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Aventuras Tierra Adentro, Inc.

Aventuras Tierra Adentro, Inc.
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Aventuras chief objective is to provide all participants with a day of FUN through adventures that are both exciting and challenging. Rappelling, climbing, swimming, via ferratas, free-jumps, body rafting and exhilarating zip-lines all in one full invigorating day.NO experience is necessary. But words of advice...do not compare us with other adventure tour companies. You might fool yourself! Others can serve as warm-ups or slightly test you for the real thing. Ours is a hardcore adventure! This is for real! It is physically demanding and requires sharp and attentive participants. For safety reasons a fast pace is require. You will also be scrambling under and over boulders in blackness only aided by your headlamp and physical abilities. You will be trained and required to climb hundreds of feet and to make the safety clips on your own. You will have your life, literally, in your own hands. Your guides are trained and certified professionals and will assist and train you during your adventure; however, your safety ultimately rests with you. Your first step is to check the requirements to be able to participate. Please, DO NOT reserve if you cannot comply with every single one of them … seriously. However, if you think you are ready, you can go straight for a once in a lifetime Caving challenge which will guaranteed to reward you with an intoxicating adrenalin rush.Accept the Challenge!
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Very good

Nick B
10 contributions
Feb 2021
The caving adventure is an experience you will not forget. If you are looking for zip lining, hiking, caving, repelling, climbing, swimming, cliff diving, rock climbing, kind of a thing...then this is the place. They will teach you how to do everything and help you along the way. You be able to experience an amazing day that will test and challenge you regardless of your experience or inexperience with caving, climbing, zip lining...etc.
It is an all day adventure. You will have a blast. It was worth every penny. If you come to Puerto Rico you must book a trip. Rossano and his team will take care of you.
Written February 6, 2021
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Chris S.
3 contributions
Apr 2021 • Couples
I don’t usually write reviews, but this experience was worth writing one. This might be one of the best experiences I have ever had! The fun didn’t stop. This was the real deal! 100% recommend! It was the best part of our PR trip!
Written April 3, 2021
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Enio Maiale
North Miami Beach, FL2 contributions
Feb 2020 • Couples
This is my second time doing the caving adventure with Aventura Tierra Adentro. Yes, I love this caving experience that much, I came back after 4 years of completing my very first one! This tour is amazing, we had so much fun. Their safety is really at the top of the line!

This is a must do while visiting Puerto Rico!

Enio & Karo
Written February 7, 2020
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Bill Waterstreet
1 contribution
Jan 2020 • Solo
Absolutely amazing. Worth every penny. It's a full day of the most fun you've had in a very long time. Come ready to keep moving. The guides are super helpful, kind, energetic, funny, and most of all professional. They have they whole day down to a science. And everything you do is better than the last. I couldn't recommend it more.
Written January 3, 2020
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81 contributions
Dec 2019
This was the adventure of a lifetime. This is not a "TOUR" You will be challenged for 5 hours. Rossano and his team are the best. They have the entire adventure down to a science. There is a lot of instruction and not a lot of hands on. You really need to have some exercise experience. The more tread you have on your shoes, the better. There is lots of mud. Also, the quick dry clothing is a must. My son summed it up well...when would you ever expect to have a candle light lunch 500 feet below the earths surface and a mile into a cave!!!
Written January 2, 2020
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Toronto, Canada40 contributions
So after reading all these wonderful reviews of Adventuras, I decided to book a Saturday Canyoning trip. This was supposed to be the highlight of our PR trip... but they never came to pick us up. We were waiting at the meeting spot from 5:00am (we wanted to be early), and when there was no sight of anyone, we called them at 5:30am - no one picks up. We waited until 6, and still the guide didn't pick up his cell phone.

We thought it was strange since I contacted them by e-mail the Wednesday before and they were looking forward to seeing us. APPARENTLY what happened was there was not enough people on the tour (they needed at least 10 guests to operate the tour), but they didn't bother letting us know until the evening before the Canyoning trip. By this time, we were already in PR and our cell phones were off from having to turn it off on the airplane. They left us a message less than 24 hrs before the tour saying they will try to find 6 more guests. But we didn't get the message in time. Let's be realistic. I booked this 6 months ahead, gave them the full amount and contacted them every month making sure we have the right gear, the right location and confirm the date. And they couldn't even warn us ahead of time that the tour may be cancelled????? Yes I give them the benefit that they did call us the day before the trip that it may be cancelled (they called about 12 hrs before the tour). But I contacted them TWICE the week before the trip and nobody mentioned that it may be cancelled. Also, where were they going to find 6 more people overnight?

Anyways, it was disappointing we didn't get to go but the bigger issues was getting our money back and communication. Of course, I wanted to make sure we get a refund for their no show. I wanted to get that settled before we leave PR because we were headed out on a 7 day cruise.

Problem #1: I wasn't able to get through to them on the phone because it seems like they don't pick up the phone on weekends - fine, i can accept that.
Problem #2: I e-mailed them and no response during the ENTIRE week we were gone on the cruise.

I was starting to think I wasn't going to get the money back. So when we got home from the cruise, I wrote this really really angry e-mail to them. I still didn't get a response. 2 weeks later I saw the money credited back to my credit card.
Good thing I got the money back... finally. But it would have been nice to have some better communication.

I still want to go canyoning and caving. I will have to consider going with another tour next time - just in case. it's too bad because I think it would have been really fun.

*** NOTE: If you do join with these guys, MAKE SURE there are enough people on the tour!
It really sucks anticipating for this and then being stood up.
Written January 22, 2009
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You are right, we never showed up. Why? Because the adventure had been cancelled. That's also the reason the other couple that had reserve did not showed up either. We did everything by the book. We called two days earlier and informed that there was a chance we might have to cancel because we didn't have enough people. We did mention that there was a group of six that might reserve late so we weren't yet officially canceling. We even recommended another company (not so intense but still fun) to do something similar if we cancel. When the group of six never reserved we proceeded to make the cancelation official following our protocol. We have the right to cancel 12 hours before the Adventure and your money will be totally refunded. We also ask the participants in written to call us the day before the Adventure. This is require mainly for any weather cancelation and sometimes for situations like yours. It doesn't matter how many times or ahead of time you call us. It's the day before that really counts, when things are more certain. Nature is unpredictable and people too. We called you and left a clear message. "The Adventure had been canceled". Your phone as you explain was off. We assumed you were traveling but will eventually get the message or you will call the guide whenever you had it working. But it didn't happen. I think you got things mixed up, like you did with the meeting time by the way. It’s at 5:45am, not 5:00 and not 5:30 either. It wouldn't have made any difference but I'm just trying to make a point here. We never got any email not even the real angry one you said you sent us. You never even called us after the day you stood yourself up! Your money was refunded the next working day for us, Tuesday. How long did your bank take to process it or when did you really checked? Who knows, but don't insinuate that we were trying to steal your money. That is a serious accusation. For anybody reading this, if you decide to reserve for our Caving Adventure, just make sure you read and follow and comply with our recommendations and requirements...and like thousands of others, you will have a blast. Aventuras
Written June 29, 2014
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16 contributions
Feb 2016 • Friends
The overall adventure was good but what really disturbed me was the attitude of the person heading this company and who also leading the tours. The jokes of female bashing start right from the moment we were picked up and then came the racist comments and sarcastic jabs. I am not paying $200 for that. One advice for this company don't insult your customers! I would have liked to know this information before I booked this tour so that's why I feel it needs to be written. You will understand what I mean by attitude when you read the response of this company to my review...
Written February 23, 2016
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We have absolutely no idea what this person is talking about. It is definitely a fake review.
Written February 27, 2016
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Chicago, IL44 contributions
Sep 2013 • Friends
I went to Puerto Rico for a girls getaway and I got away from the other girls as a solo caver! Haha! The night before the trip you receive a text giving you pick up time and words of encouragement for what your about to endure! When they caution you to not go out drinking the night before and get your sleep because your life's in your hands...they're SERIOUS. I laughed when I read the waiver but it's actually the most accurate waiver I've ever read and literally is realistic when stating there will be times when your life is in your own hands as you vertically climb up cliffs and zip line and attach and unattach your cable along 8" wide footing cliffs. This was however one of the best excursions I've ever been on and when booming the $170 did seem steep but I'd pay it again with no hesitation.

INTRODUCTION: I walked from my hotel (San Juan Marriott Stellaris and Casino) to the park meeting area. Because I was a single female I was concerned about safety but there was security guarding the entire path so I felt better and ran into no problems on my 6 min walk. A truck pulls up at the meeting area and the guides Anibal and Rossano get out and you get role call then a red carpet entry to the bus. During the ride they brief you on what to expect. You stop at a restaurant for breakfast. Make sure you additionally order something to take with you for lunch as nothing will be provided but what you bring. I ordered a full ham sandwich, water and chips. I also had a granola bar with me that was consumed as well. I also suggest purchasing a little snack for the ride back home. They provided juice and snack bag cookies at the end but you could still need more. They give you ziplock bags to put your food in and I doubled the bags to ensure no soggy inedible food.

ARRIVING: you go through a mini training session on what to do and what not to do. They are VERY entertaining but serious at the same time with making sure you completely understand the procedures. Before you begin they offer you the opportunity to go to the restroom in a little shack. Take it, as there are no other restrooms available the entire time.

CAVING: So as to not give anything away I'll try to be brief yet thorough. Your journey begins on an EXTREMELY narrow and high cliff that takes you to your first rappel. It's definitely an eye opener that this is the introduction to your excursion but exciting with anticipatory hopes of what's to come. You WILL get completely drenched, YES you do have to swim (you're wearing a life jacket the whole time but you have to sometimes swim against the current or across the shorelines). You might get cuts as you're doing a LOT of climbing and jumping. Though I was solo I never felt outside of the group. They made me captain for a few of the tasks which was fun
And always paired up with me when necessary.

BUGS: Why do I bring this up you ask? Well I can live with mother natures little creatures but some of them aren't beautiful enough for me to behold! All the pictures that are shown on the website of the spiders and crabs are accurate and plentiful. As well as a few scorpions and my arch nemesis.... Roaches! The roaches threw me for a loop as I was by NO MEANS expecting to encounter the nesting grounds of..ohhhh I'd say a couple thousand families! Did you know roaches thrive in dark damp places like...caves? Did you know roaches swim? When you come to the area that you begin climbing up rocks this would be a good time to don the gloves. There will be areas that are completely covered with roaches. You will step on them, you will smash them with your hands while trying to grasp rocks, some even try to take a ride when you swim by, some even jump from above to ride your shoulder. HIGHLY suggest those with long hair wear very low tight bun. There are also crabs in the murky water filled crevisis waiting to snap your legs so be watchful and warn fellow cavers.

ATTIRE: I wore short sleeve fitted sports shirt, sport bra and sports kapri leggings and had no troubles with temperature or anything elelse. Suggest dark colors as my shirt mud stains never came out. Shoes were old but good shape tennis shoes. Make sure your shoes aren't already damaged and that there is still traction left as you're climbing over rocks and steep canyon areas. Bring extra zip lock bags for your clothes and shoes for when its over. You'll need shampoo, body wash and towel as there is a shower area at the finish line area.

CAMERAS: I was the person who brought their cell phone for pictures. I put it in a zip lock and then put that in a ziplock. It never got wet but it was extremely tedious opening the backpack ,opening the bags taking off the gloves trying to wipe hands of mud, taking picture then repacking in zip lock then other zip lock then back pack, gloves. If I'd had a water camera it would have been so much easier. Some people had go pro's they attached to the helmet so that's also an option.

I realize I give long reviews but hopefully it's useful! Have a blast
Written June 29, 2014
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San Francisco, CA1 contribution
Aug 2017 • Friends
We survived thanks to the experience of the guides and the help of other tripgoers; we regret having taken the trip in the first place.

We visited several caves in our trip to Puerto Rico, and this tour to the underground Angeles Cave run and led by Rosano was definitely one of the more extraordinary experiences we had. It involves a lot of ziplining, rock climbing, jumping in the dark and many feet into bodies of water and swimming, and, most dramatically, rappeling about twenty stories down from the cliff into the sinkhole. Throughout the eight- or nine-hour trip, the group was guided by Rosano and Hannibal, two very experienced and certainly certified guides who were likely the very people who mapped the route and designed the trip and led the trip for over two decades who herded the group closely and the group comprised people who were new to the island and new to adventures and who were experienced and familiar with this type of caving and who worked as a team and tried to help each other out whenever possible. It is hard to imagine our surviving the caving experience without the experience of our guides and the occasional helping hands extended by a fellow vacationer. That said, the trip was the nadir point of our ten-day vacation in Puerto Rico, and we felt misled and deceived in thinking that the caving adventure was really designed and meant for an average vacationer.

First of all, in the owner's own words, you should undertake this trip only if you are an experienced outdoorsman, skilled in rock climbing and possess other mountaineering skills, and that "without those skills, you don't have any fun; you will be suffering and experience only pain." Very honest words. Except it should be advertised, with flashing signs, on his website, rather than spat at your face five hours into the caving and when he felt you were too flow and he was going to be get home late (although it eventuated that my cousin and I didn't slow down the group in the end and the whole group got back half an hour before the scheduled finish time). We are both physically fit, work out five to seven hours a week, and healthy all around in our youth, but it is not physical fitness but sheer skills that matter here and experience in surviving. While some members of the group appeared to come from rural background that afforded them the necessary experience, one doesn't gain such skills and experience by weightlifting or running on treadmills. I just wish we had been properly informed before the trip commenced. And I think it unfair and probably unethical if a customer signed up thinking that fitness and health were the only requirement to survive this trip and she could actually have fun out of it. There was some (minimal) training and safety instructions before the trip, certainly, but the actual instruction you got from the guides in rappeling, for instance, came after you are already lowered many feet from the edge of the cliff and Rosano kicking and stamping on your knees to keep you vertical. I wouldn't call it instruction; I call it cruelty and careless disregard for the safety of his charge (although, legally, he discharges any legal responsibility towards you in a release form before he kicks you). Also, being bespectacled, I must warn similarly near-sighted people that this trip mustn't be taken by people wearing glasses because you can easily lose your glasses and there will be no way to recover them if they drop into the dark, deep abysses in the cave - and you will then have a hard time making your way out of the cave and then climbing vertically over one hundred feet of rock up to the ground without your glasses, I assume.

Secondly, many people find Rosano funny. He tells jokes non-stop throughout the day, even in the most trying moments for his customers - to keep the latter's spirit up, I assume. But those jokes become a distraction and annoyance just when you need the greatest concentration just to survive falling twenty feet in pitch-blackness into a deep body of water in the cave if they turn the corner of funny and offensive and veer into racism (A fake skull that he would tell you pertains to a drowned Chinese tour-goer who couldn't follow him; mimicking the speech pattern of Asian languages that he doesn't actually know or speak; calling my cousin and me "China" even after learning our actual names; alerting us that every product he procures for the trip, e.g, lamps, harnesses, ropes, is Made-in-China; and constantly asking mockingly if we understood his English commands whenever he perceived us to be slower than the rest of the group - ironic because we are americans and speak mostly English at home whereas he speaks a tortured blend of spanish and heavily accented elementary English. One understands that he is probably less challenged for his racist comments most of the time and offends few people if most of his customers are from just some parts of the country and that he encounters only very occasionally urbanite Asians in his line of the job, but racism is racism, and he seems not to learn that past Asian clients have taken offense. I wonder if he has practiced his jokes so much in the last twenty years leading this trip, to the point of perfection and sheer habit, that he couldn't be bothered to alter his routine for the sake of not appearing racist. But for every urbanite or Asian customer, his jokes may serve as a fresh shock.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, my cousin and I got sick in the weeks after the trip. Some (tolerable) fever, coughing, and diarrhea started a few days after the trip. He and I both got good medical insurances and we met our doctors early. But the fever, coughing and diarrhea were no fun. Because you would swallow water in the cave when you jump into the water repeatedly, if the water in the cave isn't clean, that appears to be ample reason to get sick.
Written December 7, 2017
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Leslie M
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas2 contributions
Oct 2015 • Couples
We live on St. Thomas which is just a 20 minute flight from Puerto Rico so we go over all the time. On this trip, we missed our flight the night before our adventure due to a power outage at the airport. We immediately called and spoke with the guides who assured us that we couldn't get a refund (understandable due to the last minute nature of the cancellation) but that we would be able to use the tickets another weekend. When we tried to re-book they acted like the conversation had never happened and refused to honor our tickets. $350 down the drain and I won't be recommending them to any of my friends.
Written October 16, 2015
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Yes, people waste their money when they do poor planning. Never fly the night or even the day before a serious activity like ours. You should always have an extra day to de al with eventualities. The Adventure starts at 5:45am, and you tried to catch a plane the night before? One of the requirements is you need to be rested and sharp for safety reasons. Maybe the best thing that happened was you not making it, instead of having a serious accident or worst. As I wrote in response to your boyfriend for the above review Bad Deal, the guides do not deal with reservations or cancelations... ever! You might have talked to some other tour company you had reserved for. We know for sure it was not with us. Anyway it would have been the same outcome, split the loss. We offer you a 50% credit, as a courtesy one-year later! You should had taken the partial refund and run! If you read the cancelation policy you will see that a "no show is a no refund or credit". Why should we get penalized with another unjustly terrible review? Trip Advisor staff should look into this. Just think about this; imagine if we get a bad review from everybody who has a problem, who does not show up in the morning and who did not comply with all our requirements. Luckily most people are fair and don't blame others for their bad planning or problems.
Written October 19, 2015
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