Temazcal Cenote Experience
Temazcal Cenote Experience
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X'kanha Not only a place but an encounter with oneself. X'kanha Not only an experience but an opening of the heart. X'kanha Not only an adventure but a journey into the soul. Each of our practices has been thought and created to guide YOU towards these three purposes. All of them are taken from ancestral traditions, mostly from Mexico, but we also study, practice and offer wellness techniques from different parts of the world. We invite you to surround yourself with the beauty of nature and let your soul be pampered by reconnecting and bonding into one with mother earth.
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Very good

Pennsylvania838 contributions
3.0 of 5 bubbles
Apr 2012 • Couples
We thought the website looked magical. We were expecting a magical experiance deeply rooted in ancient Mayan culture, then to be cleansed with steam and a dip in a cenote. This is not how the day went.

First, I must say, we loved Petrus. He was wonderful from minute one. He picked us up in town and drove us to the lodge. There, we relaxed on hammocks while he went for the second group getting off the cruise ships. We had about 30 minutes to just relax and get to know each other. Pretty nice. When everyone arrived, Petrus talked to us about Mayan culture and the history of the steam baths all over the world. Then went into detail about the Mayan calendar. All very interesting. He's a very good speaker and holds your attention. After that, we changed into our bathing suits if we needed and were able to securely lock all of our belongings.

Next, we gathered around a fire where Petrus smudged us with a very good smelling incense. We did a little more with the Mayan calendar there and started toward the 'womb'. The womb consists of a small brick hut big enough for about 14 people to sit in a circle next to each other. There was a spot in the middle for the lava rocks and door. If you are clausterphobic, this is not for you.

All of this was tolerable up until this point. For the next 90 minutes, you are in this hut, in the pitch black. the temperature starts out nice. This lasts for about 20 minutes. The curtain opens and some fresh air comes in. More rocks, more heat. 20 more minutes of baking at a higher temperature. Still tolerable and still nice. Basic steam temperature here. Some musical instruments are introduced here. Fun and silly.

Had everything ended here, I would have loved the experience. Next, the doors open and more rocks, more heat. The next session lasted about 15 minutes and after 5 the steam was so hot we were all laying on the ground because it hurt to breathe. I should say at the beginning, Petrus told us to sit, stand, lay, do yoga, what ever made us comfortable. The doors opened and an unbelieveable amount of rocks were brought in. The heat was unimaginable and the water hadn't even been added yet. The last session was so intense it lasted only 8 minutes and every single person started out on the ground before the door was even closed. The temperature in this session reaches 140 degrees F with 100% humidity. HOT!

At the end, the door was opened and we all rushed out and sat on benches for about 10 minutes before going to jump into a cenote for a swim. This cenote is a ground level, amber colored cenote and though not as beautiful as a cave cenote, you are begging for it by the end. After, we were given all the fresh fruit we could eat, along with bottled water and more time to relax in the hammocks.

I must stress, at NO point did I feel like mine, or anyone else's lives were in danger. Petrus stated over and over again that if we needed to step out for a break, to please step out. He constantly asked over and over if we were doing ok and wanted a verbal response from us. He has been involved in this practice for over 25 years and has has this steam bath for over 6 years. The reason for my review is this. I did not know what I was getting into before I went. His website is beautiful and captivating and mystifying. Other reviews I read were vague and just said Petrus is nice. Had I known details, I would not have went. I would have spent my money elsewhere. I based by decision a lot on the fact that it is rated the number 1 thing to do in Cozumel. This was not my cup of tea. It was an interesting cultural experience and I did learn some facts about the Mayans that I didn't know. Hope this helps at least 1 person with their decision about whether to go or not to go.
Written May 4, 2012
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2 contributions
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Do not waste your time or money. This is Mexican voodoo at it's best. Never start a trip with instruction to meet at the 7-11, a ride into the woods past the jail, the motor scooter impound lot and dirt road that shook so much the driver called it a Mexican massage. This place has no running water in the bathrooms. Not what I would call a Lodge. The steam experience is crawling on your hands and knees into a brick oven that looks like the Keebler eleves bake inside. The water is a muddy sink hole with a busted wood bridge leading to the entrance. This experience was nothing but a huge scam. Go to the beach and drink a margarita. It will make you feel better. !
Written April 21, 2011
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Crawfordville, FL3 contributions
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Dec 2014 • Friends
If you are looking for something different, something that you will never forget, something that sets you apart from just another cruising tourist, then Petrus and his Mayan Sweat Lodge is something that you must experience. I am an anthropologist, specializing in Mexico and the Mayan culture. It is impressive that Petrus understands the Mayan culture so well. In another time and place he might be called a shaman. Perhaps he is called 'shaman' by the locals.

You need to be a little adventurous and open minded to fully appreciate this experience. If you are timid or cynical you will probably not receive the full gifts offered and perhaps will even be afraid or feel slighted. I was neither. This authentic and traditional ceremonial sweat lodge provides the traveler with a mystical and spiritual experience, a feeling of universal oneness with self and existence in the present moment. It is a journey to explore and cleanse the soul. Petrus' sweat lodge is not a "tourist attraction," but a place of discovery for all who seek adventure, enlightenment, and renewal.

I visited this sweat lodge with my 3 daughters, who are all adults, with me the oldest at 61 yrs. We arrived on a Carnival Cruise ship. This is the third time that one of my daughters and I have visited the island. This trip was planned for my 79 year old mother, who passed away the week before departure. We dedicated this ceremony to her. Petrus planned it that way.

It was a stormy day in Cozumel, lots of thunder, lightning and rain. Most of our fellow travelers were re-embarking the boat as we were leaving. We were met at the port by Petrus in his jeep, which is a big plus not to have to take the expensive local taxis. Petrus stopped along the way to let us take pictures and experience a few local spots. The rains cooperated with us. As we got further inland, the terrain became typically tropical. We traveled down a narrowing dirt road through the lush, primevil jungle into the center of the island. Suddenly the jungle opened up to this very magical place: a small clearing with a pagoda and hammocks, a huge circle fire pit, a real kiva, and a cenote (a fresh water cold spring found throughout this part of the world). Petrus had taken much care in preparing this spot. It is primitive, but has everything you need. (We forgot towels. Petrus provided us with dry Mexican blankets. Worked just fine!)

As we relaxed in the hammocks, Petrus explained the Mayan calendar and prepared us for the ceremony. First, there was a smudging with copal incense around the outdoor fire pit. Once inside the kiva, Petrus raised the temperature very slowly. The kiva was very large with a fire pit in the center. Everything Petrus used inside the kiva was natural. The waters, used to create steam, were herbal infused teas, The fire pit was heated with hot rocks. At the end of the sweat session, Petrus raised the temperature so that your body will seriously sweat. The ceremony lasted about half an hour. While inside the kiva, we could hear the thunder outside. It was great!

The spiritual experience was different for each person. One thing we all brought away was a re-energized awareness of life, a breath of clean air, and a calmness in our souls. Our ceremony was dedicated to the stages of life. The ceremony ended with a dip in the cenote to shut the pores of the skin after a serious sweat. It was after dark when my daughters jumped into the cenote with squeals like little kids. I was not sure that I would be able to get up and down the ladder, so Petrus brought a bucket of cold spring water up to the kiva for me to splash my skin and pour over my head. It was invigorating!

With each visit, my daughters and I are becoming more and more familiar with the local Cozumel culture. Perhaps one day, we might be called Cozumelians! Thank you, Petrus for sharing your part of this island and your ancient wisdoms with us. We will never forget our time with you!

I would enthusiastically recommend this adventure to everyone of all walks of life and of every age.
Written January 9, 2015
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Anatoly D
Chicago10 contributions
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Jun 2011 • Couples
We greatly enjoyed our temazcal steam bath -- a great way to relieve some stress and spend half a day on Cozumel island.

Petrus was terrific about communicating necessary details with me and my wife. We were staying on the mainland at Playa del Carmen, so getting to Cozumel required a ferry trip. (This is easy and cheap: high-speed, comfortable ferries leave PdC for Cozumel roughly every hour, and the trip takes 45 minutes.) Petrus came to pick us up at the ferry terminal on Cozumel. We had a little time to shop and hang out while waiting for a few more clients, and once our small group was complete, off we went to the jungle!

The steam lodge is a good distance into the Cozumel rainforest, but the setup is pretty nice. Before we started, Petrus went over some of the historical and spiritual motivations for the Mayan temazcal -- all the while, we listened while lounging in hammocks among agave plants and hummingbirds. I can't say I paid too much attention to some of the "spiritual" aspects Petrus was highlighting -- much of it was new-age, and I wasn't there for theology -- but the discussion of various Mayan calendars was interesting. Not to mention learning how prized temazcal was to the Mayans, due to appropriate stones being hard to find and obtain. While we were getting our background info, Petrus' assistant was making fire to heat up said rocks.

A short while later, we changed into swim gear (there is a bathroom if needed) and performed a short "fire ceremony," after which it was time to go in the steam lodge. The lodge itself is a short, squat brick "teepee," no taller than about 5 feet at its center peak, and roughly 30 feet in diameter. You have to crawl in on your knees and sit at the sides. Groups never have more than six people, so there is plenty of room for everyone to spread out.

Petrus is the last to enter the steam lodge. The assistant hands hot rocks on a pitchfork to Petrus, who puts them in the center. The entrance gets closed (with a thick blanket), plunging the lodge into darkness. Petrus gives some more guidance about the temazcal, and pours water on the hot rocks, filling the room with steam. The heat rises slowly, and by changing your distance from the center and sitting or lying down, you have a good amount of control over how much heat you feel. If you're uncomfortable for any reason, you can always exit the lodge -- it's only held closed by a blanket.

The lodge gets heated in stages, where Petrus encourages you to think about your youth, middle age, and when you are old. Between the three periods, the blanket is opened, you can have a drink of water, and fresh rocks are brought in. Temperature in the lodge gets hotter the longer your session goes on, but at no point were my wife and I uncomfortable or distressed. We certainly got sweaty, though -- as in, wet and dripping!

Truth be told, I think I would have liked a bit more quiet time: just me, the steam, and my thoughts. But Petrus' "program" does help pass the time, so you don't focus so much on how hot it is.

Being in a steam lodge for that long definitely removes stress -- I don't know why, it just does. It's almost like you sweat the stress out. As a bonus, once the temazcal session is done. you walk to a nearby cenote -- that's a cave full of water from an underground river -- and take a plunge. Refreshing! and a great way to wash off the sweat you've been building up.

Overall, my wife and I had a fantastic time. This was a new experience, something totally unique, and gave us a fascinating introduction to a this aspect of the Mayan culture. Petrus' is a thorough, enthusiastic, and very welcoming guide. (And his English is excellent.)

A few tips:

1. Bring, but don't wear, sunscreen and bug repellent. Put them on after the temazcal. Sunscreen interferes with sweating.

2. I wouldn't recommend bringing children. They are unlikely to find this enjoyable, and the dark steam lodge may be scary.

3. Those with heart conditions won't be allowed inside the steam lodge.

4. If you're prone to claustrophobia, this probably isn't for you. You will be in a confined, dark space where the air will get hot and steamy.
Written June 26, 2011
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Xochitl L
Layton, UT32 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Aug 2015 • Friends
First let me say, this is not some 5 star resort where you are going to your everyday sauna. Those of you that are crying over certain things in other reviews, get a grip and read and research exactly what this is. This really is an authentic different experience that may not be for everyone, especially if you are use to other "Americanized" pampered excursions. With that being said, my 23 year old son and I had a great experience. The description is accurate, this is in he middle of the jungle, no electricity, very rural, no modern apliances, very back to nature into grounding roots. There are Mosquitos, but I expected that being in the middle of the jungle and all. Petrus was great, he explained everything that we would be going through, started off in the hammocks, talking to use about the calendar and maya culture, and going into what a temezcal is and what it was used for etc.., we drank water out of bowls made from a fruit skin that was hardened ( I wanted authentic, that's exactly what I got), after the hammocks, we did a little ritual around a fire and then headed into the hut for our steam heat. Petrus was great in telling us if we felt to hot, things we can do, or if it was too hot for us to handle to let him know immediately and he would take us out. We were able to handle this, and we enjoyed it. It was a great spiritual, cleansing experience and I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. The jump into the cenote was great, from hot to cold. I would do this again. We were even able to take advantage of a promotion they had, in which they paid for our lunch afterwards at a really cute local cafe that served healthy foods. Again, this was a great experience, especially if you want something different, not something comercialized and you want something that takes you back to history, roots and nature, this is something to do at least once in your life.
Written August 30, 2015
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Courtney B
Houston, TX5 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Jun 2016 • Couples
I heard about this place 10 years ago and have been wanting to visit ever since. We finally got our chance. I booked our Steam Lodge experience via email with Petrus. He very professional and quick to answer emails and provided all the details for our Steam Lodge trip. It was easy to find the meeting place and the car was there on-time to pick us up. We arrived to the Steam Lodge everything was perfect. Petrus did an amazing job of explaining the history behind the Steam Lodge and it was very interesting. The actual steam lodge part was really cool and something I can't even describe, I have never sweated that much in my life! It felt amazing and cleansing. The experience inside the Temazcal was magical. Jumping into the cenote (water hole) was an equally amazing. Loved this experience. Everyone was super professional and kind.
Written June 14, 2016
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Thank you very much fir your great review. When you wait that long for doing or getting something you want so hard, it really feels nice when it arrives, I perfectly understand your feeling. We also agree totally with you when say that the experience is indescribable, this is definitely something each one needs to live to really understand the magical mistery tour is going oin inside the sweat lodge. Keep the Fire Burning Petrus Temazmazcalero
Written June 15, 2016
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SAN DIEGO 24 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
May 2015 • Couples
Visiting Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, you'll find a million things to do, a million people doing it and a million more who offer it. THIS, this experience is for the those who walk to the beat of their own drum and avoid the herd. Follow your heart and soul, and create something new within while leaving what no longer serves you behind.

Petrus, the Temazcalero, took my husband and I on an experience of a lifetime. A soul cleanse, as I like to think about it. He picked us up on the ferry dock, drove us into the jungle, and brought us to the most secluded, awesome location. So peaceful, so quiet. We laid in hammocks as he explained some Mayan history and philosophy, the smell of the burning rocks being warmed up filled the air (a great smell btw). Then we moved onto the smokey soul cleanse, the sap that is used to burn is the best smell that I brought home with me. From there we made our way to the all brick hut for the real fun. The steam was sweet with aromas like mint, chamomile, oranges and other amazing smells. He went slowly with the heat and slowly progressed, always checking in with us to see how we were doing and if we wanted to proceed. He guided us through a meditation unlike any other. By the end, our souls were lighter, our hearts were open, and our minds were clear.

Truly an experience worth trying, even if you're not the adventurous type, you might just benefit greatly from trying on something amazing and new like this. We will definitely be visiting again on our next trip, and this time bringing more friends along for the ride.
Written June 24, 2015
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Norma Z
Del Rio, Texas, United States1 contribution
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Sep 2012 • Couples
I really enjoyed this experience. I am a hispanic 25 yr old female and I went with my 27 yr old boyfriend. We had done our share of shopping and beach at the other ports while on our Carnival cruise. We wanted something different than the usual "tourist" thing. I booked this excursion online directly with Petrus, the facilitator. It was $80 per person. We met across the block from the port area and the drive was short. The envirmonent was amazing and very relaxing. The steam lodge was great. No words can describe, it's a personal experience. It's like meditation, so you have to be open minded and willing to open up areas of your life your mind has closed off. It was cleansing and we, my bf and I, felt renewed when it was over. His wife and a close friend had joined us that day and I felt very safe and comfortable as we, my bf and I, were accepted with open arms. My bf is a bit of an ahole at times and he opened up and it was a different side of him I had felt, he's also a penny pincher and he enjoyed it and said it was def worth it. It is a must to do when in Cozumel. We were dropped off in plenty of time and were able to look at the shops around the port before heading back. Great way to end our cruise as we sailed back home. Thank you Petrus for the wonderful experience :)
Written September 17, 2012
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Anika H
Washington, D.C.21 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Jul 2012 • Solo
If you are like me, you steer clear of overly commercialized 'spiritual' activities. If you are like me, you do not agree with paying for a sweat lodge. If you are like me, you know when a ritual is the real deal and when it is a sham. Take my word for it, Petrus and Fire-Keeper Jose Luis offer you The Real Deal temazcal experience. They go deep! Don't go just for the novelty of sweating; heck, you can do that in the Yucatan just by being alive after 8:00 am. The price you pay deservedly goes to the maintenance of the lodge, the preparation of materials, and the wealth of information you will receive. Expect psycho-personal work and just be open to receiving whatever comes your way. Concerned about the heat? While I stayed close to the rocks and did not lie down, you will have every opportunity to make yourself cool and comfortable in the 'womb' or exit if necessary. I was a little concerned by the heavy breathing of my womb-mates, but by the 3rd movement (3rd hottest phase), an amazing quiet, calm and stillness washed over all of us. I could go on and on, but this Temazcal has the power to be transformative. So, contact them and experience a completely unexpected aspect of Cozumel. I'll be back for sure! Only one warning: I don't know why the guidebooks don't mention this, but if you suffer from sea-sickness, bring your anti-queasiness remedies for the Playa to Cozumel ferry...while I get a rush from the rough seas, there were definitely passengers that did not. Also, try not to plan another activity immediately after as we worked on Spirit time and, anyway, I was so dang relaxed, I wasn't up for much more than lounging on the beach and contemplating life...
Written July 26, 2012
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Kailua-Kona, HI38 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Jun 2011
My sister and I and my 18 year old daughter recently visited Petrus and the Temazcal Mayan Steam lodge. The experience of the steam lodge itself is great, but Petrus truly makes it amazing. His passion, knowledge of the Mayan culture, and focus on making sure you are comfortable is unmatched by any other guide I have had anywhere.
From beginning to end, the experience takes about 4 hours. Nothing about it is luxurious, pampered, or indulgent, and that is what makes it so wonderful. It is a time to truly get to the root of who you are, your place in the world, and the world's place in you. It is not "hokey" in the least, and I felt that Petrus was the real deal, not an actor playing a part. It is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, and immerse yourself in a different world.
I don't recommend this for immature teens that are looking for "thrills," To get the most of this, you need to be able to be a little uncomfortable, but open to something different. The end reward is worth it.
Thank you so much, Petrus!!
Written June 27, 2011
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