Shennongding National Nature Reserve

Shennongding National Nature Reserve, Shennongjia: Hours, Address, Shennongding National Nature Reserve Reviews: 4.5/5

Shennongding National Nature Reserve

Shennongding National Nature Reserve
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Williamsville, NY15 contributions
Beautiful Scenery/Amazing Wildlife
Jul 2018 • Couples
My father and I visited Shennongjia National Nature Reserve as one of the preplanned excursion of our cruise ship, the Yangtze Explorer. This 5 Day Upstream Cruise was part of an amazing 15 Day trip booked with China Highlights.

Shennongjia was a wonderful, FULL day excursion (10+hrs) and a great way to beat the summer heat on the Yangtze.

Shennong Ding, the summit, was about 10,000 feet above sea level and the temperature there dipped to about 55F (compared to over 100F on the Yangtze River.) While hiking, I was comfortable in chopped yoga pants and a lightweight tee. Unfortunately, the day we went was very foggy, especially at the higher elevations and there was a mist in the air, but even in the fog, the walk to the top was well worth it.

The highlight of our day in Shennongjia was seeing the golden snub-nosed monkeys. Because it is a research facility, they only allow a few foreigners each day. Being part of a cruise tour ensured that we’d be permitted visit these social creatures with no bars, no barriers. We wore camouflage coats to blend in with the researchers, whom the monkeys loved, because they brought food. Seeing the monkeys up close was amazing. The dominant male strolled strait through our group as he browsed the foliage for breakfast. We saw monkey mothers nursing while curious teenagers watched us from trees and then cautiously crept closer to the path. Acrobatic monkeys showed off swinging from tree to tree and babies swung clutching their mom’s stomach. We were given as much time as we watched to observe these wonderful creatures; the caretakers at the facility were very kind. Even with the language barrier, they tried to point out various features of the monkeys and the unique characteristics and personalities of each one.

After eating a local lunch, we hiked down Flying Monkey Waterfall. It was a little steep (without railings) but it was very pretty and well worth your time if you are already in the park. There were several wider spots along the path for you to stop and photograph the scenery.

We also visited the Stone Forest, where rocks balanced precariously on each other in unique formations. You could see many animal-like shapes as you walked through.

If you want to visit Shennongjia and the golden snub-nosed monkey on your trip to China, I would definitely recommend booking an excursion. Shennongjia is quite far from other tourist sites along the Yangtze and the park itself is vast. Having a private car and driver at minimum will ensure you get to see everything you want in the time you have. There are parking lots at each main attraction area, but you will still be required to climb several flights of stairs and walk up to a mile at each site. Wear sneakers and pace yourself. At the higher elevation you may tire faster, depending on your fitness level.
Written August 20, 2018
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4 contributions
A beautiful part of China
Jun 2018 • Solo
Shennongjia is a beautiful national park. Access Muyu Town from the long distance bus station at Yichang East (the high speed rail station), not from the bus stop in the centre of town. It's a 3 hour trip, several buses per day. 70 kuai one way. I ended up hiring a local driver for 2 days who took me to Shennongjia Peak (3000 steps to climb, 2-3 hour walk), Natural Bridge (30 mins loop), and Dajiu Lake Wetland (I spent several hours wandering the boardwalks).

The entry price is steep, but you can use the ticket for 5 days. You do not need your passport. They take your fingerprint now on entry. There's an additional 60 kuai ticket at Dajiu Lake for the bus that takes you into the wetland area. I had no issues as a foreigner, though I only went in through the Yazikou entrance.

Weather is very changeable so don't be surprised if the high mountain areas are covered in mist i.e. no views, but it's still beautiful. Don't expect to 'hike' as you would in other places. There don't seem to be any walking trails in the Yazikou section, only concrete steps with shops, paraphernalia, and loads of people.
Written June 25, 2018
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Houston, TX137 contributions
Beautiful Exotourism Area! Must see for yourself!
May 2018 • Friends
Shennongjia International Ecotourism Area is my favorite National Park. We were there
for two days. Unfortunately, it was either forggy or heavy rain, we were not able to see the beautiful scenery clearly. It is interesting to point out that the legend about “ wild people” in Shennongjia.
Written June 24, 2018
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Adelaide, Australia66 contributions
Beautiful scenery
Jul 2017 • Friends
There were definitely some beautiful areas to visit within the Nature reserve. The wild Golden Haired monkeys were definitely a highlight. It was so good to see them in their natural habitat and staff making sure tourists didn't get too close to them. After seeing such this beautiful scene it was distressing to visit the animal rescue centre where the animals were in poor cages.
There were definitely some beautiful look outs and waterfalls to see but we probably went to too many look outs. If you have the time there are some great natural walks to go on.
Written August 3, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Singapore8 contributions
Gorgeous area
Dec 2016 • Friends
Shennongjia is a beautiful national park, with its attractions spread out over multiple scenic areas and villages. The main key town is Muyu, which we took a bus from 9am at Shiyan to get there 6.5 hours later at 3.30pm. Accommodations are plentiful in winter (off-peak period).

There are ski resorts in the area that are popular among couples during winter. Weather was sunny, but cold - sub-zero temperature. Shennongjia is famous for Shennongding, a mountain range which peaks at more than 3,000m above sea level. Unfortunately, due to the snow and ice, you will only be able to get to halfway up the mountain during winter.

If you are there with family and young children, there are different scenic areas, such as the Guanmenshan area, that showcases giant salamander native to that area, and prehistoric fishes. There are also live pandas within a panda conservation exhibit munching on bamboo to admire and an exhibition area dedicated to the 'wild people' (think yeti), whose giant footprints and red hair have led to scientists leading expeditions over the years to find the 'wild people' of Shennongjia.
Written January 8, 2017
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Hua Hin, Thailand266 contributions
Some amazing examples of China's nature
Oct 2015
Shennongjia National Nature Reserve is by far the best place in China to see Golden Snub-nosed Monkeys and Giant Salamanders, along with some terrific scenery and very well-maintained nature trails. It contains a nice collection of museums, including one that is devoted to the Yeren, China's version of the yeti or "abominable snowman". As in most of China, bird life is a bit scarce, but the nature trails provide decent opportunities to see some of China's rich bird life. But the Golden Snub-nosed Monkeys are an amazing highlight, easy to see because at least one of the groups has been acclimated to human presence. This one is very well worth a visit if your are in Hubei, perhaps linked to a visit to Three Gorges Dam.
Written December 20, 2015
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Belfort, France554 contributions
Good potential
Oct 2015 • Family
Shennongjia is clearly a very nice natural park but at least on our side we met 3 issues: too numerous people during national holidays, weather was cloudy and all sites (at least main ones) have stairs, stairs and stairs... and last point when you are with young children you can forget to climb 3000 steps!
No roads for trecking in the mountain to get to the top at 3100m.
If you are between adults out of vacation period with a good weather, you will enjoy for sure.
Written October 4, 2015
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Stuttgart, Germany196 contributions
Fantastic views
Apr 2015 • Business
Stayed there for some days. The trip from town to the top of the mountain is a must-see. Especially the valley and the view from the top on a clear day offers fantastic views.
Written May 3, 2015
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JPDM 🌈🌈🌈
Austin, Canada52,828 contributions
It has potential
May 2014 • Friends
The main drawback of this park is the difficulty to get to it. We needed to boat for 3 hours from Yichang then took the bus forever.
Unfortunately the weather was terrible. It rained all the time and it was fogging. You obviously can't blame the park for this but it sure took away from the experience. We don't have a single good photo to show for our trip except a few close-ups of some rhododendrons. The only animals that was saw were in cages, that took a grand total of 5 minutes. We ended up spending 90% of our time on transportation and 10% seeing things.
I guess it has great potential but as is often the case in this type of park in China, everything is well organized with paved roads, etc....
Written May 11, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Jimmy W
Cape Town Central, South Africa62 contributions
Great place to experience the original
Oct 2012 • Friends
There are a lot of stories about this place being original and some wild men were spotted. I am a huge fun of original stuff and want to hike there to feel the original forests there.

The forest zone is quite far from the city, and the only way to get into the forest is by car (an airport is under construction). If you want to take the public transport you would need to transfer from the main city station, make sure you have will check all the bus schedule and you have plenty of time to spend on the road. An alternative would be to rent a car with some friends or some other backpackers, which is what I did.

When you arrive at the forest you will realize all the hard work on the road paid off. The forest is like a hidden world, so peaceful and quite, waiting for you to explore. The air is so fresh, totally different from the polluted air in the other cities in China. However, the sky could be gloomy as the weather changed pretty fast there and the cloud is often there.

We chose a 3 days' hiking trip, as we came in Oct and it's fall there, the scenery is good but definitely not stunning, however, I still got what I want: the originality!!! And that's what I cherish most. The forest and the trails are not that frequently visited as other places, and it just feels so fresh during the whole process. I still remembered the first night I spent in the valley, it was just so quite in the night, totally zero sound there and it feels like the whole world stopped breathing. The moon is calmly hung there, and the cloud was flowing from behind the mountain and runs to the whole valley. Everything just happened so randomly and also in such a perfect order. It was one of my best camping nights!

There are also some quite difficulty parts of the trail and you would need certain hiking skills to get through it, otherwise it would be quite often for you to fall or bump into the trees or rocks. Suitable for intermediate hikers!

The forest has different hiking routes for you to choose so make sure you will do your homework!
Written August 20, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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