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Phuket, the pearl of the Andaman, is famous for its white beaches and tropical nature; offering so many off the beaten tracks to explore and experience. If you’re a nature lover, planet lover, or simply just want a holiday to love and always remember then you've come to the right place...River Rovers Eco Cruises!We are an independent Eco-Tour Company, taking small tours to all of the out of the way places, to see the natural beauty and Ecosystems that surround Phuket. We take no more than 6 guests on our Live-a-Board tours and a maximum of 10 guests for our Day tours, taking you away from the crowds of tourists, to show you the real Thailand with all of its treasures on offer.With our shallow draft of only 8 inches, we can pull up just about anywhere, without climbing on dinghies and clambering up the side of boats, perfect for all ages and abilities and wheel chairs are welcome too.You will experience a wonderland of wildlife, unspoiled by tourism.
Chalong, Thailand
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Very good

chris k
Perth, Australia1 contribution
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Jul 2021
We have done a few trips with Gordon from River Rovers and they were fantastic. I have been tryint to contact them as I will be in Phuket Nov 2022 but no reply to email and the phone just rings out. I think they may have closed down.
Written June 29, 2022
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Darwin17 contributions
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Jun 2015 • Couples
As a quadriplegic who was suffering some pain from recent injuries, I never thought that I would be able to go on such an amazing tour of Phang Nga Bay as customized by Captain Gordon and his crew. From the time that I was hoisted onto Captain Bang's traditional Thai longtail boat by three crew members, seated comfortably in my wheelchair and then offered beer and fruit, I knew I was in safe caring hands. When Captain Gordon asked if I wanted to swim or if I could go kayaking, I first said "no" but then thought that if one of the crew members sat behind me to support me I may be able to go kayaking. Captain Gordon and his crew had an amazing "can do" spirit and nothing seemed impossible within reasonable safety limits. With wind in our hair and occasional rain, sun and sea splash on our faces and clothes, we set off on the Longtail on an adventure which included visiting La Wa Island, going through the mangroves leading us to Kho Maphrao (Island), me being lifted from a barge by Gypsy boys onto a floating 3 man Kayak and then kayaking through Kho Hong( The Prince of Hongs ) and its caves and then going to James Bond Island(Kho Tapu) past Kho Raya King and having the Longtail travel into Lot Cave. We also visited the Gypsy Village ( Kho Pan Yee) where we had a huge feast which included the BEST tom yum soup I have ever tasted. During the day there were snacks and drinks being constantly passed around, good stories and conversations. All day we felt very special, compared to the large commercial tour boats and believe we had been given the opportunity of seeing and experiencing things not offered by most other tours. We had a great time.
Written June 7, 2015
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Reading26 contributions
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We started our day in the rain, which was more akin to Gordon's home town of Christchurch than Chalong Bay, but it did'nt matter one bit. We had e mailed earlier in the week and Gordon was not sure if he had any spaces on any trip that week, a few days later he called to say he would take just the two of us, we had the whole boat to ourselves and had the most SUPERB day and the most memorable one. Gordon is the nicest guy, very informative and helpful and within a very short time he felt more like a friend than your tour guide.
The trip was amazing, we saw only one tourist on a sea kayak during the day, you really feel you are seeing the real Thailand. My hi light was the monkeys, it was still raining and we were down a narrow river mangroves all around, we were sitting in the kayak with our basket of bananas, Suddenly there they were lots and lots of monkeys, babies as well, they jumped in the water swam the river and were sitting on kayak eating my bananas, I loved it, unbelievable experience, one which I would do again with River Rovers on another visit to Thailand.
The rest of the day was equally as amazing, paddling the canoe seeing small villages on the waters edge everything so still and quiet, visiting the fish farm and meeting some truly lovely Thai people, and swimming off Gordons boat in places where there is not a holiday maker in site.
I must also mention lunch, really great Thai food and lots of it, freshly cooked by Luk, just as good as the 4 star hotel we had stayed in the previous week.
All in all we had the best day with Gordon and River Rovers, his boat is so quiet and slowly glides along taking you places others can't go.
We did the one day trip exploring Chalong Bay but on our next visit to Thailand we will be contacting River Rovers to do a longer trip with him. Thanks Gordon we have some great memories.
Written April 30, 2009
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Duncan, Canada802 contributions
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My family and I just returned from 4 weeks in Thailand. The last 6 days were spent in Phuket. We did three excursions there which I will review independently.

River Rovers was one we booked while we were in Thailand. We had become bored of the beach scene so we checked Tripadvisor for some suggestions. River Rovers was one of the top rated things to do in Phuket. So we booked. We went out on a private charter of the boat (4 of us) costing 18,000 baht (Roughly $500 Cdn) for a full day excursion.

We were picked up at our hotel and taken to where the boat was anchored. The boat is about a 36 footer. It has a sundeck in front and a table/seating area at the stern with two berths in the bow. The boat is powered by a 50hp Yamaha outboard. If you are at all into boating you would immediately get a bit concerned seeing 36 ft of boat being pushed by only 50hp.

The river rovers 'team' is a mom and pop operation. Gord is the captain - an expat South African whose girlfriend, he explained, left him when they got to Phuket. He's joined by his new Thai girlfriend Luk - who speaks no English. Gord, I might mention, speaks remarkably little Thai.

We set off at about 9am and within about 500 meters a net got wrapped in the prop. Gord attempted to cut the net free with a kitchen knife but after a few minutes realized the futility. I suggested he remove the prop to get if off. He agreed this was the best way to go and went to get his 'tools' - a rusty pair of vise grips and an even rustier crescent wrench. Trying to remove the cotter pin to change the prop is difficult without a pair of pliers but he was unable to find any pliers on board. Eventually he got the prop and net clear and we got going again. Needless to say we were a little taken aback at his lack of preparedness. I should also mention that I saw no lifejackets on board though I imagine there were some somewhere.

Within about 5 minutes of the net being cleared from the prop Gord offered up some beer - and proceeded to join us. He joined us again half an hour later in a second beer - again half an hour later for a third and then continued to drink beer pretty much non-stop for the rest of the day long after we had stopped drinking. I'm no Amish - but I don't really think it's appropriate for the captain of a boat - the person responsible for the safety of his passengers - to be drinking beer all day.

The boat moves at a leisurely pace - well - not really 'leisurely' - more like painfully slow. The top speed I recorded on my GPS that day was 7.6km/h - just under 5mph. We entered the mouth of the 'river' about 45 minutes into the trip. I think I should mention at this point that the term 'river' is probably a misnomer. What we enter is more or less a slough. There's some local activity on it and some kayak outfits take tourists into it but the extent of this 'river' as far as the river rovers tour is concerned is about a 1km long stretch of tidal river delta which serves as the chief supply of washing and sewage for the residents who live on it. About 20 minutes later there is a family of Macac monkeys which Gord and his wife call with a whistle. They come to the rivers edge for bananas which Gord had a plentiful supply of. We played with these monkeys for about half an hour and it was really a lot of fun. A mother and baby hopped on to the kayak we were on and hung out eating for a while. It was a really cool experience and undoubtedly the best part of the day.

The kayak deserves some mention. There's one kayak being towed by the boat. It seats three. But there were four of us. So Gord had us all pile on to the kayak to paddle over to the rivers edge to see the monkeys. Four people (two adults, two kids) on a 3 person kayak makes it ride pretty low in the water. Water which, as I mentioned, is quite full of raw sewage. you just had to kind of grimace and go with the flow as it were then make sure you washed thoroughly with soap and water when you got back on board - certainly before you handled any food. Oh... there are two paddles - one is broken. Gord had mentioned that he had had several groups of 12 in the preceding days. I can't help but wonder how groups of 12 went out with one kayak - I suppose in shifts. A previous TripAdvisor poster had written that Gord had said that one of his kayaks had been 'nicked'. That may well be but stolen equipment is part of doing business and I would have expected it to be replaced if they were part of the trip. Gord had us paddle out in the kayak one more time for a look at some houses in a bay - then back to the river through some mangroves. I'm not certain what the point of this was - as really all we did was paddle through their toilet and come back to the boat. Once again we made sure plenty of soap and water got used.

The trip goes up the river about 1km as I mentioned and then turns around and goes right back out. 'Roving' the river is certainly not a part of a River Rovers excursion. The rest of the trip was spent in Chalong bay - travelling around it at 5km/h. I wasn't sure if were going this speed because he was getting too drunk to drive, because the 50hp motor was only capable of that speed, or because he was killing time. I suspect a combination of the three.

Anyways - the next stop was near a pearl farm in a different bay. Here Luk made lunch on board. The food is something that I must comment on very positively. There was plentiful food and drink on board. Lots of fresh fruit and potato chips, juice, water, pop (and beer, of course). Luk prepared a great lunch on board - Hot and sour spicy soup, chicken in cashews, prawns, and a few other dishes. They were all great and we were stuffed to the gills when lunch was over.

From here we went to a 'fish farm'. Basically a set of floating rafts with some nets in them. They had snapper and some other local fish as well as nets of tropicals for the aquarium industry (lionfish, trunkfish, etc.). Gord explained that people generally buy lobster from the fish farmers which they cook for you right there. He further explained that if we weren't going to buy any lobster that we should 'tip' the fish farmer instead. I thought this a little odd - and honestly thought it was HIS reponsibility to pay for this if it were necessary but nonetheless I tipped her. She was quite a nice older lady and though it was pretty pathetic to see how these animals are kept in such hideous conditions it was a glimpse at the reality of life for these people.

We proceed on for what seemed like an eternity to get to the next stop - where we were to snorkel. An island about 7 or 8km out from the fish farm which took over an hour and a half to get to at 3mph. Gord said not to worry - that he had snorkelling equipment. Well - we got there eventually. And he had snorkelling equipment - sort of. On board were 3 pairs of fins - 2 of which actually fit my children (13 and 14 y/o). Then there was a 3rd pair that didn't fit either my wife or me. I don't know how any groups of adults could possibly go snorkelling and imagine that simply put - they could not. He had 4 masks but only 3 straps for them. One of the three had been wrapped around and tied in a knot so that it wasn't adjustable. The snorkels had visible dirt on them from previous use. We washed the equipment and let our kids go snorkel a bit. My wife and I just floated around for a few minutes and then came back on board. The masks didn't seal and weren't adjustable so my kids got frustrated trying to see anything under water so they soon returned to the boat as well. We then set about the return trip. We were to spend over 3hrs going to and from a 'snorkelling' spot where we couldn't snorkel. I thought that sitting on the beach for hours and hours was boring. In retrospect the beach would have been quite exciting compared to sitting on the boat watching the scenery go by at 3mph.

Anyways - this concludes my review/description of our River Rovers trip. I liked Gord - I really did. He seemed genuinely 'nice'. But he has some serious problems. First off - he has to quit drinking while taking out passengers. That's totally uncool. Next he has to infuse some money into his operation - pick up some kayaks, paddles and snorkelling equipment. Finally he has to put some money into his boat. 50hp pushing around 36 feet is just plain ridiculous. I'm all for a leisurely pace when that's appropriate - but there are times to just 'go where you're going'. Furthermore - running a boat with only a single motor is just plain unsafe. A motor failure is inconvenient in good weather but it can be life threatening in bad weather or close to a threatening shoreline. We had a few good moments on our trip but I really couldn't recommend it.
Written January 7, 2010
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“You can please some people some of the time but you can’t please all people all of the time” but I try. Thank you for your review your comments have been noted, but would just like to get some facts straight. 1. The boat is considerably smaller than the stated 36ft. check the specs. on our website 2. There are twelve life jackets on the boat, three bright orange ones in each cabin, the rest are under the bed, if we have larger numbers on board then we set them out accordingly 3. I have a toolbox on board with everything in it, pliers, screwdrivers, spanners, wrenches, socket sets and much more, all greased and in perfect condition,not for use in salt water. 4. I am not an expat South African, check “about us” on the website. I can get by with basic Thai and Luck’s English is coming along, we have been together a long time 5. The price of a private day trip is not 18,000Thb; check the price list on the website. 6. My SA girlfriend didn’t just leave when we arrived here, check “about us” on our website 7. The “Monkey Jungle Cruise” doesn’t include snorkeling but I take people sometimes if they want, depends on the conditions, I don’t need to have any snorkeling gear onboard at all, I just say that I have some. If guests want to go on just a snorkeling trip then they bring all their own gear or they can hire it, hair under the mask’s seal would cause it to leak for sure. 8. We didn’t do a leg from the fish farm to the snorkeling spot. 9. I hardly ever open the throttle over 50%, if guests want to go faster all they have to do is ask. 10. One engine is not a problem for the type of trip we do, we are only in calm smooth water, the furthest we ever go is to the island for snorkeling but we have only been there 3 times, we have gone one better than having two engines we have two boats, our own rescue boat, it’s 15ft long and has a 70hp Yamaha two stroke engine, it can carry eight people, my friend has a key and it’s just a call to him and he’s flying at 40knots to our rescue, it’s never happened, but if my friend isn’t available we would phone Khoon Ring at the fish farm and he would rustle up a bunch of long tail boats from Khlong Mudong to lend a hand, in any case you can walk home from a lot of the places we go to, because it’s so shallow. 11. Most dive boats, game fishing boats and long tail boats carrying passengers much further away than we do have one engine, my yacht is 42 ft and weighs 12 tons has a single 29HP engine in it, we have sailed around the coast of South Africa, up to Northern Kenya, Madagascar from south to north, the islands of the Indian Ocean to Phuket, then around Thailand and Malaysia, when we need the engine in no wind or to enter ports it pushes us along at 6 knots. 12. The paddle with a crack in the blade, we have 4 paddles on the boat, two from the stolen kayak which are under the bed, Luck just gives out the ones we use to get the boat ready for the next trip, if the guests are unhappy with it they can ask for another, We have one kayak which officially seats three people, if we require more kayaks which sometimes happens, we hire them from Ao Chalong. 13. The slough is a khlong of which there are thousands of miles around Thailand, they have mangroves, monkeys, birds and people live in stilted houses over them and next to them, they are fed by the sea so are tidal, the tide takes everything out and brings in the new. Many poor and rich people live along these khlongs and it’s fascinating for most people to experience this, these places are not dressed up for tourism, it’s the real thing. That’s what we want our guests to experience “The Real Thailand” 14. River Rovers gives 200Thb to the fish farm every trip and we ask our guests to chip in if they don’t buy lobsters or fish but it’s not mandatory, these people lost everything they owned in the Tsunami and River Rovers has done a huge amount to help them rebuild their lives. 15. This trip is obviously not for everyone, but all kids the elderly and people in wheel chairs and most other people enjoy seeing a bit of “The Real Thailand,” that’s what we do at a leisurely pace, I have 56 years experience in driving boats from the very highest level of racing yachts and cruising, not one incident causing loss of life or injury. 16. The fire extinguisher which was out of date has been serviced and now has a current stamp on it. 17. This trip is not the only one we do, we can spend days cruising around Phang Nga Bay and exploring the rivers and khlongs, we can sleep 6 people and we have everything onboard, a galley, ice boxes, toilets and showers etc. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay on Phuket. .
Written January 24, 2010
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Hong Kong8 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
May 2013 • Friends
Thank you to Gordon & Luk. Thank you for giving us such a memorable tour.

We have joined the tour on 30 May. I booked it via email after I arrived Phuket and the whole process is very smooth. Gordon did get back very quick and even help us to arrange transportation from hotel to pier (transportation fee at our charge).

Gordon brought us to several islands and we did not see any other tourists around. We swim, walk around and paddle in an environment that with only us. We really enjoy the peaceful environment and it looks like we have chartered those islands/beaches. Gordon knows how to get away from crowded. He gave us sufficient time, food & unlimited beers to enjoy for the whole journey.

To me, feeding monkeys is the worst part as I am afraid of them however my two friends enjoy a lot. Luckily we are then offered a chance to order lobsters directly from the nearby fishermen at a very attractive price (nearly half price compare to restaurants in Patong). Lobsters are steamed and delivered to our boat directly. They are so fresh and the taste is very good. It is worth to pay for and really helps me to forget about those monkeys.

Food are fabulous!!! Luk is a very good chef even better than some of the restaurants. The drumstick, chicken & coconut soup, stir fried pork with ginger, stir fired prawns with beans and fried rice are to die for. (Except the french fries which is a bit hard, I guess they are over-cooked.)

Gordon said as he is already 70 and he wants to enjoy life so he will only run 7 to 8 tours a month. We are so lucky that we can join this tour. I would recommend this tour to everyone who wants to enjoy Sun, Sea & Sand. This tour is not using speedboat so it suits for all people (family even with elderly or children).

If I visit Phuket in future, I will definitely want to join Gordon & Luk again.
Written June 4, 2013
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Keith R
24 contributions
1.0 of 5 bubbles
Nov 2018 • Couples
Been in Chalong for over a week. Still cannot find these people. Reviews look good, want to book BUT. How to find them. Both Google map locations are a bust. Asking around people say they have not seen this company for a long time. Guess they are out of business. Pity we wanted to book with them.
Written November 22, 2018
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Zurich, Switzerland10 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Dec 2016 • Family
We booked (family of 6) a private tour combining the monkey tour with the visit of some remote islands spots. It was a great experience, Gordon is very helpful, we had a great crew making this trip very enjoyable. We want to see and feed monkeys and had a nice afternoon kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and exploring sports with no mass tourism. We would recommend River Rovers!
Written January 3, 2017
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Sridhar K
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia24 contributions
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Jul 2015
Captain Gordon is the one you should reach out to if you aim to enjoy island hopping at a leisurely pace, away from the crowds in the Andaman Sea (and believe me, I realized why one should avoid crowds when I landed at Khao Phing Khan island to catch a glimpse of the famed James Bond islet). In his boat named Pitta (pronounced "Peach-a", named after a bird family), on this trip, "In the steps of Lord Buddha", we hopped a few islands south east of Phuket viz., Kho Thanan, Kho Lon, Kho Bon, Bu Bu, Ko He. Mr Gordon takes you to spots which are less touristy and superb for whatever it is that suits you whether it be snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, fishing, roaming about on the beach or just lazing on the boat surrounded by clear green water. He is an English man who has good stories to tell from his days in England, South Africa and now Thailand. He also has a few stories to relate about the islands themselves. The crew, comprising of the captain, first mate (Luck) and helmsman (M) is very courteous. They take good care of you. They are accommodating of your preferences in terms of food or activities which you wish to focus on (e.g. in our case, they were kind enough to arrange minor fishing equipment to indulge my friend who likes fishing). The boat is a shallow water boat and can get you real close to the beach if need be which is quite convenient for non swimmers like me. And they were kind enough to help me out with snorkeling even though I don't swim. You can arrange with him to book the boat for yourself, a group of friends or share it with other folks like I did. By the way, my ride was all the more pleasant because we were just 4 tourists on the boat apart from the crew of 3 because a group of 4 bailed out last minute.
Summary -
Price - 3995 per head (well worth it believe me)
Duration - 9 - 530
Crew - 3
Tourists - 4 (Captain claimed boat can accommodate 8-10 easily which seemed fair)
Food & Snacks - Chips, fries, fruits, curry, rice, starters. No shortage. Let them know in advance in case of special needs.
Water and Drinks - Beer and bottled water. No shortage.
Languages - English (Captain), Thai (Luck, M)
Equipment - Free on board - Snorkeling, Kayaking, Fishing, Camera, Life jackets, Floating foam tubes
Conveniences - Towels, Medicines, Water proof pouches for small digital devices
Written August 3, 2015
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Ray G
Phuket2 contributions
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Jul 2012 • Family
My wife and I carefully selected some Phuket tours to enjoy with our 15 & 12 yr old grandchildren. One of these was Gordon's River Rovers as it offerred a couple of experiences not offerred by other tour operaters. In particular, the wild monkey feeding from the boat and kayaks was awesome.The boat is barely adequate as an acceptable standard of tour offerring fitted with a single 50 hp outboard which chugged us along at about 4 knots (walking speed),economical to run for him but pretty boring after couple of hours for customers.Food was good,as we don't drink alcohol the drinks offerred were pretty poor, and no coffee or tea, half a watermelon was supplied as fruit offerring.When came time to pay,I only had 1000 baht notes,Gordon said he had NO CHANGE, don't believe him,and he said he would keep the 500 baht change as "FOR LUCK" He would have got a tip but I object to being taken like that. Sorry, never again Gordon,You could even remember any of our names.3 out of ten,Ray,Australia
Written July 3, 2012
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He obviously got onto the wrong boat, if he wanted to go fast then he should have got on the boat next to us with 5 x 220hp engines, travels at 40 knots and carry’s 100 people. The size of our motor can be found on Tripadvisor, our website, Google, Facebook and many other places, he obviously didn’t do his homework when he chose our trip, the second thing is he never told anybody that we had hit an underwater object and broken the prop. with all three blades badly damaged and we were towing his grandchildren through the water hanging onto the back of our kayaks at 4 knots, not bad actually, his wife and kids had a grand time, I would also like to know what leg he was talking about where he says he got bored after two hours, the longest leg I remember was 40 minutes and some were only 15 minutes. Very few people want coffee or tea on our boat but we have it, he didn’t ask. He got the same fruit as everybody else gets, that he fed the monkeys with it, is another story. There were dozens of different soft drinks on the boat, if he didn’t like the one all he had to do was change it for another, nonsense. When it came to pay, he waited until the last second , we had to use the jetty on this particular day because of the tide, there was no water at the beach, it is a heavy steel jetty one which I hate using and it has very little in the way of fenders, I was holding the back of the boat and Luck was holding the front, neither of us could leave station to get change even if we had it, that we were 700 meters away for the nearest place to get change and we had a large speedboat with 100 people on it waiting for our space so they could unload their guests, he didn’t care and he made it unclear as to whether he wanted change or leave a tip for Luck, if he had paid earlier in the trip we could have made a plan, like stop at a shop on the river or the fish farm but I didn’t know how much change he wanted, he didn’t even know how much the trip was, he had to ask me.
Written August 9, 2012
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Verteillac, France7 contributions
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Mar 2012 • Friends
I've written about River Rovers before, but a week or so ago, I joined River Rovers for a rather different event! Leaving harbour about an hour before sunset, we cruised gently with Captain Gordon to the fish farm that I had previously visited on one of his day trips. Floating like a set from Kevin Costner's film, 'Water World', this was to be the setting of our barbecue 'dinner at sea'. Eight of us got comfortable on the gently rocking raft, and as the fire was lit and drinks were passed around, we watched the sun go down, behind the Big Buddha on Phuket island, clearly visible to the west. Those who wished to eat really fresh lobster or fish, went to choose them from the keep nets, suspended between the walkways of the raft, helped by the smiley Thai fisherman, who's fish farm it is. Others took souvenir photos. Luck, our lovely Thai cook, was busy preparing the other food she had brought, rice, salads, chicken and wonderful sauces, and keeping an eye on the barbecue, so by the time everyone was really relaxed and feeling happy, the meal was ready. This was the first time I had enjoyed a feast like this, a very different experience. The shadows lengthened, stomachs were filled and sighs of contentment were heard. The darkness enveloped us and we boarded the River Rover's boat, and back, with the stars above in an inky black sky. Once more Gordon has found something special to offer, I am so pleased to have been able to go. I'll probably do it again.
Written April 27, 2012
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