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Very good

Ariana Danelle A
3 contributions
Good if it's your first time.
Nov 2015 • Friends
I would definitely not call this place the best. It may be because I've been to at least three or four prior to this, all of which had very inventive puzzles, based on the themes and intricate mechanics. From what I remember, there is not too much variety, just a single theme, so that's is really disappointing - but understandably, cannot be helped.

The first room we went into, was similar to a pre-school room, that had a couple random things (those were the puzzles) painted all over the walls, two white plastic fold-up tables (they type they use at local carnivals), and a few other things pertaining to the theme at the time.

It was not very impressive to my fiancé and I, but we went with a group who had never been to any escapes rooms, and they said it was very fun and pleasant. Again, I think I just had very high expectations.

If you're going to this room, and you've been to the various others in Richmond, be ready to be surprised. This is definitely not the most exciting place, but it has a charm of sorts.

Last thing, the washroom is in the second room - which is only accessible by solving. If you need to go, you have to go to the hotel next door, which I felt was very inconvenient.
Written October 27, 2016
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Sue G
Surrey20 contributions
Challenging but FUN
Nov 2015
What a great way to spend an hour! The puzzles are challenging but fun to do. You are given a walkie talkie and can ask for hints if you need/want them. The person working there that day to help us out when needed was very friendly. Tim was so helpful getting my booking done! We were a group of rookies who had never done this type of activity before but would definitely do this again! Fabulous!
Written November 9, 2015
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Steven L
Vancouver, Canada1 contribution
Nov 2015 • Friends
DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! This is NOT the best escape room at all. In fact, this is one of the WORST escape room I have ever been. First, we were forced to join with other group of people to play. Not that I am really complaining about this. Four of us went. We didn't really expected that we need to join others in order to play. Cuz we thought we could always come in some other time if we want to play alone. Second, the props are too cheap! The room wasn't really decorated for the theme. It was more like a plain room with couple locks and two cheap plastic tables in it. I wasn't sure if I was in the escape room or a warehouse office(white walls with grey carpet and no other decorations). Lastly, we didn't like to play with other groups so asked if we could change some other dates. The owner, Tim, kept saying that's not allowed just because we used Groupon to book the room. His attitude was awful and kept forcing us to play with other groups. So we took off and came back after a hour. There was no one booked the room. So we asked if we could play it. This awful owner said we can't play the room because we didn't book the room for that time. And since no one book the room, his staff doesn't get paid for extra section. Therefore, his staff is closing the shop. I was like WHAT? You don't take any walk-in customers at all? And kept telling me that you are operating six more locations in the States. I mean do you even have sense how to do business? Please learn how to do better customer service!

In the end, we were so pissed off and took off without playing the escape room. AWFUL experience!
Written November 9, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Hi Tony, I am sorry for the experience you had with Escape Key, but it would have been good that you were honest about your experience but allow me to clarify what really happened. I do want to clarify that while you say "I am not really complaining about this", this was the basis of your complaint and which is why the employee had asked me to get on the phone with you in the first place, because your group was very unhappy and it became disruptive to the game for the other players that were with you. On the phone conversation with you, you had informed me that you were "well aware" that our games do not guarantee a private session unless you specifically requested it. You also told me you were aware that you can pay a surcharge to guarantee a private booking, however, you chose to "take a chance" because you said your group didn't want to pay extra to have a private room. That is perfectly understandable, however, as stated by the terms and conditions you had agreed to, we do not offer refunds for bookings, with a Groupon or otherwise. I did try to work with you over the next couple of hours over the phone which I will get to shortly. Now, your comments about our game, decoration, and props are simply untrue because you never played the game in the first place. This is further contradictory to your later statement on wanting to come back even though the room is as horrible as you have described it. Now during the next hour of phone conversation, I explained that while we do not give refunds or "free" future sessions, as a courtesy for the inconvenience, I offered your group to come back the following weekend, and you had the choice of either a guaranteed private session for a fee, or that if you were to join a group it would be free of charge. However, you were still unhappy with the offer and continued to threaten me with posting bad reviews if I did not accommodate your request exactly, and so here we are with this conversation. We take walk-in customers on a daily basis, but you wanted to come and play for free, which unfortunately I was unable to do, especially when we had a potential group that wanted to come in at that time. In conclusion, we strive to provide courteous customer service to our players not only at our Richmond location but for all our other locations across the US, but we expect the same level of decency back. If a customer chooses to be disruptive to the point of causing a nuisance to our other valued players, in addition to insulting and threatening our employees and myself, then I wish them good luck and to take their business elsewhere. If you want my personal recommendation, I recommend Lockdown Escape, they have very good puzzles and tech. I heard from the employee that you went to Time Escape as well, I hope you enjoyed the experience there too. Tim Nicolas Tang Founder and CEO Escape Key Entertainment Inc. UPDATE: According to our reservation system, you had booked the session on Oct 2 whilst the group with you booked it on Sep 27, so you actually booked after them in the same session, so I am not sure why you expected a private session. Furthermore, according to the employee that was assisting you at the time, that you were paired up with the other group during sign-in and briefing, and was told that you would be playing and working together, for about 15 minutes, before you voiced your complaint.
Written November 10, 2015
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Brian D
9 contributions
Amazing Fun Unique Room
Aug 2015 • Solo
Loved this room. Very unique. Saw some things I had never seen in any other escape room before. I highly recommend this room, especially if you are into puzzle solving.
Written August 12, 2015
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Ryan V
Vancouver, Canada1 contribution
Amazing! Best hour of entertainment I've had in a long time!
Jul 2015 • Friends
This is the first escape room experience I've ever had, and I loved it! The puzzles were all fantastically clever and fun, and working as a team to solve everything was a blast. The setup is impressively minimalist in a sense (mainly one big room with two small adjoining rooms, and simple in the setup and decor) but brilliantly inventive on the other hand (high-tech locks that require much more than a simple key or combination being one example).

Tim was an awesome host and a ton of fun to chat with about his puzzles and his experience creating/running the room.

For a puzzler-type guy like myself, I can't imagine many things that rival this in terms of an hour of engaging, interactive entertainment. So if you also really enjoy puzzles, I can pretty much guarantee you're going to walk away very happy! On the flip side, if you're not really into puzzles this may not be your thing, so bear that in mind. But even so, I recommend this place extremely highly!
Written July 20, 2015
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4 contributions
Inattentive, Rude and Condescending
Jul 2015 • Friends
Our group friends had a terrible experience with Escape Key. We were originally greatly attracted to the fact that we were able to have unlimited clues, however during our session the staff member at that time took a phone call; and when we tried to reach him from inside the room he told us he was unavailable to assist us because he was on the phone. In general we felt that for the price we paid we did not get the service promised. The staff member was also very condescending when giving the clues to us, he made our group very uncomfortable. We not only felt that the business was unprofessional but personally offended by the service offered. We do not recommend visiting this establishment.
Written July 11, 2015
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Vancouver, Canada1 contribution
Different and Unique!
Jan 2015 • Friends
So far, this was my best escape experience. The difficulty of this room are from the puzzles, not anything that limits your physical ability or anything that is time consuming (ex. not having enough flashlights to go around). We had a good team going into the room and were able to multitask and times when we needed to come together as a group. The puzzles were very well designed that don't require any specific information to solve them, this we were grateful for. There were a lot of tech-y things we saw that we've never seen at other escape rooms, which makes this place really unique! Some of the locking mechanisms I haven't seen before - I asked where they got those locks and they told us they were privately designed and can't be found commercially!!! That's special :)

Few things I would've liked to see were accessible washrooms from the entrance - that part was odd..There was only one room to choose from, but after trying the room, I can see all the design work that went into this room is top notch. Some decor is lacking and the theme wasn't felt as strongly. I did go around the time it was opened and they did say they were going to put more decor up.

Personally, I go to an escape room to have a good time solving puzzles and working as a team, and I felt both that here at Esc Key. I also felt appreciated as a guest because you can offer discounts to your friends and get monetary feedback in return - this was interesting too! If you love escape rooms, you gotta try this one!!
Written June 25, 2015
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Jenny T
Seattle3 contributions
Great experience!
Jun 2015 • Friends
I went to escape key with my husband and a group of friends and we had a great experience! We have done many of the escape rooms in Vancouver and this one ranks as one of the better ones. It is not overly themed or decorated as some others are, but the puzzles were logical and fun to figure out. The level of difficulty was perfect. Challenging but not impossible. The host was great and very friendly and seemed genuinely passionate about his job. Will definitely go again!
Written June 16, 2015
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Kevin H
Edmonton, Canada21 contributions
Great escape room, better host!
May 2015 • Friends
Saw Escape Key on Groupon, so I had to get a group together and try it. We have all done escape rooms in the past, but none of them even competed with Escape Key. The puzzles were logical and intuitive, and we all had an amazing time. Tim was the best host I have seen for one of these games; he really loves his job. We ended up getting out with just over 1 minute remaining. I can't wait for him to switch-up the room so we can do it again!
Written May 7, 2015
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1 contribution
Must Visit Destination in Richmond!!
May 2015 • Friends
Two weeks ago, I went to the Escape Key with some of my buddies. we had just finished dinner in a nearby Chinese restaurant, and we decided to try out one of the many escape rooms in Richmond. We found that the Escape Key had one of the highest ratings on Tripadvisor, and it was only a block a way. We decided to give it a shot, and let me tell you this, the TripAdvisor ratings hold true to itself!! There were a variety of puzzles to solve, and unlocking each clue was exciting and thrilling!You can really tell the designer put in alot of effort to create unforgettable experieces for his guests. I don't want to be cheesy with my compliments, but I thoroughly enjoyed my hour there. And altough I went there with young adults, I think people of all ages will enjoy these fun puzzles.

Written May 4, 2015
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