Fresh Start Fitness Yoga & Wellness Retreat Thailand

Fresh Start Fitness Yoga & Wellness Retreat Thailand

Fresh Start Fitness Yoga & Wellness Retreat Thailand
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fresh Start is a fitness and yoga retrea based in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.We provide wellness holidays and one day activity days. Our team is here for YOU and we will motivate and encourage you every step of the way. We have a fantastic varied program and you will also experience Thai culture as we go out and about. The retreat is set in a quaint rural Thai village and is surrounded by rolling hills and rice paddy fields. Chiang Mai has the mildest year round temperatures and breath taking unspoiled landscapes. There is a fresh water swimming pool and massage team. An idyllic and breath taking location. The perfect place to re-charge your batteries, kick start your health and feel closer to nature. So if you are looking for a homely wellness retreat in magical tropical Thailad then we would love to have you.
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5.0 of 5 bubbles171 reviews
Very good

Babak E
London2 contributions
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Dec 2019
This has by far been one of my best trips. I made a lot of amazing friends and the Bootcamp program itself works well with the trainers. The main trainer Jo was very professional and created an amazing atmosphere for the group.
My relationship with food and gym has completely changed and one month on I have kept all the positive habits I picked up on my trip.
I would recommend Fresh Start to anyone who needs a decent break from the rate race or needs the boost to get in shape and pick up great habits for a healthy lifestyle.
Written January 25, 2020
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Dorothy C
3 contributions
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Jan 2020 • Solo
I did an 8-day programme with Fresh Start at The Pavana Resort in Chiangmai in January. Totally love the programme, trainers and all the staff at The Pavana Resort!! My two super fit and professional trainers Methee and Pong were really fun and encouraging. I had lots of fun participating 6 to 7 hours of varied fitness activities with some new found friends from different parts of the world. I could not imagine healthy food can be delicious until I had the most heavenly tom yam koong and fresh organic salads. I lost 3kg, and I am leaner and fitter now. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to lose weight or keep fit or simply enjoy activities based holiday to join Fresh Start!
Written March 6, 2020
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Jonathan B
Dubai, United Arab Emirates67 contributions
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Aug 2015 • Solo
OK, stop looking, you have found the right boot camp!

It’s not a “fat camp”, it’s a “fit camp” – however if you intensively train on a restricted calorie diet you will inevitably lose weight – I lost 8kg on the camp and, by following on, another 4kg since. I did 2 weeks. There will probably be a mix of people, some fit, some fat, some not so fit, some not so fat. This experience caters for all comers. However there is no magic wand, no super duper pills , no easy answer to getting fitter and thinner – it’s all you!

Allaying your concerns:
• The team are really nice and know exactly what they are doing - injury is unlikely if you “listen to your body”
• You will not be shouted at – persuasion and supportive cajoling is more their line
• The food is good and there is plenty – I was never hungry – but should you wish to eat “off plan” you can – but you won’t get the best results!
• The accommodation is very comfortable, with Arctic AC if you want it
• It’s not boring – I have the attention span of a goldfish - the variety of sights, sounds, activities, people and exercise means that you will be constantly stimulated
• You will sleep better than you ever have – it’s quite tiring

Some tips if you follow my advice and go:

1. You will get out what you put in – go big or go home! The people who committed 100% got the best results
2. Don’t moan – everyone is hurting, however fit they are
3. Do not think you will be able to do any work during the camp– there is no time and during what limited time you have you will be wanting to rest. Really.
4. When they say bring a hat they mean it. Bring a hat!
5. Bring lots of sunscreen – the amount you sweat means you have to reapply constantly. Did I mention a hat?
6. You will NEED a small rucksack. Carrying stuff around on a walk is a pain without one
7. You will be wet. A lot. Make sure you bring ALL your most comfortable sports gear and lots of talc.
8. Do some preparatory cardio – the team will get you around if you have zero cardio but you will have limited fun
9. Watch out for your feet – you will be on them a lot – make sure you don’t bring new trainers that aren't worn in and have lots of fresh blister free socks, plasters and foot powder
10. There are plenty of mosquitoes – not generally around the accommodation but in the spa (the bamboo apparently). Bring antihistamine.
11. You will be sore some mornings – take lots of ibuprofen
12. If you are vain – get over it – you will be a sweaty mess for 90% of your stay – don’t bother taking smart gear
13. It's "me time" - you don't have much capacity to look after someone else unless you train together regularly - so I don't think it's a couples sort of place - but that's a personal view

It wouldn’t be one of my reviews if I didn’t come up with a few areas for the reviewed to improve and/or be aware of:

1. The Wi-Fi and roaming cell coverage is a bit ropy –get a SIM card with a data package when you arrive – that will work brilliantly – but Boot Camp – please improve!
2. Important if you don’t read instructions in detail - I cannot recommend highly enough how useful getting some cardio prep in ahead of time is – don’t (as I did) think “well I’ll go crazy and relax for the month before” – that decision made the first few days harder than they could have been. Boot Camp – please make this clearer!
3. I personally wouldn’t go for more than 2 weeks at a stretch – if I wanted more I would do 2 weeks, take a week off and go somewhere else and lie in a heap and then do another 2 weeks. Its simply too intense.

In conclusion – go – it’s really good fun and strangely relaxing – all responsibility for everything is in someone else’s hands – “go there, do that, come back etc” - not normally my thing but with that amount of exercise and all those endorphins it works.

Have a great time with lovely people in a lovely place and get healthy!
Written September 20, 2015
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Thanks very much for your review and tips, definately worth a read. If you want to do more than 2 weeks, we have had guests staying 8-9 weeks in the past, we recommend taking a day off a week, sometimes 2 to rest up and recoup. Our programme is unique and original in every way, not only do you get fit, lose weight and feel good you also get to see some authentic Thailand and meet some amazing people. Great advise and thanks for your review The Fresh Start Thailand Team
Written September 21, 2015
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

2 contributions
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Dec 2016 • Solo
I have decided to look for a boot camp after I have gained a lot of weight I was not a Big guy but I was going there ( I am 170 CM and reached 88 KG ) so i felt i need to do something before its too late. i found about Fresh Start from Trip Advisor and I read almost every comment the good and the bad ones because for me to go for one month is way too long for me to just risk it with any boot camp. so after the long Due diligence I decided to join.

I will divide my review into parts: -

The Resort:
Resort is called the Pavana it is located 45 Minutes from Chiang Mai airport a very nice resort and located in a really relaxing GREEN area the first couple of hours I though I was the only one at the resort ( that How quiet it was). Once I arrived I was taken to the reception and was given my Keys to the Villa I booked at ( next part I will speak about the accommodation). The resort has one main restaurant with a good amount of food ranges ( of which you wont have the luxury to taste as you will be part of the program). It has a Detox center which I really don’t know what they actually do as I never stepped a foot into it but I guess the name says it all. They have a Spa where you will have all your Massages and Saunas. and of course they have a swimming pool ( the weather was cold for a Saudi guy like me so I only tried once to use it and I was forced to do it as part of the program lool). You can consider the resort to be a very good 4 stars resort almost 5 stars. But the amount of greenery and piece of mind you will have there is priceless .

The boot camp offer you different options of accommodations; Hotel accommodations which are rooms or Town houses ( for one person ) which honestly I didn’t see from inside I only know that they are either close to the pool or to the restaurant (which is the most important place in the resort ☺ ). The other option which I have chosen was a Villa with 3 bedrooms and a shared living room and a kitchen. Each Room has its own bathroom and the sizes of the rooms as I have been told by people who saw my villa , are bigger than their Hotel room. I was lucky enough to get room #1 which was the only room which has a TUB ( which I never used lool ) in addition to the shower. The first 10 days I was Totally alone at the villa and therefore, I felt as if it was my own villa I had everything for my self even the terrace ( which is AMAZING). The third week I had a friend who decided to join and then we started using the living room with its big TV. The fourth week all three rooms were occupied. But not because you are in the same villa you think it would be noisy not at all it is exactly as if it is a hotel and you have rooms next to you. One very good thing about staying at the Villa, is that you Have Weena the Camp coordinator having her office above the villa so easy access to all information and requests.
The only thing I didn’t like about the Villa is how far it was from the restaurant ( this is the Lazy me talking hahah ) but after a while I discovered some short cuts so it was fine. if you were a group of 3 you should Definitely stay at the villa because you will have fun together.
Oh… important things to mention, room cleanness is amazing there is a dedicated person who takes care of cleaning the room every day and she changes towels and does it exactly as if you were in a 5 stars Hotel. Beds are really comfortable ( I should say my bed so I don’t sound that I tried all beds hahah ) bathrooms are clean every thing is Super clean. And Yes there is an AC in each room plus a TV with 3 channels only (English ones ) any ways, you wont have time to watch anything as you will be asleep once you lay down.

Program :-
First day of boot camp all boot campers meet at the restaurant to be introduced to the program and given their weekly schedule and write down your goals and you will be weighted and measured for follow up week by week.

The way they designed this program is to help you give all what you have inside you give the maximum. You wake up at 6 am everyday and you start either by breakfast or a walk. The beautiful thing about the schedule is that it is different everyday so one day you have a long walk one day bicycle rides , team workouts, outdoor circuits, tennis cardio. Etc… so you wont feel board ( unless you decided to stay for 4 weeks then by end of third week you will feel little board) but over all the you will be working out like you have never done in your life. But its great!
For me the way they push you is really good and the Positive group pressure you get is amazing.
If you have injuries or back or knee problems, they will find you an alternative thing to do that will benefit you as well. So NO EXCUSE!!

Instructors: -

Each week we had different instructor ( they call the leader ) and his assistant. all leaders were amazing and knowledgeable about what they are doing and they all try to push you as much as they can and try to motivate you every time you struggle. If you are expecting them to be your personal trainer and only focus on you an leave the others than you are wrong! Anyways, it is not the way it should be. Although I saw Richard (the owner ) doing a one-on-one training session to a guy who was suffering from the exercises and I felt that this was an AMAZING thing to do. So in general, you can feel that each one of the instructors are in love with what they do and they give their maximum to help you even their assistants.
Since I am writing this I have to thank :- Anton & Tuwan , Richard & Kitty & Jez , Prom & Tuwan again , Luis &Jez & pong and the rest ( it was my forth week so I stopped concentrating on names sorry! ) ( the order in how they appeared by weeks) I am sorry if I left any one but THANK YOU all.

All showed that they have passion in what they are doing and that gave me the push to give all what I got.

I could dedicate a book for this section hahaha. Well you get three meals and snacks ( one apple and it gets smaller every week hahaha + Seeds ) every day. Breakfast ranges from Oat meal, Pooched eggs, scramble eggs. Lunch would be a Salad and soup or just Salad with prawns or salmon. Dinner would be Salad and soup. On Wednesday you get Zen chocolate and that’s why my favorite day was Wednesday. The first couple of days you will feel that this is too little to eat but after that you will get used to it. But you can change your menu as you wish, you can add more protein or carbs or whatever you want and they will change it for you ( you might pay some difference but very small amounts). In general, food was really good and the restaurant has a variety of food and they all taste good ( at least what I had ) if you want to loose weight STICK to their food.


If you are willing to give it all it takes to reach your healthy goals you should do this as I really don’t think you could find something like that any where around, the rest of the boot camps in Asia have classes you can attend whenever you want so you wont have the push we all need. At this boot camp you have nothing else to do but join the group every day and this is your motivation, watching every one doing their best will defiantly push you to do the same. There are no Temptations near the resort which is helpful so no cafes or bars nothing is close by.
There is something I really liked about Fresh Start is that they never choose to go for cheaper options, meaning, they always take us to the best places, rent us good Vans, they even took us to Shangri-La after a long week to relax for two hours.
In general this is a really good boot camp and you will get to meet wonderful people you all share the same goals.

One thing I didn’t like and it was the SCALE they use to weigh you during your stay. PLEASE guys change it and get a really good sophisticated one. (may be because I only lost 4 KG that’s why I hate it loool no seriously please change it)


I am sure whom ever is reading this is saying so ? what happened with you ? well, I went here with a waist line = 194 CM and I left with 189CM , I was 80 KG and left 76KG. I went back home some friends didn’t believe their eyes, they thought I was someone else, as I lost good amount of fat and it shows( that for me was better than loosing KG's) . But the most important thing is that I have created a healthy habit and I feel much fit than before and my stamina is way better.

My personal opinion, if you are planning to do this and you want a dramatic change, go for at least 2 weeks, if not 10 days. Of course the more you do it the better it would be. One week yes you will benefit but you wont see a dramatic change as you will if you stayed for two weeks. This is what I feel.
( Richard, if people booked for more than two weeks because of what i said , you have to pay me hahaha).

oh yah, if you want the best out of it, start dieting two weeks before you join, so you loose the luquids first so at bootcamp you start loosing the FAT. I started dieting 3 weeks before I joined.

In summary ,

The name says it all FRESH START , this is what you will all feel.

Richard & Luis
Written January 5, 2017
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Thanks so much for your detailed review of our fitness and wellness bootcamp holiday in Chiang Mai Thailand and for staying with us for 4 weeks! I am sure potential guests will appreciate your review. Just to let people know I don't think all our guests are up at 6am lol , as most mornings we start with some gentle exercise before breakfast at 7am or 7.30am or we start after breakfast at around 8am. The restaurant is really close to villa 3, probably 2 minutes, great you found the short cuts ha ha! Our scales are actually a top brand and one of the best on the market for what we do, but we will look around to see if there are any better ones , just for you, thanks for letting us know what you thought :-) We are thrilled you look and feel much healthier, it was great to meet you and have you around with your positive and smily personality! Keep up the good work and we wish you masses of luck for your continued healthier lifestyle. take care and best wishes from the Fresh Start Team!
Written January 26, 2017
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Perth37 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Feb 2016 • Solo
I was in need of a huge shakeup to get my motivation mojo back. I was 30kgs overweight, working at lot and over indulging with my love of red wine. Fresh Start has put me back on track, I'm 10kgs lighter after 28 days and my motivation is back with a vengeance.
The program is varied and challenging. The trainers are excellent...I was fortunate enough to have Louise, Richard, Tom, Kenny, Anton, Matti, Wes and Pong. Each of them with their own attributes.
Fresh Start has changed my life for the better. I have made some wonderful new lifelong friends and I am aware now of how much I am capable of...more than I could have imagined.
I look forward to returning to challenge myself again.
Note: this is bootcamp, prepare to be challenged but know you will feel so good at the end of it.
Written March 26, 2016
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3 contributions
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Dec 2015 • Couples
I joined my wife for the Freshstart Bootcamp, not expecting to get a lot out of it for myself.

I am a Triathlete & Ironman and had just returned from the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
I am fit....but fitness is entirely subjective!

I decided to stick with Louise & Richards program rigorously....which was going to be hard because I eat approx 5000cals per day when training (and the Bootcamp diet is approx 1400!)....but I wanted to prove, or disprove, this concept.

The only additional exercise I did was jog (rather than walk) to and from some exercises and mid-week I did a 16km run, while everyone was at lunch.

I wont bore you with details but the results were exceptionally good.
This course suits EVERYONE because you get out of it what you put into it....its that simple.
And....its FUN!

Louise, Richard, Kenny & Anton were fantastic instructors with a knack for both motivating you and a genuine sense of care at the same time.
You will not be beasted until you collapse (unless that's what you want?) but they will motivate you to push through, beyond perhaps what you think you are capable of.

The genius of this approach is that you go home physically and mentally stronger.

Now...lets be realistic: in one week you are not going to transform your body (especially if, like me, you are over 40yo)
The fat burning engine takes approximately 4 weeks to get going.
But this Bootcamp is "Fresh Start" and it does exactly what it says on the tin and more!

Like any challenge, you will bond with your course mates immediately. They will be your support crew, over half our group were solo travellers......but no one is solo after the first 2 hours ;)

Did my fit body change in just one week.....absolutely!!
Why? Because these are not exercises I am used to and I worked hard and stuck to the program.
You will get out of Fresh Start exactly what you deserve.

Will I be going back?
Hell yes. I cant wait.
Written March 20, 2016
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We really appreciate you taking the time to write a review of your bootcamp holiday with us. We are thrilled you got something out the program even though you are an Iron Man and Triathlete. That's wonderful news that you will come and visit us again for more fitness and fun in Chiang Mai. Take care and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Written March 23, 2016
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John R
London28 contributions
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Jul 2016 • Solo
I spent 20 wonderful days at Fresh Start Fitness in Mae Rim; and only wish that I could have stayed longer. By the end of the 20 days, I’d lost 7kg in weight and there was a visible improvement in body tone (and I got my body fat below 20%). More importantly, I felt much better/healthier than I have for years; I guess the good/healthy food and exercise we they key factors in the improved sense of well being – but I was also sleeping better than I have for years. I particularly appreciated the Thai massages at the end of the day
During my stay, there were three different trainers running things (a week each); each one did a fantastic job – each helping/supporting and encouraging all the participants . Their enthusiasm and good-humor was infective – they really made it an enjoyable experience. Thanks guys!

I thought the overall program was really well balanced; and everyone had a go at everything.

It’s a beautiful location and I enjoyed my stay from start to finish; and can’t wait to visit again
Written August 18, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews as part of our industry-leading trust & safety standards. Read our transparency report to learn more.
Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review for us. Well done for your 7 kilo weight loss and fat reduction! We are thrilled you enjoyed our program and you enjoyed the rotation of our trainers. We get lots of guests staying for multiple weeks which is why we have different trainers every week, to keep you on your toes and to keep up the energy and motivation. That's wonderful news you would have liked to stay longer, perhaps on your next visit! Thanks again, take care and keep up with your new healthy habits!
Written August 23, 2016
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Greg T
Seattle, WA30 contributions
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Jun 2016 • Couples
I had such a great experience at Fresh Start Fitness Bootcamp and highly highly recommend it. I'd give it 6 stars if possible!

Come here if you want a fresh start with your health whether it's losing weight, increasing fitness, eating right, or other goals.

The program is very well thought out, the owners Louise & Richard are very caring, and the trainers I had Tom, Nick, Pong, Methee are all very knowledgeable and supportive. The other participants, of all different fitness levels, are also supportive and share similar goals so we built a lot of camaraderie.

This is not a "beat you into the ground" type of bootcamp where you'll hate working out and not want to continue afterwards. Rather, it's giving you a "fresh start" and set you off on a healthy and fit path through life. Yes you'll work hard but it's actually quite fun and enjoyable and you'll want to continue after the camp.

A typical day is:
- Breakfast
- Exercise 3 hours
- Lunch
- Exercise 3 hours
- Stretching
- Dinner
- Massage or Sauna
- Sleep

That said, you can adjust it however you want (even taking days off) and the trainers are totally supportive. Though you'll be amazed how quickly you can work up to this. I've seen 300lb people who could barely move work up to this in only a few days. Very inspirational.

What really kept me going was the sheer variety in the fitness activities. It really keeps exercise fun and interesting. Just off the top of my head, during only a week we did: walking, hiking, running, cycling, water polo, ultimate frisbee, tennis, kayaking, Thai boxing (Muay Thai), orienteering, kettle bells, Insanity, circuit training, aqua workouts, various team games. Really makes it fun, some times you even forget you're working out!

Also the scenery and locations are really beautiful and inspiring. Most activities are done outside in the lush rolling hills of Chiang Mai, Thailand. On my favorite day, we walked around a lake stopping to do exercises then went to run up and down stairs at a Buddhist temple then went to a real Thai boxing gym to get trained by real Muay Thai fighters. How cool is that!

Food is also all pre-planned for you so you don't have to think about what to order. It's all nutritious, mostly Thai (yum), meals with snacks in between. They don't want anyone to go hungry so you can always supplement if you need more. However, I surprisingly didn't feel hungry very often and learned that I really need far fewer calories than I thought (even with all the exercise) and feel my body adjusting to this new way of eating.

The resort itself is comfortable with A/C, Wi-Fi, comfy beds, great service. Again, this program is not designed to break you but rather support you in a new healthy path.

So what do you get for all the hard workouts and healthy eating? Results! In only a week, as a 5'9" male, I dropped 4lbs from 186 to 182, dropped 1.3% body fat from 18.5 to 17.2%, and reduced my waist by 1.5 inches! I was already decently fit to start with so this a great improvement that I'm very pleased with. Others have made much more dramatic improvements and transformations. The hard work this week really paid off but the best part is it's not just a week but rather the start of a sustainable healthy lifestyle. For that, I am very grateful to Fresh Start and highly recommend it.
Written June 11, 2016
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Wow thanks so much for your super positive review and the 6 stars! It is REALLY appreciated and we are over the moon your enjoyed your experience with us so much. We wish you all the best with your health and fitness journey. Take care and we hope to welcome you back again in the future. Healthy, happy travels! Louise, Richard and the rest of the Fresh Start team.
Written June 13, 2016
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Hong Kong, China15 contributions
4.0 of 5 bubbles
Apr 2016 • Solo
I booked a week at Fresh Start as I was looking for an active holiday - however, my goal was not weight loss.

First, the good:

The people. In the week that I was at Fresh Start, Louise, Kenny and Mattee were with us. All great, fun and friendly people, and local assistant Mattee was an absolute star. No complaints about the staff.

The food - yes, you are on a weight loss camp and the food reflects that. It's all whole foods, low calorie (around 1000-1200 cals per day) but mostly pretty tasty and due to the heat, hunger was not much of an issue. I just added extra calories by supplementing from the a la carte menu in the restaurant since I'm trying to maintain/build lean muscle. The food is great for people who really need a dramatic shake-up of their diet - to get away from all the sugary processed food temptations and make a clean break. There isn't really access to any junk food, which is a great thing. You have to go cold turkey.

Highlights of bootcamp for me were the cycling trip and doing muay thai. On the cycling trip we visited the waterfall and Poo Poo paper park which is a lovely little attraction. Because I have major concerns about exploitation of wild animals for entertainment purposes, I wanted to avoid the tiger and elephant parks (for anyone still unaware of the problems with wildlife attractions, see the recent happenings at Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi).

Another highlight was getting a massage at the resort spa at night. It was lovely going to get a thai massage in their open air spa, albeit very hot and sweaty some nights! I wasn't so keen on the infra-red sauna though. This would be awesome in cooler weather but when you've been exercising in sauna conditions all day, it doesn't quite have the same attraction.

There were a few issues that I had with the overall experience, however. Nothing that outweighs the positives, mind you, but just things to keep in mind when booking your trip.

The resort - the spa resort which is used for boot camp guests has lovely parts (restaurant, spa, sala) and it also has some parts that are unkempt, messy and have clearly seen better days. From what I could tell, the resort consisted of the hotel section, which seemed to be maintained to a reasonably good standard, and the privately owned part, which was not. I suspect this is a management issue. Unfortunately, this gives the overall impression is that the resort is a bit run down and untidy. It's not somewhere I would consider staying if I was not at bootcamp, especially given the overall high levels of hotel accommodation in Thailand. In addition, I thought it was expensive for what you got.

Accommodation - As above, the hotel rooms were quite nice. They seemed neat and tidy and nicely furnished. However, when I booked I initially chose the hotel room option but then I was offered the option of a villa (privately-owned by Fresh Start). I was under the impression this an 'upgrade' from a hotel room. However, the villa ended up having some issues and on balance, I thought the hotel room was a better option for a single person.

The villa was OK - more roomy than the hotel room - but had a couple of big drawbacks. First, it was well above 40 degrees C when I arrived in Chiang Mai. From the looks of things, my villa had been shut up for a couple of days at least. The bedroom is on the upper floor and it's an absolute heat trap because heat rises. When I entered the bedroom, it must have been pushing 50 degrees celsius. The small air conditioning unit took around 12-24 hours to cool the room to a comfortable temperature and in order to prevent that happening again I had to leave it running 24 hours a day with the bedroom door closed, otherwise it was unbearable. When I raised this as an issue, I was assured that the current air-con unit will be replaced soon.

Secondly, there is a very steep and somewhat rickety spiral staircase that was nearly impossible to get my suitcase up and down. I absolutely hated that staircase when I was hot and tired! I believe that this may be upgraded soon, too.

Hot season - I arrived at the peak of the hot season (during some of the hottest weather recorded) and boy, was it scorching! I live in a hot climate so didn't really suffer any ill-effects and although it was uncomfortable, I coped OK. I did feel like, however, that our 'hard' days were pushing things a bit far when we had to trudge along the scorching road to PREM twice and back - the second time only to find the PREM pool, offering our only relief from the unrelenting heat of the afternoon, was closed for maintenance. In my opinion, in such extreme circumstances there could be some adjustments made to the schedule to avoid unnecessary suffering and potentially dangerous heat stroke. People not yet acclimated could really suffer some ill-effects from the heat. Again, when I raised this as an issue I was told that the schedule has since been tweaked a bit to avoid this.

No doubt that attending bootcamp can have a lasting impact on people's lifestyles when they return home, however any weight 'loss' achieved during this (or other) bootcamps should be considered with a few caveats in mind.

A week of intensive exercise will definitely result in an increase in CV fitness and strength in your average sedentary couch potato. No doubt this is a positive thing, and even for a very active person like me, I felt like all the high-intensity stuff - which I sometimes neglect - improved my fitness.

However, a person's body weight can fluctuate by up to 5% in a single day. For example, in the last week my electronic scales have measured my weight from 56.5-58.8 kgs. This is very dependant on things like hydration levels, how much salt is in your diet, when you last ate or drank, when you last went to the bathroom and your muscle glycogen stores.

The following factors could have affected our body weight: loss of body water weight and salt in sweat due to exercise and infra-red sauna, depleted muscle glycogen and salt levels (from high-intensity exercise and low-carb, low-salt diet) resulting in less water overall being held in the body. It's not to say this is a bad thing, but just something participants should be aware of. You are not necessarily comparing apples with apples. That weight could reappear very quickly once you leave. Body composition (lean muscle vs. fat) is more important than overall weight but of course is notoriously difficult to measure accurately - usually required an experienced practitioner with BF calipers or very expensive technology such as a DEXA scan or BodPod.

Overall, I would recommend this bootcamp, especially to those who really need to get away from their current unhealthy lifestyles and make some big changes.
Written June 2, 2016
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We would like to really thank you for taking the time and effort to write such a detailed review for us. Thanks also for giving us a 4 star rating which is greatly appreciated! We love what we do and get great satisfaction helping our guests to get fitter and healthier. We hope you don't mind but given that this review is public we feel it is important we respond to some of your points. A word about the menu, the daily calorie intake is between 1300-1500 calories, these figures are in the Information booklet which we send to all our guests and in the blog which was written by our Anna Roesler Dietitian (B N&D and M HEd& P) 14 years experience in nutrition consulting. Guests are sent the link to the blog on the first day they are with us. We also feel its important for potential guests to know we do have carbs, we even have porridge and muesli for breakfast. We are also very flexible with the menu and give out an editable diet plan when guests join us. Yes we've removed one of our walks and placed and extra Muay Thai in it's place and the new format is going really well! We are sorry that you felt that parts of the residents area where untidy we have past on your remarks to the manager. We are in a very rural location with many trees and at the time you were here there were lots of leaves on the ground which have now been cleared up. We think that's what you must have meant. We certainly empathise with you about the heat. It was the hottest week in 60 years! There has already been a new air con unit fitted in the Villa you stayed in , but thank goodness the higher temperatures only lasted a week and it's now much cooler! We are sorry that you felt the hotel room would be better than a villa. We charged you a discounted rate of 2,500 baht per night for the villa which is normally 3.500 baht a night. As we have been at the resort for 6 years we get a very heavy room rate discount from the resort which we pass onto our guests and make no commission from. We really don't want to be argumentative but we feel the word 'rickety' doesn't accurately describe the stairs in the villa , they are very strong and stable and in keeping with the Lanna architecture. But again we are sorry you really didnt like them, what a shame. It is a real shame you feel the camp is for the average coach potatoe. Well we do get unfit people, but we also get very fit people. We've had an iron man ranked number 2 in the World attend and he loved the camp, he also did a trip adviser review for us. The camp isn't just for weight loss, many guests come for a healthy holiday with cultural excursions and varied fitness activities. We all need time away sometimes to kind peace and to focus on ourselves for a while. Thanks again for your review, we wish you continued success with your health and fitness goals! Take care :-)
Written June 7, 2016
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Steve D
Marrakech, Morocco16 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Sep 2013 • Solo
It’s not every day you get a 6 month break between jobs so as well as having plenty of fun I decided to take the opportunity to get my fitness back on track. The Boot camp was simply put amazing. I spent three weeks in Chiang Mai, first week playing tennis at a tennis school nearby the last two weeks as a boot camper. The variety, coaches, accommodation, food, intensity, location, people and Louise herself were just all amazing. The energy throughout was infectious and the encouragement provided by the coaches surpassed my expectations. Results at the end of the day speak for themself. My total fitness improved about 50%, I lost 7kg and importantly reduced my body fat by about 20%. I loved this experience. Thanks
Written March 27, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews as part of our industry-leading trust & safety standards. Read our transparency report to learn more.
Thank you ever so much for such an amazing review of your two week boot-camp experience. We are so pleased to hear that you thoroughly enjoyed your boot-camp experience; the energy and encouragement that you received and that you achieved such amazing results from your boot-camp. Congratulations!
Written April 4, 2014
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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