Dunn's River Falls and Park

Dunn's River Falls and Park

Dunn's River Falls and Park
The unique terraced Dunn’s River Falls is a refreshing adventure in the Jamaican jungle. Get a tour guide to help you navigate through the pools and to the giant staircase waterfalls—if the going gets too tough, there are points at which you can give up and walk along the adjacent path. The falls are a popular stop for cruise boats that pass through the area, so if you’re planning on visiting on your own, you’ll want to get there early in the morning for fewer crowds. Afterward, cross the highway and dry off on the golden sand at Dunn’s River Beach. – Tripadvisor
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Very good

California360 contributions
Jun 2022 • Solo
Dunn’s river falls are unique in their tiered beauty as well as in the fact that the river runs down directly into the Caribbean sea. Once you get to the falls, you can buy your ticket at the counter (USD 25) and enter the park through the turnstiles. You’ll enter the park at the top of the falls. There is a wooden staircase that runs along the entire length of the falls down to the beach. I suggest taking the stairs all the way down first so you can take a few pictures of the falls while still dry and then start to climb up from the beach. Lots of fresh water pools to take breaks at on the climb up. Very refreshing.

I agree with some other reviewers that a guide is not needed to climb the falls. I brought water shoes with me that really helped with traction. You can also buy water shoes at the park for USD 10 but they are not mandatory. I saw several people climbing the falls barefoot.

I was lucky in that I went in the afternoon on a day when there was no cruise ship in port but would recommend going early to avoid the crowds.
Written June 30, 2022
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Burlington, CT774 contributions
Jul 2022
Traveling on our own from a nearby resort on a day trip, we visited famous Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios. Since this is a definite tourist attraction, we weren’t sure if this would be worth our while with the large crowds. There was a significant crowd by the entrance that day as we purchased tickets. For $25 each, admission doesn’t seem too bad. Lockers are available to rent for items that need to stay dry. We were gathered in a group of about 15 as our tour guide led us towards the beach to begin our adventure. Here at the end of the falls, we soon got acquainted with the others in the group as we held hands beginning the ascent. It soon became evident that holding hands along with holding on to one another was essential in climbing the occasional slippery falls. There are occasional stairways for those that have had enough and want to exit. We kept persevering, even when it seemed the upward shuffle against the falls would never end. Moving along with our group was a photographer/videographer who captured stills and videos of all or some at various points. Finally reaching the end, at the beginning of the falls, was a huge accomplishment for us. We dried off and got many photos of the falls from the balconies and stairs that parallel the unique attraction. There was a video created of our adventure that was available to purchase afterwards for $40, which we did get. It was a surprisingly challenging experience that we’re glad we took the time to do. This is a must see attraction when in the Ocho Rios area and was one of the highlights of our Jamaica vacation.
Written September 10, 2022
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43 contributions
Apr 2022 • Family
Our kids are 6, 7 and 8, with one of them being pretty scared when it comes to being in unknown or moving waters so I was hugely apprehensive about managing the falls, despite it being the thing I wanted to do the most whilst in Jamaica. I'm glad we pushed ahead and gave it a shot.
All three kids managed the falls without too much issue. (It's worth noting that all three are much shorter than average for their age too)

A big shout out to our guide BBG (big belly Gibbs) who was great with us all and settled my fears with bringing the kids along despite my first thoughts on how he was so laid back he looked like he was going to go to sleep on us. He helped us along, kept the kids moving and also kept all the adults from making a fool of themselves slipping on the rocks. He gave plenty of opportunity for family photos (which he was happy to take whenever we got somewhere safe). I would recommend him if you get an option for a guide

Also a big shout out to Alex the videographer on the tour who as he liked to put it was the mischievous trouble maker, but all in good fun. He kept the group laughing, kept the kids entertained and determined and seemed to be there at every turn when he was needed as well as for the good shots. I have no idea how the video will turn out as it gets emailed to you and I haven't seen it yet. However worth noting, it costs $40 for the video.

Tips are very well received and like everywhere in Jamaica, are clearly highly sought. On this occasion I do feel they really did earn these tips though, I don't know if the kids would have made it without them there.

A big tip is be prepared to be firm as you head out the park when it comes to the craft market. We were late for our bus and despite saying no (politely) at every turn, we were hassled, followed and set upon with goods, even trying the trick of handing a "gift" to your children.

Be warned the water is cold (I would put kids in wet shirts etc to keep them warm). Take water shoes as you most certainly need these and they are cheaper to buy before the trip. If you have booked dunns as an add on whilst booking mystic mountains, be warned you get just under 2 hours once dropped off from the mountains to get in, wait for a guide, sort disclaimers, climb and be changed and back for the coach. It was the tightest time frame we have had the entire holiday and genuinely thought we had missed the transportation. It made it a bit more stressful than I would have liked and I wish we had booked it all separately.
Written April 16, 2022
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Toronto, Canada2 contributions
Dec 2022 • Couples
Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios

The natural wonder of Dunn’s cannot be understated, however …

I’m not sure why our prestigious hotel would promote and subsidize the cost of this activity for its guests. It was a freebie to attend this “National Treasure” that seems to be geared more towards rewarding the guides and vendors than subsidizing this natural wonder, as the park was in a state of disrepair with rotted benches and platforms.

At the outset, our driver told us the importance of tipping and that we should buy the $40 video package - our spidey senses immediately went up. The park wasn’t overly crowded, however we were sequestered into two groups and had to wait to begin. Both times we were reminded about the importance of tipping. We had to repeat the operators name over and over and the mantra to agree to all the instructions. In neither of these were we given any indication of what to expect during the climb, which might have opened up other alternatives to those that were uncomfortable.

We signed an extensive waiver, which makes sense as the climb had its fair share of dangers. It appeared the way up the falls was holding the hand of the person ahead of you for safety, however as we ascended we saw many people who were independently visiting and had no support. Myself being scared of falling, I opted out at the 1/3rd mark but others that weren’t aware of these exit points and elected not to participate were mocked and ostracized by the tour guide. Just for context I work in construction and am not afraid of heights or dangerous environments.

After I opted out, I went to a deck at the 2/3 point where I watched an independent visitor fall and bang his head. No one came to help him. He eventually collected himself and continued on.

The climb took three times as long to complete because the videographer was taking pictures with each person and group. At the end, the pressure to purchase the $40US video package was huge and to tip the guides heavy.

The most appalling was the exit being blocked by a gauntlet of aggressive vendors. They were hyper-aggressive and when we said our money was in the bus, they wanted to follow us to the bus. This was extremely off putting to our entire group, none of whom purchases a thing as a result.

Would not recommend to anyone with small children, any instability (ie weak ankles or knees), impaired, anyone who isn’t very physically fit, anyone suffering vertigo, etc. High likelihood of minor injuries, and some likelihood of significant injury.
Written December 19, 2022
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Laura G
Spokane, WA1 contribution
Jul 2022 • Couples
The shops at the end ruined it. They act all friendly and chit chat, obviously high as a kite, tell you to "just come see my shop, I've got some beautiful things" my husband is the too nice type chatting away and follows him into some shop in the back. I politely look around and he says "I'll give you this for free, you just treat me right" I keep asking "how much?" He side swipes the question saying "you treat me right" then asks your anniversary date or kids names, freaking carves it in the wooden sculpture to make you feel guilty and then insists on $150! I said $50, the guy stood there in silence, my husband got super uncomfortable and intimidated and just offered $80... the guy says $150, I say no and my husband says $120. At this point I am pissed and the guy keeps pushing, I finally said $120 three times until he stopped. They insist on following you then to your bus for you to get your card. This was all after the "tour guide" at the end had said "you got money for tips?" And we said "no we left it in the bus". It honestly ruined the entire experience, i never would have paid $120 for these cheap ass carvings. They get you to pay by cornering you in a dark shop and making you feel unsafe. I loved the waterfall but the guide was ridiculously slow because there were SO MANY PEOPLE. It truly is a tourist trap. I am mindblown it has such a high rating. I am super easy going, but after being pressured/intimidated so much to give money I would never recommend. You can't even get out of this park without going through the maze of shops. AVOID
Written July 25, 2022
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Somerset, UK2 contributions
Aug 2022
We wanted to love this, we really did. But it was absolutely chaos. People were arriving by the coach load and in some ways we were lucky to have at least been one of the earlier groups because by the time we left it was absolutely heaving.
The scenery was nothing short of beautiful and it was a relative short drive from our hotel, the holiday inn. We signed our waiver forms and then were introduced to our guide (Floyd) and photographer. From the outset it was clear they wanted us to act all excited for the camera - but after saying 'yeh man' about 50 plus times it did get a bit tiresome. We were instructed to all hold hands and go up in a long chain. I have nothing against holding hands with anyone, but would have much preferred to have them free for balance and support. At times we wanted to stop in one of the many pools to take our own photographs, but our guide tried to chivvy us along and actually appeared to get annoyed when we were not rushing.
When we did eventually get to the top, we were quickly ushered to an area where we could purchase a photo for $8 or the video for $40. We got the video and upon watching it felt totally ripped off. Half of it wasn't even of our group and the editing was diabolical! After this we had to run the gauntlet through loads of gift shops and hawkers.
We since found out that there are much less visited waterfalls that we could have walked to avoid the busyness we encountered there.
Written August 31, 2022
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Oklahoma City, OK30 contributions
Jan 2023
The falls and the park were great. We also did the Zip Line. MJ and his crew were very attentive, talked with everyone, and made us feel very safe. The falls are beautiful. The rocks are not as slick as I expected. I did not like the human chain component as when the person in front of you falls or behind you, you are jerked on and fall with them.

My main issue was leaving the falls. The area where all the sales people are is SCARY. Our tour guide took us in the middle and disappearedm we didnt even know how to get out since we were in the middle of all the huts. My husband was literally pulled away from me and surrounded by vendors insisting he buy some trinkets for $80. They carved his name on them before he even said anything about buying them. He finally just gave the $40 to get them away so he could help me. On the way out one of the single ladies in our group was surrounded by 4 vendors and one had his hands all around her waist. The others huddled tight around them. She was freaked out!!! I tried grabbing her acting like I was with her, but they shut me out pretty fast. When our bus was leaving, the tour guide actually had to go back to get one of the women so we could be on time. NEVER AGAIN will I go back to Jamaica.
Written January 16, 2023
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Rob H
Argeles-sur-Mer, France1 contribution
Oct 2022
We were nearly put off by some of the negative reviews on here, however there were many points in the positive and negative reviews that helped us.
Firstly we did the tour on our own it cost us $180 for 4 , our children at 14 & 15 were classed as adults which included a round trip taxi from Beaches resort Ocho Rios.
The resort wanted to sell us the tour package which would have cost us $320 but we insisted we wanted to do our own thing and reluctantly they ordered us a taxi that picked us up waited for us to finish our visit to the falls and then took us back. Our Taxi driver Richard was really helpful and took us to a place where we bought the water shoes, we thought we may be able to get down without them.. that's a firm no and the best $12 each we have spent all holiday. There are locker at the top and at the bottom if you want a locker rent one at the top, you enter the falls at the top, walk down the stairs alongside the falls and then walk back up, we left all our belongings in the taxi so there was no need for a locker. We chose a day when there was no cruise liners in port (a tip from a previous reviewer) we went quite early in the morning refused a tour guide and made our own way slowly up the falls. For the most part we were the only people in the falls and were able to spent time exploring different routes up rather than being in a snake like line. My wife suffers from vertigo and even she managed to make it up the most difficult part of the falls then stepped out onto the stair and became official photographer. As we didn't have a guide we were not pressured into tipping , nor did we have a cameraman with us .You should purchase a waterproof wallet to put your phone in should you want to take your own pictures you will get wet. The walk is a challenge but very doable I'm, 60 and had bilateral total knee replacements 18 months ago and it I was fine. At the end you are directed through the village where vendors want to sell you things but as seasoned travellers and following the reviews we were prepared and didn't get too much hassle. Don't let the negative reviews put you off this was one of our most memorable family experiences, do not miss it!
Written October 29, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Edinburgh, UK62 contributions
Jun 2022 • Couples
This is a must do trip if you haven’t been here before. We went from a hotel so it was organised with transport to and from and our time at the falls had a guide included but it seemed fairly easy to do independently. There were about 12 of us altogether in our group which was about right. It is worth trying to go on a 'non cruise' day as we did as it was much quieter with a more leisurely walk and photo opps : this is worth checking as it can be really crowded!

The guide Michael was great and he navigated the rocks skilfully. There are a couple of stopping off points where you slide onto a pool and 'fall' into a pool which are worth doing and are well supervised: they know what they are doing and safety is a key thing.

Make sure you wear VERY sturdy shoes that will stand a battering as there are a couple of points in the falls where there is quite a powerful rush of water and anything loose can be dragged off (my shoes strap broke which made the rest of the walk more than a little challenging !)

There is a picture and video option at about $40 which we bought between 4 of us. If you want good footage then play up to the camera as it is edited and the best footage will be kept…you want it to be you! We have seen other reviews which suggested that this isn’t good value with poor quality. This wasn’t our experience and we have some great memories to look back on…thanks to our photographer!
Written June 4, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Rhia M
4 contributions
Sep 2022
We loved it here. I could spend a whole day climbing the falls and enjoying the beach. For sure it is slippery. You need good water shoes and I'd recommend having a guide at least the first time you do it. They have suggestions that will be really useful for your exploring on your own. Seemingly obvious advice but helpful.. make sure when you put your foot down that it doesn't slip before you transfer your weight. Avoid the dark colored rocks (that's mud.)
I was told by security that the guides that work there are included in the fee you pay to get in, however they accept tips. I recommend it. They're wonderful, so kind, and helpful. One of the security guys - Jerome - saw that my mom and I were going to attempt it on our own and decided to join us on the hike up. He was so nice and held my moms hand the entire time. I'm glad he did. Even as a skilled mover with great balance, I appreciated the tips he had to offer. All the staff were nice and want to make sure you're having fun but also safe. There are several points at the top that you can exit onto the steps and platform next to the falls. There are steps next to almost the entirety of the falls that runs down to the beach at the bottom and leads up to the top where there's food stands and vendors. I saw some guides take pretty large groups up the falls with a chain of folks holding hands, but our guy said it's more safe with smaller numbers while climbing up. The climb didn't take long. Approximately, I couldn't say. It felt like 40min maybe? It depends how much time you spend swimming and lounging about the various pools along the way. I would say go during the week on a day that there isn't a cruise ship docked in Ocho Rios. That's when it's less busy. We had our driver drop us off and pick us up. Several hours was a good chunk of time to enjoy, but honestly I'd spend all day here if I came again. Maybe pack some of my own food, bring the family, take turns hiking up, chill at the beach. There's also nice gardens and pathway at the top with places to picnic.
Written September 28, 2022
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