Chitwan National Park

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Chitwan National Park
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Brian de Riancho
Hawaii344 contributions
Mar 2020 • Solo
Here's what everyone should know, and it seems to me that too few are told in time to prepare properly:

First, mindset. The wildlife is not on the payroll, absolutely cannot be made to appear, and may never appear at all. None of this is anyone's fault, not least the guide's fault. Therefore, it is wise to have no expectations whatsoever, just go on a nature walk for 1, 2, or 3 days (2 is recommended) and be pleasantly surprised at whatever you see, and not upset about whatever you don't see. You are not paying to see animals. You are paying for trained guides to escort you through the national park to look for and hopefully spot animals.

Second, some animals are much more likely to be seen than others. You will see crocodiles, monkeys, deer, and lots of birds.... even though from distances usually not worth photographing. Rhinos and Boars are possible. Tigers, leopards, elephants..... well, good luck, and if you do see them, you are indeed lucky.

Third, Ronaldo the bull elephant. He has killed over 15 people in the park so far. Ask your guide about that, and perhaps consider carefully if you really need to see a wild elephant that will kill you if he can, while you'll see lots of trained elephants on the roadway along the river in Sauraha. It's your call.

Fourth, wear only dark clothing- dark green is best, but dark blue, brown, and black are ok, too. For your safety, do not wear red, yellow, or white. Also, do not wear any scents such as perfumes or deodorants. However, be mindful of mosquitoes at night if you stay in the village, and also around Sauraha. They are everywhere after dusk. Muscle balms like Golden Cup, Icy Hot, and Tiger Balm work best before and after. If you want to be lazy and travel lighter, just bring fresh underwear and socks, as you can easily get 2 days out of your clothes on a trek. If your clothes get wet, drape them over your back or bag while trekking. Wear light, strong shoes that can get muddy or wet without causing too much trouble. A good sun hat and a walking stick are an asset. If you are anaphylactic, bring Benadryl or an injection kit.

Fifth, bring a bit of instant coffee with you if you're staying overnight, as the village is not guaranteed to have any. I know it's awful, but the chances of real coffee happening are zero.

Sixth, I recommend as guides:

● Gopal at the Hotel Parkside in Sauraha
● Bikal & Razu at the tour kiosk in The New Style Yellow Chilli restaurant along the riverside road in Sauraha.
Written March 10, 2020
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Bedrock Resort
Ratnanagar, Nepal65 contributions
Nov 2020
Chitwan National Park is a preserved area in the Terai Lowlands of south-central Nepal, known for its biodiversity. Its dense forests and grassy plains are home to rare mammals like one-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers. The park shelters numerous bird species, including the giant hornbill. Dugout canoes traverse the northern Rapti River, home to crocodiles. Inside the park is Balmiki Ashram, a Hindu pilgrimage site
Written October 25, 2021
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Kathmandu, Nepal62 contributions
Jan 2020 • Couples
9 days (2 trips) has opened our eyes to the joys of Chitwan's scenery & creatures... yes we fell for the hype of a day in the National Park ($60usd each for canoe & hiking) but saw much more outside the park - freedom walking along the paths east of sunset beach zone and 2 trips into 20,000 lakes (bicycle & motorbike) and only 200npr each! There is of course no guarantee that you will see any large creatures at all, except mahouts mounted on tame elephants. In the Park we had a close rhino encounter which made us & our guides run (no trees to climb), and then saw 2 more at sunset. 20,000 lakes provided wild boar, chital & sambar deer, crocs & a rhino plus many birds including the rare Lesser Adjutant! Don't rush your time in Sauraha, there's lots to see for free or cheap.
Written January 2, 2020
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CT2,111 contributions
Apr 2022
We visited Chitwan National Park for two nights as part of our trip to Nepal. Overall, we were quite disappointed. We saw minimal animal life during our almost 6-hour jeep safari. Maybe just an off day? If you've been on African safaris, this will not excite you.

Best part was definitely the peace and serenity of the river "safari" on a motorless boat at sunset.
Written May 9, 2022
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Miroslav K
2 contributions
Nov 2019
I wanted to stay in Chitwan for one week but I have spent there only 2 days. Because me and my wife saw one of the worse thing in our life. Man who ride on elephant hit a elephant with sharp steel stick. He hit him maybe 10 times. It was crazy. My wife cried. After that we checked skin of others elephants. All of them had so many old and new injuries and scars. I have some pictures of it. They have around 15 elephants chained for almost whole day. They ride on them from 10-16 every day (do elephant safary for example)and during riding they hit them. It was in city Saurahu. Who really like animals, please do not support people with this behavior. Choose diferent location.
Written January 2, 2020
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Kolkata144 contributions
Mar 2020
The Chitwan National Park offers a variety of flora and fauna. Do not miss the jeep safari and especially the elephant safari. We were lucky to see a few rhinos, Gharial crocodiles, peacock, wild bore, spotted deer, buck deer, and lots of amazing colourful birds. The elephant safari was a memory to be cherished for the rest of your life. It's adventurous and thrilling. The elephant bathing was a fun too. You are allowed to go round the buffer zone of the forest only.
Written May 11, 2020
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6 contributions
Jan 2019 • Couples
We thought we were visiting a sanctuary, it was a prison. The elephants live their entire lives in chains. The breeding center is the worst. They are only bred to carry tourists around, they work until 75 or 80 then are sent to India our guide told us. They are chained up, not even close to each other. We saw a baby so stressed out it was just swaying back and forth. At this point we turned and left. The majority of tourists were from China and didn't care that the elephants were miserable.

We took the jungle jeep safari and it was extremely boring, we only saw grass, deer and peacocks.

The canoe ride was the only part we liked.

The park claims to be plastic free, but it's not, the whole experience left us feeling sad and depressed for the animals.

Please skip this or google elephant treatment in Chitwan National Park first. We thought we were supporting a sanctuary, it's not. Do your research first, then decide.
Written January 20, 2019
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54 contributions
Jan 2020 • Friends
these elephants are captured from the wild , harsh methods are used to get a wild elephant to carry a human on its back. The process starts soon after it is captured. It is often referred to as "breaking-in " or "crush". There is NOTHING HUMANE about Riding or interacting with captive elephants, swimming with dolphins, walking with lions, or cuddling a tiger cub for a photo - these are just some of the many worrying tourism excursions and activities involving animals. All can impact on the welfare of the animals involved, and risk people's safety.
Please start treating animals the way you would like to be treated. If you see the stress and anxiety they go through over their training, so that they can make a good selfie or a second of memory is NOT worthy to prison them ..
Chitwan Park, has so much making up to do. If I wasn’t naive enough, and did research I would never go there to support these animal cruelty.
Safari park means observing animals in their natural environment, not using them for ignorant tourists . It should be educational , not a show fir selfie. Than I would support and sponsor it.
Please think for a second and have compassion and love for animals. They deserve it, and support them and love them in their own environment, we don’t have to touch them , ride them ..
I feel ashamed to visit Chitwan national park. Hope you visitors demand better treatment of animals so that elephants can be freed and stop riding them 😣🥺🥺😭😭
thank you
Written January 7, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

County Galway, Ireland160 contributions
Jan 2020
TPlease do not patronize this park. I arrived at the park to discover emaciated elephants at 6 am reporting for work. They piled six tourists very large some obese onto the backs and they kicked and beat the elephants. It was shocking and horrible. Until this abuse reported by so many pf Tripadviosr members ends-this heinous abuse of a beautiful feeling species-this park should be boycotted. I was horrified by what I saw kicking and beating the elephants when they were dropping form lack of food and water. My fiance filmed the whole day I could not stay to watch it was horrible. We still have the footage we can upload here. My fiance currently is working with a documentary news program to feature footage filmed at the park. There is no respect for animals whatsoever. This is not something political this is something we personally witnessed and could not in good conscience pay to enter the park while this horrific abuse of elephants is taking place. I personally filmed the elephants entering the park in rank and file at 5 am they left the park at 8pm that means they worked with six large and often obese tourists on their backs for 15 HOURS! They were not fed during this time as my fiance documented. We believe that caring responsible tourists want to know what is going on at this park before paying to go there. We enjoyed the indigenous peacock dances in the Tharu village rather than enter the park after filming this disgrace! The Tharu are a lovely people friendly and beautiful and they gave me the rose after the peacock dance they picked me. It is unbelievable how graceful they are and it is a guy and he selects a woman from the audience after he dances to present a rose to. He dances like the peacock in a peacock costume because it is the male peacock who has the striking plumage the females are tan. So coming to the area was not a complete loss I learned about Tharu culture and met many kind people.
Written March 13, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

916 contributions
Mar 2019 • Solo
First the positive things: the wildlife here is great!!!! I spent two extra days here (five days) to enjoy the beauty, due to (very unexpected for this time of year) bad weather on the Annapurna Circuit. I really loved seeing the animals!!! This park is nothing like the Serengeti or Masai Mara. There is vegetation here, which can make things a bit of a challenge for wildlife viewing. It’s best to go in the drier months, from March to early May, although this March it was clear some heavy rain arrived, making the grass longer. (Very unusual weather this year according to locals in the Chitwan, as well as Annapurna region).
The animals here are the star of the show. We saw five rhinos, two python, the endangered gharial crocodiles with their mouths open to absorb sunlight in the morning, mugger crocodiles, turtles, two species of monkeys, wild and very large bison, one (not necessarily) “wild” boar, monitor lizards and three species of deer. We heard the warning call of a spotted deer really near us, indicating a tiger was very nearby, but we never saw it. It was spotted in the area the day before, so we knew it was around.
The number of bird species is very very large: peacocks, storks, herons, beekeepers, a couple of spotted eagles, two species of beautiful kingfishers and a lot of others I didn’t recognize. This park is a birder’s paradise. There are a large number of butterflies to observe flitting around as well. This park based on the wildlife deserves five stars, but there is a BIG problem here!!!!
Problem: the elephants are abused. On the day I took to enjoy Sauraha, I went down to the river at the end of the main road to see if the rhino might be down there where it was two evenings earlier and started walking the trail to the left of the National Park check in station to see if there was any wildlife in the area. En route, I saw mahouts down at the river with their Asian elephants in it. I was appalled to see the way those majestic animals were being beaten!!!!😡😡. One was laying in the water and the mahout started beating it in the rib area. A couple of others were hitting them over the head with some sort of instrument. EVERY elephant has large gashes on their heads in my photos. I walked away when I saw that, or I might have done something I would have regretted. Folks, these majestic animals are starved, put in narrow cages, beaten, among other things to break their spirit to domesticate them. It’s very hard on their backs when people sit on them in those baskets. PLEASE do not contribute to their abuse!!! These animals should be in the wild, not used for financial gain. Imagine what would happen to me if I started beating a sacred cow in Nepal or India. I would not fare very well. The elephant is supposedly considered sacred (not to mention much rarer AND more majestic) there as well, but not so much so that they aren’t abused. Confusing, right. I do highly recommend spending some time at Tiger Tops elephant camp if you want to interact with well taken care of elephants. You don’t ride them, you walk with them into the jungle. They protect you when they are next to you. I wish I would’ve known about this camp when in Nepal, I would’ve used them in a heartbeat. All five stars and VERY loved by those that have stayed there!!! Imagine!!! You glamp (glamorous camping) with elephants around your tent that will not hurt you and you can enjoy them up close and personal pretty much whenever you want!!! AWESOME!!!!
In conclusion, due to the beauty and large number of birds, as well as unique wildlife, I very highly recommend spending several days in Chitwan National Park!!! Just PLEASE don’t contribute to the abuse of such beautiful creatures, the elephants by riding them. Tiger Tops elephant camp is where I’ll go next time for a wonderful time with them.
Thanks for reading. If you feel this information has helped you, it would be appreciated if you would tap the 👍 button below. Thank you.
Written April 7, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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