theatre seemed like a great idea. I purchased a Groupon for dinner for 4 for a little less than the price of 2 tickets but was shocked to get the bill at the end of the night (the bill was the equivalent of a 2 night stay in Whistler Village). Their drinks are incredibly over priced (double the price of normal downtown bars), the food was better than I expected but still not that good and cold and the show was terrible and far from funny. The only people laughing are the people telling the jokes. The staff looked disorganized and overwhelmed and struggled to serve their tables. I work hard for my money and don't spend it freely....I totally regret spending it on this place. The only positive was the people I was with which has nothing to do with the Giggle Dam's 80's night show.
Written October 15, 2012
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