Agawa Canyon Tour Train
7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
7:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

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Agawa Canyon Tour Train
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Very good

5 contributions
Sep 2022 • Couples
Overall, this was a good experience, and I was glad I researched ahead of time and read reviews from other visitors to get tips. A few to reemphasize:
1. Keep in mind this is an old fashioned experience and you need to suspend some of your current day expectations like wifi, comfortable seats, speed in transit, etc. Nonetheless, you will have plenty of time for conversation, reading, relaxing onboard. The train staff was very friendly and engaged.
2. Bring a small cooler or bag with your lunch, drinks, and snacks. You can order a lunch online ahead of time and pickup the morning of your trip, for convenience, at a higher price. There is a "dining car" with limited snacks for sale, a few beer, wine and pop selections at a higher price.
3. You will have an assigned car but not assigned seats, so arriving early to line up on the train platform is recommended. 7am arrival, 7:30am boarding time, 8am departure. The trip is 4 hr each way with a 90 min stop at the canyon park. Some people eat at the park picnic areas, but many eat onboard to allow more time for hiking. We were in the standard red seat car with 4 seat pods, 2 facing each way. If you have long legs, you will be cramped if all 4 seats are full. We were lucky, and had 2 open seats to allow us to stretch our legs. If you are able to bring a seat cushion and neck travel pillow, even better for the long ride. There were a few cars that had premium padded seating at a higher price.
4. If you can download some magazines or a book to your tablet or phone ahead of time, this may help pass the time on the trip back, when there are much fewer travel announcements over the PA system. Be fully charged, there is no electric outlet, and definitely no cell or wifi connection onboard.
5. We were there mid-sept, before the fall colors but it was a beautiful way to see Canadian forests, with a larger variety of trees, lakes, and lovely landscape. If you are up to hiking at the park, there are some waterfalls.

We were glad we made the trip to Sault St Marie Ontario to take the Agawa Canyon train ride.
Written September 20, 2022
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Toronto, Canada46 contributions
Oct 2022
Just like any other review in here, I can tell that the scenery, and colours, and picturesque view of the canyon are breathtaking!
However, in my opinion the tickets are way overpriced, considering how uncomfortable the trip is and lack of accommodations during the trip.
Even for me, a person of an average build, there was not enough leg room, and by the end of the trip I had a severe knee pain due to the fact that I was unable to stretch or move my legs. There were 2 restrooms on our car, one of which was out of order, so the entire car riders were staying in line to use the restroom. The restroom itself was dirty and stinky (no wonder!). We took our food with us, since the lunchboxes they were offering were overpriced ($22 for a cheese-sausage sandwich, small box of a juice and an apple). When we decided to buy a tea and a coffee from one of the dining cars, we spent about 15 min in line, even though there were 4 people in front of us. The baristas were barely moving, and the entire process is poorly organized.
The signal from the cameras on the locomotive was very unstable and the screens in the car were almost useless, there was nothing to watch - the picture was on and off, of poor quality. Thankfully, though, the windows were crystal clear, so, we ere able to take pictures through the windows.

On the positive side - there was a recorded narrative about the area and its history that was played throughout the entire trip, and it was interesting and informative.
I'm not sure if I want to do it again. I'll probably spend my money elsewhere.
Written October 8, 2022
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Michigan216 contributions
Oct 2022 • Couples
We had a wonderful time on this trip. We got there at the last minute and they were kind enough to hold the train for just a few minutes for us, found us seats together and were very understanding.
We were seated on the aisle, which was nice to have access to, however the window seats have a far better view. I would suggest a couple sit next to each other and switch on and off. Definitely speak to the people on the other side of the aisle about switching sides for the return trip as the train doesn't turn around, they move the engines to the other end.
Book early and try to get one of the newer cars. They are quite comfortable although leg space is tight and you get to know your neighbors well.
Bring snacks and drinks. The offerings are institutional and the walk to get to the two cars that have the snack bars can be long and rocky. Bring your own lunch.
There is plenty of overhead storage and behind seat storage so don't worry about bags. You can leave them on the train when you go out sightseeing, just bring a backpack for valuables.
When you get to the canyon, pick which end you want to go to. We chose the waterfalls and I'm glad we did. Plenty of space to walk and you can walk the tracks back for a different view. We heard from many who took the 300 stairs to the overlook that it was extremely crowded.
If you go when the weather is cool expect it to be cooler at the canyon, wear comfortable hiking or walking shoes, dress in layers and bring hats and gloves.
I would not suggest this trip for small children AT ALL. The ride is very long and there is no room for them to roam. It is an adult oriented trip.
Written October 9, 2022
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Toronto, Canada25 contributions
Oct 2022
It’s a very long train ride – 4 hours there and 4 hours back, with only approx. 90 minutes in the canyon. On the return portion, it became a bit of an exercise in endurance. We were lucky that fall colours were beautiful and in full swing, and that we happened to sit in a car with fairly comfortable seats and clear windows (according to the reviews of other passengers, this is not always the case). Luckily, I am fairly short, but I am certain that the legroom can be quite challenging for taller individuals.

Passengers seated on the right side facing the direction in which the train traveled, overall have the better view and have more opportunities to see scenic outlooks and canyon views than the ones on the left side. Since the train does not turn around, this is the same on the return portion, now going in the opposite direction.
The camera system that was supposed to show footage from the front of the train, was of extremely poor quality and practically rendered the entire experience useless. They might have as well shut it off completely.

Onboard washrooms are substandard at best and the state and cleanliness does not reflect Canadian standards and are an embarrassment towards tourists and guests. This definitely needs to be greatly improved upon, especially for the price of the tour we expected a much higher standard of functionality and cleanliness.

There was some spectacular scenery but train did not slow down enough to be able to fully enjoy it.

The main and strongest negative aspect was the handling of the passenger crowds in the canyon. There was no crowd control and there were way too many people attempting the climb the rather steep and quite slippery wooden staircase up to the lookout. There were by far too many people on the stairs with varying levels of physical fitness and even carrying small children plus their strollers. This is a serious safety hazard and an accident waiting to happen!!! The vastly overcrowded state of the wooden stairs to the lookout also extremely hampered our enjoyment and largely took away from the experience. There was absolutely no way to physically distance. There should be some sort of crowd management or different time slots allocated to smaller groups, so that people can safely enjoy the experience.

Overall, the views can be enjoyable, provided you pick the right time of the season and sit in a more comfortable car with a clear window. However, given the overcrowding situation in the canyon, in particular on the wooden staircase leading up to the lookout, I would not recommend this experience to anyone.
Written October 8, 2022
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4 contributions
Sep 2022 • Family
The train was old and dirty. The value was probably one of the biggest rip offs I’ve ever experienced. At $150 per person you’d expect someone to help get on and off the train. It was a terrifying and dangerous experience doing such with my elderly mother. The employees were inconsistent in questions being answered and this caused us having to backtrack and stand in a line WAY TOO LONG when I had a digital ticket (that was totally useless with their antiquated system of verifying tickets). We were in a set of seats that had NO window for half the seats (see picture), why in the world would you have seats on a scenic train with NO window next to them? The windows were filthy dirty, so much so that pictures focused on the dead bugs between the glass panes instead of the view. The lights should be dimmed, but that wasn’t possible and at most angles you saw more reflection (see reflections and dead bugs between the panes in the very small window that was the only view for four seats) than view. Now at the end of a VERY LONG train ride people were pushing and shoving on very crowded paths with inadequate signage and no employees to guide people toward the very limited sights at the park. If I were driving to this location I would only stop if it were road side, these waterfalls and “scenic 🤣overlook” would get me to detour maybe 5 minutes out of my way. The entire park area was mediocre at best.

So many beautiful, and much less commercial, experiences across our continent. This one ranks pretty close to the bottom. My traveling companions were all family, but generic adult family wasn’t an option for Trip Advisor, but we had no children with us - but based on those around us with children, this train ride was about 6 hours too long.
Written September 27, 2022
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Janske S
Stayner, Canada2 contributions
Oct 2022 • Couples
The lack of views due to tall trees beside the track. If possible trim back some of the trees by the lakes and areas with nice views and slow the train down at these areas so you have time to see it. The trip is 9hrs and you only get a few minutes to see lakes or views. By the time you get your camera ready the trees are back in the way. The trial at the canyon was also closed ? This trip is only available for a few weeks in the fall. It’s not as if they didn’t know. Why couldn’t they have it ready? Pay all this money sit on train with no views for 9 hrs then the trails are closed. Not happy …
Written October 3, 2022
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Thornhill, Canada3,801 contributions
Sep 2022
Long train tour through the picturesque Norther Ontario countryside made famous by the “Group of Seven”. Points of interest were announced before viewing - bridges, lakes, Montreal Lake trestle and so on. Commentary was heard when historical, unique or otherwise inspiring facts were part of the landscape. Some parts were awe inspiring but otherwise the train ride was 8 ½ hours with only a 1 ½ stop for lunch at Agawa Canyon Park. The train itself is fairly old in keeping with its 123 year history, so it's a little cramped with seats that don't have any padding, needed for this length of a trip. Let's hope the new owners make the needed changes.
When I booked in April, mid-September was supposedly ideal as the tree colours – green, yellow, orange and red would be prominent and there would not be many bare deciduous trees. The agent was right – there were few bare trees but lots of green – evergreen and otherwise. Mother Nature had intervened...
Written September 25, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

2 contributions
Sep 2022
What a great way to see a part of our province that would otherwise be difficult to visit. Even though we went at the beginning of the fall season it was still possible to see the beginnings of the color change. The scenery was beautiful and the commentary provided on the ride up gave a great synopsis of how this part of Ontario came to be. While it is a long trip, it allows you to relax for awhile and take a pause to appreciate how beautiful Ontario is. The negatives would be price point per person for the ride and the food in the snack area is a little pricey so bring your own. Also I expected that in the gift shop there would be more in relation to the train ride itself(books, postcards, pictures)and the art of the group of seven as the train advertises the areas where the group painted.
Written September 23, 2022
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Ed W
2 contributions
Sep 2022
For 95% of the trip, the view is blocked by dense trees up close to the tracks. Maybe the train co. can't do anything about that, but 8 hours on the train with trees whizzing past the window does not make for a memorable experience. There are tons of panoramic vistas along that route that are blocked from view. Every passing year, more of the view will be blocked off if they can't cut the trees. My fiance said the women's washroom at the canyon stop was disgusting. Train was so heavily sold we could not sit with the other couple in our group. In my opinion, the train was oversold as there was only the odd single seat unoccupied. and there is no reserve seating.
In busy fall season, if you show up on time to catch the train, you are too late as the good seats will be taken. The view from the lookout at the canyon is the highlight.
Written October 2, 2022
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Mississauga, Canada71 contributions
Sep 2022
We're train people and we really enjoyed the trip. Even though we booked for late September, the leaves were not in full colour, but it was still enjoyable. The train station in Sault Ste, Marie is very nice. Consider having dinner in the adjacent restaurant when you get off the train, but reservations are essential. We wandered the grounds the day before and highly recommend you check out the history of the locks. The only thing I must flag is that the washrooms in the canyon are really, really bad. The smell was so overpowering that not could I not use them, I couldn't even stand in line outside. People enjoyed the packed lunch they booked through the tour but we brought our own. Be sure to book a hotel well in advance. We couldn't get a room but did find a gorgeous Air BnB about 15 minutes outside of town right on Lake Superior.
Written October 29, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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