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Find and Seek
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Long gone are the days that Escape Rooms would lock you in a room full of pad locks and combination safes. Today, Find and Seek has re-imagined the industry, as they have meticulously honed the balance between adventure, innovation, and storytelling in their Puzzle Adventure Escape Rooms. Find and Seek sets out to challenge the industry standards, to craft a gripping experience that is a combination of pure innovation and delightful, yet simple, gameplay. They journeyed across the globe to discover the best practices of the Escape Room genre. Their main focus is their customer’s experience, whereby they enhanced their rooms with smooth and seamless technology; the very same technology that is the definitive standard in world-class amusement parks. With this newly found knowledge, Find and Seek’s Puzzle Adventure Escape Rooms have been engineered from the ground up to bring an immersive story and epic adventure to life.
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Neighborhood: Central
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  • Stadium–Chinatown • 3 min walk
  • Waterfront • 9 min walk
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164 reviews
Very good

North Vancouver, Canada5 contributions
Jan 2020
I booked the Curiosities escape room for my boyfriend and I as a Christmas gift. We had so much fun! I love the fact that they have a dedicated staff watching you, the hints are very personalized and they don't let you get stuck if you're on the wrong path for too long. The electronic locks are also way easier because you spend less time fiddling with locks and you know when you've solved one thing concretely. This room takes EVERY detail into account, and really makes you think. You're constantly challenged and you really need to keep everything you do in mind.

My only con is that it would be really tough for a team of 2 to solve in 45 minutes.
Written January 5, 2020
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Stephanie S
1 contribution
Dec 2021
Excellent escape room! Clues were flowing through very nicely and were challenging enough. We didn't solve it but it was really fun. I can't remember the name of the person that helped us but he was great! Gave us good pointers and all together very welcoming. Don't hesitate! Book this one :)
Written December 17, 2021
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1 contribution
May 2021
We had a great time at Find and Seek. The rooms were well designed, and we especially loved the mechanical components. It really kept us on our toes!

My favourite escape room I've done in Vancouver.
Written May 17, 2021
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Boston, MA2 contributions
Jan 2020 • Couples
We are escape room veterans totaling over 100 rooms at this point. We booked a private room for us 2 for the "Curse of Madam Zita's Curiosities" room and we were on fire. At no point did we feel like we needed any of the 5 clues because the puzzles were pretty simple and we always knew what to do next. Still we only got 80% through the room and were talked through, not shown, the rest. We were so frustrated that it basically is a simple 60min room reduced to 45min. I echo an earlier review that recommend not going with 2 people, but even if you have a larger group, I did not find anything particularly interesting about this room; there were not any 'wow moments'. Also, it is relatively linear so big groups might find some people bored and on the sidelines.
Written January 12, 2020
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Victoria, Canada30 contributions
Dec 2020 • Couples
I've played at least a dozen different escape rooms across Canada - this was definitely one of the best.

We played the first room (mystery at majestic theatre). The room was very well designed and there were so many interesting puzzles to solve. Unlike other escape rooms which might include endless lock box puzzles, this room contained a range of different types, including a fair amount of tech (mechanized doors, sensors, etc.). Very good atmosphere. Puzzles were logical and linear, everything seemed to make sense.

Overall very challenging though, due to so many puzzles.. and some of them were difficult. A great experience (we like the challenge).

Clues were provided on a screen, which was nice because if you wanted you could ignore them (for more of a challenge). However, they provided just the right amount of detail so as not to spoil the fun.

Looking forward to trying the second room!!
Written December 28, 2020
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Heather B
Vancouver, Canada1 contribution
Jan 2020
I've been to Find and Seek on two separate occasions to do two different rooms. Had a great time in each - managed to solve the first room and got to 85% of the second room with a different group. The first time I went with friends, the second time I went with family, including a 9 year old and a senior - all really enjoyed it. Great themes and a good selection of clues and puzzles to solve. I would say its suitable for families, but wouldn't recommend it for younger children.
Written January 6, 2020
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2 contributions
Jan 2021
One of the better escape rooms in Vancouver. The puzzles are fun to solve and are the perfect level of difficulty where it takes a bit for you to get it but they are not impossible to understand. The puzzles in our room were sequential which made it easier to escape but we still failed! All in All, we had a blast with our group of 5 people.
Written January 24, 2021
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Port Coquitlam, Canada35 contributions
Feb 2020
I have nothing to compare this place to, but I have a great time with three other people. I was impressed with the variety of puzzles and the physical space we had to navigate. We did the Madam Zita room and solved it but with only a minute and a half left, so it was a great adrenaline rush!
Written February 8, 2020
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Tucson, AZ90 contributions
Nov 2016 • Couples
I'll start by saying that I own two escape room companies with a total of 14 different themed games to play. I've owned my companies since 2014.

Furthermore, I design, create and build escape room games for myself and other escape room companies all over the world. I mention this because it's very important to know that with my following review.

It's difficult to impress me with escape rooms. Nevertheless, Find and Seek was outstanding! I'd venture to say that Find and Seek sets the bar for all games in Vancouver.

While in Canada, we played 18 escape room games in three days. Find and Seek is, by far, one of the best escape rooms we played.

Though they only have one room to play, it's very clear that they put an extreme amount of time, money and attention to detail in this game. Well done!

Don't miss playing a game here!

The set design is spectacular, the games and puzzles make sense, it's clean and very well designed. Stellar job, Find and Seek!
Written November 4, 2016
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Vancouver, Canada11 contributions
Nov 2015 • Friends
I have been to 6 escape rooms, and this room makes it into my top 2! We did "The Mystery at the Majestic Theatre" during our visit, and will be back to see the other rooms.

We were a group of 6, all of us having done at least 2 escape rooms before. There were lots of small things to do - a nice mix of little steps and longer puzzles. There was a good mix of puzzles as well - reasoning, math related, code, finding things - I liked that there wasn't just one type. It was also a big space - you didn't feel like you were in a small room, which is the first escape room to manage that for me. There were also three separate areas, which is positive aspect as well!

Production quality was amazing - the highest of any place we've been to. The rooms looked great, well lit, and had magnetic locks that worked really well. There would be a sound when you did something successfully, and usually something else would open. I actually really enjoyed those sounds, found them encouraging!

There was a countdown timer in the room and a large TV screen. The screen would send us important messages - as I remember, there was an unlimited amount of hints, but you didn't have to ask for it. It's more that if you seemed stuck or didn't know what to do, it would play a sound and get you to go to the monitor for a clue. It would also sometimes display encouraging or congratulatory messages. In other escape rooms, we often ration our hints, and have to admit that we were fully stuck, with no idea what to do before we would radio or buzz for a hint. In this place, we didn't have to do that - we never got to the point where we hadn't been doing anything for 5+ minutes, wondering if we should use a hint. I felt it kept the momentum going. We were a group of adults, but I can also see this being good with a young family, as you don't get that frustrated, 'stuck' feeling. It really feels like they are there to help you and cheer you on.

That being said, I didn't find the hints gratuitous. I didn't feel that they 'ruined' anything or gave me too much information. I felt that the puzzles were placed at a good, intermediate level, and the hints were only when you needed something to push you forward - don't worry about them spoiling figuring something out for yourself.

There was one point in the first room where the clues had lead us to do one longer, difficult puzzle. Two of us hung back from that, feeling that we couldn't participate when there were so many people around that one area. Very quickly after, we heard the cue sound, and the Gamemaster opened up another puzzle for us to work on in that room. He was extremely perceptive, and allowed us to get right back into the experience! Once we broke into the second room, two puzzles were available to do, which made sure that we were all occupied. I'm not sure if there are normally two puzzles unlocked or it was for our group, but it was really great! They really make sure you're involved throughout the escape experience.

We were so close to the end, but ran out of time - then they added an extra 5 minutes! We only needed 1 minute, but it was so gratifying to get through the last door! When we finished, two staff members were out there, and they were both excited for us. They seemed as excited as we were!

As a side note - they have a deal with Pizzeria Ludica that discounts both bills. We didn't know about it beforehand, but it's worth checking out Find and Seek's website to look at the 'Special Offers' to see if that's something that would work for you.

A very positive experience, high production quality, big rooms, puzzles varied nicely in difficulty and length. The time-travelling theme was a nice touch, logical, and made sense with wall timer and hints displayed on the TV. Great interaction with staff. We'll be back.
Written December 15, 2015
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Wow wow wow, this is fantastic! Thank you so very much for your positive and very well-detailed review; we couldn't ask for more. You've captured everything we strive for: Total customer satisfaction (In fact, if you don't mind, we would love to feature your review in our social media posts). As puzzle enthusiasts, we took great care in how much fun we want our customers to feel as they progress through the room. We take great pride in our work and your review just validated our love for puzzles and entertainment. That same pride and care is being applied as we currently create our second room. We can hardly wait to unveil this next chapter of our Puzzle Adventure and we hope you will be back for that. Stay tuned!
Written December 16, 2015
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