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WHY HIKE THE BLUE MOUNTAINS? From incredible mountain views to cultural insights to biking joy to Jamaican food — this tour has it all! Could this be Jamaica’s best-kept secret? We’re the ONLY tour that gets you into the famous Blue Mountains — the cool, misty home of some of the most prized and expensive coffee in the world! Jamaica isn’t all beaches and coconut trees. Here, folks you bike past may be wearing sweaters. This is a side of Jamaica your friends haven’t seen — where the tallest peak is 1,500 feet higher than the biggest ski resort in France. Where wild hogs and the guinea pig-like coney roam in “elfin forest”, below pine trees shrouded in mist.. Descend a gentle 4,000 feet down next to tangerine and soursop trees, with almost no peddling — ending up at a jungle waterfall and swimming hole. Sample Jamaica’s coffee and touch the beans growing in the field. Have a hearty Jamaican lunch. And ride the highest (1,000 feet), longest zipline in Jamaica. Let’s go!
Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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Very good

Julie O
18 contributions
Nov 2021 • Couples
Once we survived the bus ride and got on our bikes it was amazing! Ping was our tour guide and he was so sweet and funny. He made the winding crazy 2.5 hr bus ride much more tolerable. The blue mountains are beautiful, the bike ride was so much fun, I stayed towards the back bc I felt like I had more control that way. There are potholes but they were fun dodging them. The tour guides are wonderful at watching out for them, and they are right there if something happens to your bike. The bus follows behind if you don't want to ride anymore and there's one in front watching for cars. The brunch and lunch were good as well as the coffee. The waterfall was refreshing and fun too! I'd love to do this again in the future! Highly recommend!!
Written November 10, 2021
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Lori D
5 contributions
Aug 2021
Our family of four enjoyed going on the blue mountain tour. We did not ride the bikes but instead we stayed in the van which was even better in my opinon. We stoped to eat brunch and then lunch which was very delicious. We also learned how the coffee was mad which was pretty cool. The last stop of the tour was going to a water fall. The water fall was beautiful and the water was so clean but we only spent a few minutes there becuase we had to get back toe our hotel due to the curfew.
Written September 9, 2021
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Phil W
Greater Manchester, UK57 contributions
We took this Blue Mountain tour and ended up with a VIP tour for 3 people as most opted for the cycle down the mountain. We all ascended via minibus to just over 2500 feet where we had a light brunch provided as part of the tour. This included the obligatory blue mountain coffee as we were in the blue mountain elevation. Brunch was basic but Ok and this is where they gave a simple demo of coffee roasting. From this point those cycling down signed their disclaimers and proceeded to about 4000 feet to comnence their descent. The single track road was steep, windy and slippy in parts due to the mountain mist so it was not something we felt safe doing. We are sure all effort would be concentrating on the road ahead rather than enjoying the view. Instead we continued to about 6000 feet to the army barracks at the top of the road and it was well worth the effort. The view was stunning and for us is a must see for any visitor. We had lunch at a local Marroon cultural centre and was treated to traditional male drum and dance group. We have to say the guys had so much fun it was infectious. We finished our trip with a dip in the local river. The river bank could really do with a tidy up to make it more presentable. The trip lasted from 8am to about 1pm and was long enough to enjoy but short enough to get a few hours by the pool in the afternoon. We got a 10% discount from our rep and paid $210 US total so we would say it was reasonable value at this price.
Written February 18, 2018
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Toronto, Canada89 contributions
Jan 2020 • Family
Rode on a van for many hours to get to the starting point for the bike tour. The coffee is unique but that’s almost the only highlight of the many hours tour. Two people in the group were completely car sick because of the twisted turns up and down the mountain. If you don’t care about packaging, You have to buy the unpackaged coffee at the spot as it is significantly cheaper than anywhere else. There was supposed to be a picnic with some folk dancing which was very weak. A stop by the river didn’t happen because the driver tried to reduce the car sickness by driving slowly but managed to blow a tire in the pouring rain. The tire was changed but due to the delay and hitting traffic, the trip to and from Montego Bay was riding in a van from 6am to 9pm with little to do or see. I can only guess that those without young kids in the group would enjoy the bike tour a lot more.
Written January 21, 2020
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Jordane B
5 contributions
Apr 2022 • Solo
Booked a solo trip with this company, and was looking forward to it the most. Less than 24 hrs before my trip, i received an email to advise that transport is unavailable due to be underbooked.

Was offered an alternative date for trip, although I couldn't accommodate as I was returning back home to UK. REQUESTD REFUND, and still waiting over a week later for it to be actioned or acknowledged. Totally unacceptable.

Bare in mind they can cancel your trip at last minute, affecting your holiday plans.
Written May 2, 2022
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Julie R
Arlington Heights, IL9 contributions
Aug 2021
First the positive: Guides were great. They looked after us in traffic and were very responsible, good humored, and knowledgeable. The scenery was beautiful. The mountains are gorgeous and it was interesting to see how the coffee is grown. The waterfall at the end was the best part, in my opinion. It was beautiful and we got to swim through it which was a blast.

The negative: Our resort was in Montego Bay and the concierge at the hotel didn't tell us that it would be a 90-minute drive to get to the beginning of the tour (This obviously isn't Blue Mountain's fault but just putting it out there to Montego Bay people). So, we had a 90 minute drive to Ocho Rios, then another 60 minutes just picking people up at other resorts. THEN, another 90 minutes to get to the top of the mountain. That is 4 hours in a van before we even began the excursion. I would say if you are in Montego Bay, select another way to spend your day.

It's a mountain road (the same one you drive up to get there) so very bumpy and full of holes and lose gravel. I, myself, was so busy avoiding bumps and potholes in the road, I really didn't see any wildlife (I don't think there was any but if there was, I missed it).

I bet we spent about 7 hours in the van for a 3-hour bike ride and about 45 minutes at the waterfall. Not worth it for people staying in Montego Bay.
Written August 30, 2021
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Penyffordd, UK16 contributions
Apr 2022
We joined this tour from RIU hotel in Ochos Rios. The drive was just over 2 hours until we arrived at for Brunch 11am. The scenery was beautiful and the bus ride informative with some commentary on Jamaica which was great.

We were slightly disappointed with the bike ride as this just followed the same bumpy road you went up on the bus. The ride was all downhill.

The waterfall pool was beautiful.

Great value coffee to purchase at the shop.

A good trip however I'm not sure i would recommend due to the journey length and disappointing bike riding element.
Written April 9, 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Toronto, Canada1 contribution
Nov 2021 • Couples
Bike Ride was fun until I hit a pole-hole and the bike flew me. Results a broken ankle that required surgery for plates and screws. Our bus tour guide and driver Ping and Henry were awesome. Ping was funny as hell, loved his humour. Due to the condition of the road and the weather that day(pouring rain) the condition foe mountain biking was dangerous. Don’t going if it is raining, rain and humidity is not good if you wear glasses, the fog will impair you vision.
Written December 3, 2021
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London, UK417 contributions
Nov 2017 • Couples
The only good thing about this trip is that Marklan the driver is fun and charismatic and genuinely cares about your experience.

But in terms of the tour itself, I was totally unimpressed.

1) We were told (as were others on the trip) that the drive to the destination would be about 1.5 hours. It was in fact more than double that - both ways. Over six hours of driving in total. Yes, Marklan did point out a number of interesting landmarks along the way, but we were outright mis-sold this tour as we specifically stated we didn't want to spend more than two hours in the bus each way.

2) The bus smelled really strongly of spilled diesel inside - really nauseating. And the fumes from the Engine then compounded this.

3) The food on the tour was poor, rice fried to the point of being dry and 'crunchy' with a small piece of chicken.

4) Promises of refreshments at the end of the tour never materialised. No water even offered on the bus.

5) The bikes were all small for me and quite old. Combine that with the slow speed you have to ride at - with the brake needing to be applied constantly due to the sedate pace being set by the guide and steepness of the mountain, made for an uncomfortable, boring ride (I am a relatively experienced cyclist, and I wasn't expecting a lot, just somewhere where you can enjoy the ride maybe pedal a bit and enjoy the scenery - none of which was possible). We all had to stop every time a car came towards us, or from behind, as the road is too dangerous otherwise...

6) You have the chance to buy coffee from the source! Fantastic; except it is priced about 30% more than in Montego Bay airport for an identical product. Complete scam -it isn't even Blue Mountain Coffee (It is High Mountain, or just packed in clear plastic bags that they claim is Blue Mountain). Sure you don't have to buy it, but how many tourists are being duped into thinking this is the Premium stuff?

7) The music in the bus was overly loud especially towards the end of the tour when people were tired.

Overall, at $92 per person, this tour is totally NOT worth it!
Written November 27, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Ottawa, Canada24 contributions
Feb 2017 • Couples
We took this tour through JAITAL, who subcontracts with Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours.
We were staying in Ochos Rios and the trip was 9 hours long. It certainly was worth it! On our way to the Mountain, we stopped at a rest stop for people to have a drink and use the bathroom. The first part of the drive was on the highway, along the ocean. The second part of the drive was up a mountain road along very steep drop offs. Many people on the tour were very worried about the road but the driver was excellent! On our way up the mountain we stopped for brunch which was decent. There was a selection of beverages including Blue Mountain coffee. Brunch included Jamaican dumplings, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, toast and some type of veggies. We continued up the mountain and when we arrived at our destination there were guides to help us put our safety gear on (helmets, knee and elbow pads) and to help us select an appropriate bike. The bikes were Cruisers and Mountain bikes. The Cruisers had one handle bar brake and a brake by peddling backwards. They weren't new bicycles but they seemed safe. There was one main guide and several other guides. Before we started we were told to ride on the left side of the road which was on the opposite side of the road to the steep drop off into the canyon. We were also told the process to follow if a vehicle needed to pass us. All this was very important information and contributed to our safety on the trip. The ride was almost exclusively downhill. If we approached a sharp turn, one of the guides would stand on the drop off side of the road to make sure the cyclists were safely staying on the correct side of the road. We stopped at the same little restaurant for lunch and we were served jerk chicken and rice and peas. It wasn't the best jerk and rice/peas but it was still good. We then continued on our bike ride. Along the way, we stopped at a "basic" school which is essentially a preschool. The children sang a few songs for us and then came and shook our hands. The matron of the school was handing out the address of the school in case anyone wanted to send donations of school supplies. We left her some money but I really wish we had known about this stop as we would have taken some school supplies with us. This school was in the middle of no where and the parents of these children pick coffee beans for a living. The school children all have to wear uniforms and I'm sure it is very difficult for their parents to afford to send the children to school.
We continued our bike trip and it started raining...the guides provided us with rain ponchos. Despite the rain, the ride was safe. At the end of the ride we stopped at a waterfall and only a couple of people went swimming. There were local people who were diving into the falls and they were looking for donations. We were offered a drink at waterfall.
As we were riding down the mountain, we stopped periodically to hear about the different herbs and coffee harvesting.
On the bus ride home, we stopped for a bathroom break.
I took a Gravol on bus there and on the way back and I'm glad I did as the roads were windy.
All in all a great way to get up into the mountains and see some countryside and how coffee is harvested. I would highly recommend this tour.
Written March 4, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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