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By PookyCake
Not Your Typical Mall
Jan 2020
Marketed as the “first truly Asian shopping experience in the Lower Mainland,” Richmond’s Aberdeen Centre is unlike any other mall in the Greater Vancouver Area. Once you arrive at the shopping centre, you quickly realize why Vancouver’s Best Places suggested it has a “distinctly Asian flavour.” It is, as the name implies (Aberdeen being a popular destination in Hong Kong), an Asian hub where you can find anything from herbs & health foods, cosmetics, Thai designer furniture, the latest fashions, and unique pan-Asian eats. In short, if you want to experience Asia in microcosm, there’s no better place to visit than Aberdeen Centre. The above makes our visit to the Aberdeen Centre all the more humorous. We were in Richmond with my dear grandmother and she had a hankering to attend a mall. I’d suggested CF Richmond Centre or Lansdowne, but she was steadfast on visiting Aberdeen because “it was closer” to our hotel (not by much!). I asked if she was sure and then quietly acquiesced, knowing she likely wouldn’t find anything she was looking for (i.e.: Common North American stores and brands). So, we headed off and managed to snag some pretty primo parking in one of Aberdeen’s free lots, just adjacent to the H-Mart entrance (yay!). Not surprisingly, given the time of year (Chinese New Year), the mall was a hustle and bustle of activity. It was difficult, at times, to navigate some of Aberdeen’s more narrow walkways; however, the main atrium and upper levels were fine. In any event, I couldn’t help but smile and chuckle as I observed my grandmother and dear mother amble from store to store and not finding whatever it was they were looking for. While they browsed, I amused myself by taking in Aberdeen’s stunning architecture. The curved upper levels and random-sized natural light openings on the ceiling add to the special feel of this mall. Additionally, because we were on the eve of Chinese New Year, the mall was decked out in beautiful red Chinese lanterns and dragon displays. Indeed, that’s definitely one major thing I appreciate about this mall: It celebrates Asian cultures and does so very proudly. After wandering the mall for a while, we made our way up to the food court level. Browsing past TripAdvisor reviews, it would seem the food court is a highlight as most seem to focus their attention on it. In this, I would agree. It’s nice to patronize a mall food court and not be met with your standard fare – KFC, Starbucks, Burger King and the like. Instead, visitors are treated to a wonderful variety of pan-Asian eats; and I’m not talking about your typical Westernized cuisine like beef chow mein or sweet & sour pork. Here, you can have authentic Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Cantonese, Korean, Malaysian and Szechuan cuisine. From a foodie perspective, it really is quite a nice selection. And it’s not just savoury on the menu, no. This food court is home to Beard Papa’s (delicious cream puffs) and 8 Juice (fresh fruit smoothies! Yum!). Before departing, we did shop in the H-Mart, which serves as an anchor tenant (the other anchor being Daiso). To my mind, the H-Mart was very similar to T&T, which is a good thing. We procured a few treats and spices before going on our merry way. I do intend on returning to this mall once the COVID-19 stuff dies down. Not long after our visit, Gram Café opened its doors for the first time at Aberdeen Centre. They’re a Japanese chain renowned for their soufflé pancakes which, based on the propaganda photos I’ve seen, look absolutely divine! Go on – look them up! If they don’t get you wanting to visit, I don’t know what will! Overall, I do enjoy sporadically visiting the Aberdeen Centre. Its unique fusion of East meets West shopping and dining results in an experience absent from other malls in the Greater Vancouver Area. And while my grandmother didn’t find what she was looking for, the food selection will surely bring me back sooner than later!

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Very good

Richmond, Canada8,969 contributions
Oct 2015 • Couples
Aberdeen Centre is located in the suburb of Richmond next to Vancouver approximately 9 miles (15 kilometres) from downtown Vancouver. At one time the mall was reputedly the largest Asian mall in North America.

By Canada Line (Vancouver subway system & elevated tram in Richmond) it’s a 21 minute ride (10 stops from the Waterfront) to the Aberdeen Centre station. At the station, go down stairs and you will be on Number 3 Road; head right and then another right on Cambie Road and you will arrive at Aberdeen Centre on your right after a short walk. To enter the mall you have 2 choices; via the parkade entrance or make another right and go through the main entrance on Hazelbridge Way. It shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes to walk from the Canada Line station to the mall.

Aberdeen Centre is anchored on the South end of the mall by H Mart – a Korean Supermarket and a few restaurants. The North end of the mall on Cambie Road is anchored by the iconic Japanese Dollar store Daiso and the food court. In between, the centre has “small” retailers spread out over 3 levels that include the usual assortment of clothing, cosmetic and jewellery retailers. There is also a small Mercedes Benz showroom.

There is a water fountain located at the atrium on the ground floor. During scheduled times the water fountain is synchronized with music providing spectators with a water show somewhat like the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas although on a very, very small scale.
For the young children there is a “pay to play” fun centre on the same level as the food court.

Depending on the month or season, the mall has special events and exhibits. For example, during the Chinese New Year’s celebrations, there are many events happening in the mall to celebrate the festivities. Another time, there was an exhibit of prehistoric mammals including the woolly mammoth.

The three main reasons I come to this mall are:
1. NCIX store that sells electronics – smart phones, TVs, computers etc.
2. Daiso dollar store
3. Food court

The food court has a great variety of Asian foods and not the standard sweet & sour pork, beef & broccoli, chow mein, etc. you have at every North American shopping mall.

The Asian foods include the following:
• Cantonese – including congee and hotpots
• Szechuan
• Taiwanese
• Singaporean / Malaysian
• Korean
• Japanese
• Vietnamese (not open yet)

In addition to the food court outlets, there are at least 8 other restaurants and a bakery at or near the south side of the mall.

I’m not into shopping unless I need to buy something and 9 times out of 10, this mall has nothing of interest for me other than the aforementioned. However, if I’m in the area I will go eat at the food court and browse / shop at Daiso but only if it’s not on the weekend because of parking issues.

The food court I would rate at 3.5+ out of 5.
I would rate the actual mall itself - 3 out of 5; probably lower if not for the food court.

Notes & Tips
• Large indoor parkade but it can be hard to find parking on weekends.
It’s been reported by other reviewers that they have received parking tickets for overstaying. The website states there are 4 parking levels with parking time limits from 1 hour (level P1), up to 3 hours on P2 & P3 and 4 hours on level P4. However, be sure to look at the signs posted on the parkade walls.
• Check out the mall’s website for additional information
• If you’re coming from Vancouver during evening rush hour (4:00 – 6:00 PM, the Canada Line subway system is the way to go as there will be vehicular congestion on the main arterial routes. However, there is a drawback; that being congestion on the Canada Line during rush hour as people are getting off work. Regardless, in my opinion, I would still prefer the Canada Line option.

You can take the Canada Line at the Waterfront (first station – downstairs, corner of Granville and Hastings Street, across the street from Birks jewellery store) or City Centre (Pacific Centre Mall – corner of Granville and Georgia Street) across the street and downstairs from the London Drugs store.
Be sure you get on the Canada Line that goes to Brighouse and not YVR Airport otherwise you’ll have to transfer to the Brighouse tram at the RiverRock Casino (first stop over the bridge in Richmond) or get off at any station and catch the next tram. Trains for Brighouse and the airport will alternate leaving the station. Regardless, listen to the PA system that announces the train’s arrival time and where its final destination will be – YVR or Brighouse Station – the last stop in Richmond.

• Canada Line Transit Fare
Depending on the day – weekend or weekday and time of travel the Canada Line fare will vary. Prime time/rush hour starts when first service begins and ends at 6:30 PM.
Vancouver to Richmond is considered 2 zones during rush hour. The $4 fare is good for 90 minutes travel in any direction. Anytime after 6:30 and on weekends the fare is discounted to $2.75 fare.

You may wish to consider a day pass ($9.75 fare); good all day from start of service to end of service that allows you to travel the complete transit system – buses, subway (Skytrain / Canada Line) or SeaBus.
For example, you can take the SeaBus from the downtown terminal, cross Burrard Inlet to the North Vancouver SeaBus terminal and catch the connecting bus(es) to the tourist attractions such as such as Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Suspension bridge. The Londsdale Quay (market) is right at the North Vancouver terminal as is the bus terminal connecting to the tourist attractions.
Your other option is to buy fare savers (book of 10 tickets at a discounted price – approx. 10% discount) for 1, 2 or 3 zones keeping in mind the fare is only good for 90 minutes.

• Across the street from Aberdeen Centre Mall is Yaohan Centre another Asian mall on a smaller scale and also has a food court.
• The Lansdowne Mall is 1 stop later.
• Canada Line’s last stop is at Brighouse Station and across the street from this station is another mall – Richmond Centre
Written October 3, 2015
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Cleveland, TX144 contributions
Aug 2012 • Solo
My first time in an Asian mall and I wasn't sure what to expect. It's very much like a Western mall, just different stores and restaurants. There was an interesting Lego display near the dancing fountains. And there's a huge store that's basically a $2 store (some items are more) - and it goes onto 2 stories. If I had a larger suitcase.....
Written August 18, 2012
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Richmond, Canada335 contributions
Aug 2015 • Solo
This is the biggest Asian mall in Richmond, with lots of restaurants and a food court. Shops of all variety, and a dollar store Daiso which offers everything from $1-$10.
it's a good place to go to find things you typically wouldn't find elsewhere.
Written August 10, 2015
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Richmond, Canada3 contributions
Aug 2015 • Friends
My friend and I came here to try the sugarholic cafe. I seldom come to this mall because most of the stores I go to were in the other mall in Richmond. Anyway, I came at 11am and was fascinated by the exhibit inside the mall. I thought it was very entertaining and good for the kids. My friend came and we had lunch and catch up on things which took us more than 2 hours to finish. We then left the cafe and went to Daiso and it was packed (unbelievable since it was Monday). After paying our purchases, we bid goodbye to each other and went to my car, approximately 2:45pm. I was driving out of the parking and saw a paper on my dashboard. Of course, I waited until safe to retrieve the piece of paper and much to my surprise, I got a ticket for overstaying in the parking lot. Apparently they have a limit of 3 hours of parking only. The ticket I got was timed 1434H and my receipt ticket from Daiso was 1433H. I was charged $80 for overstay limit. I do not deny the fact that I stay more than 3 hours but I wasn't aware that there was a parking limit hours in Aberdeen. Maybe there was a sign but I honestly didn't see one.

I go to the mall on my off work days to unwind and destress my self--retail therapy. I wasn't pleased that my time inside the mall should be limited to 3 hours only. I would like to take my time and give myself the pleasure of shopping. So if you think you will be staying inside the mall for more than 3 hours, better take public transportation, rather than paying $80 dollars for over limit parking hours. Maybe 3 hours is good enough for some people, but definitely not for me. So yes, no plans of ever coming back to this mall.
Written August 25, 2015
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New Westminster, Canada50 contributions
Sep 2015 • Solo
The mall has a good variety of food and different cuisine including japanese and chinese food. There is a fitness gym in the mall. Also nice clothes for shopping. But while you are shopping and enjoying the food be aware that you might get a parking ticket all of a sudden. Its so annoying and will ruin your day of good food and shopping. Overall i will never go back for sure.
Written September 26, 2015
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Siu Y
2 contributions
Oct 2015 • Family
Aberdeen shopping center (香港仔中心)in Richmond Vancouver is probably the most expensive parking space in North America. My family visited Canada and spent a few hours shopping, dine, and kids played in the fun zone in this huge shopping complex which has 150 stores but only allow 3 hours of free parking. In my case, as a visitor from Hawaii, we were not aware of the 3 hours parking limit. I parked my rental car there at 11:37 am and exited at 14:55pm. Not being aware of the 3 hours rule, we were over 18 minutes and have to pay $60 Canadian dollars for just freaking 18 minutes. I felt sorry for the merchants there. The parking management company (Impark) and center management (Fairchild Group) don't give a dame about your Business. They are ripping off your patrons after we spent $$$$ there. Please don't expect my family and friends in Vancouver to visit there again.
Written October 8, 2015
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56 contributions
Nov 2019 • Friends
Sadly, we were every disappointed with our visit to Aberdeen centre. The shops were average to below and the food at the food court was terrible. The chicken rice I tried was inedible as the chicken was very smelly (stale chicken) and rice was flavourless. It wasn’t much better for my friends who tried food from other stalls. On top of that most place only take cash and be ready for a long wait to be served. Overall, not worth a trip to Richmond.
Written November 21, 2019
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Wendy K
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada7 contributions
Jul 2019
The Aberdeen mall seemed new and clean. Almost all asian stores and food, was great to walk through and eat at the food court
Written August 10, 2019
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california710 contributions
May 2019 • Friends
This is a large Asian Mall in a cluster of malls in Richmond with a nice food court in the top level and a multi story Daiso store serving as anchor. On the ground level there's also a huge Korean market selling every conceivable Korean food item you would want. I understand this Korean market also recently opened a fried chicken section that offers the delicious Korean style fried chicken. It's a nice mall and not crowded even on a Saturday afternoon with the busiest spot being the food court which offers a variety of Asian foods. There's parking underneath the center which makes it convenient to go by car.
Written May 11, 2019
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John M
Liverpool, UK114 contributions
Jul 2018
If you like Mall shopping then its one of the better ones
Its about 10 miles south of Vancouver but easy enough to find
I gave it 4* because it was spotlessly clean and had an excellent food court
Exactly the same shops you see in every other mall
Written August 20, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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