One Love Bus Bar Crawl
One Love Bus Bar Crawl
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One Love Bus now doing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However if your group is minimum 15 we could make arrangements for other days. Pickup time at your hotel starts at around 2:00 pm, tour ends immediately after sunset. We visit about 5-7 authentic bars and scenes on the One Love Drive on the West End of Negril. One love, Lenbert Williams
Negril, Jamaica

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Very good

Beth M
Saint Joseph, IL21 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Dec 2019
This is my very favorite excursion ever in Negril. I loved the locations that we stopped and felt safe with Dembert as our guide. This was a huge hit for our group of 30+ travelers. I only wish there was the same option available in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay - Expand Dembert!!!!!
Written November 8, 2020
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Negril, Jamaica404 contributions
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Apr 2018 • Friends
After 18 years of coming to Jamaica I have a “check off” list that is very vast and an even longer list of things I have never done in Jamaica. The clever Jamaicans keep re-inventing themselves and discovering new places that you want to discover which keeps her ever fresh.

How many years have I watched the cheerful crowd on the orange and green bus tool down the West End causing a ruckus? How many years have I said “ I am going to do that one day ?” Well, yesterday was my day , I went on the One Love Bus Pub Crawl tour.

We were picked up second and soon the little bus was so full a second bus had to be called. This is going to be EPIC. I noticed one couple came on board with a suitcase and a bag filled with children’s items. I figured they were repeat guests and dropping off something at one of the bars for the owners kids. Little did I know.

We did the typical of what I expected at first. Stop, look gawk, drink, load up and leave. I had two main surprises that day, one was I do not know all the neat little places , and two , the village.

We went to a bar that is a stone throw down the street from me that I did not even know existed and another cute one tucked up a lane that I probably can never find again. My favorite one was the one I understand to be in the yard of Lenbert himself. I mean that place is REALLY pretty, and I just LOVE the eclectic art that was on display. All I could think about is such a pretty place needs to be where she can be seen and shine like a diamond. How are people going to find her and see her , way back here? I guess Mr. Lenbert can bring people there, but seriously I want it in my back yard.

Then it happened. We went down a way and up a way and around a way and I was no longer in Negril. Lenbert called it “the village”. This is when the couple and another lady pulled out their gifts and were summarily swamped by a willing and grateful public. Things went fairly well until the lady pulled out flip flops and the swirl accelerated. Lenbert stepped in to help her distribute but she could not pass them out fast enough. Exhausted she ejected herself back into the bus and stumbled to her seat with a shake of her head. Those on the bus got a true glimpse of the side of Negril few see, the side that is not all spit polished in a hotel uniform smiling at you and fulling YOUR every need, they got to see the side WHO NEEDS.

An elderly mother woman approaches with a heavy wood box. It seems she is the keeper of $$$$ that tourists bring to the area, the money allocated for the children. I put some cash in the box and then wandered down the street a little to take a look around. I have no idea where I am. A friendly lady came up as I was taping and told me I was on Love Lane. What an ironic name for such an area. Lenbert, however, informs, that some of the most talented and loving people come from this place.

I am silent. I am trying to process what I have just seen. The little boy runs merrily by the bus door in his T shirt and underwear, unashamed and un-intimidated by the presence of two buses of tourists, this is his neighborhood.

I can tell that many of these repeat guests have done this before, but this being my first time, I am still in shock. I thought I was going to make merry and drink beer., not be smacked right in the face with the cold hard reality of Negril. I now see through Lenbert. That man behind the wheel I have watched for so long. He has a lesson to teach, a mission to accomplish, a purpose to the tour. No one will leave Negril not knowing. You can stay on the bus, not even get off and mingle with the people, but you cannot UN-See what you have seen.

Moving on we see Sunset at one of the most luxurious properties in Negril, The Caves. The Sunset did not disappoint. After Sunset, as a special favor to me. Lenbert went all the way to Red Ground with bus 1 and let us stop at Collettes, where my girls and I bid farewell to the bus crew and call a drive to take us to dinner at Catcha.

My girls are just having a ball , but I still basically am trying to process what I have just experienced. I have always thought that the pub crawl was a genius idea. In my mind it was a way to pick up a bunch of beach folks and show them what the West End has to offer, which is a LOT. I consider Lenbert one of those ambassadors to Jamaica I speak of who enhance tourism. I could tell by the love his repeat guests had for him that he is held in very high regard.

The two things I will always remember from yesterday are , I don’t know everything and where everything is and someone else can still show you some stuff, and no matter where in this world you go, for all the glitter on the 7 mile, there are people in need.
Written April 26, 2018
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New Jersey205 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Apr 2016 • Couples
I'm extremely critical in my reviews as Tripadvisor has served me abounds for the past decade and I try to pay it forward. Lenbert!!! Where do I start? He responds really quickly to email make sure to book early, I did so 2 weeks in advance as he only does this a couple of times a week. I took an 1hr40 minute cab ride from Montego Bay with my girlfriend to do this tour in the rain as it was recommended highly on TA and by friends. We were NOT disappointed. It was clear Lenbert cares about his community and maybe in my humble opinion about the real Jamaica so much so he donates a few hours of his week to give a free bus tour using their $6 a gallon gas and you get to see some off the beaten path bars.
We got on the bus last and everyone was cheerful and ready to go, a little bob marley and the alcohol was flowing. We went to a bar called Xtabi which had caves below (careful floors are slippery) and they had cliff divers. We wound up in what appeared to be someones back yard with a stage a singer and a bar. The woman making pizza called me aside to show me their in house reggae studio!!! Really really awesome. Next stop was a tiny hut on the beach that was a bar that was it, beach, hut some hammocks and some cute puppies. Nothing but tranquility I could have stayed all day. After a couple of roadside bars we wound up at a place to watch the sunset down the road of Ricks Cafe which jutted out on top of the rocky cliff overlooking the ocean, really awesome unfortunately it was cloudy so no sunset. Our final stop was the Canoe Bar? on west end road right on the water. A couple we made friends with said this was their 6th time on the tour and nearly every time the bars were different. Would I do this again? Absolutely in fact it is a must do on my return trip to Jamaica next time I will stay in Negril, Montego bay was just too far from everything. Bus is air conditioned so no worries about the heat.

I think the only question that even Lenbert couldn't answer is why the hell aren't there more tours like this basically giving back directly to the community and giving us a great perspective of the island. ESPECIALLY on an island like Jamaica, where the hype and the don't go there, and watch out the locals are dangerous mentality pollutes countless conversations back home. Spend a few hours on this tour and THEN offer your now first hand experience opinion, I bet it’s completely different!! PLEASE get off the ship, leave the walls of your resort in the rear view and spend a few hours with the locals, you simply won't regret it, & remember to tip him we gave $20 each he is doing this for free and gas is expensive on the island!!! Best of all you’re giving directly to the community not Marriot, Carnival, Hyatt or the few select people they decide are worthy to take your tourist dollars. With TA at your fingertips you don't need a glossy photo shopped brochure on the ship or in your hotel lobby to tell you where to spend your tourist dollars, and after all isn't visiting a new place and understanding more about the local culture an essential part of any trip????
Written May 18, 2016
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17 contributions
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Dec 2017 • Friends
I along with a group of 11 persons had the unfortunate opportunity of taking the ONE LOVE BUS CRAWL while visiting Negril in December 2017. It has been over a month and I cannot dismiss the treatment we received while on the crawl from the driver. We set a pick up time and the driver was an hour late. At one stop some of the group was forced off the bus. And upon return to the resort the driver followed the first couple of people off the bus demanding a tip and then began to curse them calling them bubba clots. We were a group of 9 women and 2 men. The last man to exit the bus had the tip for the driver, although we were not very pleased with tour (we were taken to a place that was guarded by dogs and behind a locked gate...a type of place we would not visit in our home city of Chicago; forced from the bus and visited just two bars). But after seeing how he was causing such a disturbance and yelling curse words to the first half of our group not to mention his remarks about Black Americans; he received nothing from our group. I have tried to let this go but find it difficult to do so and this has led me to file this review and a formal complaint with the Jamaican Board of Tourism.
Written January 8, 2018
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Madison, Wisconsin, USA680 contributions
3.0 of 5 bubbles
Feb 2016 • Couples
This is a difficult one to review because there are things we loved about it and aspects that made us think it's no longer all about seeing the 'real' Jamaican stops or helping the locals as it once was.

Things to know: This is a BAR crawl and you are in Jamaica, so you should not be surprised or offended by drunk people or ganja. If that is upsetting for you to be around, this is not the tour for you. The bus can also get insanely packed and, although I wouldn't say that's necessarily a good thing, it is made pretty clear by reading about the bus in advance so don't be surprised by that either. Know what you're getting into ahead of time.

We did have a lot of fun with others on our bus and enjoyed most of the stops so I'll give a lot of credit for that. Anyone who can handle the above disclaimers should try it at least once just to say they did. However, if what you are looking for is an actual tour of local bars where local people visit and you are charged the same prices as locals, this maybe isn't going to meet those expectations. There were a couple 'hole in the wall' spots that fit that bill but the other bars were almost barren except for the busload of primarily North Americans and a few other tourists.

Pricing - drinks are not cheap. The bars know they can charge the busload of tourists a much higher price and they will. It's almost a little embarrassing to shell out $5 for a bottle of Red Stripe or $6+ for a rum drink but you do it because you're a captive audience and everyone else is going along with it. One guy on our bus bought 3 beers and gave the bartender a $20 and had to ask for some change back after waiting quite a while; I'm not sure if he ever did receive change or if they kept a very generous tip. Even the price of the samples of pizza of Bella Donna's have gone up and they are now $2.50 or $3 per small piece rather than the $2 others have mentioned in recent reviews. As she handed a piece to me she talked about TripAdvisor so she knows it's a 'thing' and can now price more for the novelty. Good for her though. ;)

On the tipping note... Lenbert is great. He keeps track of a LOT of people emailing him requests to pick up from a number of different resorts on different days. For the most part he's also great about getting to all of those stops on time, playing great music the whole way, and returning everyone safe and sound to their destinations at the end of the night. Most people recommend a $20 per person tip and that's what we gave. If you look at an average route of about 40 people on the bus that adds up to $800 for a few hours of driving and part of me begins to wonder if the bus becomes less of a philanthropic effort to expose people to the country and just a wee bit more about squashing as many cash-holding suckers into each trip as possible.

This is a long review but hopefully it gives some a better idea of what to expect and make an informed decision ahead of time about whether this is what you want (still lots of fun, but becoming more touristy and expensive) or if you'd prefer to hire a taxi to do your own tour to the spots you most want to see.
Written February 7, 2016
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Thank you for your review. I am happy you enjoyed the music and had some fun. You should note though that the One Love Bus Bar Crawl makes no pretences about being an entirely philanthropic venture. The tour serves multiple purposes; exposing visitors to more of the community, bringing business to bars that need it (especially to those "barren" ones that would not normally have a fighting chance,) as well as to provide an income for myself and family. I am not in the business of telling bar operators what to charge and with 6 - 7 bars, customers certainly have the option of not purchasing an item they deem to be too "expensive". On the other hand, it appears that it is perfectly acceptable to shell out US$7.00 or more per drink at the better known cliff diving bars or other theme bars but a rip off to pay US$4.00 for a Red Stripe at a locally owned joint. The purpose of the experience is to uplift the operators and servers at the places I stop and to give them an opportunity to provide a sound education to their kids or take the illusive vacation enjoyed by so many. On the matter of how much I make per trip- I find it very irresponsible and frankly offensive for you to try to compute my earnings. I certainly wish I were making US$20 per person. The reality is that no one is under any obligation to tip and for every twenty dollars you see, there are several more who tip $1.00 or none at all. It really is none of your business. Ultimately, the experience is for those who want to see more of Negril, support the local economy and have a good time. It is decidedly not for persons who are mentally computing every penny a bar operator earns with each beer or slice of pizza you purchase. When was the last time you asked the owner of Facebook how much he earns every time you post a selfie? You are welcome back any time you like. I do hope when you do, you leave a US$20 tip. One love, Lenbert
Written February 9, 2016
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Pottstown, PA44 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Jul 2014 • Couples
We have been to Negril many times and this was our first time on the One Love bus, but it will not be our last. This was such a great time. Everyone is fun and friendly and Lenbert was the best host Negril will ever have. Here are a few tips/suggestions that will greatly enhance your experience.

- Relax and dress casual. The weather can be unpredictable and you just need to roll with it.
- Don't worry if the bus seems crowded. The more the merrier and there are handrails above the seats. The drive is not far from one location to the other, and Lenbert is a gentle driver.
- Bring small bills, they are just easier.
- Bring school supplies. The schools do not supply ANY of the necessary school supplies. We picked up pencils, markers, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, and even crayons (they did not melt packed in the checked luggage). Before we left, I e-mailed Lenbert for suggestions as to what was currently needed. He collects these and they are given to the schools to distribute. Packed into a carry-on helped open up space for the souvenirs coming home! ;)
- Gals, pack some extra tissues, just in case you find yourself without TP. You will be in a variety of locations with a variety of services available. Better to be prepared and not need it then to need it...
- Yes, you may meet some kids selling bracelets. The kids are cute and the bracelets are $3US. They are a nice souvenir to remind you of the pub crawl and you know where the money is directly going to.
- Please remember to thank and tip Lenbert. He is a wonderful host and a really great guy! At the end of the night, there can be a lot of commotion as new friends are departing at hotel stops. Take 10 seconds to show him your appreciation.

But most importantly, you will have fun and meet a variety of vacationers in the afternoon, who become friends by sundown. You will visit a variety of bars and meet locals who welcome you into their social circle during your visit.

There are so many bars on the main road that we all see and so many more off the beaten path that we don't know about, my plan is to reserve our place on the One Love pub crawl the same time we reserve our stay. This is a 'must do' for each trip to Negril!!
Written July 23, 2014
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Frank V
Phoenix, Arizona, United States19 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Dec 2017 • Couples
The ratings are correct...this is a five star event! Except for those 3 percenters, who are always out there, some of whom can never be pleased with anything, so they rated this 3, 2, and 1 star, the other 97% agree with us. As with everything, you can't please all of the people all of the time...but Lenbert is obviously making 97% very happy...and rightfully so! Unless you are a pure stick-in-the-mud, you will LOVE the "One Love Drive Experience." My partner and I are cool, but we are not loud party people who get blind drunk, either. The unlikely probability of both of us intentionally boarding a pub crawl bus and going bar hopping was hilarious to our friends because we don't drink very much. But the Chamber of Commerce article that I had read about Lenbert and this service prior to our trip and these Trip Advisor reviews are all SPOT ON!

Here's the deal: First, CALL EARLY...DAYS AHEAD, because he generally runs FULL. What to expect: Lenbert picks you up outside your hotel (I think generally between 2 and 3 PM, and returns you sometime after 6 or 7ish). He makes a number of other stops, picking up passengers until the bus is about 30-people full...standing room only. Then he heads towards the first pub. Lenbert told me that for each trip he selects five or six smaller bars/drinking establishments from a pool of something like 50 bars, many of which you would NEVER HAVE FOUND, unless you were to literally get lost in the woods in some cases, and you were to stumble onto them accidentally while trying to find your way back to civilization. Some of them had excellent views (underground caves) and free entertainment (in some cases, just some friendly Jamaican folk, jamming out some nice island or other tunes). NOTE: If you do NOT like classic loud rock music like ACDC or Aerosmith, or participating with a group of your fun fellow tourists, slightly off-key belting out Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" while riding between stops, then stay at your hotel and watch TV...because unfortunately, you are a party pooper...and probably one of those 3% who rated this trip anything below a four. This is a FIVE-PLUS! But if you DO enjoy hanging out with fun people having fun, and visiting with REAL Jamaican people whom you will not find mentioned individually at Trip Advisor or listed in any Fodors reviews, but all of whom will provide non-commercialized fun entertainment, then Lenbert's One Love Drive Experience" is a NON-NEGOTIABLE MUST-DO! For my partner and I, it was our first trip. We were uncertain about doing it so we saved it until our last night. BIG MISTAKE, because we would have gone again if our trip hadn't been at its end. But with us on the bus were one couple who were making their 10th or 12th ride, and another small group of people who I think said was their 6th ride, and yet another single guy who was on his...wait for it....his 35th ride! The "GOOD": Nobody got rip-roaring drunk, BUT literally everyone was feeling really good by the end of the trip. Lenbert's driving was reasonably safe. The "BAD": It ended too soon...but I would have said that it ended too soon even if we had kept going until the next day! I cannot emphasize enough...JUST DO IT!

I don't know how soon it will begin...but Lenbert is in the process of fixing up another bus to do this same concept with a FOODIE crawl. We're doing that next time we go back, assuming he's ready to go with that service. GO LENBERT! We had a blast!
Written January 14, 2018
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Boston, MA2,282 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Dec 2014 • Friends
We were lucky to go on the bus crawl on 12/28. Our bus had about 25 people on it and we went to 8 bars (the bus convinced Lenbert to make the 8th stop). Bars we saw were Sunset After Dark, Patio Court, On the Rocks, No Limit, Xtabi, Mr. D's, Just Naturel, and Canoe. As others have mentioned, the bus is quiet at first but by the third stop, everyone was talking and having a great time. Lenbert is a nice guy and makes sure that everyone is safe and happy (he even plays crossing guard with stop signs to help everyone cross streets) You don't have to have a drink at each place if you don't want (except you have to buy a drink to go down to see Xtabi's caves) and you can take your drinks on the bus with you if you need to. Many on our bus were repeat customers and we will definitely do it again when we return to Negril. Drinks were between $4-6 (we mostly drank Red Stripe lights but fellow passengers raved about the Dirty Banana at Xtabi). Most people tip Lenbert between $10-$20 a person, we did the later just because we had such a great time and figured that is at least what a cab would cost us...just go, you won't regret it!
Written January 8, 2015
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1 contribution
1.0 of 5 bubbles
Jun 2019 • Couples
I’m not sure how this has ANY 5star reviews. The bus does NOT have A/C first and formost which in 95+ degree weather for over six hours is criminal. Drinks were watered down and overpriced at each “bar”. We were expecting to visit local bars where there would be people and markets we could shop at. Instead we visited mostly what would otherwise be shacks, no customers, only us and many of the people tuning them were unfriendly and ungrateful for our business. Most also had “special bus tour” menus which were clearly not prices they would charge locals and had little to no booze in them. Only a few were legit bars with decent views but not at a time of day that was any fun. He even took us to his wife’s “bar” at his house. Yes, I’m serious! Not what we signed up
for at all. On top of the $50 per couple bus tour fee, you will drop $15-20 at each place for one drink brining your total to $200 easily. If you want to get drunk enough to forget how hot you are, being more as people don’t want to make you change. We got back sober, overheated and livid. There was a group on the bus that seemed to have fun and I can only assume they either were not staying at an all-inclusive that knew how to pour drinks or had never gone on a Jamaican excursion before. Take your money to anything Chukka (inclusive and they know how to party) or better yet, just stay at your resort. Worst tour I have ever been on.
Written June 24, 2019
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In the history of the bar crawl, no one has ever paid $15 for ANY drink, much less $20 so I must assume that your review is a flat out targeted attack on my business, as my bar crawl cannot be the one you came on. The average drink price is $4 to $5 for beers and mixed drinks. I go to both established bars and local bars. If you think that the locally owned bars are SHACKS, then obviously you didn't not do your research. (For those of you reading my comment, take a moment to go through the pictures of the people who have come on bar crawl and determine for yourselves if you consider these local bars shacks or not.) I am taking people to bars owned by locals and not to the multi million dollar bars with a huge marketing budget and possibly foreign owners. The bar owners I support, live in Negril, send their children to school in Negril, shop in Negril; they are part of the fabric of the community and their earnings are multiplied in the community. I cannot say the same for the bars you seem to prefer. I only go to the businesses of friends, family and business owners I know personally, because they know me AND my security expectations. My stance on this point is as it has always been and will not change. To address your point regarding the heat, Jamaica has experienced in recent days, some of the hottest temperatures on record. My air conditioning works but guests often leave windows open and of course the hot air comes in. The bar crawl is a fun excursion and you are expected to let your hair down. If you are expecting a Chukka type experience, then again, this is not the tour for you.
Written June 28, 2019
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Liz L
Quebec, Canada5 contributions
2.0 of 5 bubbles
Jan 2016 • Friends
I've been to Negril close to a dozen times and don't usually do a lot of the touristy stuff but decided to book on the One Love crawl since we had a group of friends joining us a few weeks ago and they had never been. I've actually been on the bus once before a while back and it was a lot of fun but since then I think it's going downhill.

Yes, I know everyone seems to LOVE the bus but on our last trip the bus was WAAAAAAAY overpacked. Like people's sweaty armpits in your face packed because they had to lean over to hold on while we went around corners so they wouldn't start a domino of riders crashing over on turns. It was beyond standing room only because there wasn't even room to squeeze together anymore. They shouldn't have allowed that many people on and should have turned some away. Instead, the driver allowed someone else to jump on the bus who just flagged him down on the street corner.

Some of the stops were a nice change of pace and some were not. Just be aware that sometimes a bar or pub is actually someone's back yard or a street corner.

At the end of the trip Lenbert had his hand out for tips. We all expected to tip but one person in our group gave less than what he expected apparently because I could swear the driver said "That's it?" (The only thing he said the whole trip to my knowledge.) Another person couldn't tip because her money was gone and we're almost positive that one of the boys at a bar took it because he quickly pulled his hand away from her bag when I asked "What are you doing??!" This is the same stop where a bunch of boys chased after the bus and jumped on the back asking for money. When the friend whose money was gone didn't tip, the driver Lenbert looked visibly upset and scowled at her. If you don't believe it, look over his replies to some of the reviews that didn't give perfect scores. Aggressive and not very open to feedback. Now I'm embarrassed I brought a big group of my friends and family along after bragging it up.

If you don't care how uncomfortable you might be pressed against strangers, potentially stopping in backyards to buy beers, and being sneered at if you don't tip what Lenbert expects, then go for it. Some parts were worth it, like the other people on the bus we met. I think the One Love bus was awesome when it first started and now it has changed and not for the better... and it's getting a reputation in town too.

If you want to pay less money, be guaranteed of a seat, and still have fun while going to a lot of different places I would recommend hiring your own driver and negotiating a rate to have them tour you around while even talking with you about the area, the people, the culture. A lot of drivers will do this from small taxis to large shuttles.
Written February 22, 2016
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