Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Resort

Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Resort, Dayi County: Hours, Address, Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Resort Reviews: 4/5

Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Resort

Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Resort
Points of Interest & Landmarks • Ski & Snowboard Areas
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43 reviews
Very good

Medan, Indonesia8 contributions
Nice visit to xiling snow mountain
Dec 2019 • Friends
Very good scenery with good view. And also good manage for the park. Especially in winter more good view
Written December 29, 2019
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Singapore, Singapore18 contributions
Worth a visit during Winter!!!
Dec 2018 • Family
Highly recommend Xi Ling Snow Mountain during Winter when it has started to snow. When the weather clears up at the top of the mountain, the view is incredible and peaceful. As the place is lesser known to tourists, it is mostly locals who visit the place. The view is comparable to Emei Shan's summit where the view is above the clouds. It's an absolute beauty. I stayed for two stays and one day was bad weather with icy ground.

You can also head to the ski field to enjoy grass or snow skiing, depending on the weather.
Written March 15, 2019
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Shanghai, China104 contributions
Beautiful walk in the nature
Jul 2018 • Solo
The review does not concern the ski resort, but only the path leading to the main waterfall, at the end of the valley.

The hike is pretty strenuous, because of the numerous stairs going up, deep into the Mountain scenic resort's valley.

The nature is truly beautiful, and so is the waterfall at the end. I especially loved the misty atmosphere and the fact that, at the time I hiked the place, it was almost empty.

Don't forget to bring some water and/or cash as there is no 4G network and no WeChat/AliPay payment via mobile phone is available (for Chinese residents only).
Written January 11, 2019
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George Town, Malaysia75 contributions
One day fun
Mar 2017 • Couples
This is my first trip to an Asian ski resort. It was big and you can surely walk around. U need to take a cable car up. The ice is lesser since it was end Feb but still ample for u to play around and to ski.
Written February 16, 2018
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Singapore, Singapore636 contributions
Magnificent view. A sight to behold
Nov 2016 • Family

XiLing Snow Mountain is a place to behold. It is amazing to be walking between the blue sky and the sea of pure white clouds floating below you. The scenic view simply takes your breath away. Truly amazing.

This is a MUST visit place for any tourist who is passing by Chengdu. Even if there's no snow.

To go up to the the peak, you will need to take the cable car to the first level at Yuan Yang Chi tourist center at 2140 m above sea level. You will then take the bus to the next level for the 2nd leg of cable car at 2155 m above sea level.

I would recommend you stop here to take in the sight and at the same time have your early lunch at the restaurant as there are no eateries after this level.

It is very cold in the mountain and I advise you wear enough warm clothing.

The second cable car will take you to the top.

Time required for a good visit will be at least 6 hrs.

Tips: the fees for cable car is 168 RMB. The entrance fees is waived from April to end of Nov as there is no snow during this period.
Written November 25, 2016
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Los Angeles, CA1,693 contributions
LONG LINES , almmost no snow ! !
Jan 2015 • Couples
We had to wait in lines for over 30 minutes for the cable car , Another waiting for the bus to take U to the " skinning area " . Left over snow is dirty and nothing to do . entrance fees is RMB 240 ( US$ 40 ) , NOT WORTH IT .
Written January 15, 2015
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Singapore, null, Singapore12 contributions
This place is more like an amusement park then ski mountain
Feb 2014 • Friends
In Chengdu, information regarding xiling mountain is next to none. Unable to get much info regarding what that place is like exactly, we went with our eyes blind and zero expectation.

The coach ride up to the mountain foot was about 2.5 hours from chengdu city, and it stopped along the way to let us buy some snow wares sold by merchants who set up makeshift stalls along the roadside. The cable car ride up the mountain is about ten minutes, and there after followed by another bus ride of also ten minutes. But as luck would have it, the day i went was crowded and we waited for an hour and half to wait for the cable car and final bus ride. Hope u get better luck :)

Anyway about the place in greater details. Its hardly a ski resort. Its like an amusement park with snow, with one of the itinerary being skiing. So the skiing is not professional, the hill is small, and well, i didnt get to go skiing that day cuz is so crowded. But from the looks of it, not much of a loss.

There is flying fox, snowmobile rides, huskey sleigh (hmmm this i didnt manage to find ....), etc etc. All chargeable, of course. And if u dont feel like paying for those overcharged activities, u can find a cozy corner and build a snowman, toss snowballs and kill some time.

Good place for those who sincerely want to experience snow (like me, who have not seen natural snow in my life), worse then useless for those who have snow on their doorsteps yearly.

There is a merchant street up in the mountains (a stretch of twenty or more shops), for those who worry about food / water availability. Of course you pay double then usual, and have half the taste. But when u are freezing ur toes off in the snow, any hot noodles, nice or not, however the cost, will be much appreciated!

So my final 2 cents conclusion. Go if you wanna experience snow , and look elsewhere if you just wanna ski.

Cheers and happy touring.
Written February 16, 2014
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia43 contributions
Ski experience for those who want to know more in English. Dec 2013
Dec 2013
This place is not for skiers. Powder snow for 3 days straight as it was snowing. Visibility only from early morning till noon. Lifts not open as they said not enough people. Only magic carpet. Ridiculous as the snow was powdery. Ski equipment is very lousy. Skis provided are not tuned, waxed or even fitted properly. As we were the only skiers and early at 830am their service was good and accommodative in changing multiple skis and boots. As price is all inclusive no point to bring your own. Price to try skiing is pretty cheap. Look at my photos with the price. Scenery is good. Had a snowy Christmas. Food is really bad. 90% not skiers and dangerous for children as most people here cannot control themselves. But overall great for family who want to experience a snowy Christmas.
Written December 24, 2013
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Singapore, Singapore36 contributions
Warmer ski region than anywhere else nothern
I came here on 25dec but the ski service was not opened yet. There was soft snow everywhere. Since the regular ski slopes were still closed, we improvised using plastic sheets to slide down the slope. It was primitive yet still fun. At zero Yuan is a bonus! After 2 plus hours, we had a sweaty workout. Opted to stay one night at Yingxue hotel at the end stop of the free shuttle bus. Booked at 560Yuan thru Ctrip. Convenient to go for a second round of slope sliding the next morning. Checked out at noon and took the public coach back to Chengdu, reaching at about 5:30pm. It was good fun! Remember to bring tonnes of cash as there are no ATM. Also no foreign credit card accepted at Yingxue.
Written December 27, 2012
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Max D
Suining1 contribution
Small, over-priced with very limited facilities...
Dec 2011 • Couples
We went to Xiling ski resort on the 28th Dec 2011. I would not recommend this resort as a skiing destination. First , the cost - 2 tickets for each person: to travel up and down on the cable car is RMB 100 and it takes about 15 minutes to reach the top. The trip on the cable car is quite nice. You must also pay another RMB120 to walk around the mountain top ! These tickets are not your ski passes for the day. If you want to ski you will have to pay more and the slope is short and fairly level - I could only find one area for skiing.You can rent skis also for RMB120 by leaving a RMB500 desposit (per person). There is also a very short ( and quite level ) slope for kids to use a small toboggan - RMB40. Otherwise there is snowmobiling in a circular track which is RMB100 for ten mins and another cable car sightseeing ride which costs RMB 80 per person. There is nothing else except for 3 or 4 hotels. After a brief look around the mountain top we decided to have lunch at the tourist restaurant but we were not allowed in because we were not part of 'the group' - maybe a tourist group of some kind. We intended to stay at this resort for two days but we left after 3 hours. Despite being a relatively short distance from Chengdu it takes a long time to drive here - 3/4 hours. Poor experience overall.
Written December 28, 2011
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