Dolphin Explorer
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Come to our beautiful park and discover the awesome feeling of swimming with dolphins and interact with others amazing animals in an unique tropical environment
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Jess G
6 contributions
Aug 2022 • Couples
We purchased our excursion through our travel agency at our resort. Once we checked in at Dolphin Explorer, there was quite some downtime where we sat waiting for the group in front of us to finish their interaction. But our tour guide, Abraham, was just delightful. He interacted with us and even sang for us. We really liked him. We paid for the middle package, which included riding on one dolphin (the next package up you get to ride on two dolphins). Before the dolphins, we stopped by the sea lion and everyone got individual photos taken with the sea lion. Next we got in the water with the dolphins. We loved everything about the dolphin interactions!! After we were done with the dolphins, we were given an opportunity to change before going into the “bird show”. It’s an enclosed area where they hand you some bird seed and allow the birds to eat from your hands. It is cool, if you like birds and don’t mind the risk of getting pooped on. My husband was annoyed because the brochure shows a parrot but there was no parrot when we were there. The downside to this experience was that when it came to the photos, it was all or nothing. And the photos for a 2 person group was expensive. But, because we wanted some of the photos and you’re not allowed to take your own photos of the dolphin interactions, we bought the package, which also came with a video of the experience. The video is cool, but it sucks that they can’t tailor it to each family. Now we have a video of us and our entire group lol We were supposed to return to our transport van at the entrance of Dolphin Explorer at 5:30pm per our driver. But the bird interaction didn’t even start until 5:25pm. We ended up back at the van about 5:40pm where we waited until nearly 6:20pm for the last family to return to the van. Turns out that they decided to just go swimming at the beach on the Dolphin Explorer property after we were done with the dolphins. We could tell the driver was very upset and Dolphin Explorer staff wouldn’t allow the driver in to go tell the family that they needed to get back to the van. The family did apologize, but it was still just rude. Regardless of the end, we had a blast at the dolphin interaction and would highly recommend it to everyone.
Written August 20, 2022
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Steve Yorke
7 contributions
Apr 2022 • Couples
My wife and I did the "excellence' experience, 2 dolphins, 10 people 1 hour. Our time with the dolphins was amazing. We enjoyed it so much, the trainer was fun and made sure everybody had the same experience. Our time with the dolphins in my view, made it a wonderful experience that we're pleased we did and was well worth the cost.

Why only 3 stars? There is a sea lion show and a bird show, neither of which do much to enhance the experience of the dolphins. The promotions say you will be swimming in the ocean and, while this is technically true, there are several enclosures within the sea that we actually swim in. The steps leading to the water were dangerously slippery. When we first arrived we were fitted with life jackets, shown to the lockers and toilets, then directed to wait in our group. We were left there for 15/20 mins in high heat and uncomfortable swimwear with all our belongings, including drinks, being left in the lockers. Before the dolphins there is a photo with the sea lion. Although we all took part, it's clear it was another persuasion tactic to encourage the buying of the photos.

At the end you are told the cost of of all the photos they have taken. To be fair, they are good quality, but $150 for 60 photos including the sea lion, and an optional 6min video of the whole group was a shock and I should imagine that would be unaffordable to a lot of people. It was obvious they were going to profit from the photos and rightly so, but $150 to have memories of what should have been an amazing experience is just plain extortion and has the potential to ruin someone's day, as we saw first hand for a honeymooning couple.
Written April 26, 2022
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Tereza Picková
Prague, Czech Republic1 contribution
Jul 2022 • Family
I suggest bying tickets online, we had a discount since there was some kind of a code, which I’m sure you won’t get at the cashier.

We bought the Extreme program (with 25% discount we paid 777$ for 4 people), which came with swimming and interaction with dolphins, sea lions, sharks and rays. Also, they should’ve come for us at our chosen time.

First thing first, they came for us 20 minutes late. The second we arrived they told us they don’t have a shark and rays at the moment, so they’re gonna change our program to Excellence + the sea lions + we’ll get a discount - 90$. That was by the way way less than we should’ve been paid (15 minutes with a shark or a ray itself costs 45€ per person - we are a family of 4).

The important thing to know is that if you don’t buy the photos afterwards, there’s kind of no point of going there. The whole program is based on doing little tricks that the photographer captures and you pose for him. For just the dolphins, the cost of the photos was extra 260$ for 4 swimmers. Plus we paid extra for the sea lions. Plus when you go inside, everyone takes a photo with parrots for which they want another 15$ and a photo with one sitting sea lion for the same price. So basically, the final photos cost more money than the entrance, which is very expensive itself.

If you’re okay with all of that, the interaction was very nice. We spent 15 minutes with a sea lion, he was fully blind but responsive, we petted him, gave him a kiss and that’s probably it. Then we spent 1 hour in a group of 10 with 2 dolphins (bear in mind that this is the Excellence program), which was very nice and fun, but as I said, you’ll get nothing from it if you don’t buy the photos.

We enjoyed it but the prices were too high. I wouldn’t go again.
Written July 16, 2022
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10 contributions
Dec 2021 • Solo
First of all I didnt get to do all the things that were "included" and promised.
Also I already knew the people here only try to rip you off as a tourist and as a single Woman. I said I dont wanted pictures of me or at least only with the animals but the camera guy would stop taking pictures of me and standed by my side and asked me personal stuff.

I asked what the picures cost like and also the sea lion picture, they just blocked me off saying they are included as a package, I'll get the pricing at the end.
Well birds and sea lion are not included they cost 15€$ each !! Also if you are a family or a couple they dont let you take pictures together with the sea lion so youre forced to take to pics for 30$.

The dolphinepackage is 80$ p.p or a single picture is 40$ !! Theres one video takes of you too but it cotains everyone else in your group so maybe not the beat memorie material and also, who ever buys it, has your video too !

Afterall I decided to buy the dolphine package, they said it'll be online in 1-2h, now after 6h the pictures are online, with watersigns allover, when I try to download them one by one I only get to download the watersign.
The video isnt able to be downloaded, only error massages appear, tried different devices and wifi's.

Also you'll be only able to download it to 2 devices and for 30 days only... Dont need this again ! Going to charge my money back since I dont get a single photo !
Written December 22, 2021
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Lacy K
Lumberton, MS8 contributions
Apr 2022 • Couples
We found this excursion while staying next door at Radisson Blu. A tour guide found us on the beach and offered the explorer package (swim with 1 dolphin, sea lion show, and bird sanctuary) for $180US (2 people). When arriving the workers attempted to overcharge us citing the exchange rate was different. (Thank goodness we were able to have our tour guide return and settle the issue, as I observed many others having the same issue) know your exchange rates and the money you should be handing them!! Swimming with the dolphins, the sea lion picture, sea lion show, and parakeet feeding was all nice. However, we were at the end of the line and didn’t get as much interaction as the people closer to the trainer. Also, I wish I had pictures to remember my honeymoon and the events we encountered!! The pictures plus video for 2 people was $150US or just the pictures option was $100US. You aren’t allowed to have your phone in the water. You don’t get them back until it’s time for the sea lion show and parakeet feeding. Wish we would have known the pictures were almost as expensive as the event itself.
Written April 26, 2022
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Toronto, Canada211 contributions
Sep 2021 • Couples
Very misleading pictures ripoff. I hate to give one star because of the dolphin but experience was nice. But the rest is just to squeeze money out of you. They don’t allow to take your cameras or phone and then they charge ridicules money for pictures (download). Plus they force you to wait 50 minutes at the cafe before the birds show, so you can spend more money. And that cafe one more ripoff ($13 usd for a hotdog and a pepsi). I just don’t get it. We bought this excursion with AirCanada representative, it’s already not cheap . I just wish to know ahead that the trip will cost more, then what you paid at the hotel, One more thing- no COVID protocol at all.
Written September 29, 2021
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Nikki S
Bethlehem, PA23 contributions
Dec 2021 • Couples
Overall we had a good experience. I purchased the full package which was supposed to be dolphins, sea lion and sharks/rays. Upon entering we were told the sharks/rays were not available so they offered a discount on pictures. The dolphin part was awesome. We were in the water for quite a while, petting and swimming/interacting with the dolphins. We were in a small group of 8 people and it was out in a fenced off part of the ocean. Our tour guide was super informative and funny. He would yell “attack” when he sent the dolphins to come interact with you or sing the jaws duhduhduhduhduh. Lol. After that just we did the sea lion swim. I honestly felt very bad for Jerry the sea lion. She didn’t seem to be able to see very well. It was very short and the sea lions are kept in small pens under the dock. The man who took us out for sea lions swimming was grabbing and hold wild pelicans which was very strange. They had a show and bird experience. It was ok. After you’re done with the dolphins they bring you into a tent to sell you pictures. It’s quite expensive. We purchased just the dolphin digital and video and it was $210. Overall I enjoyed it.
Written January 12, 2022
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United States1 contribution
Sep 2021 • Couples
I would have given the place a 5 star if it wasn’t for the cost of the photos. We had a really awesome dolphin experience and we all (4 of us) really enjoyed it. Our photographer was super awesome and made it fun. The bird show was neat as the birds flew down and ate seed from our hands and the sea lion did some pretty awesome tricks during his show. The dolphins were absolutely amazing. We got to swim for a very long time with them. My only negative thing to say was the price of the pictures. They were outrageously priced. Most places that have picture packages range from $40-$60 bucks and out them on a usb or something. They charged by PERSON for the pics. So for one person it was $80 and if you wanted the other person in the party to have their pictures the price went up. My husband and I bought ours because swimming with dolphins was on my bucket check off list and I absolutely love having pictures of our adventures. We spent $150 on pictures that get sent to a website and are only accessible for 30 days….The other two people in our party did not get pictures but if they had for 4 people it would have been $280. All in all we had a great experience I was just sadly disappointed in the picture prices.
Written September 23, 2021
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1 contribution
May 2022 • Couples
Adventure with dolphins is really to recommend to everyone and a nice experience until you get to the point where the company's policy does not allow photography with dolphins own phones, which I experienced today with my wife, I understand to some extent but the price of a package for two people is $ 150 is for every condemnation and a great shame that the ticket price is less than the photos, it is really pure insolence. Shouldn't the company's policy include the price of photography included in the price of the ticket, I'm talking about a regular photography package, without an individual one. Or that package would be around $ 15 per person and almost everyone would buy it. Than maybe every tenth couple buys photos… I think visitors would be more satisfied and the company a fuller cash register… this is just bad management and company policy. Thanks to your company policy we have no memories from today's trip, a great shame. It is not just our opinion but that of almost everyone gathered in our group.
Written May 15, 2022
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Canton of Zurich, Switzerland3 contributions
Apr 2022
I wanted to do something special with my 2 sons (6 and 14). As my budget is not so high, I did think twice about doing this but as it has always been my dream I did pay 350$ for us 3 to do the excellence tour. Once we got to the park, it was a big rush. get your wristband, walk along the path, pose for a photo with parrots (but you dont have time to look at them as the next people are asked to come inside) and then go get changed and grab a life jacket. Once we did that in about 5 Minutes, we had to wait 40 Minutes on a seat until there were enough people there. Then we walked down to the dolphins, with more photo stops and lots of waiting inbetween. Once we got into the water the experience was nice, we did get to touch the dolphin, take pictures and interact. the experience with the dolphin itself was amazing. But then the big shock! When looking at the photos, you are told that the package for 3 people is $210!!! I said to the guy, no way. first he said yes that or nothing. then he said one single photo is $39 (for just ONE photo!!!!!) or you can get the photos without the video for$150 (that by the way was not on the pricelist)! also the parrot photo or sealion photo costs $15 extra! Once agreeing to pay the $150 as it was a once in a lifetime experience I decided to download them straight away, to make sure I got the right ones. and as if I would have known, there were some photos missing. I went back and it was so complicated to get them. Then we were told to wait at the cafe, someone will pick us up at 2 for the parrot show. it was 5 past 2 and I asked a worker when the show starts as we were not picked up yet. He said they may be running late and to just wait. at 20 past we saw all the people from the parrot show walking over to the sealion show, so we have missed the show due to wrong advise. we did go to see the sealion show and realised that 3 minutes after the show had finished, we were supposed to be on the bus to go back home. we walked as fast as we could to the bus and when asking to go to the toilet quickly they were not happy, but did wait an extra minute. All very very rushed and a big big rip off with what they charge! very greedy!
Once again, the swimming part (each about 3 Minutes with the dolphin) was lovely, the rest disgraceful!
Written May 3, 2022
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