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Oedo Botania

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Nov 2019 • Family
A short ferry ride across this island takes you to this beautiful island. Alot of walking (some steep uphills as well) is expected.

Come well prepared - wear light clothes, sunglasses, cap & comfortable shoes esp when weather is still very hot. It still gets unbearably hot & sweaty walking under the sun for long periods, despite all these preps.

Need a couple of hours here including the ferry ride & wait. Lots of photo taking sceneries.

Not recommended for physically weak or disadvantaged people. Or young kids.
Written March 8, 2020
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Singapore179 contributions
Jun 2018 • Family
My family and I spent a “controlled” 1.5 hour on a clear sunny afternoon at the Oedo Botanical, which was just sufficient. Oedo Botania is the result of at least 30 years of transformation work of Chang-ho Lee and his wife after they obtained approval from the authorities in 1976. It is no surprise that several Korean TV dramas, including Winter Sonata, were shot here.

Getting there and entrance fees: We drove 2 hours in the late morning in the rental car from AJ (Avis) from Busan to the quiet Dojangpo village of Geoje Island (where Windy Hill attraction is located). Because Oedo is only accessible by ferry, we bought tickets that includes ferry fare (₩16,000 per adult and ₩ 9,000 for age 2 to 12) and the Oedo Botania entrance fees (₩11,000 for adult and ₩8000 for youth). After a lunch at one of the restaurants in front of the car park, we took the 1:20 pm ferry that reached Oedo Island at 1:50pm. We returned to mainland on the designated 3:20pm ferry, which reached mainland slightly earlier at 3:35pm. I saw the next ferry departure was at 3:40pm but do check the ferry departure timings as there is more than one ferry plying the route.

The Attraction: Actually, this is a “2-in-1” attraction, because before we reach Oedo Island, the ferry captain took the ferry passengers to see up close spectacular rock formations and a cave at Haegeumgang Island (that explains why the ferry ride to Oedo Island took 5 minutes longer).

What I enjoyed or liked:
(1) Although no brochure was given, there is a erected map that shows the recommended route in a figure “8”: Oedo Square – Fountain intersection – Cactus Garden – Venus Garden (12 sculptures and a view point) – Lee House – Flower Garden (camellias and rare flowers from all over the world) – Bamboo Garden – Panorama Observatory – Oh Beautiful Café (food and the view of Naedo Island and the surrounding sea) – Sculpture Park – Eden Garden and Chapel – Hill of Love – Stairway to Heaven – Kokaseu Garden – Souvenir Gift Shop – Water Garden – Observatory/Viewpoint – Memorial Gallery (Oedo Botania history and exhibits) – Lighthouse of the Wish. Make sure you take a photo of the route.
(2) As we walked the gardens populated by flora (trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and even cacti), we were truly amazed at the superb maintenance, beautiful landscaping, skilful gardening and the fusion of European and Korean styles as well as the peace and serenity that calm the “hustle and bustle” city folks like us.
(3) There are plenty of toilets as well as areas for rest from tired legs and shade from the sun’s rays.
(4) My favourite panorama viewpoints are: on top of the hill just before Bamboo Garden (see the terrace landscaping of Botania), at the semi-circular arch of Venus Garden, at the Panorama Observatory (coastal cliffs, islands and sea) and just before Memorial Gallery (5 terrace rows of tree covers, sea and peninsula).

Oedo Botania requires plenty of walking along (gradual) slopes and stairs, so I recommend wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes and drink plenty of fluids, especially on a hot sunny day. In addition, as this attraction is in the open, put on sunscreen or wear a hat or use an umbrella on a sunny day.

We enjoyed Oedo Botania very much and hoped we could come back some day during spring or autumn. This peaceful island paradise attraction is one that’s uniquely astounding and different. So don’t miss it, even though you may not be a lover of Nature!
Written August 31, 2018
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Bandera, TX24 contributions
Jun 2014 • Family
We thoroughly enjoyed our ferry ride and trip to Oedo. The tour of Oedo is a self guided tour with some more of Geoje's great hiking. We walked, rather straight, up the hill on a paved trail. It was easy but did require exertion and drinking water for sure. Don't miss this trip. Not much is in English, but be brave and go anyway!
Written July 26, 2014
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Seoul, South Korea371 contributions
Apr 2015 • Couples
This beautiful botanical island was the creation of a korean couple with an obvious passion for gardens. It looks like a piece of Europe in Korea. It is just a pity that you don't have sufficient time to enjoy it.
You may only visit on one of the organised tour boats that go from 3 or 4 different ports. You must pay W17,000 for the boat trip and another W11,000 for entrance to the island (quite steep for Korea). Once you arrive on the island you only have 90mins allowed until you have to be on the boat you left on, you cannot go on a later boat. This is just enough time to walk around island. You must follow a fixed path, so no meandering around. There is a coffee shop and souvenir shop but no time to linger here.
The boat trip is about 20 mins and on the way out they stop ap Hageumgang? rock to take a look but you must endure loud Korean commentary and music for the entire journey. You must also remain seated until they tell you that you can briefly get out on deck to admire the rock. Then you must return to your seats. The boats a constantly coming and going from the island, depositing 100s of visitors.
Oedo island is a stunning testament to human endeavour. There is a small picture gallery that shows what the place looked like before, just barren and rocky. the resulting garden is a spectacular euorpean style garden complete with statues and sculptures. Just a pity the visit is so restricted but I guess that is the only way they can cope with the thousands of visitors who flock to the place.

Ideally avoid coming on the weekend, it becomes very tiresome shuffling along with the crowds and trying to avoid all the people stopping to take photos. It may be a more pleasureable experience mid-week when there are fewer people on the island.
Written May 6, 2015
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Penang Island, Malaysia23 contributions
Jun 2016
I went to this place as it is near to Busan. It is well maintained landscapes which lots of local visit and spend their weekend with family.
From Busan Seobu took a intercity bus to Jangseoungpo and take ferry to the island. The ticket for island and ferry costs 30k won. Visitor has about 1 and half hour to visit the island before taking the same ferry back which is too short for me! there are lots of nice scenery.. it might not be as popular as other island advertised but definitely worth the visit if you have extra time..
Written June 15, 2016
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Tony B
Ben Lomond, Australia195 contributions
Oct 2017 • Couples
Having read about this island several years ago, I was keen to finally get to visit the real thing. I wasn't disappointed. Oedo is a wonderfully scenic island. The gardens are spectacular and there are an amazing amount of opportunities to take photos. The island was bought in the 60's by a fisherman and his wife and over the years was transformed from a basic farm to what you see today. You only get to spend two hours on the island but this was enough time for us to get plenty of photos (and a drink and ice-cream!)
Written January 27, 2018
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Navi Mumbai, India265 contributions
Jul 2017 • Friends
Beautiful privately owned island in geoje. One of the must visit places. The walk around the rocky island is great with all the flora around. There is a guide booklet which if followed will take you through various themed parks. If you don't halt for snacks you need about 1hr 15mins to complete the tour.
Preferably go during bright sunny days to enjoy the beautiful view of the water and other rocky islands nearby.
Written July 2, 2017
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Seoul, South Korea59 contributions
Aug 2015 • Couples
I've visited Oedo twice with different family members and I hope to go a few times again this coming summer. It's a gorgeous garden and it is very well kept! There's all sorts of garden themes, little statues and scenic views all around. I would highly recommend it but go early if you can as it can get crowded! Bring water, suncream and a hat if you're visiting in the summer.

You can get a ferry from Janseungpo or Gujora ferry terminals and the boat ride takes 20mins. It's an easy ride even if you're sensitive to boat rides. Ferry times from Gujora are: 8am, 8.30am, 11am, 1.30pm and 4pm. You're allowed to stay 2hrs (enough time at an easy walking pace) before the ferry picks you up again. So all in all, it takes approx 3hrs to do the trip. Then you can go over to Gujora beach (5min walk from Gujora ferry terminal) and enjoy the rest of your day by the sea side! There are bathrooms and showers at the beach (nothing luxurious but good enough for most people). There are a few little convenience stores and fried chicken restaurants nearby too.

I hope this helps you plan an awesome day :)
Written May 1, 2016
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Singapore, Singapore83 contributions
Apr 2016 • Friends
If you are making your way over to Oedo from Busan, prepare to allow some time for the journey there. The coach ride from Busan to Geoje Jangseungpo Bus Terminal will take about 1.5 hours, and then you will need to take a 40-min ferry from Geoje Ferry Terminal to Oedo. The ferry ride will be a bit rough in the open seas, but once you reach Oedo, it will all be worth it.

The well-maintained garden is very beautiful, but also be prepared to walk alot (even in the 90-minutes window --> the ferry will leave without you if you miss it at the end of 90 minutes). There are a lot of slopes and stairs, so it will be more of a minor hiking trip, so wear comfortable shoes. But the views are magnificent and selfie/photos-worthy.

There is no restaurants in the area (only an ice cream stall and drinks vending machine at the island), so make sure to get your lunch prior to the ferry ride.

A must-go place if you are in Busan!
Written April 23, 2016
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Fabius M
Luzon, Philippines175 contributions
Sep 2015 • Family
We went from Busan Novotel with car to Geoje island. Port of destination was choosen with Gujora (055-681-2211). Time we spend on the road 1 hour 30 minutes. From there a ferry boat. Ticket price around 70000 WON for 2 adults and 2 children. You have to fill out a form with names, birth date, age and phone number. The ticket was valid for one round trip. Be carefull! You have to stay with the same boat. From Gujora takes 20 minutes to a small island. Stop at the island 10 minutes. Did not leave the boat. Captain was explaining in Korean only. Stop is concidered for taking pictures from the boeat only. Further 10 minutes to the nice Oedo botanical island. 1 hour 30 minutes stop over. The island is very beautiful with all the botanical plants and trees. Its a pitty to have only 1,5 hours. There is path going arround. Wheel chair and baby stroller is a problems due to rough surface, steep path and stairs in between. Some small shops will offer ice cream and coffee. The souvenir shop is waiting for you on the end. Be back on time at the wharf. Boat will not wait. After 10 minutes back in Gujora boat. The sea does not seem to be rough but the boat will go up and down. If you have problems with being sea sick then better be prepared. Boat has plastic backs available. All in all was a wonderfull trip and the Odeo is simply a dream. We strongly recommend a trip to Odeo and would go again. The way back to Novotel with 2 hours. Be aware that on weekends and public holidays every destination in Korea is crowed. For search just use Oedo Korea.
Written September 28, 2015
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