Ao Nang Longtail Boat Service Club

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Ao Nang Longtail Boat Service Club

Ao Nang Longtail Boat Service Club
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Very good

Tommy S
26 contributions
Terrible service
Jul 2020 • Couples
Terrible service. Just used this service today and everyone that was on the boat was left behind on the return trip. We all ended up having to walk back. Return trip took over 2 hours.
Written July 12, 2020
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Matias A
8 contributions
IGNORE the negative reviews! Go get your ticket and enjoy the adventure!
Mar 2020 • Solo
It'a simple.

1. You go to the stand.
2. You tell them where you want to go and pay either 100 baht oneway or 200 baht roundtrip.
3. You take a few steps and walk across, hand your ticket and tell them where you are going and they tell you to wait till there is enough people (8 I believe). Have a seat and wait until you are told to head down to the boat.
5. Get on the boat and get off at your destination.

I have NO idea what people's problem is with these negative reviews. Okay so the people don't really smile.. who cares??? Stop being sensitive. I had zero issues with them. You are paying $3 (US dollars) for a what I considered to be a cool experience. What do you expect? A luxury 10 min cruise with champagne? People are ridiculous.

Having said that, IGNORE the negative reviews.

Follow the easy steps and enjoy your adventure!!!
Written March 15, 2020
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Sara M
7 contributions
Avoid this place ! Rude people !
Feb 2020 • Couples
Rude and very impolite people! Don’t go there ! There are too many other places to ask information or to buy cheaper tickets ! Just avoid going there ! Instead of giving us the information we asked for , she was giving us English grammar lesson and she told us to come back to your country !!!!
If you don’t like your job stay at home !
Written February 15, 2020
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London, UK11 contributions
Held HOSTAGE until we gave in and got SCAMMED
Feb 2020 • Couples
Me and my PREGNANT girlfriend were held HOSTAGE by the driver that didn’t allow us to jump on the boat from Ao Nang Beach to Railay with other people (6 out of a max capacity of 8 per boat) unless we gave him £1,000 BHT instead of 150.

Ao Nang Travel agency is a huge scam, and soon tourists will turn their back at Thailand. To go from Ao Nang to Railay there are 2 options, either you pay the regular ticket and wait for other people to join (max 8 per boat) or you pay for a private boat which is 10x the price of a regular ticket. The drivers purposely tell you to wait and try to persuade you to pay for the private boat if you are less than 8. Having decided not to pay so much (1,000 BHT for a 10 min boat trip), the driver told me to go away and that he would have not let me and my girlfriend jump on the boat, which was the only way back to Railay. I saw 6 people jump in the boat and 2 seats were left, but they purposely didn’t let us in because they said it was a private boat. After speaking with the other tourists I soon realised that the driver was lying. We were held HOSTAGE there for about 2 hours and a half while seeing other people getting back home. After refusing several times to be scammed, the driver (a Thai teenager) told me to leave, cursing me and my girlfriend. The travel agency refused to mediate or to provide any help. This is a monopoly and they do whatever they want. I highly encourage to pay for a return ticket immediately otherwise they will try to scam you on the way back.
Written February 13, 2020
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11 contributions
Don't pay for a private boat
Jan 2020 • Family
We took a private boat ride to Koh Poda. The engine broke in half way there. After over an hour overhaul we got another boat that took us to Poda and later back, but no one was interested in our claims about lost private tour and 1.5 hour waiting with a 1 year old baby. Better take the boat from somewhere else.
Written February 2, 2020
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Wokingham, UK181 contributions
Lovey 5 hours with longboat 77, Nong!
Jan 2020 • Couples
We loved it! There is a lot of negative comment about trips! We found it to be exactly what we expected! We arrived at 10.00 am and booked a boat for the day with four islands visits. 2,200 Bhat paid at the window with clear message that 800 to be paid to the driver to get you on the islands! Lovey islands, white sandy beaches and clear blue water! There is food and drink on most islands and at the final stop there are six longboat kitchens! Loved the fresh cooked food! You will not be disappointed for 3,000 Bhat to have a boat to yourself for the day! The boat driver Nong spoke very little English, but we managed with him!
Written January 16, 2020
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Travel buddy
Bangkok, Thailand18 contributions
Worst Service Ever
Dec 2019 • Friends
Worst service ever.
Told us the boat was at 2pm then we had to be here at 1:50 pm only to wait for the boat to leave at 3:30 pm. Over charged. Other places charge less money. Just right across the street.
Written December 17, 2019
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2 contributions
Pay attention when going back
Nov 2019 • Friends
The transfer to Railay Beach was good and the driver was nice but when we were going back we had do pay again because we were only 4 people (they wanted us to be 8 people) but no one wanted to go back at that time. We had to wait for half an hour and we started and it was dark too. We went to the company and said that we were there at the requested time but they didn‘t believe us. So go into a boat with people in it and not in an empty one.
Written November 17, 2019
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Janine G
Tshakhuma, South Africa10 contributions
Worst service ever, rip off
Sep 2019
So I decided to take a longtail boat to Railay beach for an early morning visit, I purchased a return trip ticket from Ao nang longtail boat service, as I paid the 200 baht the ticket seller did not inform me that you need to be 8 persons to come back to Ao Nang, she just took my money and barely even greeted me. So I visited Pra nang beach that was totally worth it, please just use another company as this is a rip off. After roaming around the island for about 3 hours I was ready to head back as I have an early flight home. When I reached the long tail boat that dropped us I kindly asked to go back to Ao nang, the boat skipper just looked at me and laughed and said I have to wait for 7 more people before we can go, as I was not informed that you need to be 8 persons per trip I asked if it was possible to return at that time and he said I have to pay 700 baht more to do so. I then decided to wait for an hour and see if anyone would join so we could go. After one hour I asked if it’s possible to go back any other way they said I have to go to Railay beach west to catch another long tail boat. As I proceeded to railay west where I found another boat skipper with from the same company who accepted my ticket I paid for already, we were 7 people including a child under age of 2 so he said we had to wait for 3 more people ( not sure how he does his math because we were already 6 that was paid for ) so we waited another 30 min until more people came to leave with the same company. Four of the passengers flight was leaving in 3 hours time so the boat skipper tried to push us to pay 300baht at first extra so we could leave, 2 passengers didn’t want to go and was furious they took the boat number which as no. 61 to complain at the police station. When this happened the skipper said no problem we could all leave no problem. We got into the boat and these 2 passengers didn’t come with so we left. Upon arrival at Ao nang the boat skipper was screaming at us as we walked off that we need to pay more, we declined and said if there’s a problem it needs to be sorted at the ticket office. I walked up to the ticket office and asked what the problem was, they listened to the skipper and said I needed to pay 200baht more which is exactly the amount I have paid already. I declined because when I bought the ticket no one informed me of this, the ticket seller said I have to read on the glass window which she did not inform me when I bought the ticket. As I walked off the boat skipper grabbed me on my arm ( I was traveling on my own so he basically attached me ) and screamed into my face f- you which is totally unnecessary. So the long of the short, don’t use this company they have horrible service, they try and rip you off as far as they go, use another company or be prepared to have to stay on the island the whole day. The island as such is definitely worth visiting but use another service.
Written September 12, 2019
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Janice K
El Berrueco, Spain10 contributions
4 Islands and Railay beach by longboat.
Jul 2019
Excellent day trip with Kem in a longboat with the number N93. We originally booked a Friday trip but as we worried about the weather I Whats app’d him and changed the day.... no problem. I also asked lots of questions about snorkelling equipment, food etc and he responded to all of them. Kem picked us up from our hotel took us to Nopharatara pier where we departed at 8:30 am. As agreed we had the long boat for just our family(4 of us) we went to Tup island where we paid the fee for the nature reserve entrance. We were able to walk between Tup and chicken island as we had said we wanted to. We took our time and even saw monkeys eating and had a swim. Kem then took us around chicken island to a coral reef where we snorkelled and saw some great fish. Again there was no rush when we finished we moved on to Poda island. We moored away from the main entrance but we were very happy with this as we didn’t want to be with the crowds. Again we took our time the beach was beautiful and when we were ready we went to
Deangelo Island. Here my daughter and I swam to another island and we all enjoyed the beach but it was a bit busier. Kem offered us ice cold water which was much appreciated. Kem did at this point say we need to leave Railay beach by 14:00. Railay beach was busy but we had time to stroll and when we went back to the boat Kem said go and have 5 more minutes. We got back to the pier at 14:30 ish. Most unexpectedly Kem then took us back to our hotel. All in all an amazing family day out which we would highly recommend.
Written July 11, 2019
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