Chiang Mai Green Valley Country Club

Chiang Mai Green Valley Country Club, Mae Rim: Tickets, Tours, Address, Phone Number, Chiang Mai Green Valley Country Club Reviews: 4/5

Chiang Mai Green Valley Country Club

Chiang Mai Green Valley Country Club
This 18-hole championship course features fairways lined with palms trees and plenty of water hazards and bunkers, making this layout a challenge for all skill levels.
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23 reviews
Very good

Bangkok, Thailand4 contributions
A rather faded grandeur
May 2018 • Couples
At first sight Green Valley looks magnificent with an imposing clubhouse and beautiful looking fairways. On closer inspection, everything is a little worn in the club house, although the mens changing rooms were spacious and the showers excellent with immediate hot water!

On the course though, the caddies were pretty poor, with virtually no English, and were quite happy to watch you line up at a water hazard which they knew was there but was invisible from the tee. The fairways were a mixture of cow grass, and something more playable, but on the few fairways that had the non-cow grass, half of it was dead. The greens were in excellent condition but slow (maybe 7 or 8 on the stimpeter but I did not see any sign indicating what they were supposed to be). An interesting layout with lots of water. A challenging 6450 yards of the white (it was very wet when I played), and a brutal 7202 if you fancy playing off the tips. As a 7 handicapper I found the white tough enough!

There are better courses in the area, especially North Hill and highlands.
Written May 22, 2018
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Preston, UK10 contributions
Lovely golf course Shame about the staff
Mar 2017 • Couples
This is a fabulous laid out golf course and very pretty, just a shame about the staff who border on being ignorant. I'm not sure if it was because we were not Thai residents but my wife and myself both felt uncomfortable. The caddies we had were also very poor hardly speaking and never kept up with play. If you don't mind unfriendly staff and caddies then this is the place to play. Personally I like staff to be attentive and talkative which you defiantly don't get at this golf club
Written March 7, 2017
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Helen C
1157053641 contributions
Manicured course.
Feb 2017 • Friends
The golf ground is breath-taking. Pretty manicured and stunningly beautiful. Our friends have played there, and they are very pleased with the course and the staff. We used to eat in their restaurant very often 10 years ago when there was not many choices in Maerim. Normally we had a la carte. Recently we passed by and were tempted by their lunch buffet which costs only 200 baht. Well, a bit disappointed. It is more for chinese tour groups with some curries, mostly fried rice and fried noodles. Apparently, they often have tour groups going for lunch. I shall remind myself to go for a la carte next time as the view from the restaurant is just magnificent!
Written February 17, 2017
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Eugene K
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia27 contributions
Great game at the Green Valley CC.
Dec 2016 • Couples
The par 4s and 3s are nothing less than exciting. It was a nice and flat course but not to far from the town center. My girlfriend and I enjoyed this course last weekend. The staffs and caddy were particularly friendly and helpful. Shower room and restaurants were impressive as well. Strongly recommended for a great golf time in Chiang Mai and will definitely return for another round or two.
Written January 2, 2017
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Singapore, Singapore482 contributions
Nice and Flat Course
Jul 2016 • Friends
Lovely landscape and course is rather flat.....unlike some of the other course that are more hilly with rather steep incline/decline slopes.
FWs are generally generous but once out into the rough or wooded areas, can be trouble ! May bot be able to find your ball. Trees matured n tall n playing conditions very acceptable ! Overall, one of the more forgiving courses here in CNX.

As always, just my humble opinion n sharing.....

Cheers !
Written July 7, 2016
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Pornpoj S
3 contributions
Great course with friendly staffs.
Jan 2016 • Friends
Great location not too far from Chiangmai town center. The staff treated us very well and the course was i great condition. Would recommend this course for anyone.
Written March 28, 2016
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Yorkshire, UK265 contributions
Good course in good condition
Dec 2015 • Business
A good layout of relatively wide fairways but some challenging approaches with many bunkers and water features. Caddies quite competent. Greens sloping and some are quite narrow. Club house of reasonable standard. The course was quite busy even mid week with many tourists. Not as good as Highland and Mae Jo but worth a visit.
Written December 3, 2015
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Thailand1,593 contributions
Spectacular golf course views, expansive club presence, limited restaurant service.
Nov 2015 • Friends

We recommend this place, whether you play golf or not, as an area to visit to gain a view of the beautiful golf course grounds. The clubhouse is huge and expansive with plenty of outside seating areas.

As is often the case with these clubs, Restaurant service can be limited in terms of hours of service and breadth of service. We visited with friends during the late morning hours before the clubhouse was fully open to full service. They managed to throw together some snacks for us — but service was limited.
Written November 11, 2015
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Chiang Mai, Thailand29 contributions
Pleasant Nature |Area to Live for Foreign Expats and Good Golf Course
Nov 2014 • Couples
Please note that this should be listed in MAE RIM city, not in Chiang Mai! Only 1 km from Mae Rim, but about 14 km from Chiang Mai!

While I'm not a golfer, I did have an opportunity to live here for 5 months from July-November 2014, because my Thai boyfriend finished his old job in Nantaram in Chiang Mai city and got a new job as a construction worker on a new building being built for this golf course. While our quarters weren't that great, it was a wonderful, pleasant area to stay in...a big change from the crowds, traffic, and pollution of Chiang Mai city. Many foreign expats do live here and have very nice houses and condominiums. I knew one American from Boston and another from Washington, D.C.- also people with Thai partners!

It covers a HUGE area, with numerous houses and condominium complexes in addition to the golf course, club house, and office. Several of the buildings and areas, however, such as the swimming pool, do not seem to be completed yet, and I would say that the pond area needs some "sprucing up." True to the name, it's GREEN, and it's extremely well-maintained, well-landscaped, peaceful, and beautiful. It's a good place to exercise...I would walk full round throughout the main road circle through the area on days when I didn't have to go into town. The only thing lacking is public benches to sit down in when you want to rest! It can be a bad place to get caught in when it starts raining heavily, so be sure to bring an umbrella or wear a raincoat during the rainy season (during which time I was there!). During this season, the sound of the tree frogs at night was so lovely and peaceful.

If you don't pay the green fee, you CAN'T WALK ON THE GOLF COURSE....even if you don't play and just want to watch or follow, you MUST pay the fee before you enter the course. This is quite different from some other golf courses where I've visited, like the one in Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka and Gymkhana Club in Chiang Mai. I was walking in the golf course area one day and was told to leave by one of the caddies! One of the embarrassing moments of my life! However, it's easy enough to watch the golf and appreciate the nature from the main road through Green Valley.

There is very good checkpoints at numerous stations throughout the area. One time when I had a problem with some drunk people, the security people were able to promptly help me contact the police. The security desk worker at the front gate had a VERY FRIENDLY BLACK CAT...later on, a kitten also joined...became like my own pet. Daily, I would stop at the gate going in and going out just to pet this cat "Meow!" Some of the security workers (specially the ones from Myanmar) speak English...some do not, which can be a problem for the foreign residents.

Periodically, the golf course has various events and functions...we would hear the sound of samba music and dancing going on in the club house! And, a few times, there were fireworks in the sky and candles on the ground! In our building, I had lots of fun watching the several families of chickens, who were very active in the morning and always would say "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" One time, with the local workers, I got to watch a cock fight!

It's a bit difficult to live here without your own transport. Most of the expats who live here have their own car or motorcycle, as do the Thai workers, except the ones who stay on the quarters. It's a couple of kilometers walk to get into Mae Rim town...for me, it was okay, as I enjoyed the daily walks through the nature area. However, for someone who doesn't like walking or is usually in a hurry, this could be a problem.

When you get out of here onto Mae Rim town, there is a large Makro nearby, which is very convenient for shopping, and next door to that, a large Chinese shop, which sells everything at a discounted some great deals here! For example, plastic containers for only 5 baht! There are also several gas stations nearby, which have nice cafes. The Sri Ambun Muang temple is nearby, and it's a normal Thai temple with good rituals on Full Moon and New Moon days and many funerals...a good place to meet local people. Also near the Green Valley golf course is Baan Oraapi, a restored historical plantation that's now used as a guesthouse. It's a pleasant place to walk, with nice gardens, and there are some old photos and exhibits.

It takes about half an hour from the Green Valley gate to walk to the main area of Mae Rim town, with the municipal center and shops...45 minutes to Mae Rim Plaza and an hour to Wat Padariphirom, the Princess Dara Museum, Tita Gallery, Mae Rim Lagoon, Supha Bee Farm, and other nearby tourist area attractions. To get to the tourist area of Mae Sa Valley, you have to turn left on the road after the police station on Mae Rim (or you can also get there using the Mae Rim Lagoon road)....then you are on the way to the snake farms, monkey centers, orchid and butterfly centers, Mae Sa Waterfalls, and Botanical Gardens. For most of these places, you need your own vehicle to visit (although there are some infrequent songtaews waiting at the road turn-off, and motorcycle taxis), and most charge fees of 200b. They are NOT in Mae Rim town...they are many kilometers out of town. I was able to walk nearly as far as the Mae Sa Waterfall, though!

The town is great for shopping...almost anything you can find in Chiang Mai, you can find here, with the exception of large size women's Indian/Muslim type clothes and products and specialised jewelry. The prices are much lower than in Chiang Mai city, and the local shops have friendly people. I highly recommend the sewing shop...the owner also owns an herbal medicine factory...and the stationery shop. There are three 7-elevens, a good Tesco Lotus, and a good branch of Tops Daily supermarket.

The Mae Rim market is a lively, colorful place with friendly people and fresh food and low prices...a very authentic Thai market. Also, every Tuesday evening, from 4:00-8:00 p.m., there is a lively, colorful special pedestrian market in the outside area of Mae Rim Plaza, with musicians, lots of hilltribe people, tasty snacks, and great prices (usually in English numbers!). Mostly practical items here...not much in the way of handicrafts. It's also fun to watch Tae Kwondo classes at the institute there at the Plaza, specially the advanced students on Saturday afternoon. The Mae Rim Plaza itself seems to be a new development...a bit empty now, but hopefully in the future, there will be more shops and businesses locating there. There are some good eating places there. There's an aerobics session at the municipal center every weekday evening at 6:15-7:15 pm.

There are five internet cafes...three of them are right together on the same road going off from the municipal center! One charges 10b an hour and has MS Word and a printer and is usually very crowded; another charges 12b an hour, with no Word, but is quiet; and the third one charges 15b an hour but is the only one where you can use CDs or DVDs in the computers and also has a printer. There's also a small public library, and there's a place where you can buy Bangkok Post in the center of town...only one place to get an English newspaper. You can also read the newspaper for free at the Tita Art Gallery and Cafe near Mae Rim Lagoon.

The best temple in the area is Wat Padariphirom...better than any of the Chiang Mai city temples, in my opinion...gorgeous, peaceful, with good Buddhist observances, knowledgeable monks, and nightly chanting. There are Buddhist nuns there also (mae ji). It's a little off the main road out of the town. In the main town area are Wat Mae Rim (which has a school), Wat Arun (used mainly for English classes), and Wat Ambun Muang, described above. There's also a Christian church in Mae Rim nearby.

There's a large school in the middle of town, which has lots of events to do with the school band and sports that can be fun and interesting to watch. Another school is near the Supha Bee Farm. The famous school is PREM, the private international school...a 5km turn-off from the main road. I didn't visit there due to transport issues, but many expats move here specially so that their kids can attend school here. I

There are lots of restaurants in the town...I recommend First Cafe as an eating place and Cool Cafe as a coffee place. The staff at these two restaurants are friendly and speak good English, and have better service than most cafes in Chiang Mai city. It's easy to get Thai food, Chinese food, and Western food...for other cuisines, you would need to go to Chiang Mai city. Unlike in Chiang Mai city, the Thai people in Mae Rim are friendly, and many speak good English.

Sorry I can't say about the Green Valley golf restaurant...did not eat there, as I was not a golfer and thought it would probably be expensive.

Anyway, Green Valley Country Club is definitely a nice place for expats with money and families and a desire to live in Thailand for at least several years to settle. Because it's out of town 16 km, it gets one away from the traffic and pollution of the frenetic city and is a good environment for families. (Though the traffic on the Mae Rim main road town center can also be bad, specially at rush hours!)

If you want to live here, it's really best if you have your own vehicle...because the last songtaew leaves from Chiang Mai city at 7:30 p.m. to come here (they are available at Chang Phuak Bus Station and behind Warorot Market...20b)...the last Chiang Mai-Fang bus about the same time (only 10b to Mae Rim, and more comfy seats...from Chang Phuak station only and half hourly throughout the day...goes to Mae Taeng, Chiang Dao, and Thaton also). Because most functions and events in Chiang Mai are in the evening and night hours and finish at 9 or 10 pm or later, this means you can't attend a function in Chiang Mai and come back here the same night, unless you either able to spend 300b or more on a taxi or have your own motorcycle, bicycle, or car.

Anyway, I'm so glad I got a chance to stay in this beautiful area for a few months!
Written August 19, 2015
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Chiang Mai, Thailand167 contributions
Very Poorly Managed
May 2014 • Friends
This place is complete chaos. The Starter is a muppet who has absolutely no idea what he is doing. He "attempted" to get me and my playing partner to join a Korean four ball, essentially making a six ball. We refused but around the course there are lots of groups of six and seven players. Nowhere in Earth have I seen this before. You are constantly held up and it is very frustrating.
Complete Amateur Outfit.
Written April 11, 2015
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