Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Field

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Field, Dayi County: Tickets, Tours, Hours, Address, Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Field Reviews: 4/5

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Field

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Field
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

39 reviews
Very good

Si Racha, Thailand1 contribution
Dec 2018 • Family
One day trip is possible, however you will need to be extremely planned ahead, need to travel early and leave very late and everything will be in rush. My recommendation is to spend the night near the cable car and take the cable car on the following day. Cautions the mountain could be too crowded during weekends and holidays the bus to the cable car from Chengdu takes around 2-2.5 hours but could be up to 8-9 hours during holidays.
Written January 3, 2019
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Singapore, Singapore98 contributions
Too Crowded - and it was supposed to be a quiet weekday!
Dec 2017 • Family
Rather let down by the lack of snow. Poor skiing facilities (only 1 piste was opened when we were there, with artificial snow).

Kids enjoyed the snow tubing. Which was quite overly priced. At RMB60 per ride per person. We couldn't get on the snow mobil, because it was meant only for persons of over 16 years old.

Other amenities included a snow banana ride (being pulled by a snow mobil), an (over-priced) hot air balloon ride, lots of eateries, lots of people (!!!), dog sledges (wasn't opened when we were there), downhill snaking (on sledges; also overpriced).

Well, for the 4 hour ride we had to take to get out of peak hour traffic in Chengdu and travel there, and for the 2 hour ride back in, 6 hours of ride with um 3 hours of snow play - if at all - it really wasn't that great.
Written January 6, 2018
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia55 contributions
Dont go unless is winter with snow
Nov 2017 • Couples
We booked 2 nights at Maple hotel 楓叶。no knowing that it has not snow yet in late Nov and there is nothing to do in the mountain. The hotel does not refund eventhough there is no ski facilities open.
Written November 21, 2017
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Rainier T
5 contributions
Pretty dissapointing
Jan 2017 • Couples
Firstly, to get there is quite a treck. Have to catch a gondola and walk there. That's fine though, the two main problems are that whilst we were there only the very beginner course is even open, and also they require an 800 RMB cash deposit to get a ticket. They don't mention this anywhere else. To help you out, they have an ATM in the hall (only one on the mountain) and it will only take union pay, and it has to be from a debit account. Got anything else? You're up a mountain without a ticket.
Written January 9, 2017
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Darron Gedge's G
Cockle Bay, New Zealand273 contributions
No good for day tripping unless you have a car
May 2016 • Solo
The actual place is gorgeous with clean air,mature trees, azaleas blooming and so on. But the set up is dreadful if you are a foreign tourist with little time. I had researched certain travel websites that had said I could get a bus at 9am and a bus back at 4pm. This was not the reality. From Chadianzi station I caught a bus at 9.30am, which is far too late in the day for the only bus to be leaving. The journey cost 29 RMB and took two and half hours by bus, but from Dayi on wards would stop frequently to pick up more passengers. The bus driver even stopped at a shop to buy some pork. This ate away even more precious time. Then once we arrived at 12.15pm the bus driver told me I had to be back by 2pm, giving me less than 2 hours on the mountain. By the time I mucked around walking to the tourist center and buying the return cable car ticket for 168 RMB etc, I had even less time. The actual cable cars were in good condition and the forest below was lush. But it was "white-out" conditions and I could not see a thing. At the top I was expecting togo for a hike only to find out that the tracks were closed.We were corralled onto other tour buses that took us to the next chair lift. Again we had to wait on this bus for more tourists to come before the bus left. More time slipped away. In the end I had to get back down to the departing bus or have to pay a driver 300RMB to return. Very unhappy as I did not get to see ANY of the sights I had come to see. I'm sure this would be a great place if the weather is fine and you stay over night. But it is completely unsuitable for a day trip because of the early times transport returns to Chengdu.
Written May 13, 2016
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Singapore307 contributions
Big Beautiful Place
Dec 2015 • Family
Took a cable car and a shuttle bus up to the mountain. Beautiful view all the way. There are resorts, cafes, different place to play snow. You can go do skiing, snowboarding, slide on inflatable tubes, cable car up higher to see better views, or just play with the snow and build snowman or snow wars. Coming here with the tour group is a bad thing, as theres hardly anytime to play much.
Written December 28, 2015
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Konstanz, Germany59 contributions
The Snow that you will never forget..
Nov 2014 • Couples
Xiling Snow Mountain 120 kilometers away from Chengdu in Southwest China's Sichuan Province. The highest mountain is 5364 meters but happily we were at the 3250Meters. Thanks to my girlfriend and her parents for their hospitality to bring us there, it was my 1st experience of snow and tasting some. It was not a heavy downfall but you will never forget your 1st experience. It was a long drive but worth it. You may use tour agencies or drive on your own which takes about 2.5 Hrs. If you are a foreigner, driving could be tricky with the road signs. Nevertheless just follow the huge green board sign from the highway to Xiling Snow Mountain. If you’re lost, the locals will be much more happy to help you on how to go.
From the foot of the mountain you may use cable car with a price or hike up where there is walk way.. Suggestion “Pay and use the Cable Car” where you can enjoy the quietness and the lovely nature and pockets of snow on trees.
Xiling Snow Mountain is much, much more than just a ski resort; Xiling Snow Mountain is in fact not a single mountain, but a mountain range with several peaks and valleys. There are a number of incredible features for nature lovers here, such as hiking trails and waterfalls. At 3250 Meters the cinerary was amazing it was like you’re walking on clouds.
During summer you may ski on grass and in winter you have the real thing. Please bring your own snacks or food as they do not have restaurant above. But at the foot of the mountain they have some local finger food. Do try the deep fried potatoes with Sichuan Chilly it’s to die for when you are so cold. We then drove down to the local restaurant/hostel to have a good meal where they plant their own vegetable and cook for you, the spicy tofu with meat was awesome. (Thank You) They do serve fresh Salmon fish but with a Price.
Thanks to my lovely girlfriend and her parents for such an experience that I will never forget.
Written January 21, 2015
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Parita C
Bangkok, Thailand250 contributions
Just o.k. to see the snow.
I was there on Dec 29th, 2014. Its less of snow and that day was a sunny day. We cant play slider or ski but beautiful place.
Written January 7, 2015
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Peng Boon T
Singapore1,449 contributions
Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort has nice facilities but badly managed
Dec 2010
Xiling Snow Mt Ski Resort is about 120 km west of Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Our coach took us from our hotel in Chengdu to the lower cable car station at Xiling Snow Mountain. A shuttle bus took us from the upper cable car station to our hotel at the ski resort. We left our hotel in Chengdu at 8:10 a.m. and arrived at our hotel at the ski resort at 12:30 p.m.

When our coach approached the lower cable car station, the security guard did not allow our coach to pass through. So we (including old folks and young children) had to walk up the last few hundred metres, pulling our luggage & cabin bags up a steep road. Although the road leading to the lower cable car station was wide and in very good condition, the security guard refused to let the bus through. After we reached the lower cable car station, we asked the manager at the “Tourist Center” for explanation why our tour bus was not allowed to come to the lower cable car station even though we had so much luggage as would be staying at a hotel in the ski resort for 3 nights. While being video taped by us, the manager said that she would have given permission to let the coach in but did not explain why she had instructed the security guard not to let tour coaches in.

At the Tourist Center, there was a locality map of the Snow Mt area but was not given out to us until after our complaint. Also my internet search before our trip could not find the Xiling Snow Mt Ski Resort’s locality map, thus we had no idea (a) which hotels are near the skiing area and (b) the location of Huashuiwan Hot Springs resort. Thus we had to choose our hotel blindly and we dared not include a visit to Huashuiwan Hot Springs resort in our itinerary, afraid that it might be too far away.

At the upper cable car station, the shuttle bus was parked at the far end of the car park. The driver refused to come nearer. He came to fetch us from outside the cable car station only after he was given Rmb50/-

The hotel we stayed in had nice facilities but was poorly managed.

For rental of ski equipment, the ski resort required deposits Rmb400/person in cash. Deposit by credit card was not acceptable!

At the ski facilities area, there were no ski equipment for my 3-year old granddaughter. The staff even claimed that there was no ski equipment for my two 5-year old grandsons. After I pointed out that before we came, we were assured that there were ski equipment for 5-year olds, and maybe available for 3 year olds, the staff relented and rented out the ski equipment to my two 5-year old grandsons. Other visitors were not so lucky: a 5-year old boy was left crying while watching others ski because the staff said that he was too young to ski. His parents were surprised to see my two 5-year old grandsons skiing. One of my 5-year old grandson could go up to the top of the ski slope by travelator and ski down without help. The boy’s parents decided to demand to rent a pair of skis for their son.

The ski area had no restaurant or cafe. There was also no place to keep our ski equipment if we go to our hotel for lunch. How to ski whole day without lunch available there?
So we did not agree to go back to the hotel for lunch because this would waste much time and moreover we would have to pay for 2 half days instead of 1 full day, per day, i.e. cost much more for much less skiing. Eventually our hotel agreed to send instant noodles, eggs and drinks to the ski facilities area for our lunch.

The ski area was good for beginners: it has a travelator, so need only to step on it and it would bring skiers to the top of the beginner’s slope where skiers step off the travelator, thus making learning to ski relatively easy. Unfortunately, the management believe in cost-cutting rather than attracting skier’s to the ski resort: did not open the intermediate ski slope for skiing, as this would require more snow making and need to operate the chairlifts to bring skiers to the top of the intermediate ski slope. As my 2 elder grandchildren had already experienced skiing the intermediate ski slopes elsewhere in the previous 2 years, they were very disappointed in having to ski at the beginners’ ski slope for 2½ days.

In our tour group of 19, there were some who need ski instructors. So we were also very disappointed that there were no ski instructors on the day we arrived, which was 20th Dec. Although we requested for ski instructors for the following 2 days, ski instructors were not available till the afternoon of 21st Dec.

On the morning of the 4th day, we went up by cable car (40 minutes each way) to visit the “Yin & Yang” sector. There were good boardwalks and good steps. However did not see any Yin and Yang (foggy on one side and blue sky + sun shining on the other side of the ridge) after 1 hr walk to reach there. Moreover at this time of the year, there were hardly anything nice to see. The cable cars looked very worn out.
Written February 8, 2011
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