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Kontum Montagnard Statue

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Very good

Bill B
Bucksport, Maine, United States59 contributions
Just a statue and not really depicting teh true Montangards.
May 2017 • Solo
It is just another boring statue that really doesn't tell teh story of /Vietnam's Montangards and their struggles throughout the centuries. With the Vietname3se, Chinese and the French Colonials in Vietnam. A truly proud nation of Peoples who have fought for their Independence without much luck.
Written March 10, 2018
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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam96 contributions
The best thing about it is how bad it is
May 2014 • Solo
The "Montagnard" statue sits, without a plaque, in an underused park on a sidestreet in Kontum.
It is ironic that it would be called this (if it is) since Montagnard was a name dubbed by the French colonialists on the dozens of tribes that occupy this part of Vietnam. The locals call themselves by their tribe and ethic origins not "mountain people".
It is poorly designed, does not reflect the appearance of these tribal people and is an example of bad propaganda "art" not befitting the region. Of course, it is worth seeing since it is part of the history of the town but you will not linger long.
Written May 5, 2014
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Gladesville, Australia1,996 contributions
Not a real Montagnard statue, more propaganda.
My guide book stated that this is one of few or maybe the only commie statue in Vietnam that doesn’t have a person with a gun. That’s ridiculous, a commie without a gun?

The statue is in true soviet style, well fed & muscular people with heads held high, chin in the air looking at the horizon to the new age. At least the designers sort of knew what some Montagnards wore & have them banging on their drums cos that’s what they do apparently.

The commies in VN seem pretty clueless when it comes to cultural sensitivities. My understanding as a Viet is that the Montagnard peoples, aka the Degar or Highlanders, despise the Viets both north & south. During the VN war they were recruited by the CIA to form special fighting units to have a crack at the VC’s at their own game, namely guerrilla & jungle warfare, they were pretty good at killing VC’s too until the Americans left & the VC’s & commies came back in numbers & repaid the favour with interest, revenge & torture was the currency. Ever since, the Montagnards have suffered greatly at the hands of the Viets who continue to beat these people down. With all due respect to the Montagnards this soviet style depiction is probably insulting to them, maybe that was the whole idea? It’s worth seeing for a laugh at the central government’s clueless games anyhow.

It’s a sad chain of events for these peoples, their cultures will pretty much be wiped out within a few generations. It was interesting to read that the Montagnards had secured autonomy under the French by also fighting against the commies in the Highlands (everybody hates the commies), the legal statute named the country as ‘Pays Montagnards Du Sud Indochinois’ (PMSI) – Country of the Montagnards of South Indochina, naturally the scheming French went against their word & scrapped the deal soon after.

The statue is located just off Highway 14 near the bridge over the Dakbla River on the commercial side. This is no monument to the Montagnards or a sign of unity, it’s more a form of propaganda to sway the illiterate & the uneducated. I reckon if the Montagnards ever kick the Viets out of their lands this statue will be one of the first things to be destroyed & thrown into the Dakbla River down below.
Written February 11, 2010
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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