Wulai Hot Spring Township

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Wulai Hot Spring Township
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Neighborhood: Xindian / Wulai District
The Bitan Scenic Area with its beautiful mountains and rivers was one of the eight sceneries of Taiwan earlier on and was reputed as the “little red cliff” due to its steep cliffs on the west bank. If you enjoy wandering through this area by bike, there are well established surrounding riverside cycling paths. One may also boat on Bitan in paddle boats which are also quite pleasant. If you are tired and would like to take some rest, why not set foot in feature restaurants on the east bank and comfort your soul with great food and beautiful scenery with an air of romance. The neighboring Wulai is one of the few districts in Northern Taiwan with indigenous culture. You can visit the Atayal Museum for the history and culture of indigenous people, or go for an in-depth indigenous tribal life experience and enjoy unique totems and architecture. The area is famous for its hot springs and cherry blossoms. Visit in spring to bask in the color of cherry blossoms, and experience hot springs in winter to warm the body and heart. Don’t miss the old street if you enjoy shopping and buying. If you want to stand closer to nature, the different appearance of Wulai Waterfall from time to time from trickling to overwhelming will capture your heart.
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Jeffry b
Essendon, Australia8,894 contributions
Laid-back resort is a local favourite
Oct 2021
Wulai is a hot springs resort some 35 miles (55km) by road from Taipei City. Wulai is an indigenous district, inhabited by the Ayatal people. Apart from the hot springs, Wulai is noted for its indigenous cuisine, which can be sampled at food stalls and restaursants. Wulai's Old Town is interesting. The area is very scenic, and the Wulai Waterfall is a famous tourist sight. Wulai is a well-known day out for the people of northern Taiwan.
Written October 20, 2021
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Jeffry b
Essendon, Australia8,894 contributions
Place where the water is hot
Apr 2021
Wulai means "hot springs" in Aboriginal language. It's still a place with Atayal (Aboriginal) heritage. It's like Beitou, but not as glitzy; Wulai has a small town feel. The water is hot, but not intolerable. The Wulai Scenic Train will take you near the Wulai Falls. There are many small shops selling such things as wild boar sausages, and also small hotels with rooms that can be hired for an afternoon or overnight, while you enjoy the hot springs. As with everything in Taiwan, it's best to avoid holidays or weekends if you can. Public transport is worth considring.
Written June 12, 2021
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Jeffry b
Essendon, Australia8,894 contributions
Hot springs, hot food
Nov 2020
Wulai is a hot springs resort about 30 km (20 miles) south of Taipei; it was once rather tatty, but it has improved considerably in recent years. It is known as an Aboriginal settlement, but better known for its food, in particular for its wild boar and venison. The bamboo steamed rice is famous, as are the wild jungle vegetables. The millet wine is stimulating'; millet is a traditional grain that is well-known in North China. Wulai is a favorite day-trip for Taipei people; the hot springs are relaxing, they are a good way to de-stress, especially in cooler weather.
Written January 17, 2021
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Singapore, Singapore838 contributions
Charming certified hotspring homestays everywhere
Jan 2020 • Solo
U are going to be spoilt for choices! But no big brand names here, all are local homestays. The rooms come with views facing the streams, some are for rent during the day or you may stay overnight.
Written January 6, 2020
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Lea M
Stirling, UK15 contributions
Nice Day Trip!!
Jan 2020
Wulai is a beautiful small town in Taiwan that is worth visiting. We went for a half day trip. It was really easy to navigate and taking the bus (Number 849) is cheaper than Uber. The bus was taken after exiting the Green line from the train station. Just an fyi, the 849 bus is quite popular and crowded from the stop we began from. Many locals are boarding from this stop and if you aren't standing in line to get on the bus, you may likely be standing for the hour ride to Wulai. The bus also runs every 20 minutes.

The ride to Wulai from the bus was liken to a roller coaster ride at 6 Flags amusement park! Highly elevated with lots of twists and turns and I was convinced that our bus driver was either a stunt double in a previous life or has driven these roads enough that giving foreigners heart attacks from fear is part of his entertainment while driving. It was scary and impressive at the same time - I thought for sure we were going to fall in to a gorge or take a twist on 2 wheels - bring dramamine if you're prone to motion sickness.

The last stop on the bus ride is the Wulai so you will know where to get off. Wulai is as pictured on all photos and YouTube videos we've researched. The town is small, full of character and history. This is a town best explored by those who like to walk, those who aren't looking for a large city experience, and appreciate history and a small town feel. The people are lovely and inviting.

The main road consists of several restaurants that serve similar (if not the exact same) meals with just a different atmosphere. There are some local dishes but not many (at least on the road we visited) that make one restaurant better than the other.

The hot springs are easy to locate and there are many photographic opportunities along the way. Few entrances to the hot sprints along the main roads - just follow the people. :-) The hot springs themselves are quite lovely. The river is clean, blue water and the "pocket pools" created by previous visitors are worth a sit. The hot springs are burning hot - not unbearable but definitely HOT SPRINGS! Very peaceful and nice for a relaxing day. It can be very crowded depending on when you visit. Plan your time accordingly and bring adequate swimwear (though some people had no problems sitting in pools in underwear to take advantage of an unplanned moment.

Take lots of pictures :-) Christian influence is felt through out the city with many picture opportunities blended with aboriginal culture. Enjoy yourselves.
Written January 3, 2020
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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam1,614 contributions
What's at Wulai Hot Spring Town + Getting there
Nov 2019 • Family
Wulai's a small town which literally means, 'hot springs' in Aboriginal Taiwanese. Here are a few things you are see and do there:

1. When you first reach the town's 'entrance', you'll notice it's kinda small with just some houses stretched along the two sides of the river/valley. On the first bridge is where you can take the iconic photo of the Wulai houses and river behind you. You'll find the first Aboriginal museum nearby.

2. You'll pass by a short pathway lined with shops of about 100 metres. That's the Old Street. Will cover the foods to eat there in another review. Most famously, the first Taiwanese sausage was sold by a store, Yue Qiu aka Moon, here. Arrive before 10am or else the queue for this is always long!

3. The second suspension bridge is right over the river where you can look through the glass floors at the rushing blue waters below you.

4. Up the stairs is where you can take the Wulai Scenic Train, which was originally created by the Japanese during the occupation in 1930s for lugging timber up and down this mountain. It's a mini-train which brings you close to the waterfalls 1.5km up the mountain. You can hike up this 1.5km concrete trail on foot too.

5. Once you're at the waterfall area, there's still a small street you can shop, find the second museum or enjoy coffee at, or you can choose to take Taiwan's oldest cable car that literally goes over the waterfall to Taiwan's oldest amusement park, Yun Hsien Park. What we didn't know BEFORE that was between the cable car station to the Yun Hsien Park, was at least few hundred steps up the mountain. So, travel light, pal.

6. Hot springs - once it was advertised in the travel documentary, Go! Go! Taiwan, that anyone can go down the valley to dig a hole along the sides of the river and create a hot spring by themselves. Not anymore. Due to safety concerns, government doesn't allow that anymore. However, you can still try the hot springs at various stores in this town. Or at the hotels which have better hot springs bath facilities.

Getting to Wulai Town:
1. By taxi or private car rental = around 40 minutes
2. By public bus which will end at the terminal at Wulai, just about 200 metres from the entrance of the town.
3. Don't advise driving by yourself here, because the queue to park at the only multi-story car park facility seems to be snaking long.
Written December 25, 2019
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Kimitaka S
Taichung, Taiwan11,051 contributions
Hot spring
Jun 2019 • Solo
It is a very small town, and beside hot spring and waterfall there is no other attraction. But just for that it is perfectly worth visiting.
Written June 25, 2019
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Karsten S
Geldrop, The Netherlands11 contributions
Hot springs closed
Oct 2018 • Couples
Unfortunately the government recently destroyed the hot springs because of the danger when bathing next to the unpredictable river. All entrances are closed, but you can still make it to the hot springs via a small improvised path. You won’t find the nice springs anymore but only small improvised baths made of plastic foil by the locals.
Written October 28, 2018
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Tokyo, Japan12 contributions
Natural hot springs by the river
Sep 2016 • Couples
This town was easy to get to by bus. I've been there twice with my bf (flew into Taipei and took a bus / taxi to get to Wulai / back to Taipei). It took around 45 minutes one way. We like the place as it's not as well known/visited as Beitou. First time we did a day trip, the second time we did an overnight stay.

There is a hot spring area down the river where locals enjoy a bit of bathing and banter amongst themselves. You can just dip your feet or taking a proper bathe in the hot spring pools and then you can enjoy the cool water in the river. It's quite a nice experience.

We walked around to just enjoy the nature in this town. The town does have some touristy elements which we weren't too keen on (the food stalls for instance) - generally food-wise the options weren't great.
Written August 29, 2017
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Xenna S
Klang, Malaysia44 contributions
the natural hot spring in the river is a must-try
Dec 2016 • Friends
this is a hot spring township, not as popular as beitou among tourists, which mean u can enjoy more peacefully here, less tourists, less noise, but same amount of fun! u can walk to the waterfall, order a fresh vege meal for yourself, or even be like the locals, enjoy the natural hot spring in the river - you can feel the hot water from underground directly when you step into certain parts of the river.
Written August 28, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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