Happy Trails Stables, Windsor Equestrian Centre

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Happy Trails Stables, Windsor Equestrian Centre

Happy Trails Stables, Windsor Equestrian Centre
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Very good

Debra C
Carlisle, PA72 contributions
Duke and Wayne were fantastic professionals who take their time to make sure that everyone on the ride, total beginner to advanced, have the best possible experience. As a horse owner myself, I was thrilled to see the top condition of the horses and stables. Duke is a great instructor and helps people who aren't familiar with horses understand how to enjoy the ride. He assesses each rider's experience and assigns the best horse for them. The tack is clean and in good condition. The ride back and forth from the hotel was a great way to see the island, and Duke chatted about the sights along the way. The ride itself is a little disappointing because most of it is along the road through neighborhoods to get to the trails, but the walk through the water on the beach was lovely. I highly recommend this experience. Please wear proper footwear (sneakers or boots) and jeans so that you don't get your legs pinched by the stirrup leathers. People on our ride showed up in shorts and flip flops and were sorry for it. Use your common sense -- you're riding! For the reviewer who said this was too pricey, I disagree. Most riding trips are at least $100 and the horses and guides are not nearly as good as these. Congratulations to Duke, Susan, and Wayne for providing a professional and pleasurable experience for everyone. It was a real pleasure to meet and ride with you.
Written February 13, 2020
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8 contributions
I chose this place as an activity for my daughter’s 13th birthday. Wayne and Duke were our instructors and led us on the trail. Both Wayne and Duke were pleasant. I was nervous as this was my first time on a horse. They gave instructions and demonstration before we left. I had more interaction with Wayne due to being behind him on the trail. Wayne was very patient with my daughter and led her horse the entire time. We rode through a quiet community, then on a trail, and then on to the beach. Wayne and Duke took a generous amount of pictures for us. I recommend this place!
Written April 10, 2021
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Little H
16 contributions
Had such a great day we were picked up from our hotel in a car and taken to the stables. After a chat with our guides we were assigned our horses and I had the gorgeous Amber who was a dream to ride. The route is lovely just at a walking pace the whole way through Forestry and other terrain before coming out on the most beautiful beach. Here you have photos taken by the guides, this was my only low point as the other two groups got loads of photos whereas we only got a few pictures and not some of the beautiful shots the others got riding out into the water etc... but it was still a magical memory that I will hold onto. Would recommend this trip to anyone going to Nassau it was a trip highlight!
Written February 11, 2020
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Navarro Rolle
Dover, NJ3 contributions
I would never advise anyone to book a horse trip with the company. Mr. Duke Smith is incredibly rude, I called to book ahead of time and had a pleasant phone call, however when we arrived it all wet to hell, we felt away once we got to see the animals they didn't look very well treated, however, wanted to continue. we are not sure if it was because of us being black or our being gay either way we this gentleman had the worst attitude with us and it got to the point where we became uncomfortable even continuing or accepting the complimentary transportation back to our accommodation. We were "not eligible" for a refund of any kind (FYI). We are regular visitors to the Bahamas and this is the first time we have experienced any kind of bad service on the Island.
We would never recommend anyone to visit this attraction!
Written February 10, 2021
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robert r
3 contributions
Overall was a good experience. Was my daughters dream to ride on a beach and she is an experienced rider. The rest of us ( 3) not so much. Duke was extremely informative and i should say strict on riding form ( as i believe you should be getting on this large animal) if you dont listen you could get seriously hurt. The beach was great and fulfilled my daughters dream. The ride to and from however was disappointing to say the least. Ride through the residential area( not terrible) until you get to the wooded are kinda beachy and littered with huge piles if garbage. Bottles, construction debris, trash amongst other things along the "trail" until you get out onto the actual beach it self. We had some major credit card issues and i have to say they were extremely cooperative and patient as we straightened it all out. The horses looked well cared for and stable was clean and nice. Duke and Wayne were great tour guides and extremely knowledgeable. Nice people. Thank you
Written February 24, 2020
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Becky B
Sacramento, CA4 contributions
This is long...PLEASE READ!! I hope I can really get across to you how bad this place it. Before my husband and I went to Happy Trails I read the negative reviews and dismissed them as sensitive inexperienced horseback-riders. I wanted the experience of riding on the beach in the Bahamas ...I was going. I cannot emphasize enough how wrong I was and how ABSOLUTELY correct the entire negative reviews are. Something from every negative review happened on our ride! It has nothing to do with how experienced of a rider you are, how polite and nice you are to Duke the guide or how well you listen to his instructions...it was DANGEROUS and the WORST horseback riding experience I have ever had in my entire life. Not only was the horseback-riding experience horrible, the guide Duke was beyond anything I have every experienced on a paid excursion.

It’s important to note that I own my own horse, have been riding my entire life, and ride when we go on vacation. With this said, I do not act like a know it all. My husband and I were picked up at the Atlantis by Duke and were asked how much we have ridden. I said a “few times” as I just wanted an easy horse and to enjoy the experience. I had read what others had said about discussing their riding experience and I thought I would try a different tactic...just say a “few times”, let him give me instruction, and ride off to the beach. That was my plan.

We picked up another couple from the Sandals Resort, who OWN a horse ranch, TRAIN their horses and have ridden forever. She also minimized her experience, because like us…she just wanted to ride.

The moment I got on my horse, Duke’s personality switched. He didn’t even let me get on the horse and he was yelling at me regarding my positioning. He said “God you don’t listen!”…I had not even been on the horse 1 minute yet! Like other reviewers, I was doing exactly as he was telling me and he was CRAZY rude! I almost asked him if he was serious, because I could not believe how he was talking to a PAYING customer. It had nothing to do with my positioning; it was like he wanted to be mean. He wanted to show he was in charge and the only way to do this was to be mean. There is a misconnect with him that ultimately he is there to provide a service to us paying customers that is keeping him employed.

We lined up the horses and started on the ride through a neighborhood on pavement. My horse wanted to trot ahead, did not want to walk. We made the first turn not even a block away and my horse started bucking. Bucking!! On pavement! Duke immediately yelled at ME and said the horse was spooked….ummmm…less than one block and YOUR riding horse is spooked??? What ?!? I should have turned around at that point. Against my better judgment…I continued. We pressed on with Duke riding directly behind me yelling instructions at me the ENTIRE time. One minute he would tell me he could tell I could ride and the next breath he would yell at me…and I had not even changed positions!!

We make our way through the neighborhood and for about 20 minutes through bushes strewn with garbage (lots of garbage), next to a road with honking horns and cars whizzing by. The horse trotted on the pavement, which Duke seemed to be clueless that this was a safety issue. After riding through swamp like water, we make it to the beach. We bring our horses up to the water and my horse starts bucking AGAIN. Duke is yelling at me that it is my fault! I tell him and the other guide my horse is not happy and something is seriously up with him. They tell me “he will get over it”. What ?!?

One of the other horses is refusing to come out of the water, so they pull a branch off a bush and direct the rider of the other couple to smack the horse with it. Your trained horse needs to be smacked with a branch?!? Duke is yelling at me to get my horse in the water, which the horse is refusing to do. At this point I’m so tense because he has bucked twice already, only wants to trot, had his ears pinned back against his head (a sign he’s pissed), and Duke had yelled at me pretty much the ENTIRE time. I could care less about going in the water. All I can think about is the negative reviews that I ignored and should have paid attention to.

Next the other horse starts bucking. Seriously bucking. Like rodeo bucking. The rider flies off. Not falls off. Flies off. The wife of the other couple jumps off her horse to help her husband and Duke starts yelling at her and her husband to get back on their horses. He is lying on the ground, obviously injured and Duke is yelling at the riders! It was a CRAZY experience. Duke was blaming the rider that the horse went crazy! There were so many “what ifs” in that scenario; what if that would have been a child, what if there would have been rocks and he hit his head. I know. I know…we assume risk when we ride and sign a waiver…blah blah blah…We are also trusting that the horse and guides we sign up with are TRAINED! All Duke cared about was the rider getting back on the horse. He never asked how the bucked off rider was or showed ANY concern. At this point I want off. I am thinking I will just walk back through the swamp and be done with this madness. I can sense something is up with my horse and I know my horse can sense that I am totally tense.

We finally head back and the entire trip cannot end soon enough…oh no…it wasn’t over. Duke is telling me I have the most trained horse...what!?! Basically meaning that anything the horse is doing wrong is my fault...what?!?!? My horse refused to walk and pretty much wanted to run. At this point I just want to be DONE. I am thinking to myself that there is no way two people can get bucked off on the same ride...right?! We cross a street on pavement and my horse starts bucking AGAIN! Duke yells at me. At this point, the four of us are DONE. Done with Duke’s unprofessionalism. Done with the untrained horses. Done with the risk we are putting ourselves through by staying on the horses. The four of us get off of our horse and walked them back. YES, we walked back! Duke is yelling at us to get back on our horses. I then hear him calling back to the ranch to “tell on us” and I hear him say “one of the riders fell off”….WHAT?!?!? He was BUCKED off!! Never in my experiences of riding multiple times at barns in Hawaii and Colorado, have I ever had to get off and WALK!! Duke kept yelling “never in 40 years” had he had people get off their horses…well…we did. We were complete strangers and by the end of the ride we had bonded and came together for our safety. Due to our own prior experiences with horses, we knew what we were experiencing was INSANE!!

PLEASE beware!!! These horses are NOT TRAINED to take beginners or experienced riders. Duke is NOT TRAINED to guide people. He is a liability. I totally understand and support instruction when riding horses. However, these horses should be trained enough that they can handle all riders. And they ARE NOT!! The other guide was Wayne…he was nice, however he was not in charge.
There is a reason why there are so many negatives. When you are going on something that risks your safety, you HAVE to look at the negatives. It is not worth the image of riding on the beach (which is a small strip of beach) to risk your safety.
I informed the Atlantis and hopefully they will not recommend this company to ANY of their guests. I only can only assume they are still in business because they are on a tropical island with no other horseback riding options. They would be out of business in the US. You have been warned. Also, no waiver in the world can protect you if you die from hitting your head.
Written September 19, 2015
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Reality29 contributions
On a recent stay at the Atlantis myself and 4 other family members decided to go horseback riding. We looked up where to go and found this riding center. Ok, the website looked good. Wow, the website talked about the horses used in movies and so on. We were sold. BIG BIG mistake. Now I have rode horses before. Actually we all 5 have. 2 of us rode in horse shows and regularly through our childhood. So we know a well trained horse and the general upkeep of a happy horse. Besides of course, knowing how to ride properly. I should have looked on here before going out on this excursion, sham on me for not. I do for everything else. Our day started with Windsor picking us up at the Atlantis. That was fine. On time, we all wore tennis shoes and jeans. Great. Drove about 30 minutes to the other side of the island to the stables. Once we got there, we found out the other people that were joining us cancelled, so just us. OK, great. Then we were ignored for about 30 minutes before they asked us to prepay. Fine, did that. Then we saw a couple employees bring the horse out and put the saddle on them. Asked us to climb aboard. The saddles felt loose and the moved side to side a little. I was ignored asking them to tighten the saddle. Then we were told to follow the main guy (forgot name, totally rude) out of the stables and down a neighborhood road. Ok, we did. Walking the horse. Now the horses were not 1 type of horse, since they are all different kinds left from movie shoots. We had an Arabian, Appolousa and another 2 different kinds. Usually the horses are the same kind at real riding stables that cater to tourists. We went through a neighborhood and then through industrial areas. Cars going by, work trucks with beeping noise and cargo trucks that were loud. I was thinking, wow this is not a friendly environment for a tourist friendly attraction to be. I now wonder about their insurance policy. Finally made it through 20 minutes of shrubs and getting scratched and hit in the face by branches to see a small stretch of beach. Not bigger then half a football field. Got to walk the horse on the beach, nice. I thought it can only get better from here. UM, it didn't. My sister's horse went into the water and wouldn't come out. It stood in the water and looked mean (see photo). She was trying to get the horse to move. It wouldn't. The employee in charge yelled at her. She was 12. Come on! Made her cry. Finally took a branch and whipped the horse. The horse then trotted out of the water onto the beach. She was crying, wanting to stop and walk. Not only was the horse not following her commands, but the trainer guy was yelling at her and kept on swatting the horse with the branch. From there on, the horse would stop somewhere or slow down and get a swat. A couple times the horse would rebel and instead of a walk or trot, the horse started to run. My sister knew how to stop the horse, so thank goodness she had the muscle to pull the reins HARD to stop. Or else who knows where she would have ended up at. These horses are not friendly "tourist riding" horses. Besides that, my horse was fine most of the time. Tended to want to wander off on it's own. And walking up a small hill from the beach back into the brush (to eventually go back through a commerical area) the trainer/employee man made a noise for his horse to hurry up the hill, well GUESS WHAT? My horse responded by running up the hill, going over boulders and rocks. And yes, I knew this might happen, but the saddles slipped to the right with me still it in. I litterally slid ride, with my legs still in the stirrups. Then fell. Head first, 6 inches from hitting my head on a boulder. The horse ran off and the man made a sound and the horse came to him. Then he came to me, who was in a daze, seeing black spots everywhere (dizzy) and started yelling at me. It was my fault and the poor horse. Over and over. He made me get back on and finish the ride since there was no one else to get the horse back to the stable. The whole way there he kept saying over and over how it was my fault and I am to blame. Now, ok I know how to ride so that is not the issue. I did not make a noise to spooky my horse into galloping up the hill. And I did not make the saddle too loose. So finally my husband yelled at him to shut up and stop belittling me. Needless to say he got no tip. On the way back, the employee's assistant whow as with us and brought up the back was talking over and over about the Playboy shoots he has been to and being rude crude about women in front of my cousin who is a pastor, plus the 12 year old with us. Once back at the stables we were ignored for about 45 minutes before being taken back to the Atlantis. I am sure they hoped for us to leave and then they wouldn't have to have driven us. But it seemed like we stopped a few places to run errands before we got to the hotel. So heck, we were dropped off in the area they needed to go anyways. Never got a sorry or an "are you alright". Rude people. STAY AWAY, unless you want to risk riding horses that are not trained to deal with people of all ages and tourists. F rating overall (and I am being nice)
Written July 16, 2010
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New Jersey1 contribution
My husband and I stayed at the Atlantis in the Bahamas which was absolutly great. While we were there we decided to get information for horseback riding, the hotels service desk gave us a brochure on Happy Trails. We decided to go ahead and book it. They sent out driver to take us to the stables which was about 40 minutes away, this was not a problem because the driver gave us information about the island and we learned alot. When we got to the stable the instructor paired us up with a horse...I had told them that I never rode before and they said they would give me a easy going horse. So I got on the horse and they gave me a very brief lesson that lasted a whole 2 minutes ( this being my first time on the horse I thought they would spend a little more time instructing me, but this wasn't the case). We got started on the trails and it had started to rain and storm, they should have taken us back since we just left the stable but they didn't. It started to thunder and my horse got spooked and it took off and I fell off. I was laying on the ground screaming and crying in the pouring rain in lots of pain, when the instructor started to yell at me and told me to get back on my horse. I couldn't get back on the horse because I could barely feel my legs and my back was in so much pain. I told the instructors this and all they could do was yell at me saying that it was my fault that I fell off the horse. They were too concerned about how they were going to get my horse back then how I was doing. They didn't have a working phone on them to call for help...luckly another rider had a cell phone and he called for help. They would not give us a ride back to our resort but they offered to call for a taxi which they didn't pay for. I would suggest anybody that is looking to go horseback riding in the Bahamas NOT to use this company. For your own safety please look into another company because once they get your money they do not care about you at all even if you do get hurt. Overall please do not use Happy Trails...because if you get hurt they will not do anything to help you!!!!!!!
Written September 16, 2007
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1 contribution
I don't even know where I should start. I'm not one to leave negative reviews but I had a horrible experience that I want to share. I even made an account with trip advisor just to write this review.

My husband and I have gone horse back riding in Jamaica, it was such a fun experience. We've also gone horse back riding a few times in the U.S. We have experience riding but we're not professional rider by any means.

Our experience at Happy Trails Stables with our guide DUKE was the worst experience I've ever had. We waited at the RIU hotel to be picked up. Once "Duke" arrived we went to the Atlantis to pick up another couple that were scheduled to ride with us. We got to the stables and waited a bit. Once we all paid, we were told to wait for further instructions. We all waited and everything was great. Duke seemed nice, and everything was great! Duke asked me if I've ever ridden and I replied with "yes a few times" (about 8-11 times to be precise. I'm not a professional rider but have very little experience. He proceeded to ask my husband and the other couple. Then he told us to wait while he pairs each of us with the "right" horse that would be the "right fit" for each of us. Once he and the other guide paired us with a horse we were all ready to go. Duke began to have an attitude and said I had to push my heel down, I did as I was told and then he says "you've never ridden before" after I had already told him that I have in the past. Why would someone lie about riding a horse, really! Then he proceeded to tell me "maybe if you didn't have an attitude, and listened you would do it the right way". I didn't even have an attitude! I stayed quite and was embarrassed on how he was talking to me and belittling me. This guy was very rude and very unprofessional. I'm not sure how he's even a tour guide, he's extremely grumpy. Once we started riding on the trail he kept screaming " keep your back straight, heels down" and I followed his directions but felt so nervous and tense. Then I heard him telling my husband "she doesn't know how to ride for nothing!" I just ignored him. We went towards the woods, making our way to the beach. He said that one of my legs looked higher then the other and that he needed to adjust me. So we stopped and he tightened the saddle. I stayed quite and took directions from him. I don't want his negativity to ruin my day so I tried to stay positive and keep a smile on my face. Once we got to the beach, my husband and I wanted to get a photo together but we couldn't get too close because my husbands horse kept trying to kick my horse. And my horse wouldn't listen either during most of the tour it would wander to the right side or just completely stop and not move (the guide gave me a branch to get it to move). It was very obvious the horses weren't trained well! I was tense throughout the ride because duke kept screaming at me and insulting me. Once the ride was over, I was relieved. My legs were sore and when I got to the hotel I noticed a HUGE bruise on each one of my legs. The entire experience was horrible, duke was a jerk! The other tour guide seemed much nice.
Written September 7, 2015
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Ann Arbor, MI245 contributions
Facility is nice -- they could have a really nice thing going here but the trail guide the my children got was cranky and barked orders like a drill sargeant. He was expecting the kids to act as if they were professional riders -- my kids were fine but he really belittled some other girls that were with the group. (I think his name is Duke)

Anyway, the kids told me that 3/4 of their ride to the beach was through suburb streets which were full of construction. Once they got to the beach, they rode for about 15 minutes and came back through the way they had come.

It's too bad, becuase this could be a great little place.
Written July 4, 2007
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