Jinshanling Great Wall
Jinshanling Great Wall
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Jinshanling Great Wall is located in Luanping County, Chengde, Hebei Province, 80 miles (130 kilometers) northeast of Beijing. It used to be a sound defensive system including barrier walls, battlement walls, watchtowers, gun emplacements, shooting holes, horse blocking walls, and branch cities. Today, it is renowned as the "Paradise of Photographers" and a popular tourist destination because of its magnificent appearance and intoxicating scenery.
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  • Raul P
    Seattle, Washington260 contributions
    Your best option away from the crowd
    Most tourist use their layover time between flights to visit the wall close to Beijing, crowding the area on short batches of time. There why this further away section of the wall have quite less amount of visitors by being off these visitors' race-rat track. One requires a couple full days to include the Simatai section as well and visit other close atractions worth the trip. The whole trip would take four days to doing confortably without a rush. It's 2 hours aways from the Beijing Int Airport on a easy private ride that a hotel might include as part of their service for an extra cost. Going by bus is inexpensive requiring more time due the trsansfers to the bus station. I travel on the Golden Week, deciding to hire a private car do all the craziness going on. It cost me US$90 which was a little over the price but fair considering the holidays involved. Sharing the ride would make it worth it avoiding wasting time and shorting the trip considerably. Despise the Golden Week, There weren't as many people as I would expected, having most of my photos with few people around as wished. October result a great time to visit China with the weahter being quite brutal hot, so be aware of the weather as there is only protection when on the towers. One can find food and drinks inside the towers in modest quantities and variaty so bring local cash to pay for drinks as water runs short always. You can even find Ice cream! An no Wi-Fi app translator is a must!
    Written January 1, 2020
  • clworthington
    Binhai County, China15 contributions
    Gubeikou to Jinshanling Hike
    The whole experience was brilliant! From being picked up at our hotel at 8am to being dropped off at 4.30pm! David was friendly and chatty throughout the whole day, very knowledgeable and happy to talk about a variety of topics. His speaking and understanding of English was very good!! We walked through the old part of the wall first, then down around the Army Barracks. Finally we walked up through a newer restored section. It was so good to be able to compare the different sections of the wall. We had a great day! It was the perfect bucket list trip! We would highly recommend! Thank you David!
    Traveled as a couple
    Written January 29, 2020
  • Anita N
    37 contributions
    a spiritual experience
    The wall at Jinshanling was amazing! The weather was cold and clear, and our small tour of 8 was the only people there. The 3.5 mile walk was more challenging than I expected, some steep ups and downs and no short cuts or ways out once you start. Just make sure you have good shoes, a snack or 2, and a bit of stamina. I highly recommend it!
    Written January 8, 2020
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648 reviews
Very good

Munich, Germany20 contributions
Sep 2012 • Couples
Jinshanling is a great part of the Great Wall which you can enjoy with very few up to no other tourists. You get to see original parts of the wall as well as restored sections within a beautiful scenery. There are some options how to get there. This post is about how you can take the weekend tourist bus. Generally on weekends and holidays you find more people everywhere than during weekdays. That's the same for the Jinshanling section, that is the catch for taking the comfortable tourist bus way, but the number is still very low. And as you get away a kilometer from the cablecar access you will usually find yourself alone on the wall.

The tourist bus operates on weekends and statutory holidays during the peak season (April 3rd to November 1st)

1. Take the metro to Dongzhimen bus terminus in Beijing
2. Ignore the signs that point to the bus terminal and go towards Exit B (take the right Exit)
3. Walk towards the east (early morning this is where the sun is :) ), but you can also walk having the main road on your right side.
4. After very short walk pass the bus terminal on the left.
5. You will come to an intersection, where you have to turn left.
6. Walk for about 5-10 minutes, pass many buses and you will see an outdoor bus terminal (Great Wall Terminal) on the left side
7. The first counter on the left, once you enter the driveway, sells Jinshanling Tickets which have a golden souvenir coin (120 CNY in September 2012). It includes round-trip bus ticket, admission fee, cable way, and the tourist car at the scenic spot.

Adress: 东直门外斜街 45号 (45 Donghimen Wai Xie Jie). If you get lost show this to the local people, they point you to the right direction. Ask multiple times and different people, sometimes they do not know the way and point the wrong direction.

The bus leaves Beijing at 8am (somtimes a little earlier). There might be only one bus a day. When I was there they had another one stand by in case the first one was full.
Leaves the Great Wall at 3pm, maybe a little earlier, so be there, it will leave on time & without you.

Enjoy your trip!
Written October 18, 2012
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Johannesburg, South Africa251 contributions
Nov 2017 • Couples
Having visited both the Mutianyu and Jinshaling sections of the Great Wall, we found the Jinshaling section much more enjoyable. The scenery around the wall is beautiful with no encroachment from buildings or towns. The views are spectacular, with minimal crowds. The walls are restored, but not overly so. I would suggest giving yourself between three-four hours on the wall in order to hike a suitable length whilst also sitting back and just marvelling at this amazing achievement. If you plan to walk down from the wall, take note of the footpaths (maps are provided) and plan your hike accordingly. Also note, from the entrance to the wall (after all formalities) will take you approximately 30-60 minutes (length dependent upon whether you hike up to the wall or take the cable car).

We chose to you use the bus, and below are some tips:
1. We chose to take a bus from Wangjing West station towards Luanping (CNY32 per person) – comfortable two-and-a-half-hour journey with pleasant and helpful staff.
2. Exit the subway station, cross over the road and go left. The bus station is not clearly marked at the exit of the subway station, so ask around. There will be scouts offering to ferry you to the wall via minibus taxi here as well (their pitch is to tell you that there are no buses to Jinshaling – note, there is a special tourist bus to Jinshaling as well as the regular public buses to Luanping).
3. We were dropped off at the Jinshanling Service Area (gas station).
4. Here, you can take a free shuttle to the entrance. Note, the shuttle will be parked to the right of the convenience store. There is no marking on the shuttle vehicle, it looks like a minivan/station wagon - just ask the driver sitting in the vehicle. Given that we did not know where to find the shuttle bus, we chose to use a taxi. Not a long drive and cost us CNY20 – the walk to the entrance is a fair distance especially if you want to conserve your energy for the wall.
5. At the entrance, you can buy a return ticket to be ferried to the ticket office (CNY10 per person per one-way) – again a bit of an uphill walk otherwise.
6. If you are planning on catching the last bus back to Beijing, I would strongly suggest that you buy your return ticket to Beijing from inside the convenience store before you depart the Jinshanling Service Area to the wall. Inside the convenience store, there will be a person wearing a blue and yellow jacket sitting off to your right – buy your ticket here. We chose to buy the ticket on our return but unfortunately the bus was full forcing us to charter a taxi back to Beijing. Fortunately (or unfortunately) there were other tourists looking to return to Beijing, and thus shared the CNY500 cost – there is not much competition given the remote location.
Written December 31, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Thailand11 contributions
May 2019 • Friends
It was difficult to find reliable and complete information about hiking on the Great Wall so I decided to post what we learned from our experience there. We visited the Gubeikou-Jinshanling-Simatai section to the north of Beijing. If you want to hike on really scenic sections of the Great Wall, Jinshanling is the best place. It is more mountainous and scenic than Gubeikou and much more geared towards hiking than Simatai. If you can, hike the route between Jinshanling and Gubeikou so you can see both the unrestored, original wall at Gubeikou and the partially restored wall at Jinshanling which allows you to imagine how it looked when it was first built. Simatai is now horrifically built up and touristy with the new water town development - there are guards posted at every tower and you can only visit a few of the towers - definitely not Fairy Tower or Sky Bridge in the east, nor anything west of the reservoir. We wanted to hike from Simatai to Jinshanling but the Simatai west wall is closed from the reservoir until the Jinshanling wall, we found no way to cross the reservoir or access the other side to get to Jinshanling. From the eastern side of the Jinshanling wall you have a great view of the whole Simatai section, so my advice is to avoid visiting Simatai altogether. I just hated how commercial and controlled it was there.
Since it's hard to find a good map of the whole wall, this is a general overview from West to East: Gubeikou Panlongshan wall -- closed military section (hiking trail around it to the north of the wall) - - Jinshanling wall -- Simatai West wall (closed and impassable) -- Simatai East wall (accessible only from Simatai water town).
Some hiking route suggestions:
1. Jinshanling East Gate to Six Window Tower (approx 8km, about 4km actually on the wall and the rest on the trails approaching the wall - about 2-3 hours hiking). The wall includes some very steep sections and a lot of steps. This loop can be done in the opposite direction but a bit steeper. Entrance fee is 65 yuan, summer opening hours are 5:00-19:00. There is a direct bus from Beijing Dongzhimen Station for 48 yuan (1.5 hours), I think the last bus left Jinshanling for Beijing around 4:30. There are also nice, affordable places to stay in Jinshanling (even along the path leading up to the wall) if you want to see sunrise or sunset.
2. Jinshanling to Gubeikou or vice versa (approx 12 km from one entrance gate to the other, around 6-7 hours including breaks). This is a really nice trail where you get to see many different sections of the wall. You can enter at the Jinshanling mid gate and follow the wall until Taochunkao tower, where you follow the trail towards the West Gate. You walk alongside the wall on a steep path for a while before heading north away from the wall through the countryside. Everything is well signed here and when we went there were pink spray paint markers from a recent marathon marking the way. Eventually you reach a parking lot with a small shop where a lady sells tickets for the Jinshanling wall and sodas and snacks. She will point you to the path going left into the forest towards Gubeikou. This path climbs gradually up to the wall, arriving at a big ruined tower where you start walking on the wall again. Stay on the main path and you will find your way easily. The Gubeikou wall is less maintained and sometimes you walk on the wall, sometimes next to it. Along here you will meet someone selling tickets (25 yuan). Eventually the main path splits from the wall, it gets a little confusing here but follow what looks like the most used path (or use a trail map app) and you will end up in Gubeikou town. From town you can get a minibus to Miyun (around 10 yuan) then bus 980 to Beijing (around 20 yuan), it takes about 3 hours total. Or you can stay the night, we found a room for 150 yuan at a cheap guest house.
If you want to camp on the wall, the best place is Gubeikou. In Jinshanling there are cameras everywhere and signs saying no camping. You should be able to camp in Gubeikou in one of the towers. It is officially illegal unless you get a permit (by going with a tour company) but it didn't seem like anyone would be checking. Keep in mind it will be cold and windy up there at night. Suggested itinerary would be to start early on the 1.5hr bus from Beijing to Jinshanling, hike from Jinshanling east gate (about 2 or 3 km from the bus stop to the wall going this way) to Jinshanling west gate, and start on the trail towards Gubeikou. It looked like there were places you could camp near the trail before it climbs up to the wall, though I don't know if the land belongs to someone (I didn't camp there myself). Or walk up to the wall and camp in one of the first towers there. That makes about 9-10km for day one, leaving about 6-8km for day two. On day two you can hike into Gubeikou, have lunch and get the two buses back to Beijing (see above). Of course you can do this in the opposite direction but check what time the last bus leaves Jinshanling to return to Beijing (4:30pm when I was there). Carry enough water because there aren't many water sources on the trail. You can buy small bottles of water at a few places on the Jinshanling wall but better not to count on that.
Check the weather before you visit, as any of the paths listed above would be tricky in the rain. If it's raining, you can still visit Jinshanling but stick to the areas closer to the mid gate, as the sections further away are steeper and more slippery.
Enjoy your visit! The views are absolutely breathtaking and the wall is a work of art!
Written June 29, 2019
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Wappingers Falls47 contributions
After reading some reviews and doing some online search, we decided to go with Beijing Downtown Backpackers. They provided everything we needed (transportation both ways, all entrance fees and bridge toll) and none of the stuff we didn’t need (shopping stops, meals, etc), all for 260RMB per person. That’s hard to beat. What you get in return is awesome scenery, a great workout, relief away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and a tactile sense of history and time. Unlike Badaling, which has been restored to postcard perfect, the section of the Great Wall between Jinshanling and Simatai is mostly left as-is except for some spot fixes for safety. To be able to climb the eroded steps put together by hand centuries ago and walk into the crumbling watchtowers that once stood guard of the Middle Kingdom is a privilege and a humbling experience.

Note: The vendors at the various watchtowers are relaxed and friendly, but the ones at the start of Jinshanling can be pushy and they may even follow you for a short distance. Just be firm if you do not want to purchase their goods.
Written May 12, 2009
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Sydney, Australia1 contribution
Jul 2017 • Family
Sad news. From June 1st, Jinshanling Great Wall section will be closed for at least the next four months. Attached photo is the official Government sign.

I was planning a trip here for a long time and was really excited from all its reviews and comments, but now, I'm a little disappointed because it's closed. I will be heading to Mutianyu (although there is a lot more tourist there and a less scenery) but travelling is all about the ups and downs right? :)
Written July 6, 2017
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San Francisco, CA40 contributions
Just got back from a fantastic 2-day hike along the Great Wall of China and a guesthouse stay at the "Happiness Courier Station" in Jinshanling. I had arranged to meet a guide in Gubeikou and then walk about 12 kilometers the first day, with a stay either on the wall (he was to provide tent and sleeping bag) and another guided walk from Jinshanling to Simitai the 2nd day (Simitai wall itself is currently closed). Weather (and my need for creature comforts) forestalled the sleep on the wall, although I could have done it regardless, so I stayed at the guesthouse. Really went beyond my expectations. The walk is indescribable (if you are reading this, you are probably already committed to the idea, so I do not need to comment on that - just do it, you will never forget it). I am really writing to recommend the guide's services and the guesthouse stay. I met the guide, who calls himself Snow, through the Great Wall Forum (also highly recommended if you need info on the Wall). He speaks very good English, is knowledgeable, and very fun to walk with - if nothing else, he knows all the ticket sellers, touts, and other local folks, so you do not get bothered at all. But the stay at his family's guesthouse was far more than I expected - it really made the trip extra special or me. I was the only guest (it is mid-October), and I had the run of the place, which is a working farm as well as a bed and breakfast. It is about as close a you can get to the main entrance to Jinshanling, and he can arrange all kinds of rides to/from wherever (Beijing, Miyun, Gubeikou - I met him in Gubeikou, and he had my luggage transported to the farm while we walked, so I only had to carry a small daypack. The guesthouse was immaculate, and the food was fantastic, and frankly, way too much to eat, and they will cater to vegetarians as well. Rates were very reasonable (720 RMB for the 2 day guided walk, 4 meals, plenty of pijiu, and 2 nights stay). You can contact him directly at [--], tel [--], or email me at ststephen33@yahoo.com if you want more information. I cannot wait to go back to Happiness Courier Station!
Written October 23, 2010
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240 contributions
Jun 2017 • Solo
Jinshanling tourist bus is not operating anymore coz of Jinshanling closure due to renovation. I went to Bafangda bus station at Wangjing West station Exit C to learn this. There is a poster in English n Chinese at the bus at the bus station.

Hence I did not happen to visit Jinshanling. May be tour operators still send people there.... I would assume the Jinshanling itself is not closed but just the tourist bus going there. May be someone could confirm so that whoever plans to go there might benefit on the updated information.
Written June 18, 2017
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London, UK26 contributions
May 2017 • Couples
I will try to share my experience here as best as I can, I've visited the wall on the 16th of May of 2017.

My wife and I have used Joe as our guide, which we found here in TripAdvisor:
He also uses WhatsApp: +86 186 0026 9575

My day started by realizing that I'd not told Joe that I've actually changed the Hotel I was staying in Beijing, which he was amused by and was pretty cool about. After 5 minutes he arrived at the hotel where me an my wife were. Joe then drove us to Jinshanling which was ~2.5 hours from central Beijing. The traffic in China is not for the faint hearted, but I'm quite fine with it, since I'm from Brazil and the traffic over there is pretty much the same.
Arriving there Joe has guided us to where we would buy the tickets and which direction to take once we get to the top of the trail, which me and my wife decided to skip by taking the cable car up. Be aware that there will be loads of people offering beer and guides offering their services or random people trying to be nice with you indicating where to go (sometimes very obvious directions), etc., they will be expecting a tip after doing whatever they've done, even if it was the most obvious thing you could ever think of. We have dodged everyone and got the to ticket hall where the entrance costs 65RMB. The cable car tickets you will buy further ahead once you're already inside and it costs 40RMB one way. Buy only one way if you are doing the whole hike from the west section to the east section of Jinshanling. I recommend the cable car if you would like to save your feet for the walk that leads to the wall. The walk up is a set of stairs in the middle of nowhere really, where you won't even get nice views from. Well worth the 40RMB in my opinion.
Once you get up there the views are already amazing, but it gets better, so save your battery and memory cards. Once you get off the cable car you need to walk on a short trail to get to the actual wall, and once you get inside the first tower there will be ladies selling water, beer, etc, skip them if you're not interested and take the LEFT, from there just keep walking ahead. We were lucky that the weather was excellent, clear blue skies in every direction (which is one of the benefits of this section), sunny but not too hot ~28C.
Differently from most of the reviews I've read, most of that section has been already renovated and they are renovating it further, so be quick. If you are going in the next weeks/months be aware that they will be closing that section for a complete renovation! Check with your guide before going there if that section is still open. They were already working on the roads and it will be closing soon I guess.
The walk was not as hard as we were expecting, some sections were pretty steep ramps up and steps, but we managed to do it in about 1.5hour, but have in mind we took the cable car otherwise add at least another 40min to 1hour.
You will know that you got to the end of that section once you get to a tower where there are no steps up to it and some weed growing on the path, you will need to walk back to the previous tower and go around it, then take the trail down a LOT of steps again.
It is a relatively short section, but I was really impressed with the views and how clear the air appears to be in that area. We felt at times that the we were the only ones there.
I was also impressed on how well educated Joe is, with his impeccable English, wide variety of knowledge and also very open to talk about any subject.
He kept us entertained during the whole drive to the wall and back to Beijing giving us a good introduction of why the wall was built in the first place.
I would strongly suggest Joe's services and would be definitely using him again if I have the chance to visit another section of the wall.

A list of things that I would say are essentials for the hike:
- Water;
- Sunscreen;
- Comfortable clothes;
- Non slippery shoes (hiking shoes are good but sort of an ovekill), I've walked with my Vans snickers without a problem;
- Chinese SIM card or a phone that you can call someone in case of emergency.

If you are reasonably fit you can do this walk without a problem. I'm a 95kg guy, not very fit and did it fine. I would not recommend this walk for someone with young children, on a wheelchair or with overall mobility or knee problems. Toilets available at the entrance and exit of the wall (take your own tissues though).

Good luck and I hope you guys enjoy just as much as I did!
Written May 29, 2017
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Lake George, NY197 contributions
We hired a driver from Beijing (1000 rmb for the day, $160) and left at 7am on a Saturday. We were in the area by 9 and on the wall before 10am. Jinshanling is very beautiful, definitely worth visiting many times. Most of the Jinshanling section is wild but well preserved. A few parts are steep, but not really difficult. A pair of sneakers will do.

If you have a driver, tell him that you are going to Jinshanling Chang Cheng( 金山岭长城 A very easy two hours ride if you leave early to get out of Beijing

The hike could be long or short, maybe 4 hours to 7 hours. First drive to the main entrance ( west gate), buy tickets there (80 RMB each). You can walk up or save an hour of a steep climb and take the cable car. If you walk in, after about 500 meters, you will find the first path going up to the wall, this path is called " Sha Ling Gou" leading to " Sha Ling Pass". Take this path or the cable car up to the wall, then turn east, hiking all the way to " Eastern five window Tower", then continue hiking a few more towers until you are not allowed to go further at Simatai as it is closed. Then you turn back to the " Eastern five window Tower", there is a path going down to the East Gate. This path was made of many many stairs in the woods. Your driver can pick you up from East Gate parking lot. It was easy to explain to ours river to drop us off at the main gate and pick up at the east gate (but I do speak some Chinese!)

For reference we walked from the cable car to the 5 Window Tower in one hour then another 30 minutes to the Simatai section were we had to turn back. Then another 30 minutes back to 5 Windows Tower (2 hours total). We walk quickly, are in good shape and only stopped for
photos and a water break. It was another 30 minutes down to the east gate. Or you can continue to backtrack and take the cable car to you original starting point.

Is it worth the drive? I have been to the Mutianyu section many times. Most of it is restored and it is just beautiful. If you get there early you can generally get ahead of the crowds. At Jinshanling there were many stretches with no one there. If you want a great hike on a partially restored (and partially crumbling) but quiet section this is for you. If you want a faster trip and are not really hiking - just want to ride up the cable car, walk around a bit and head down, there are closer but busier options nearer Beijing.

Written May 16, 2015
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London, UK128 contributions
Mar 2013 • Family
We visited in mid-March with the Beijing Downtown Backpackers tour. I would highly recommend going with this tour- you do not need to be staying at the hostel. You join the tour at the hostel and get taken to walk the wall, no side trips to jade factories, etc. They take you to the Jinshanling section in a comfortable bus, drop you at the entrance with instructions and a map (in English!) and then pick you up for the return leg further along the wall (the border with the currently closed Simitai section) about 3.5 hours later. This means you don't need to backtrack. The time available is just about right for the 7ish km stretch.

In terms of difficulty, my 60 year old parents who are fairly active but not fit managed the walk. The first part is quite easy and well paved. The later (unrestored) part is more difficult, with a couple of steep sections to climb (including steps that have partly eroded). At no point did we feel this was 'dangerous', you just need to exercise due care. You can pause to take a break at any time. Our hotel concierge tried to discourage us from going saying it was too dangerous- this was complete garbage and I am very glad we ignored them (I think they were interested in selling us their own tour package). Anyone that can cope with hillwalking could manage this hike in decent weather conditions.

Why this section of the wall? It is quiet (we encountered only ~15 people on the whole stretch, mostly from our bus, in March). It is very scenic, with fantastic views in all directions on a clear day. It has a mixture of sympathetically restored wall and unrestored wall, so you get to see the wall in both states. It is not overridden with tourist tat; there are a few sellers you will encounter on the wall but they are not aggressive and can be nice to talk to/will help guide you, no obligation to buy anything. While it is about a 3 hour trip out of beijing in each direction, the drive itself is interesting, and it's only about an hour longer than a trip to the heavily visited sections such as badaling and mutianyu.

Tip. When you walk up the entrance path there are several options to get up to the wall at different points. Keep right to hike the longest stretch of the wall towards Simatai. Also, when you get up to the first tower, turn right rather than left and climb to the second watch tower (in the opposite direction to simatai) to get some fantastic views in both directions.
Written April 4, 2013
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