Mystery Escape Rooms
Mystery Escape Rooms
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Find the clues... Solve the puzzles... and Escape the room! A real-life escape game. You and your teammates are locked in a room and have 45 minutes to figure out how to escape. We have 5 rooms, each with different themes and player capacities. Check out our website for more details.
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46 reviews
Very good

London, Canada15 contributions
Staff: The staff member who greeted us looked extremely sloppy, and even had a stain on her shirt. I don't think uniforms are a necessity, but wearing a stained shirt just isn't cool. She also was very informal—she rattled off her memorized script, both the rules/explanation of how the rooms work as well as the description/plot for our specific room—but without much vigour or interest. Also, she kept forgetting things she was supposed to tell us (maybe not as memorized as it should be?). Talking points on a piece of paper would have made the introduction/presentation much better and more professional. When we escaped the room, she was already packing up to leave, and was asking us how we liked the room as she was walking out the door. To those saying they felt rushed: I agree. However, I will say that she was friendly, just not very professional.

Room: The room itself—the professor's office—was pretty good. A couple of red herrings, but we managed to solve it with 7 minutes left (you start with 45 minutes). The puzzles were challenging, but fun.

Price: I think $25 was a little expensive, but not terrible. A fun alternative to the norm (bowling, seeing a movie, etc.).

Overall: Not a bad experience, but it could be better. My friends and I definitely enjoyed ourselves. I would (and probably will) go back, but I do think it's overpriced.
Written August 12, 2015
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Sarah S
Burlington, Canada23 contributions
So I’m no expert on escape rooms. I’ve only done one before this. The staff there was super nice and helpful. We went with a bunch of kids and they all had a great time. I also found them very responsive to questions via email. The one room we did - some of the items were very worn down and in poor condition. Clues and puzzles were appropriate for the age of kids we brought which was a win.
Written December 1, 2019
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Amy S
47 contributions
This place has very interesting and tough puzzles. The themes are also pretty good (other London venues do a bit better with themes). The worst part about this place is that it is set up in an old house. One of the rooms "Mystics Parlor" was hot. And I mean it must have been 28 in the room. Either their air conditioning was broken or doesn't exist at all because of the age of the house. The staff put a box fan in the room to "help". It didn't, we were all sweating 5 minutes into the hour. The top floor was also taken out of commission because it didn't meat fire safety regulations.
If only they had a good place to house these puzzles. It would be so much better.

If you want a place with excellent themes, try Trapdoor or Escape Canada, both are pretty close to this one in location. They are also cheaper than Mystery Escape.
Written September 17, 2017
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Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea1 contribution
I've been to other escape rooms and have yet to escape, but have always felt like my money was well spent and the experience and challenge was well worth it. Mystery Escape Rooms made me feel like they were just in it for the money.

When we first arrived and were paying, my friend had brought cash because it says online "up to $1 off for paying with cash". This was not the case and it was maybe around 25 cents that the staff member was giving as a discount. The staff member could have advised us to "check in" on facebook to save $2, but there was no mention of it when my friend had referred to the discount on their website.

Another annoyance was that they only offer up to 3 clues while you're in the room and if you are in need of help, you are supposed to knock on the door and wave your flashlight at the camera. I thought this was disconcerting as other escape rooms I've been to do not put a limit on the amount of help that they offer and provide you with either a walkie-talkie or ipad to communicate with the staff. When we did need help, it took a while to get their attention (which wasted time) and then when they did come to the room, it took a while for them to figure out what stage of the room we were in (thus wasting more time). This was frustrating to me since they only allow you to work on this room for 45 minutes, not the usual 1 hour you get at other establishments.
As other reviewers have reported, the last clue is impossible to solve. It has more to do with a blurriness of the clue than the actual clue itself. I asked how were supposed to be able to see the last clue to be able to read it, but we did not get clarification. As soon as the staff member explained the last clue, without acknowledging the impossibility of solving it, we were asked to get our belongings and leave. I will not be returning to this establishment as the staff were not hospitable, the room was impossible to solve, and I felt completely ripped off after leaving.

If you do decide to go to Mystery Escape Rooms, try the Red Room. When we were leaving, we met a group that had just escaped and really enjoyed it. Avoid the Professor's Office!!!
Written July 28, 2015
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2 contributions
We did the Haunted House with a large group. It was a little more expensive than the other escape room venues I had experienced, so I assumed it would be well designed with a lot of character. It was the opposite: it was poorly decorated and designed, and it was not at all engaging. There were also a number of very frustrating components where technology did not work properly.
Written March 14, 2015
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Darren A
Toronto, Canada2 contributions
Our group tried the Haunted Mansion over the weekend, and it is pretty cool. I've been to a number of escape places in Toronto, and this one is definitely unique. We had a blast and we're looking forward to trying some of their other rooms next time we're in London!
Written December 8, 2014
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Jena L
London, Ontario, Canada3 contributions
The worst $25 dollars I've ever spent. I've been to kid's birthday parties that are more put together and fun than this place. First of all, the staff didn't seem to care about us at all. We were rushed into our room and rushed right back out. Whenever we needed a clue it took about 10 minutes until someone finally responded to us. I played the other two London escape rooms, as well as a few in Toronto and Kitchener, and I would rate this place a 1 out of 10. If you want to play a real escape game in London go to Escape Canada or Exodus... I wish I'd read the other trip advisor reviews before booking here.
Written March 27, 2015
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34 contributions
Did the professor's office, completed all but the last step with 1/3 hints used. We consider it nearly impossible to solve the last clue that opens the exit door without using up a hint on it. They said they had a 30% escape rate, but based on what we saw and how much our hint helped us, I'd be curious as to how many have escaped with no hints.

I felt that in the final two locks in the game the company is trying so hard to be smart that the codes involve too many components to interpret every single step correctly. This is a reasonable problem as packing a 3-4 component code hint into one tiny piece of paper results in a visitor reading 3-4 phrases that have less than stellar grammar, leaving successive opportunities to misinterpret something.

My friends also remarked that the sticker system in the room was not useful as given the lighting all stickers looked like they were yellow. We also preferred the hint system in Kitchener where the staff are watching and give you the hints when they feel you have misinterpreted something, as opposed to waiting for you to ask.

I think however my biggest problem with the room is that there are items all over it that if moved or taken from their original location, can ruin the game for oneself. Symbols on the walls should be glued on so that no one can accidentally knock them down in the dark and never be able to use hints correctly. Key fobs should actually be attached to the keys so that if someone finds the fob but not the key in the first 30 seconds, they aren't disadvantaged, blindly searching for a key who's location is now far harder to find. Items shouldnt be able to be spilled so easily. There were a few other items where I felt connections weren't that intuitive but that's alright. As someone who has played the fantastic Adventure Rooms at Kitchener I just felt that the execution here was below average and should be improved.

You are paying more per person for less time in the room, a less impressive execution, and to meet less considerate staff members here than at other companies.
Written June 8, 2015
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Stan A
Ingersoll, Canada14 contributions
If you look at my history, you will see that I never give bad reviews
But in this case, I must

I've been 3 times now. Red room was fun. Well explained. We got out easy. It is a great starter room

I have recommended it to others who tried as well

But after my last visit... I'll never recommend this place again

We were scolded "politely" by the attendant for being a walk in
Whereas in reality, we had a reservation that she had lost (and found later with no apology)

Instead of accommodating us happily, she was more concerned about who was right and what had happened
(We were the only ones there)

Once we passed that... Her personality was truly TOO MUCH

Remember when Saturday night live used to do a skit on "over acting"?

This girl was almost rude in the fact that she over acted. Talked fast. Condescending. Treated us as idiots. Talked down to us as though we were morons

We were scared to ask for a clue as even when she explained it it was annoying

Honestly... Hire a better employee. This one costs you a lot more then $11.25 per hour, she cost you repeat business and recommendations

Written September 10, 2016
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Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada11 contributions
Our entire group left disappointed after attempting to complete the Mansion escape room. I have completed over half a dozen escape rooms with a variety of companies and have never had such a disappointing experience before. We had a group of 9 people, all in their twenties, and 3 of us had previous experience completing escape rooms. Here's a couple of notes about what made the experience so disappointing:

(1) The illusion of being locked in a room is destroyed when the escape room master is constantly entering/exiting through the main door. It is normal for escape room companies to offer clues to participants in case they get stuck on a specific puzzle. Every other company I have booked escape rooms with also offered clues along the way, but none of them accomplished this by having someone enter and exit the room. I have seen game room masters provide clues by writing notes and slipping them under the door, by having a screen inside the room that they can type & post to at any time, etc.
(2) Once the game room master was in the room, the "clues" she provided were solutions. Again, every other escape room company I have booked through provided clues along the way as required. However, the other companies provided clues that were just enough to put you on the right track to be able to solve the puzzle. The "clues" provided to us in the Mansion were direct solutions and did not allow us an opportunity to solve the puzzle on our own.
(3) The price is very steep. Most escape rooms are around the $20-25 mark and offer discounts for larger groups of people. We brought a large group and were not offered anything.
(4) There were no 'wow moments' or surprises of any sort. Secret passageways, hidden rooms, and other surprises are common to find in escape rooms. There was nothing unique about the Mansion and certainly nothing that impressed any member of our group.
(5) Typically when you are unsuccessful at escaping a room the game master will walk you through the remaining portion after your hour is up. At Mystery Escape Rooms we were lead out of our room in the dark and were not walked through the remaining portion of the room. Their reasoning behind this was that the Mansion is the most re-playable room, and that we could come back to complete the remaining portion. We are located over 2 hours outside of London, so coming back for us was not an option. We were told at the very beginning that most groups complete about 15% of the mystery on their first attempt. Apparently we completed 40%, but we were also told that we needed less than 30 additional minutes and we "would have escaped for sure". It truly feels like they set this room up to be far to difficult to ensure that participants came back to spend more money.

I want to stress that our disappointment in this game was not because we were unsuccessful at escaping the room. Some of my favourite escape room experiences have been in rooms that I have not escaped in time. As the clock counts down and you get closer to the 1 hour mark the adrenaline kicks in and you try to solve as much as you can! With every other company I have booked through, my group has always left happy and talking about some of the crazy puzzles or clues we had. With the Mystery Escape Rooms, every single member of my group left disappointed and feeling like they got nothing from the experience.
Written February 4, 2016
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