San Kamphaeng Hot Springs
San Kamphaeng Hot Springs
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Jackie W
72 contributions
We took a public yellow songthaew at the riverside of the Warorot market. The fare is 50 Thai Baht. The journey took an hour. The entrance fee to the hot spring is 100 Thai Baht for foreigners. This hot spring spreads out over several acres of gardens with lovely bougainvillea.we saw two geysers shooting up into the sky. Next to it is the pool of hot spring of bubbling water. We bought a basket of medium size 6 eggs for 40 baht and hung the along the hot spring to cook for 15 minutes. We ate them thereafter. They were delicious with no sulphur smell at all. We then walked around the gardens and visited the mineral swimming pool. Then we went to the stream with various temperatures ranging from 40C to 55C. It was relaxing and quiet as we went on Monday. We then took the yellow bus back. Morning bus runs every half an hour between 8.00am and 12 noon from Warorot. Coming back is every hour. It was a good day out. I highly recommend.
Written March 12, 2020
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Singapore, Singapore2,628 contributions
This is a place that would appeal to families with children, or for school excursions or a day out with friends. There are several winding streams of heated water where you can soak your feet in (they're hot! At between 45 and 50 degrees celcius) and also a separate area to cook eggs in. There are also several geysers for photo opps. Generally a fun place where the kids can run around in and where adults can just relax. Nothing too exciting, just a nice rest stop.
Written July 24, 2022
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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico76 contributions
I read the reviews before I went to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs. I absolutely don't get why anyone would post a one or two star negative review. This is a very lovely well-maintained park setting. Shade trees and flowers everywhere. It cost $2.80 to get in. Well worth it. The hot mineral stream for your feet is to die for. There are $1.80 private tub rooms, and a large hot water pool. We loved it. There are foot massage therapist waiting to send you to heaven. I have lived in Chiang Mai for five years and take people to places like this - San Kamphaeng is on the top five of my must see/go Chiang Mai country tour list.
Written July 5, 2016
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Brisbane463 contributions
I was excited about visitng San Kamphaeng Hot Springs and if you look at my other reviews you will see that for me to say "Dont Bother" really means dont bother.

I sit here and struggle with anything nice to say about this place. Maybe boiling the eggs and eating them was the best thing but that is scraping at the bottom of the barrell..

Firstly we had to visit this place with a private driver so its not somewhere close by and easy to get to. I was expecting to see hot springs etc and this place is very manufactured and yes they do have hot springs but its very set up with tourists in mind. The hot spring is set up similar to a fountain with hot water spurting into the air, you are encourages to buy eggs and cook them in the fountain. Once you are finished there you can swim in the pool thats very un inviting or go and have something to eat at the high prices low standard restaurant or then if you like you can go and have a hot spring bath in a dirty stained tub or better still go and have a massage from one of the horrible Thai ladies who have mastered the art of ripping tourists off.... Are you getting the picture?

In all the places I visited in Thailand never ever did I feel like a farang tourist as I was made feel here. Firstly they told us to go and have showers before our massage.... No dont worry we were not dirty tourists, it was what they were asking everyone. When they found out we had turned on the hot water to shower...(no sign saying that we couldnt) they come screaming in and opened our shower and just walked in to us standing there naked and turned it off, yelling at us in Thai. We were not in there for more than 2mins I had soap all over me and no way of washing it off, they then grabbed my arm and tried to walk me out of the cubical. Thats when I spoke to her in the same manner as she was speaking to me and she backed off. My daughter and my friend traveling with me were all treated the same and my daughter was only 8 so it really upset her. At that point I was packing up and leaving when my friend said that maybe we had offended them some how and maybe we should give the massage a go. I had no idea what it was that we had done but once we got out of the showers they were all fake smiles and laughing etc,,,, Ohh yeah a really funny joke!!!

The massage was crap and they continually spoke to each other in loud voices with no concept that we "The customers" are here to relax and unwind, not listened to them arguing with each other.

Once it was over we proceeded to pack up and leave. Ohh but the best is yet to come. They each approached us and asked for tips..???? are you kidding me???? As an Australian its not our custom to tip but I am more than happy to tip in "Tipping" custom countries,,, Thailand is not one of them and obviously they didnt understand that tipping is for above average service. Not somethng that they had delivered at all. I made it clear that we would not tip because of treatment we had recieved in the showers and the standard of service we had recieved. Well it was then on for young and old, but being pig headed I stood my ground and after they had said what they said, I proceeded to tell them that the guesthouse that sent us here knows the owner personally and that I would be reporting their behaviour back. Once they heard that they were all fake smiles again and asking if they could help us with anything. I have to point out that we paid top dollar for our massage in the first place. It was alot more expensive than the massages in town.

Dont go there, its a serious waste of time and money.
Written February 6, 2008
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Moscow, Russia6 contributions
Nice recreational center in 1 hour from old city of Chiang Mai. Beautiful territory full of flowers, smart infrastructure and good relaxing facilities. Entrance fee 100 bath (for farangs), mineral water hot swimming pool 50 bath, towel 10 bath, foot and thai massages 200 bath. Nice thai restaurant on the territory with delicious dishes and modest prices (try khao pad with brown rice and herbal beverages!). If you have enough time - stay for one or two nights (have accomodation service).
Written March 6, 2015
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Ron R
Denver, CO78 contributions
Interesting place to visit for a day excursion but was mildly amused. The hot springs geiser into the air via a set of pipes that run openly on the ground. There are a couple of pools where the locals are boiling eggs (do not recommend eating them because of all the sulfur). Was disappointed by the actual pool itself. You have to pay to swim even after paying the park entrance fee. Don't really recommend planning a full day of it but if you have nothing better to do then it's worth a visit.

Upon arrival, don't pay for the "covered parking" that was 10 baht, simply pull off to the right and park for free. The entrance is well marked and after paying you can walk inside to view the garden, giant mushroom statue and a small manmade stream where you can lazily place your feet inside warm but dirty water. If planning to swim bring a towel so you don't have to pay for one there.
Written August 6, 2013
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James Z
Malibu, CA36 contributions
Although the geyser of hot spring water feels worth the gander, the boiling of eggs in the hot water and the numerous open alcohol containers severely cheapen the experience. Mediocre design and poor maintenance render "meh" what might otherwise represent an elegant natural getaway. Notwithstanding, swimming in the mineral water pool, with a temperature like bathwater, was uniquely satisfying. The cost is incredibly slight: 10 THB to park scooter, 40 THB entry, foreigner, 20 THB entry, Thai, half of each for children. Swimming in the mineral pool was 50 THB + 10 THB for towel rental. Worth it if you enjoy journeys out in the sun, into the bush, natural beauty and/or hot springs in general.
Written March 19, 2013
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sebastopol, ca886 contributions
We love soaking in thermal water and try to find it on all of our vacations. So we were delighted to find San Kamphaeng Hot Springs near Chiang Mai. This is not really a spa in the pampering sense-- so it's not for everyone. But they are making an effort to make the place really pretty and park-like (i think this has happened in the last couple of years.) So you can soak, swim, or just walk around the park and enjoy the scenery.

The pricing structure is unusual for a hot springs. You pay to get into the park (maybe $1) then you pay if you want to soak iin the tubs (about $2.50 for individual tub rooms- one side men, one side women. they gave us a small towel.) then you pay if you want to go in the small pool with a small but pounding man-made waterfall.

There is also a massage room (strictly business... no frills thai massage) and they do foot massages in chairs by the pool. This is not a "hang out and sunbathe" pool-- there is really no place to sit there. It is a soaking pool.

The water is wonderfully hot and sulfuric. We love it that way. Also, rather than cool it way down for the tubs, as some do, they have both hot and cold spigots so you can have it the temperature you like. The hot is very hot.
We loved the water... really loved it. We thought the park was very pretty. And we had a really relaxing day out there. If fancy spas are your thing, I think they are trying to do something high-end up the road, you will pass it coming from Chiang Mai. But if it's just great thermal water you seek, in some way vintage tubs (some of them made of wood--wow) in a pretty park, where there are very few foreign tourists, try San Kamphaeng.

You will need to hire a driver from Chiang Mai -- or i'm not sure how you would get there. (30-40 minutes each way.) Our driver charged us about $50 for the day, which included gas. He also took a soak and actually cooked quite a few bamboo shoots to bring home in the water... so it was fun to see him enjoying the day as well! Stopped a few places on the way home, too. It was great to have him there to help us understand the system and answer questions about the place. We had a wonderful time at San Kamphaeng Hot Springs!
Written August 22, 2009
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Lampang, Thailand97 contributions
WEnt here with my wife for a day out and we both loved it. It cost a total of 300 THB for us both to get into the park and to use the mineral swimming pool.
The pool was at a comfortable 37 C. and it is deeo enough to swim but shallow enough for anyone to stand up anywhere in the pool.
We took a small picnic with us and juat sat and enjoyed the peace in the gardens, which are very prettty.
It is a good 30 minutes drive from Chiang Mai but it was well worth it. We will be going back again soon.
Reccomended for a good peaceful day out
Written March 19, 2018
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Julie C
Gateshead, UK269 contributions
About 45 minutes drive from Chiang Mai city, we came here by motorbike and found it to be well signposted. There is a 100฿ entrance fee to go into the park. It's a nice place for a picnic, or if you like you can buy a basket of eggs from one of the stalls and boil them in the mineral water. We then soaked our feet in the hot water stream nearby, the water was really hot so it took a while to acclimatise ourselves. The mineral swimming pool was closed for cleaning on the day that we went which was disappointing as we had brought our swimming costumes. It's also possible to hire private bathing facilities at various prices - it wasn't really clear from the sign what the differences were but we didn't ask either. And you can hire towels if you do decide to go for a dip and hadn't brought your own. There's a restaurant and massage places on site too. Nice enough for a trip out of the city but not enough there to fill a day - combine it with a trip to the nearby Mueng On cave which we loved.
Written February 12, 2014
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