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Lighthouse Beach
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Villains S
4 contributions
Dec 2019 • Family
This beach was everything people say. Remote beautiful unique. The drive is no joke. It was one of our favorite parts of the trip but there were a few times I wasn’t sure our SUV without 4 wheel drive was going to make it. The drive was part of the memory as well ( fun and terrifying) If you have a nice rental with no scratches don’t do it. The car will be scratched afterward. I thought people were exaggerating about the bumps and holes in the road. They aren’t. We spoke with a few people that were there for the 10th time and they said every year the drive is worse. Well worth it if you can get there before Disney ruins it.
Written July 4, 2020
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New York City, NY27 contributions
Aug 2021 • Family
After visiting Eleuthera for the fifth time, my family and I decided it was finally time to visit Lighthouse beach. We heard mixed reviews and were scared by the drive but I’m happy to say we all decided it was worth it.

•Stunning shades of blue water
•Calm waves
•Lots of places to explore and rocks to climb
•Exclusive and not crowded

•Drive- last 3 miles to the beach are a killer. Driving 10mph for 35 minutes over bumpy rocks road (SUV necessary)
•Some seaweed on the shore (could’ve been seasonal) but I’m being picky

Overall, this was a trip we’re happy we took. Would we go again? Probably not. Once was enough. Eleuthera has SO many beautiful beaches for us and Lighthouse was defenitly in the top 5.
Written August 16, 2021
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Tulsa, OK230 contributions
Apr 2021
We had the most amazing day at Lighthouse Beach. The gorgeous pictures you see everywhere do NOT do this place justice. Get an good, high clearance vehicle to traverse the last 2-3 miles. Keep your tires on the high rocks, and take your time. You'll be fine. It's not the entire 3 miles, just several areas on that road. (If you still don't want to make the drive, Eleuthera Tours out of Cape Eleuthera, does a nice 1/2 day trip that will take you right to the point!)
Pack chairs, towels, lunch/snacks, your camera and a good book. Wear reasonable shoes to climb some rocks & hike some paths - Keens or Chaccos would be good. Rubber flip flops wouldn't be ideal. No restrooms, so prepare accordingly.

We hung out on the beach for 5- 6 hours, just enjoying the beauty of it all! The lighthouse itself is relatively unimpressive. That part was kind of humorous. We shared the bay w/ some massive, private yachts & had fun trying to figure out who was out there! Our LB day was the highlight of our trip!

If you get to Eleuthera before Disney starts development on this amazing locale, do all you can to visit.
Written April 25, 2021
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Kim D
Marblehead, MA3 contributions
Apr 2022 • Family
Unfortunately Disney construction at Lighthouse Beach has started. Public access can be spotty. We went on a day when public access was open but you can no longer drive all the way to the point (at least not on the day we went). Instead it looks like a new road has been cleared that takes you to a small parking lot on a beautiful beach on the Atlantic side. From there you have to walk 2 miles to the point. We opted to enjoy the beach and have a picnic lunch instead and hit Ocean Hole and Cathedral Caves on the way back.
Written April 21, 2022
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John C
Mount Pleasant, SC41 contributions
Jun 2021
Lured to the far southern tip of Eleuthera, with the promise of the most beautiful beach in the Bahamas, we made the pilgrimage to Lighthouse Beach. After miles of steadily deteriorating dirt roads, we finally abandoned the car and trekked the last mile or so to the secluded coves and crescent beaches at the end of the rutted road – littered with blown tires, air dams, and various parts of cars whose drivers pushed their vehicles to far. The road is truly navigable by only the most resilient of off road vehicles. But the journey IS worth it! I will be forever grateful to the angel in the 4wheel drive truck that gave us a ride back to our car at the end of the day.
Soft white and pink beaches stretch as far as you can see, on both sides of the point. Shallow coral reefs peek through the gentle surf just off shore, offering splendid snorkeling. After the long walk, you might be tempted to plant yourself at the first stretch of pristine sand, where the hardiest of vehicles are parked. But don’t. Hike just a bit further over the hill to the other side. Then climb to the top of the cliff by the lighthouse for what may truly be the most spectacular view in the Bahamas.
A thousand shades of blues and greens lay before you. More shades and colors than there are possible names for the hues. Secluded coves and caves surround the base of the cliffs, offering privacy from the other half dozen people who have also managed to make it this far. Paradise should be a bit challenging to get to, and uncrowded when you do… and Lighthouse Beach does not disappoint!
Written June 28, 2021
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Chicago4 contributions
Feb 2020
We visited Lighthouse Beach Feb 2020 with our 3 young children, ages 8,6,and 4. We were traveling down from near James Cistern and were undecided if it would be worth the long drive, which was about 1 hr and 45 mins. We made a few stops on the way down to make it a bit more fun for the kids. The road is very bumpy...this is not an understatment! We were on the dirt road portion for about 30 mins.

One word to desribe this place would be MAGICAL! Even the short walk to the beach on the sandy path is something else. This beach just felt different and special. The sand, the water, and the lack of people was just about perfect. I did try to snorkel a bit at the reefs that dotted along the shore. I only saw a few fish and I didn't venture out too much further as it got deep pretty quickly. Definately take a walk and explore the cliffs and walk up to the old lighthouse. I find that some of my favorite beaches have features to explore, which this one definately has.

When we were there, there was a port-a-potty set up where you park. I'm assuming this if for the workers at the beach, but other visitors of the beach were using it. We saw signs and evidence that work was being done, but nothing actively where we were.

I feel like I'm mourning a bit that I may never be back to this beach as it is right now. It's absolutely perfect and it's very sad to think that it will soon be overrun with people that don't truly appreciate untouched and beautiful places.
Written March 5, 2020
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San Jose, CA2,308 contributions
Dec 2021
We heard what a pain it is to get to this beach, and it was! But we also decided that we had to see it, especially now that Disney have bought this beach, and will turn it into a resort beach.

So, we are glad that we went. And we got to see this beach in all its natural beauty and glory.

Yes, it is a stunningly beautiful beach, with an Atlantic side and the Caribbean side. Atlantic side is the even more beautiful side, with cliffs, sea caves, and interesting white limestone rock formations (ok, I am just guessing that it is limestone). We climbed the rock formations, and hiked to see the sea caves.

The Caribbean side has the calmer beach during our visit, so after exploring the other side, we returned to Caribbean side beach to swim.

The hues of the different vibrant blue seas were just unbelievable.
Written January 13, 2022
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Apex, NC5 contributions
Jan 2020
We took a tour through Eleuthera Tours, who treat you right. It was amazing! The beaches were so nice. I brought my Eno hammock and strung it between to coconut trees in the shade. I could have stayed there forever. Make sure that you see it soon because Disney has purchased it and there will be hordes of people and speakers in the trees with piped in reggae music soon. So sad.
Written January 20, 2020
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Jennifer H
Mount Orab, OH105 contributions
Jun 2021
We're so sad that we will probably never get to see this treasure, in this form, again. It was our #1 priority on our travel list and it was amazing. We set up for the day in the cove just as you crest over the rocks opposite the Atlantic side. The natural beauty of this beach is unrivaled and the scenery is breathtaking! It was quite a trek in our small car, but we did it without incident. I'm sure it wouldn't be passable in a car if conditions were muddy or wet. There were several times we almost pulled off to walk, but don't do that! It's such a long way, but keep driving until the end! We only saw three other families on the beaches of Lighthouse that day, but we were secluded the whole time we were there. When we got to the top of the point, I cried, it was that magical. Such a shame that Disney will be turning this wonderful spot into a tourist trap.
Written June 15, 2021
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California44 contributions
Aug 2021 • Family
I think we were slightly unfortunate to have massive amounts of the red seaweed gathered and high tide which meant less beach to distance from the flies that the seaweed brings.

Long trip from Governors Harbor? Yes.
Bumpy roads slightly hard to manage at the end? Yes.

Worth it? Not so sure. Had to see it simply because so many said it’s the best beach on the island. This I disagree with. If you have tons of time to spare here and don’t mind spending 3+ hours in a car, just go. but honestly the impressive view is mainly when you climb to the top of the cliff.

It was more crowded there then any other beach on the island.

don't go without an SUV. Or if you are not a competent driver with experience driving extreme road conditions like offroading. you could get stuck and block the very narrow one lane road.

I would not do it again personally. i have traveled the Carribean extensively and would say this is way overhyped.
Written August 1, 2021
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