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La Casa del Habano
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Very good

Riverview, Canada237 contributions
Plaza America LCDH
I bought 5 boxes for 50 cigars
Punch La Isla Cuba RE 2019 (2)
Partagas Series D No 4 (2)
Partagas Salomones (1)

All correct cigars per and pricing right on Govt price list.
They have some brand/selections are out back...I just had the lady at the desk help me find what I wanted.
Written March 12, 2020
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London, Canada8 contributions
Found the female staff very knowledgeable and helpful as I discussed the Epicure No. 2, Montecristo 4, the Punch Punch and the Partagas Corona Senor. An older female came out and then everything felt a bit rushed. Bought 25 of the MC No 4 and the Partagas Coronas at the YUL price I expected. The Epicures were a few pesos more than the list I had. Overall very happy. Far better prices there then at the resort or the airport.
Written February 10, 2020
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London, UK42 contributions
The cigar rolling experience is very interesting, the cigars he sells at the end are 50% cheaper than in the shop, but have no 'official label' on them, as they are rolled there and not in the factory. The shop is a rip off, make sure you bring the price list with you, then they won't overcharge you (if on an organised tour, tell everybody about the correct price for a (for example 'Monte Christo, No. 4) so you don't get ripped off.... once they realise you know the 'score' they come down off their high horse and do business with you.... if you want to be a 'ripped off tourist' go in uprepaired and get overcharged!
Written January 29, 2017
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Sheri W
Halifax, Canada3 contributions
I would avoid this place. I asked to review sealed boxes before purchase and they were not happy with that request. Finally they agreed to it and when opened, the cigars were full of mold! Some of the prices in line with the YUL list, others were way more expensive. No consistency.
Written April 9, 2022
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Nelson, BC Canada14 contributions
Having been to Cuba 23 times, and having been exposed to every possible scam (I think... maybe a few more to experience), this one was slick. I really like Fonseca Kadettes. A small cigar, well made, and as I am not a cigar snob, they are just right for a short smoke. Before leaving Canada, I downloaded and printed the Oct 2016 official Cuban cigar prices as set by the government. This lists the officials prices for hundreds of cigar brands. They should be the same all across Cuba. A box of 25 Kadettes is 53.75 CUCs, or 2.15 CUC apiece.

I ask the nice lady for 2 boxes. She brings them, and I notice that the seal on one is broken. I bring it to her attention. Without any emotion or word, she goes into the humidor and brings another. sealed box. I check for all the official seals, tags, and holograms. Look OK. To the cash we go. "ciento treinta", she says. One hundred thirty. That would be 65 CUCs a box. I nicely tell her that I believe they are less than 55 CUCs a box. No, she insists, 65. I show her the printout. Barely glancing, she says "ciento diez:. Still over-charging. So I show her the printout.again. This time, she charges me the exact correct amount.
Now, not a big deal, some will say. But if she does this to 10 tourists a day, say at an average of 10 CUC;s a box, that's 100CUCs a day straight to her pocket. I really enjoy Cubans, and understand the hardships of living on a government salary, but outright ripping people off for such a large amount (and even more on the expensive cigars) is not right. No use complaining to the management, or owner. That's the Cuban Government! "Hey, Raul, there's a lady in Varadero making more money every day than a doctor makes in a month by pocketing what she rips off from tourists." Nah, probably wouldn't work. Anyway, we left with "good day"'s and "thank you"'s. But no extra "propina" for her. Beware !!
Written December 5, 2016
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Ottawa, Canada39 contributions
Was in the shop in Varadero (near town) and the one at Plaza Las Americas. I have a downloaded PDF of current cigar prices on my phone so I know what things cost. My experience at the Plaza Las Americas location was better since many boxes are out on shelves to be picked up- and have price tags on them- produced and regulated by the government so people cannot lie.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the case with individual cigars (Tubos)- when you asked for a price- they told you something much different than the generated price list. I showed them my list and they said this wasn't valid. I asked to see their price list and they said they didn't have one (another lie as every store is required to have one).

Thankfully, the boxes I bought were sealed and had the government of Cuba price tags on them so this wasn't a problem.

If you have questions- or want the price list, I'd be glad to share it with anyone.
Written March 20, 2017
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Trex 1969
Hamilton, Canada5 contributions
Before you go to Cuba download the government price-list from YUL Cigars Cuba every cigar you want will be listed there. All government Cigar stores must by law have a copy in their store and follow this list. If they quote a higher price and refuse to back down then they are pocketing the difference. I went to La Casa del Habano ask for a price of a box of 10 Monte Cristo # 5 she said 75 cuc i showed her that the price was 45 cuc and asked her for her price list. She said no. By law she had to I said the government listed price was 45 cuc. She refused. I left I went to the La Casa del Habano in the La Plaza America the exact same product she said was 55 cuc i showed her my list she went in the back and came out with my cigars and an apology charging me the correct price. So avoid La Casa de Habano.
Written August 24, 2017
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High River, Canada24 contributions
We just got back from a 2 week stay in Varadero and I visited the store 4 times, good thing I had the government price list downloaded from YUL. First time in I asked for a box of 5 JLP Cazadores official price 6CUC, the lady told me they would cost 15 CUC !! when I pulled out the official price list she back tracked and told me it would be cheaper for me to buy a box of 25 for 30 CUC (official price) I did this but questioned the price for 5 being so high, she said it was a "Varadero tax" on small quantities !! Next time in I bought a box of 10 Partagas ML from a different lady I was told the price was 55 CUC but again after pulling out the official price list and a visit to the office to see the manager, I got them for the correct price of 33 CUC !! Third time in, I wanted to buy a box of PL Montecarlos and was told they did not have any even though they had them under the counter!! When I pointed that out they said they were display only and not for sale. On my last visit everyone recognized and I was charged the correct price for my JLP's although the price on the bottom of the packet had been scratched off !! So, do your research and know your prices - bottom line is they will cheat you if they can. Foot note I bought my Montecarlos and Upmans from the R&J store in Havava - NO ISSUES and great service !!
Written March 6, 2019
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Richard S
Stoney Creek, Canada42 contributions
I visited this store approximately 15 years ago and I was amazed how great service and selection were. I stacked up with some brands that I could not find anywhere else and at the end staff made me an espresso and we chatted for an hour while I was smoking one of my cigars there.
I went to Varadero recently again (I truly dislike Varadero, but my friends were going) with at least a hope of picking up some good sticks at La Casa del Habano. First night there I went to La Casa del Habano (63-rd Street) and my first impression was that the store was completely reorganized; did not have this cozy feeling anymore. No one greeted me upon entry; all the boxes hidden in a humidor and in a glass showcase at the front counter singular cigars of the most popular brands were displayed. I couldn't see any prices anywhere. OK, I have been buying cigars in Cuba for many years, so I have an idea about prices. What about people who do not smoke, come to Cuba for the first time and want to bring a few cigars back home for little souvenirs? I almost had to drag one of the two ladies to get some service, as they were really busy gossiping. When I asked why the prices were not displayed, she said that she could tell me the price of any cigar I was interested in. !!!Well, that's not exactly the point, is it?!!! The point is that I want to see prices displayed, I do not want someone make them up as they go along (standard procedure in Cuba). I needed some cigars for that evening and the next day, so I asked about Montecristo No. 2; she told me that these were CUC12 a piece. I was really surprised as I was in Santiago just a few weeks earlier and payed for the same sticks CUC9.50 a piece. I told her that and she told me that Varadero has a certain "tourist tax added". Visiting Cuba for over 24 years, twice a year on the average, I have never heard about this kind of tax, but who am I to argue about that with the cigar store employee... I bought 3 Montecristo's No. 2, paid CUC36 and when I smoked them they had no flavour whatsoever. The aroma was similar to a Cuban cigarette - strong but not complexed at all, as all premium cigars should have. So, it is pretty safe to assume that those cigars were FAKE!!! Two days later, my friends and I rented a car and we went to Havana, where we visited another Casa del Habano located inside a hotel in Habana Vieja (cannot remember name of that hotel, even though I have been to this store several times before). Store was beautifully organized and the selection was great + very attentive gentleman who worked there. I picked up six boxes of different cigars, helped my friends selecting a few cigars for souvenirs and I had a chat with the guy who worked there. I told him the story about being forced to pay for cigars with the "tourist tax added" in Varadero and he told me that it was straight out lie. He said that prices of cigars are regulated by government and no matter where you buy them - all should cost the same. So, I was scammed at Varadero Casa del Habano - CUC7.50 on just 3 cigars. So, if you buy 50 cigars (that's how many most countries allow you to bring back), and they decide to cheat you at the same rate, you'll pay CUC125 more than you should. But I've seen reviews on Internet that sometimes they scam you for more than CUC2.50 a stick.

Now, I've read tons of reviews from people complaining of being scammed at Varadero La Casa del Habano (63-rd Street), and I am wondering if all the bosses and government controllers overseeing legality of cigar sales in Cuba, do not read same reviews on Internet, or they just choose to ignore the fact of this scam going on while they get their piece of the action!
Written November 3, 2018
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Ken F
Ottawa, Canada1 contribution
Just got back from Varadero. Surprised to find that the LCDH on 63 and 1st is not following standard cigar pricing as dictated by the Cuban government. I also went to the LCDH in Havana (Hotel Havana Libre) and at the Plaza America in Varadero, which both had identical, correct prices.

The LCDH at 63rd are charging approx. 20 CUCs more per box of 25. Wish I could tell you the exact differences but I know for sure the 25 box of Cohiba Siglo 1 and Ramon Allones Special Selection were both 20CUCs more than the other stores. When I asked the sales person why she said I should go to plaza America and she was closing. Not a nice experience.

Other notes: neither 63rd and 1st or Plaza America locations in Varadero will allow customers to enter the walk in humidor, which was a bummer, but in Havana I was allowed to linger, check dates on boxes, etc. Also I think the Plaza America store actually had better stocks than Havana...amazing store. Oh...and no Cohiba Behekes anywhere on the me I searched everywhere.

Happy shopping folks I went a little 18 month old box of RandJ No1s in Havana, a year old box of Ramon Allones SS in Havana...a box each of Monte 4's and 5's, some Upmann Mag 46's, Cohiba Siglo 1s and Robustos...also my first purchase of Cohiba Espendidos....enough smokes to last me a few years for sure!
Written January 4, 2016
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