Dunn's River Falls and Park

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Dunn's River Falls and Park

Dunn's River Falls and Park
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Jasmine D
California312 contributions
Dunn’s river falls are unique in their tiered beauty as well as in the fact that the river runs down directly into the Caribbean sea. Once you get to the falls, you can buy your ticket at the counter (USD 25) and enter the park through the turnstiles. You’ll enter the park at the top of the falls. There is a wooden staircase that runs along the entire length of the falls down to the beach. I suggest taking the stairs all the way down first so you can take a few pictures of the falls while still dry and then start to climb up from the beach. Lots of fresh water pools to take breaks at on the climb up. Very refreshing.

I agree with some other reviewers that a guide is not needed to climb the falls. I brought water shoes with me that really helped with traction. You can also buy water shoes at the park for USD 10 but they are not mandatory. I saw several people climbing the falls barefoot.

I was lucky in that I went in the afternoon on a day when there was no cruise ship in port but would recommend going early to avoid the crowds.
Written June 30, 2022
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41 contributions
Our kids are 6, 7 and 8, with one of them being pretty scared when it comes to being in unknown or moving waters so I was hugely apprehensive about managing the falls, despite it being the thing I wanted to do the most whilst in Jamaica. I'm glad we pushed ahead and gave it a shot.
All three kids managed the falls without too much issue. (It's worth noting that all three are much shorter than average for their age too)

A big shout out to our guide BBG (big belly Gibbs) who was great with us all and settled my fears with bringing the kids along despite my first thoughts on how he was so laid back he looked like he was going to go to sleep on us. He helped us along, kept the kids moving and also kept all the adults from making a fool of themselves slipping on the rocks. He gave plenty of opportunity for family photos (which he was happy to take whenever we got somewhere safe). I would recommend him if you get an option for a guide

Also a big shout out to Alex the videographer on the tour who as he liked to put it was the mischievous trouble maker, but all in good fun. He kept the group laughing, kept the kids entertained and determined and seemed to be there at every turn when he was needed as well as for the good shots. I have no idea how the video will turn out as it gets emailed to you and I haven't seen it yet. However worth noting, it costs $40 for the video.

Tips are very well received and like everywhere in Jamaica, are clearly highly sought. On this occasion I do feel they really did earn these tips though, I don't know if the kids would have made it without them there.

A big tip is be prepared to be firm as you head out the park when it comes to the craft market. We were late for our bus and despite saying no (politely) at every turn, we were hassled, followed and set upon with goods, even trying the trick of handing a "gift" to your children.

Be warned the water is cold (I would put kids in wet shirts etc to keep them warm). Take water shoes as you most certainly need these and they are cheaper to buy before the trip. If you have booked dunns as an add on whilst booking mystic mountains, be warned you get just under 2 hours once dropped off from the mountains to get in, wait for a guide, sort disclaimers, climb and be changed and back for the coach. It was the tightest time frame we have had the entire holiday and genuinely thought we had missed the transportation. It made it a bit more stressful than I would have liked and I wish we had booked it all separately.
Written April 16, 2022
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Edinburgh, UK56 contributions
This is a must do trip if you haven’t been here before. We went from a hotel so it was organised with transport to and from and our time at the falls had a guide included but it seemed fairly easy to do independently. There were about 12 of us altogether in our group which was about right. It is worth trying to go on a 'non cruise' day as we did as it was much quieter with a more leisurely walk and photo opps : this is worth checking as it can be really crowded!

The guide Michael was great and he navigated the rocks skilfully. There are a couple of stopping off points where you slide onto a pool and 'fall' into a pool which are worth doing and are well supervised: they know what they are doing and safety is a key thing.

Make sure you wear VERY sturdy shoes that will stand a battering as there are a couple of points in the falls where there is quite a powerful rush of water and anything loose can be dragged off (my shoes strap broke which made the rest of the walk more than a little challenging !)

There is a picture and video option at about $40 which we bought between 4 of us. If you want good footage then play up to the camera as it is edited and the best footage will be kept…you want it to be you! We have seen other reviews which suggested that this isn’t good value with poor quality. This wasn’t our experience and we have some great memories to look back on…thanks to our photographer!
Written June 4, 2022
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Laura G
Spokane, WA1 contribution
The shops at the end ruined it. They act all friendly and chit chat, obviously high as a kite, tell you to "just come see my shop, I've got some beautiful things" my husband is the too nice type chatting away and follows him into some shop in the back. I politely look around and he says "I'll give you this for free, you just treat me right" I keep asking "how much?" He side swipes the question saying "you treat me right" then asks your anniversary date or kids names, freaking carves it in the wooden sculpture to make you feel guilty and then insists on $150! I said $50, the guy stood there in silence, my husband got super uncomfortable and intimidated and just offered $80... the guy says $150, I say no and my husband says $120. At this point I am pissed and the guy keeps pushing, I finally said $120 three times until he stopped. They insist on following you then to your bus for you to get your card. This was all after the "tour guide" at the end had said "you got money for tips?" And we said "no we left it in the bus". It honestly ruined the entire experience, i never would have paid $120 for these cheap ass carvings. They get you to pay by cornering you in a dark shop and making you feel unsafe. I loved the waterfall but the guide was ridiculously slow because there were SO MANY PEOPLE. It truly is a tourist trap. I am mindblown it has such a high rating. I am super easy going, but after being pressured/intimidated so much to give money I would never recommend. You can't even get out of this park without going through the maze of shops. AVOID
Written July 25, 2022
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Greater London, UK137 contributions
I had absolutely no idea what to expect before embarking on this tour except to be prepared to be severely harassed at the end when you are forced to walk through the market to your bus.

Let me be clear - it is not suitable for anyone with mobility issues nor should it be brushed off as being an easy climb. In parts you will be faced with a steep climb whilst gushing water speeds past your feet. It is very easy to slip if you don't have your wits about you even if you have the right water shoes on (which I did!) and sometimes the pools you wade through are not clear and can be deep and/or rocky.

There are literally HUNDREDS of people making this climb at the same time both as part of a guided tour or off their own back. It's chaotic, haphazard and several places people were pushing past you to keep up with their group. I found this very unsettling especially in places where the climb was a bit more challenging.

Our tour guide was very good in so far as he took photos of everyone at the "key" spots and made sure we all made it from the bottom to the top safely. He was however very pushy in relation to a tip even following us to the bus to make sure he got some money.

In hindsight I am proud I managed to complete the climb despite feeling like it was a little risky. I just want to make sure people know what they are letting themselves in for BEFORE they book.
Written March 23, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Jay B
1 contribution
First time in Jamaica and have been told countlessly that the Dunns river is a ‘must’.

First and foremost our trip was free as part of a package with our resort so I cannot comment on the price of this excursion.

Upon arrival, everything was pretty smooth as you’d expect, my group stuck together and we proceeded into the entrance of the park. Me and my partner did not have a waterproof case so therefore had to purchase one from one of the vendors at the entrance of the park for $22 which is very expensive, so just a tip: bring your own waterproof phone case beforehand.

We were then greeted with 2 members of staff from the park, 1 videographer and 1 guide who initially were very friendly and maintained a good vibe. However, within minutes it was clear there intentions had nothing to do with our enjoyment rather, a tip for themselves. There was a constant mention from the guide and I quote ‘Give me some money after we’re finished’ before we’d even started the climb.

The videographer made a good effort in keeping the energy and vibe at a good level throughout the climb, however he did not take well to you taking personal photos and videos from your own phones / cameras and sometimes trying to obscure your pictures or rushing you to move on whilst taking them. As he wants you to purchase his video / movie at the end I can understand however it did effect our enjoyment of the climb.

Away from the guides, the Dunns River Falls was an amazing and unforgettable experience and really does live up to its reputation. The climb itself isn’t easy and safety is an important factor but all is worth it as it’s truly a beautiful part of Jamaica’s nature.

Unfortunately this experience was somewhat ruined by our guide and his constant mention of ‘giving us your money’ throughout the climb. It was the only thing on his mind and showed ZERO pride for his job. Constantly rushing us up the falls and wasn’t even polite to anyone.
This was the story for the entire climb.

Moving onto the end, and the Guide was quick to claim his tips. As a disclaimer, I love to tip people when I believe they deserve it, especially in lower income countries, however in this case I regret giving this man a tip. We decided to give him the rest of our cash ($10) and by the time we gave it to him he’d already accumulated at least $100 from the rest of he group. The first thing he done when we gave him the tip, was count the money and complain it wasn’t enough. He would then ask for more to which me and my partner said we haven’t got any. He then persisted to ask if we had anymore on the shuttle bus. It was clear from the off this person was only motivated by the money and had no care for our enjoyment of the day. He did not deserve a tip at all yet still received one abs was extremely ungrateful.

Me and partner won’t judge all the guides by this experience and do encourage people to visit Dunns River as mentioned before it is truly beautiful. Just be mindful of pressures from the guides, bring your own waterproof phone and case and enjoy yourselves. Tip wisely.
Written April 25, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Debra D
Montego Bay, Jamaica14 contributions
this is a well known local excursion. it is very good. they recetly added a kids play area over past 2 years. the climb of this water fall can be very challenging, there is a fee to enter and also for a guide. I would recommend using a guide as some of these rocks can be extremely slippery and scary. water shoes is a must or sneakers with a good grip bottom. there is also a beach which is just as fun but prepare to walk all the way back up to the top either by steps or by the falls. you can exit the falls at mid point.
Written June 18, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Stacey W
3 contributions
Hands down the 2nd best experience we had in Jamaica (getting engaged took the top spot!). Covid protocols are strictly followed here, and everyone on staff is super helpful.

Chanar was AMAZING! We were fortunate to arrive at a time that wasn't busy, so it was just the 2 of us hiking the falls with him as our guide. He used our phone to capture so many great pictures of the falls themselves so we could focus on safely climbing, and he also had a number of spots where he would stop and have us do fun stuff, like sitting behind a wall of water and sliding down a little pool area, that we never would have known to do otherwise. He took videos as well, and used his knowledge of the falls to turn the results into something incredibly memorable. We walked away feeling like we had not only a guide to help climb the falls, but a personal photographer/videographer as well. If you get lucky enough to have him as your guide, be prepared for a lot of fun and overall amazing experience!

From a safety standpoint, it can be a little tricky in spots, and a bit of a workout if you're not used to climbing or aren't steady on your feet. Just step exactly where you're shown and trust your guide. Water shoes help a lot! 10/10 would recommend taking 1.5-2 hours of your time to visit and climb the falls!
Written December 1, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Staffs62 contributions
The actual falls are undoubtedly beautiful however the whole experience was totally spoilt by the hustling for tips and the market at the end of the visit. I had read previous reviews and our driver had warned us not to accept anything given to us as 'a gift' as it is always expected you pay for it. We totally get they need to make a living and having travelled throughout Africa and Asia we are not opposed to tipping when service is genuine. The guide and video man were literally asking us to tip over and over, even following us up to the taxi and getting stroppy when we decided we'd actually had enough and felt a tip was no longer deserved. The walk through the markets to the taxi is unavoidable and it felt like being thrown to the lions.

Such a shame it was spoilt by staff.
Written January 31, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Camberley, Surrey150 contributions
I have read that this is one of the top 10 "Must Do" experiences in the world, hence the visit.
Not as busy as expected but that may be down to Covid Travel restrictions.
There are changing rooms and lockers within the site so you don't need to strip off in the car park!! It can be a bit slow getting through the entrance and when you pay to hire a locker down at the foot of the falls you have to return your key and reclaim your deposit back at the entrance!!
You can have a guide lead you up (for which you pay but is a slower and possibly safer ascent) or climb it yourself (quicker and reasonably easy if you take your time to pick your route). Very refreshing with the cold water. You really should wear beach shoes for the climb as there are a lot of hidden rocks in the pools and sharp edges. It's a great experience and feeling of achievement when you get to the top. You can buy photos as the guided tours are accompanied by a photographer.
Only complaint is that you have to run a gauntlet of market traders to get out. They are very persistent!!
Written March 29, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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