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City & Island Tours to help you experience the best food and drink St Kitts has to offer. Spend the day capturing St Kitts like never before. Our tours are designed for you to experience the island through our picturesque views, stops that are not on a traditional tour, and make your time in St Kitts memorable. We were recently named Luxury Travel Guide's Culinary Experience of the Year for Saint Kitts &Nevis 2016.
Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis

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69 reviews
Very good

Ruben C
Jacksonville, FL5 contributions
Jul 2017 • Family
Highly recommend stopping by Mrs. Moore Eat to Live Snackette... located right across the National History Museum in Basseterre... DO NOT Leave St. Kitts without having some of her delicious food.
I had the chicken Johnny Cake. If you have never seen a Johnny Cake, it is a bun like sweet bread, cut in half and stuffed with your filling of choice (I chose chicken).
When I received my order, it smelled so good. After taking my first bite... I was in heaven. The taste was really good. I was ready to order 10 more, but quickly realized, 1. I could not eat that many, and 2. They would not allow me to bring food back onboard the ship. Amazingly, ONE Johnny Cake was so filling... Now my only wish is to be able to have one everyday!!!
Written July 24, 2017
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West Bloomfield, MI185 contributions
Mar 2016 • Couples
My wife and I decided to do a different excursion while on our cruise and we happened on this new tour in St. Kitts. This is a casual walking food tour with local flavor, historical information and a sampling of St. Kitts foods. Laurna, a transplant from Canada, is starting to make a go of this tour. She is informative and has a super personality. We must say she is off to a great start with her business. Laurna met us at the dock with great enthusiasm. After the greeting and initial St. Kitts info, off we went. Laurna explained many things along the way, both historical and cultural. We visited five places – 2 restaurants – Palm Court Gardens and OTI (The Verandah), 2 street vendors – Mrs. Moore and Kenny and one final stop at The Gallery Café. We enjoyed the pleasant folks at the stops and the variety of food items from salads, soups, egg rolls, wontons, 2 different Johnny Cakes, local fruit, a caramel dessert with yellow grass tea. All the foods and drinks were outstanding. We had a very relaxing and enjoyable time with Laurna.
Communication in advance with her was great, so if you have questions about the tour, send her a message and she’ll get back to you promptly. Also, bring good, comfortable walking shoes for this tour. We would recommend this tour to others and wish the best of luck to Laurna with this growing tour.
Written March 27, 2016
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Thank you for your kind words, we are blessed to have wonderful comments from our guests. We are striving to offer a tour that is unique to St Kitts Warm Regards, Laurna and Gregory
Written April 5, 2016
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Beth P
4 contributions
Feb 2016 • Couples
I booked this tour for my husband Brett and I to experience while we were on our cruise and in port in St Kitts! We love food and history and The Taste of St Kitts surely did not disappoint.

I communicated with Laurna via email prior to our trip and just as she indicated she met us as the designated meeting location the morning our ship arrived in port. She's the beautiful red head amongst the locals. We throughly enjoyed Laurna and her hospitality. She has embraced St Kitts during her short time on the island and we learned a lot about the island culture and food from her.

We were lucky enough to be the only two partaking in the tour this morning. What a great day we had! This tour was honestly the highlight of our trip. As we walked down the main road along the ocean and into the neighborhoods, we began to see beautiful Nevis! Along our walk we visited 5 food stops, which varied from high end vacation destinations to local street vendors. We were delighted throughout the tour with amazing food, stunning views and local history. Please don't forget your camera and comfortable walking shoes. We were able to go at our own pace and never felt rushed or unsafe.

We highly recommend spending a day with Laurna and A Taste of St Kitts! You won't be disappointed!

B&B Davis
Written February 20, 2016
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Hello Beth, Thank you so much for your kind words, and I'm so happy you and Brett enjoyed yourself on the food tour. Sincerely, Laurna and Gregory
Written February 22, 2016
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Jessica B
1 contribution
May 2016 • Friends
For starters, you should know that this is my first review on TripAdvisor. Perhaps it's true that if I have nothing nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all. Nonetheless, I owe it to the people of St. Kitts and all those who may visit, to provide an honest review of our experience on 'A Taste of St. Kitts' food tour.

I've been to St. Kitts three times now, and while the natural beauty is amazing, what keeps me coming back are the amazingly kind and humble people. If my only experience of St. Kitts was this food tour, I would have been under the impression that Kittians were lazy, uneducated, and unfriendly to tourists. I realize this sounds harsh, but I will give you examples of what I mean and I'll do my best to keep this short and factual, although the opinions of me and my fellow travelers will certainly be evident.

Our group of 5 met the tour guide and owner near the National Museum. We made some small talk while waiting for the rest of the group. We learned that the guide is a native of Canada and has lived on the island for less than a year. As we started our journey through the streets of Basseterre she asked 'who has been to St. Kitts before?' Several people in the group raised their hands and her response was 'oh, then I don't need to tell you the history.' My friend spoke up and said 'I've never been, I'd like to hear the history.' Our guide's response was a brief explanation of some basic facts and nothing more. As we walked up the main street she stopped to tell us that we had to go through 'the bad and the ugly to get to the good.' Surely, there are areas of every place that are a little less desirable, but to describe Basseterre as 'bad and ugly' is insulting. She didn't stop there, she said it several more times as we walked down the main road - 'here's the bad and the ugly.' What I saw were hard working people selling their fruits and vegetables on the road side. The streets have an open drainage type of system so the runoff and trash does tend to pool in some areas, but it was no worse than what I've seen on Bourbon St.

Next she described homes on the road side as 'Trash Homes' saying that they were built from scraps (aka trash) in the late1600's. I cannot substantiate this, but what I can tell you is that the homes did not look like 17th Century construction and the research I did on trash houses refers to a building on a sugar plantation where they stored dried sugar cane.

As we walked about we heard bits and pieces of information, much of it anectodatal and some of it just plain false. We were told that St. George's Anglican Church was destroyed twice - once by fire and once by bombing. My friend read a plaque and learned that it was actually earthquake that destroyed the church a second time.

During our first meal at a very lovely location (one reason for the 2 star rating) our guide told us that she would like to add a hiking tour to her business, but it's impossible to find a Kittian to run such a tour because 'they don't like to exercise.' While I didn't see masses of people crossfitting or running the streets, what I did see were active folks walking, cycling and even running in some cases. In fact, my taxi driver Leo (who is an absolute delight) was up at the crack of dawn to do a 5 mile bike ride before brining me to the airport.

Our tour guide explained that since sugar cane is no longer the main industry in St. Kitts, the people of the island are now learning about tourism. She told us not to expect great customer service because 'it's not what they do, but they're learning.' She explained that customer service is now part of their curriculum in school. Again, I can't substantiate the school curriculum but what I can tell you is that I have never met a rude Kittian. If I walk by 40 people on the street 39 of them say hello with a smile. They go out of their way to be kind and accommodating.

When it comes to education, I think the tour guide had it completely wrong. She implied that Kittians do not value education and stated that 'only one local student per year is admitted to attend college on the island. All others must go off island.' What I learned from Leo and from my research is that 2 years of college is compulsory for Kittians and doesn't cost them anything. There are many opportunities for vocational training and alternatives to university. St. Kitts has a 98% literacy rate, one of the highest in all the Caribbean. St. Kitts also has an early childhood education system that serves as a model for other Caribbean countries.

At one point my friend, whose husband is from Antigua, could no longer stand all the negative undertones said 'you must not really like this island very much.' The tour guide laughed it off and said "I tell it like it is."

There were a few bright spots - the awesome sea glass beach, the first stop with an amazing view, and the art cafe run by the sweetest family - hence the 2 star review. Overall, I left feeling angry that I had spent the money to hear someone patronize the people of St. Kitts. We heard more about Canada than we did about the island, and what we did hear was mostly untrue in my opinion.
Written June 4, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Thank you for your candid review, and please allow me to respond. As most repeat visitors to the island, the history of how the St Kitts and Nevis was discovered is covered on any island tour that is being offered by either a Tour Operator or taxi cab driver. This question also gauges the level of interest in the guest. Some guests have no real interest in the history of the island, which is why a food tour appeals to them as this tour is about the local food and not a historical tour. Our tour lasts approximately 3.5 to 4 hours in length, with plenty of time for discussions about the island as the tour unfolds. Being a North American and a cruiser, my experiences living on St Kitts is of interest to my guests as I can compare North American ways of doing something to how things are done on St Kitts. We do walk through parts of Basseterre that may be undesirable for some of our guests. St Kitts, like many other Caribbean countries does have a garbage problem and walking along Bay Rd is a clear indication of that problem. Monday and Tuesday the garbage along Bay Rd is generally worse than the remainder of the week. The reason for this is the pop up food vendors selling their food on Friday and Saturday, not sufficient number of waste receptacles, so garbage is thrown on the streets, ghauts, and gutters. Large amounts of garbage is also on the street from the local fruit/ vegetable vendors from the market and the stalls. The garbage will be picked up later that day or the next. Having walked this part of Bay Rd almost everyday has allowed me to come up with this conclusion. In April, a 2 day island clean up collected close to 1300 bags of garbage in only 6 spots with Port Zante and Irish Town part of the 6 spots. Please click on the link for more information on the clean up. http://m.sknvibes.com/news/newsdetails.cfm/96028 As one of the volunteers that came out for the clean up, I do take the time to acknowledge the on going efforts that are being made to clean the island. In regards to you point about the homes in Irish Town dating back to the 17th century please refer to the following links as this will give you the history of Basseterre https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basseterre http://www.historicbasseterre.com/hs_summation.asp?HSID=20 Having been on 5 island tours in 7 months with 4 different tour guides, the term 'trash house' is a home that has been built with recycled materials, usually sheet metal. A Tour of the island, especially in Challengers near Bloody Point, you will find many homes are still standing to this day with this type of construction. Homes dating back to the 1700/ 1800's can also be found in residential area like Monkey Hill and New Road among other neighbourhoods. In regards to St Georges Anglican Church, I'm not sure where you heard the word 'bombing' as that word has never been used in my tours. In actuality, your friend is incorrect in stating that the earthquake destroyed the church the second time. An earthquake damaged the church in 1842, but it was the hurricane in 1843 that destroyed the church the second time. Please refer to the following links. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._George%27s_Anglican_Church_(Basseterre) http://www.stkittstourism.kn/explore-st-kitts-activities-attractions-historical-sites-display.php?business=146 Regards to our hiking tour and the level of fitness of a Kittitan, to this date, we are still looking for someone to conduct our hikes, we (2 others and I) have reached out to fellow colleagues, posted on Facebook, have put out feelers to our friends, but yet we have had no interest. I have also interviewed 5 local residents to have more local guides do the food tour but have been told repeatedly the walk is too much for them to do. Our tour is approximately 8800 steps tracked by our FitBit guests or just over 4.5 miles. As I can not speak for all Kittitians, I can only go off of my experiences and interactions thus far. An interesting article to read http://www.medicaldaily.com/16-countries-more-obese-america-are-mostly-islands-explaining-obesity-rates-country-362352#.VqOqW0HZM3M.facebook As stated on my tour, tourism is fairly new to St Kitts. As the sugar production ended in 2005, the focus was then shifted to tourism. Tourism is now being taught in school as it is now part of the curriculum. Tourism has become a high priority for the government, and increasing the levels of customer service to all residents on the island, not just in the tourist arras. With the 4 new hotel builds and the 2nd pier planned, St Kitts is an upcoming tourism hotspot and a heavy emphasis on customer service. The comments on schooling and post secondary education, as I do not have first hand knowledge of this, my comments came from having conversations with guests and ironically enough Rosie and Leah from the Gallery Cafe as they are a wealth of information and always great on converse with our guests over desserts. It was actually their son/ brother that was one only Kit titian accepted that year at Ross. The universities on the island are a for profit international universities, so yes Kittitians can apply and pay the full tuition. There is also a vocational/technical college on the island where Kittitians can also further their education. As for having to go off the island for Kittitians to further their education that is also an option for them. My friends that I have made while on the islands, had to send their children to either the States, Canada or abroad to further their education. While I do not have the Kittitian life experiences of your driver Leo as I was not born and raised on the island, I have spent a lot of time researching, reading, asking many, many questions and taking tours learning as much as I can. As I stated in my opening paragraph my tour is about food, not a historical tour. If someone asks me a question, they will get an honest answer, based on what I have experienced personally or information that I have retained while reading or in conversations with others. In closing, may I suggest the next time you are on the island, have some conversations with some Ex Pats, this may enlighten you about how life is like for a non Kittitian and their point of views I can ensure you their experiences and opinions will differ from that of your driver Leo. I would also recommend spending exploring some in the non tourist areas such as Monkey Hill, Dieppe Bay, Lime Kiln, Buckleys to name a few towns. Regards, Laurna
Written June 19, 2016
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Little Rock, AR34 contributions
Apr 2016
My husband and I did this food tour. We were the only ones with the owner from Canada. She had recently arrived to St Kitts. We love food tours including the history you always get. This was a painful experience. I have never walked so slow in all my life or heard as many negative statements from a guide. Loved the art cafe and owner and loved the Italian consulate. Would strongly recommend not taking this tour. Will be interesting to see if this review makes it as Laurna bragged about having negative reviews removed from TripAdvisor.
Written September 28, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Thank you for your review. I’m sorry to hear that your experience was considered ‘terrible’ in your opinion, I do strive to make all our tours fun and enjoyable for everyone. To clarify some points in your review. It concerns me that you waited 5 almost 6 months to write your review, if the tour was that horrible, one would think that they would post their review immediately to warn other travelers to avoid this particular tour. Reviewing your profile, I did notice that you posted 2 reviews on May 9th for 2 of our stops- Palms Court Gardens and The Gallery Café, ironically enough giving both stops a 5 star rating- but waited almost 5 months to post the actual Food Tour review. We walk at a pace that geared towards the guests and their pace. If I see guests struggling with the walk or the heat, I slow the walk down to make it a more comfortable pace. Sorry that you found it ‘painfully slow’. As for bragging ‘about having negative reviews removed from TripAdvisor’. That is impossible to do. A business owner has no control over the reviews that are posted and is unable to remove a review just because it’s negative, - if that was the case, every business owner will remove less than positive reviews and only have good ones. Which will defeat the whole purpose of this forum. TripAdvisor has guidelines in place that all the reviews are published, the only way a review can be removed if the owner can prove any of the following: that the review is a fake review, wrong business, fraud, phishing scam, or blackmail. Please feel free to fact check TripAdvisor’s guidelines. Regards, Laurna
Written September 30, 2016
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Burlington, VT15 contributions
Jan 2020
This tour was an enjoyable way to spend the day. We visited a few interesting & tasty food establishments and the walking tour was informative. Lorna, our guide, is a non-native/seasonal resident of St Kitts who works primarily in the travel industry (i.e. not food expert) - she has a good working knowledge of the city and the restaurants that serve local fare. As a person who works in the food industry, I was expecting something a bit different. Personally, I would have enjoyed trying items from the fruit/vegetable vendors as well as some of the seasonings and meats we don't have in the US. I would have also enjoyed learning how to prepare some basic Kittitian foods and/or leaving with a few recipes to try when I returned home. If you want to walk around town, learn a few interesting facts and eat some tasty food, this is the tour for you. If you want a deeper understanding of how the foods are prepared and enjoyed as a culture, this may not be exactly what you are looking for.
Written January 26, 2020
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Hello Barbara, Thank you for your candid review. Sorry for the delay in response, I was awaiting responses on whether the various vendors that we use were willing to provide recipes for the food that is served on our tour. Palms Court Garden is open to providing recipes for their dishes, but unfortunately the other vendors prefer not to share their recipes. Please contact me at stkittsfoodtours@gmail.com and I will get the recipes to you. We tried adding fruit/vegetable vendors the first year of the tours, the issue we faced was not having the vendors set up daily, so there was no continuity in the tour. Nothing is worse than turning the corner and finding out that your next vendor is not set up for business that day. The other feedback was the fruits/vegetables were the same as their local grocery store produce department. The same can be said about spices as most of our spices are brought in from Grenada and are not native to the island. Perhaps a food demonstration/cooking class will be a more suitable tour for you. There you will be able to have a hands on experience creating local dishes. Glen and I have discussed adding a cooking demonstration class for next season so we can use our culinary and mixology skills. We are just working out the venue and logistics end at this point. As an aside, my professional background is in the Restaurant/Hotel/ Catering industry with over 27 years in the the business. It was while I was working in a Persian restaurant in 2013 that I first experienced a food tour as it came through the restaurant. As a new travel agent, the idea of combining my 2 passions- food and travel was planted. My thought was wouldn't it be awesome to live in the Caribbean and have a food tour business catering to cruise passengers and land guests! Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2020
Written February 4, 2020
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Ann L
1 contribution
Mar 2019 • Solo
Guide never showed up! Had to spend $25 for round trip taxi from Marriot for guide that never showe up on time. Do not book this tour
Written March 23, 2019
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St Kitts F
Hello Ann, Thank you for your comments. It was unfortunate that you were not able to connect with Glen who was waiting for you at our Pelican Mall meeting point from 10:30 AM until 11:00 AM for our 10:45 AM tour start time. I did advise Glen at 11:00 AM, when you sent me a text message that you wished to cancel the tour. I have contacted Viator to refund your tour. Warm Regards, Laurna
Written March 23, 2019
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4 contributions
Jul 2017 • Family
Although we stumbled upon Mrs Moores Snackette on our way back to the cruise ship and not on a food tour, its was the highlight of our day!

Mrs Moore is WONDERFUL! She has been doing her thing for 20+ years waking at 4am every morning to prepare her delicious selections.

Although she offers a delightful array of affordable local eats (priced in US$) we opted for the cheap eat-- JOHNNY CAKES & CHICKEN---- can i just say... AMAZING! Spongy fresh bread filled w/ delish grilled meat lovingly sloughed from the bone, a lil produce & sauce.

If you like eating like the locals Mrs Moores is the place!!!

My only regret is that we didnt eat more. I really wanted to try the Johnny cake & salted cod (a local fish salad sandwich, not salty, think lighter fresher white fish salad without the creamy base) and the Johnny cake with Fried Fish. Truthfully I'd want to try everything on her menu.

Mrs Moore is a Love and she spreads it through her delicious food! If you're in St Kitts DONT MISS HER!
Written July 1, 2017
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Lori F
Olney, MD6 contributions
Jan 2017 • Couples
We had a fantastic time on our tour with Laurna. She took us to some great places to eat and had a great knowledge of the island. There wasn't a lot of walking between stops which made a very doable tour for my husband that doesn't like to do a lot of walking. We got to see the town, eat some of the delicious island food and learn about the island and the people. Laurna gave us a very personalized tour which made it even better. Would suggest the tour to anyone coming to St Kitts. Our favorite place to visit on the tour was Palm Court that had beautiful gardens and views. Our favorite food was the pork we had from the street vendor.
Written January 20, 2017
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Thank you Lori for your review, I had an awesome time with you and Stan. So glad you enjoyed the food tour! I will let Vernie know about your comments about his pork. Cheers! Laurna
Written January 23, 2017
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Jenny S
2 contributions
Jan 2017 • Couples
Me and my husband booked this this tour as we love St kitts and we love food.The whole tour was thoroughly enjoyable -we especially enjoyed our first stop which was stunning (the view!!!) but our favourite was the bbq pork chops eaten on the street right in the centre of Basseterre. Proper Street food! Our tour guide Laurna was brilliant -very friendly and knowledgeable. It was just the 2 of us on the tour along with Laurna which was really nice as we could go at our own pace and had her full attention. Laurna included bits of history of the island as well as knowing the best places to eat which was perfect. This is a walking food tour so there is walking to be done but we didn't find it too much at all, in fact we felt the balance of walking and sitting was just right. It was also a nice way to see the capital. We were very pleasantly surprised at the amount of food we got (another good reason for the walking!) and were nicely full by the end. We definitely recommend this tour for anyone who wants to get a chance to see more of Basseterre, eat some fantastic food and meet some lovely people.
Written January 7, 2017
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Thank you Jenny and Chris for a wonderful day and I'm happy that you enjoyed the tour. Enjoy the remainder of your stay on the island
Written January 9, 2017
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