Squalo Adventures PADI Dive Resort #22312

Squalo Adventures PADI Dive Resort #22312

Scuba & Snorkelling • Shark Diving • Boat Tours
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8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Based in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Squalo Adventures is a family owned and operated scuba diving company. We have over 10 years of experience, providing divers with fun, safe, and unforgettable experiences scuba diving in Isla Mujeres. Since 2004, we have been assisting divers of all experience levels transform their scuba diving trip into top-notch reality. Squalo Adventures wants to provide a scuba diving trip that`s just right for you! No matter what your level of experience may be. Squalo Adventures and staff understand your passion for adventure because it`s our passion too! We know the marvel, majesty, and pure exhilaration of undersea exploration. We are committed to sharing that experience with as many people as possible.
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Very good

Lausanne, Switzerland106 contributions
Feb 2021
This is a reliable diving center offering a range of activities. I highly recommend the sailfish and snorkeling tours. The manager is very helpful, the staff is professional and attentive. Besides the manager will go all his way to accommodate your planning and put you with other agencies in case he doesn't have a tour on a specific day or a group. So you can book there and relax!
Written February 23, 2021
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2 contributions
Jul 2021
Our party was lucky enough to experience swimming with the Whale Sharks with Squalo Adventures! We had a party of 6, 4 adluts and 2 children. The boat we set out on was pretty beat up and ragged but we enjoyed it nontheless. Our two guides provided us with goggles and a mouth piece. The trip out to the point was quite long, I'd say about 1 1/2 hrs from Isla Mujeres. But once we got out there, WOW was it a sight to see. The other tours in the area work together to kind of corral the sharks so that everyone can get a good look at the sharks. We all were able to get incredible views of these gentle giants! On the way back to shore, our guides gave us sandwiches and drinks. We pulled into Isla Mujeres and were able to snorkel and swim along the beach, while our guides made homemade ceviche and guacamole! It was delish! Overall this was a wonderful experience and I would do it again!
Written August 2, 2021
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Banff, Canada5 contributions
Nov 2020
Years ago I had the good fortune to meet Dive Master Andres and that led to PADI open water & other certification with Andres . He is a superb instructor , a most accomplished safety first Dive Master.
Over the years we have had lots of fun together and have adopted a saying "YOU CAN DO IT" !
To spend time with Natale at the Squallo shop , Jesus and the rest of the SQUALLO ADVENTURES team is one of the hi lites of our return trips to Nautibeach Resort.

If you are thinking of night dive or want to certify ; Squallo Adventures is the place to go.

AND if you are really lucky you will meet Andres' wife Marielle -

Remember YOU CAN DO IT at Squallo !
Written March 1, 2021
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Pennsylvania103 contributions
Sep 2015 • Couples
Booked a whale shark tour and several days of diving. Each day the boat left 30-60 minutes behind schedule. The whale shark tour was a fiasco driving back and forth on the water for four hours looking for whale sharks. When one whale shark was finally located we were in the water for no more than 10 minutes total. The snorkeling after the tour was the fastest snorkeling I've ever done. One customer went back to the boat because he couldn't keep up. Snorkel sessions are supposed to be leisurely...taking time to observe the reef. The ceviche that was prepared on the boat during the tour was very, very good!

Pros: about the dive operation:
-Friendly dive masters
-Carried all your equipment to the boat
-Set up tanks for each dive
-Made sure everyone was correctly geared up before getting in the water
-Good at finding and pointing out sea life to other divers

Cons: about the dive operation
-Same sites each day
-Poor time management, for example, one day we were almost out to the dive site and then motored back (about 10 minutes) to pick up a couple that was joining us late. Stopped again to have two of the couples complete certification instruction while 2 more couples waited on the boat (approx. 30 min) before we began our first dive.
-Poor follow through with beginner divers about staying off the reef and keeping hands off statues and the coral

Of all the operations I've dived with (10+) Squalos has been the least organized and the one I've had the highest level of concern regarding procedures for first-time divers. I understand it may not be needed to do a safety stop after diving for 45 minutes at 27 feet, but it certainly is best practice and should be practiced by all recreational divers, especially beginner divers.
Written September 13, 2015
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Happy The RoadWarrior
Seminole, FL12 contributions
Sep 2016 • Couples
Andres Fernandez is a crook, a disgrace to Padi and a wreckless dive outfitter.

On Sunday 9-11 we had arranged this outfit for 6 divers to go dive on Monday 9-12. Two of us are very advanced Florida divers (we spearfish regularly), 2 divers were certified but not very experienced, and the last two had never been before. After giving the new divers a "Discover SCUBA" session that did not even include any time in the water, everybody from this outfit was very pushy about the dive we were about to go on…

Their Discover scuba: The entire session consisted of basic hand signals and theoretically how to clear a mask.

My lesson: I spent 3 hours the night before explaining dive physiology, how to calculate multi-tank dives using a Padi dive chart, how BCDs and regulators work, what symptoms to look for, the theory of, and what causes decompression sickness...and a whole lot more. None of which these yahoos covered.

So back to the dive: After outfitting everyone with worn out wetsuits, BCDs and regs, they said we were ready to dive. We were scheduled for a 1:30pm dive and it's now 2:30p. We walked towards the beach in a rainstorm with lightning and thunder. The shore was kicking up 3 foot white caps. They kept insisting we go saying it would pass in 5 minutes. (This is the part where I remind you we have a newbie that has never even been snorkeling until 2 days ago, let alone diving and another that did a course in Puerto Rico years before and had not been since). Let me also remind you we dive out of Florida, we know marine weather. After standing on the beach and arguing with them for 15 minutes I decided to forcefully call the dive off saying that there was no way a brand-new diver would have a good time in these conditions. They got really pissy with me but finally accepted the fact that we were not going.

They could not take us on Tuesday morning and wanted to take us Tuesday afternoon so we decided (because weather normally intensifies in the afternoon) to reschedule for Wednesday morning. After sleeping on what had happened, the entire group decided we did not feel comfortable with this outfit and went back to the shop to cancel our dive.

This is where things got ugly. He insisted that WE canceled the first dive (not nature) and that if we were to cancel now that he would keep half of our money. We were ok with a fee, but half? That's greedy!!!! He had plenty of time to find other divers. Also, worth noting that I (the most experienced diver with roughly 600 dives) wanted to take a speargun just in case the opportunity for dinner came along. I saw no problem with this (and explained) that the whole group had been freediving / spearfishing off the coast for 5 days now, with 3 guns in the water. This is relevant because all of a sudden it came up that he was going to drop us in pairs in 2 different spots because it was a hazard that I wanted to have a speargun (but it was ok to take a newbie in 40ft with 3ft seas for the first time in the water. Anyway, the group wanted to dive together and bottom line is we wanted out.

After and hour of some pretty heated arguments he kept $50 as a cancellation fee and refunded the rest. But it took 5 of us and a "you will not screw me because I'm a tourist" attitude to get there! Had it been anyone else, he would have gladly sent to back to your hotel and kept your money.....or even worse killed your buddy.

Stay away.

PS: this is the nephew of the owner of Seahawk Divers who we also had a bad experience with.
Written September 18, 2016
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Miami, FL23 contributions
Aug 2014 • Solo
I booked a whale shark expedition for $155 (including lunch and transportation from and to Playa del Carmen) with Squalo through my hotel in Cozumel. 3 additional people were also booked.When I was sent the email with the reservation confirmation,it was stressed to me many times by the people at the hotel how absolutely vital it was to be on time for the pick up at Playa del Carmen, so I got up at 5 am, took the 6 am ferry from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen and was at Senor Frogs, the official pick-up spot ,at 6:40 am sharp as instructed.The other three people were also there,all of us bleary-eyed but excited about the trip. After one full hour of sitting on the little ledge on the ground in front of Senor Frogs (no benches in sight anywhere), we realized they were not coming to pick us up.Not wanting to lose the opportunity to swim with these magnificent animals, after a few phone calls back and forth with our hotel, the four of us decided to take a cab to Cancun ,which we were informed had a cost of $25/per person. When we arrived at the place where the boats leave, we were engulfed in the chaos and total lack of organization that reigns there. Groups of people everywhere, nobody had any information on when we were actually leaving (had to wait for an additional hour) and I was actually told by a guy named Enrique, who seemed to be the "boss", that he didn't even have me on his list of reservations so that he had to check and see if I was going to be refunded for the cab expense. I tried to put this all behind me because again, this day was about the whale sharks. The place is also teeming with poor,skinny stray dogs that broke my heart. Apparently, the people that run this place do not feed them on purpose to ellicit donations from sympathetic tourists that of course, do not go towards the dog food they were intended for.If you want to help them, it's best to actually take some food with you and feed them, which is what I did or,of course, adopt them if you can.There was a female black Labrador who must have had at least 6 or 7 litters and I could put my hand around her stomach area and my fingers would touch.A small puppy limping...just all very sad and wrong.
I wanted to take a quick shower with my swim gear on to cool off before going on the boat, and I was told showers are locked.By the time we got back from the trip, they had run out of water,so be advised there is no place to rinse off the salt.

Finally on the boat, the trip to the whale sharks took a little over an hour in pretty choppy water in a small boat with that was going so fast that we hit every wave with a resounding thud that completely sucks the air out of you (not reccommended if you get seasick or if you like your spinal column to remain in it's place....definitely not reccommended for pregnant women!). When we arrived at the whale shark site, we were allowed to jump in three times for about 5 minutes each time to observe and swim with them. That was the absolute highlight of the day,something which I will never forget in my whole life: absolutely breathtaking and a beautiful experience. Time alloted with the animals was over pretty quickly and after enduring the same choppy ride back, we were taken to Isla Mujeres for some lunch and a dip in crystal clear blue water, which was the other nice part of the day.

Back on the pier, and after standing right next to this guy, Enrique,for over 20 minutes while he was on the phone with call after call in what was a very clear attempt to see if I would just go away (which of course,I didn't), he grudgingly gave me the refund for the cab ride (and for the other 3 people too). When asked why we were not picked up, no explanation was given. To top it all off, he called us liars because he said a cab from Playa to Cancun does not cost that (unfortunately, we did not think of asking the cab driver for a receipt, not that that should have mattered in light of the fact we were dumped by these people) and when I asked for additional compensation in the form of maybe a t-shirt or souvenir (or money) or something , he of course said no. But the lying accusation was certainly the worst part of this. We were brought back to Playa del Carmen in a van with 12 other people and no air conditioning in the back part (and this was August...unbearably hot) and we were dropped off last about 80 minutes after departing Punta Sam ,which was about 20 minutes more than what it took us in the cab going. The only reason I am giving this place 2 stars is because the guide and the captain of the boat were so nice.

So, to sum it up,the animal encounter and dip in the sea were the best parts but my advice if you want to do this trip, is arrange it yourself. Find a means of transport to Punta Sam in Cancun ( where the boats leave from) and back (there is even a bus that is affordable, but if you are 4 or more p[eople, cab rides are usually the best way to go), and then just hop on the first boat available so you don't have to wait. You will save yourself time and also the possibility of being insulted by unreliable, rude and unprofessional people.Stay away from Squalo,you will enjoy your experience infinitely more.
Written August 31, 2014
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Chris H
Bellvue, CO35 contributions
Oct 2012 • Friends
We arrived on Isla thinking we would do nothing but sit by the beach or the pool and drink, and eat for 7 days. Maybe a golf cart tour of the island and MAYBE a little snorkeling in the tidal pools near Avalon. Thanks to Marièl at Isla Mujeres Trips and the great crew at Squalo Adventures, we had two AMAZING half days of diving! Our first day, Andrès and Stefanie took a motley crew of beginners and transformed us into SCUBA divers!

We stayed at Villa Vera and were picked up right in front of other hotel by boat and take to the pier to do our preparatory training which was very thorough and paced to fit everyone's anxiety level.

Once we all knew enough to be comfortable with our equipment, we went out to a shallow (25-30 ft.) reef and had a wonderful 40 minute underwater adventure! Andrès and Stefanie were super patient and encouraging and helped a couple of very nervous and fearful members of our party get the most out of this beginning Dive trip in the National Park waters on the west side of Isla Mujeres!

We enjoyed it so much, we signed up for a 2nd morning and did two 45-minute tank dives and saw the budding new artificial reef as well as the gorgeous barrier reef teeming with fish of all colors and species, Turtles, lion fish, octopus, barracuda, puffers, parrotfish, and even a Mahi-Mahi!

Andrès runs a good shop and if you've ever considered trying out SCUBA Diving - these are the guys to do it with!
Written October 19, 2012
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Flower Mound, TX242 contributions
Sep 2012 • Couples
Squalo diving is an excellent operation, small groups, (minimum 2) never more than 4 when I went. (Note: I have been diving over 25 years in all conditions) Dive Master and crew work to ensure you are comfortable with everything before you go off the boat. Slow easy dives at all depths. Turtles, eel, lobster and tons of fish every dive. Went to the C58 wreck and the underwater museum and several reefs. They let you dive at your own pace and keeps a sharp eye on the less experienced people. Had a couple of "resort" divers on one trip and was very impressed on how well dive master prepared and took care of them. Laid back, no hurry diving.

We were staying at the Privilege Aluxes and they would pick us up and drop us off at the dock in front of the hotel. Some people leave their equipment with them to be clean and dried and loaded on the boat when they pick them up the next day at boat or at the pier.

PS: Just purchased a GoPro Hero HD camera (no dive housing - out of stock) it shot incredible video and stills even at 80+ ft. Did not know what I was doing and still came out great. Excited to get the housing with the color filters!! Above water it is really great!!
Written October 8, 2012
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Ft. Lauderdale54 contributions
May 2011 • Couples
Squalo Adventures was a mixed bag for us. Good divemasters, friendly staff. They customized our dives, but that was probably because we were the only divers for most of the dives. My main problem with them was how time consuming it was for them to get us on the boat, and eventually in the water. There were about 10 divers for the 1st morning dive, and we must have been waiting around at least an hour at the shop while they checked everyone in before we eventually made our way to the boat (walking 2 blocks to the pier). Then we had to make another stop to get tanks. We weren't in a rush, were on a very nice boat (really, a yacht), so it wasnt' a big deal for us, but if we had afternoon committments, it might have been a problem. the second day was a bit better, but not much. But again, once we were on the water, and in the water, they made up for it. All in all, very enjoyable diving. Although relatively shallow, lots of coral and fish.
Written September 17, 2011
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Ally McKinney
21 contributions
Jan 2021 • Couples
Danny was a great dive master! He even gave us local recommendations for activities to do the next day. Very environmentally conscious and respectful of the dive site which is e appreciated. The gear was a bit worn down, but overall a fine experience. Small groups with just the boat capitan, Danny, one other diver, and my boyfriend and I on the boat. Very reasonable price
Written January 7, 2021
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