Barranca de Oblatos
Barranca de Oblatos
This 2,000-foot gorge makes for an interesting view.
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2-3 hours
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San Diego, CA26 contributions
Oct 2021 • Couples
This was our second hike at the Barranca and whilst it didn’t get any easier, it was totally worth it! It took us about 3 hours including walking to the bridge at the bottom and stopping for photos. It was much greener after the rainy season and and because of this, the trees offered a little more shade. The river looked a little cleaner but the waterfall was still foamy and a bit stinky. We didn’t attempt the funicular track - the 64 plus switch backs on the trail are challenging enough! As with last time I said “never again” once I’d finished but know I’ll be back there next time I’m in Guadalajara. The first time we took an Uber. It was easy to get one to take us there but took longer to find one to take us back. This time we had rented a car and just parked on a side street. We are relatively fit 61 year olds but the barranca attracts all types, some seem to run down and up, some are slow, some are young, some are old, some are fit and some less so. Go early, take water and wear decent footwear.
Written October 26, 2021
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Daniel E
Chicago, IL223 contributions
Apr 2021 • Solo
I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon and Zion. I average 10+ miles walking each day. I’m not in the best shape but I’m good on a hike. This barranca was harder than I anticipated. I started around 9:30-10am (my guide took me to the mirador bc he didn’t think I actually wanted to go down; he didn’t come down with me) so on the way up I got hit with the brunt of the midday sun, not fun! And the way up is always the harder part. Like other reviews say, the river at the bottom is polluted and smelly so it’s not super appealing and the bridge is, meh, for an attraction or destination but at least I made it down and saw it and made it back up in one piece. Thank god for the people selling water, electrolytes, and providing some shade along the route. Some people say the route is shady, I completely disagree. Maybe when the foliage comes in but in late March it was all sunny and the trees appeared dead or certainly not in bloom. Overall, it was a good and challenging hike. I don’t know who would be crazy enough to take the funicular track back up, it’s practically vertical in multiple spots, but to each their own. As always, pictures don’t really do it justice but I’ve added some for effect and proof I did it.
Written April 1, 2021
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Breckenridge, CO37 contributions
Aug 2020 • Couples
I spend a lot of time in Guadalajara and had no idea until today that there was hiking like this so close to the city. My boyfriend mentioned that this trail starts off in a bad part of town but it really didn't seem bad at all in the area of the trailhead. There were a bunch of vendors selling juice and snacks that you have to pass through to get to the trail entrance. The majority of the trail is cobblestone which does get slippery in the rain. There are a few times where you will notice another trail branching off from the main one, but if you just stick to the wider path you will be fine and eventually make it to the bottom where you can choose to go either left or right. Left takes you to the bridge where you have a nice view of the river and the right will take you to an abandoned town. The trail to the bridge is very popular but we did not see many people going to the abandoned town. Maybe only 2 other parties besides ourselves. That was kind of a creepy area to walk through and I don't think I would want to be there alone. However, once you get through the town you will see the beginning of the railroad tracks that you can hike up. There are signs saying that you will be fined if you are caught climbing up it but it seems like most people ignore this sign. We hiked up this railroad about halfway where it met up with the main trail again. It was pretty steep but got you halfway up the mountain rather quickly. Overall it was a great hike. It's a very popular trail and for the most part it seems like the only time you might be alone on this route is of you go to the abandoned town. I would recommend this to anyone looking for some exercise outdoors in Guadalajara.
Written August 9, 2020
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Adrix D
54 contributions
Sep 2019 • Family
The view is a must, all green and savage, as any nature place should be, but if you are expecting excitement then go the other door and go down, at the bottom there’s a river but wait for the hardest hiking ever going back to the top :) so if you just want the view the mirador is your option
Written October 19, 2019
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san francisco81 contributions
Jun 2019 • Friends
We made the mistake of listening to Uber driver and did the first hike to the waterfall instead of the river. We got a late start and spent 1hour and half going to waterfall and back. Realized mistake and got Uber driver to take us to the residential area where the vendors were. We started out here at 12.30pm, heat of the day. The down wasn't too bad, but proper shoes would have helped on the cobblestones. We went down to the concrete bridge and decided we better head back up. Long story short, it was 96f and we went thru our 1.5liters of water each. Luckily there are some water sales about 2/3 of the way up. It took us about 5 hours,including a 20 minute stop at the bridge and many short stops on the way back up. Start early or late!
Written June 26, 2019
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Mike G
1 contribution
Feb 2019 • Solo
My 23 year old daughter and I did this hike down and then back up the tracks in Nov 18'
We came off the tracks about 2/3 of the way up, since she had twisted her ankle. The last 1/3 part of the tracks is the most difficult and with it being so steep, it's almost like rock climbing, given that you have to hold on to the rail as you climb.
I am currently in Guadalajara (Feb 19') on vacation and my first attempt began at 6:30pm, to avoid the dreadful sun, which will quickly zap your strength. I only made it down to the part where we had not finished and then climbed back up the steepest part of the tracks, before it got dark. Although many people hike in the dark, it was hard to see the good hand/foot holds on the track, so I have not started in the evening again. Although the sun is no longer setting on the trails, the temperature, late afternoon was in the mid 80's, so not a good trade off.
The last five days, I started at 6:30am and even though it is 50 degrees, I knew the sun would shine on me, most of the trail down and the all of the tracks up. Even though I slightly twisted my knee and ankle, my second day, I used a knee brace and taped up the ankle. I brought some good hiking boots and trekking poles, so that I could descend the rock trail quicker and save some energy for the climb up the tracks. Also had a long sleeve shirt and a hat with a neck protector, as I did get a bit sun burned the 2nd day.
At 6' 2" and hiking down at a fast pace, I was able to get my time down from 60 mins to 50 mins, by the 6th day (down to the ghost town, but not detouring to the bridge). Some people run down portions of the trail, but when I did, it used too much energy, which was needed for the hike back up.
The trek back up the tracks took me 1hr 15 mins the first day, but I was able to get it down to 52 mins, the last day.
Not sure how accurate the health monitor is on my i-phone, but it showed 3.8 miles down the entire trail to the ghost town and .9 miles on the tracks back up as it is a straight shot up.
Be sure to bring water or some type of energy drink.
Most of the local hikers wear regular sneakers to hike both portions, but it's very easy to twist an ankle on the rock trail down, so I prefer the hiking boots.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I have really enjoyed the hikes.

By the way, you will see hikers, well into their 70's and 80's, which like the turtle and the rabbit story, sometimes know the best hike is slow and steady.

Good Luck to all future hikers of the Barranca de Huentitan!
Written February 23, 2019
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Guadalajara, Mexico88 contributions
Feb 2019 • Friends
Well worth a visit, good hike, many people do hill training (running) here. Great views. State of the river is very sad though, with piles of foam floating on top, rubbish hanging in trees in the riverbed. Water smells foul, looks extremely polluted.
Written February 17, 2019
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Hampshire, UK77 contributions
Jan 2019 • Couples
Having read many comments about risk to safety and only to visit at the weekend when there is apparently police presence, I was a little apprehensive but we had no problems. We encountered around 30 people, mostly beasting up and down the zigzag to keep fit.
We took an uber from our hotel and had no problem getting one to pick us up when we wanted to leave at the end of the afternoon.
We took the main route down the winding cobbled zigzag path which took us over an hour. Then most people turn left and head downstream to the suspension bridge for great views and then return upstream past the down path to head for the steep climb back up the funicular, passing the deserted town en route.
We also turned left and headed downstream but crossed the river on the concrete bridge with the intention of walking to the lake upstream on the other side. We decided not to go that far as time was running short and we wanted to complete the walk before dark so when the path became unclear as it crossed a small pool we turned back downstream, passed the concrete bridge and headed for the suspension bridge which we then crossed and headed back upstream towards the concrete bridge.
As we didnt want to crawl up the funicular railway track nor return using the main route we came down, we opted to take the steep path to the right shortly before the concrete bridge. It was really steep to start with turning to steep steps for about a third of the way but after that it got easier. Using google maps and google earth we were able to navigate when the path split. At the top the path was not clear but we followed the electricity lines to the start. That all took us 5 hours in total. Phew.
Written January 18, 2019
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Baltimore, MD101 contributions
Nov 2018 • Solo
Most of the directions seem to be wrong. In order to get to the bridge you have to start at the top of the mountain. Entrance is at the end of the neighborhood, through a row of vendors. (I put: Barranca de Huentitán, Av. Belisario Domínguez 4446).

It’s a steep climb down. No matter if you take the rocky path or the insane railroad trail. Once at the bottom where the river is turn left! If you turn right you are going to hit the railroad path. I didn’t know this until I went back up... so I missed the bridge :(

I took Uber from City Center. The driver expressed several times how dangerous it is and never to have my cellphone out unless I’m calling 911. He even stopped and asked a local for feedback and they said the same thing. However, I had no issue! I went solo and I’m as white as they come so I definitely didn’t blend in especially with 2 sleeves of tattoos. Lost of people climbing and running up/down the mountain so it’s very active.

You’ll run into a lot of grave memorials, not sure if it’s from people dying due to the climb, violence (based off of the local driver) or just random plots.

Attached are a few photos, one is a map showing the easiest route to the bottom as well as what it looks like from the river and from the top:
Written November 14, 2018
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Sicily, Italy39 contributions
Jul 2018 • Family
My son and I hiked the ravine on a Monday, and it was very pleasant and challenging. The information on the trailhead is a bit conflicting and confusing with multiple trailheads I think, but what we ended up doing was taking a 30 minute Uber from the city center to Av. Belisario Domínguez 4446 (almost end of the street). There is a little park with vendors, you walk through that, take a right turn, and the trail starts. It is very well marked from there (we also downloaded the trail using wikiloc). We only went down to the river and back, which took about 45 minutes down and 2 hours up, with an approximate 2000ft elevation change. There were some folks going much faster than us though. The views were tremendous, with lots of birds and vegetation. There is also an cable railway that folks were using as an alternate trail, but this looked pretty hot and steep, and we were happier under the shade on the main trail. One interesting thing is there is a number marking system for every switchback turn - it starts at 1 at the top, and the last number we saw was 45 near the bottom. After number 30 the markings are irregular though.
Written July 25, 2018
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