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Gangotri Glacier
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Gil D
Israel6 contributions
Gamukh trek late September 21
Sep 2021
Gamuhk trek end of Sept 21

Rishikesh – the starting point for the journey, the place turned into a nightmare city since I last visited a sleepy inviting village 30 years ago. Now traffic jams are to be expected anytime, particularly on weekends, and the atmosphere is gone. In Tapovan, best sleep away from the main road and close to the superb Secret Garden Café, which is an out of India experience. Don’t miss the amazing organic shop on the southern side of the road in Tapovan with its excellent banana cake and so much more. An excellent place to pile stocks for the trek.

Rishikesh-Gangotry by taxi – 7000 Rs. The way back – 8500 Rs. 10-12 h driver. Difficult journey due to numerous landslides.

Hotel: the one we recommend is Tapovan Cottage, the third on the left from the main gate to the village (not yet on It is managed by Umeshchan (7087742754, speaks only Hindi) who also cooks wonderfully. The place is spotless clean with a real hot shower, a rarity you will appreciate at 3000m!

One day of acclimatization in Gangotri is recommended. During this day, a short recommended walk (1.5h) is in Gartan Gali (the recently refurbished part of the trade root and wooden bridge hang above an amazing canyon) – 7 Km from Gangotri – highly recommended.

Day 1: Gamgotri to Bhojbasa:
A good path throughout but long (14km), with crossing of a few streams, mostly on bridges, well maintained and every sense of danger is prevented by the park’s maintenance of cemented wide path where needed. The way is a beautiful one with Gangotry 1&2, amd Mt Meru seen above.
6-8 h.
500 Rs at the entry to the National Park are a deposit if one takes his trash with him and given back upon leaving the park.
Bhojbasa is an eye sore spot at 3800m. Ugly buildings and rocks with supposedly welcoming writings on them, yet the government G.H. offers dorms and appetizing (if not entirely clean, at least according to our experience) variety of food. It also might have mineral water for sale. Most importantly, it has lovely hot Chai.

Day 2:
Bhojbasa to Gamuk. 1.5-2.5 easy walk after crossing above the Bhagirati-Ganga in a trolley. The glacier is amazing. Plan to stay here at least half an hour. Gangama at its best. Truly divine.
Tapovan – is 5 hours difficult walk from Bhojbasa. Does not leave much time to enjoy the place.

Day 3:
Bhojbasa to Gangotri. 4-6h. Pleasant walk on the same way up.

There are porters to hire in Gangotri, but, after +1.5 years of Covid, and just one week after the area was opened to tourists, there were only a few of them. We arranged ours in advance from Uttarkashi.
Written October 10, 2021
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Piduguralla, India1 contribution
Stay at ashram
Jun 2020 • Solo
Can i stay at tapovan ashram and meditate there? I would like to mediate at tapovan ashram? Could you tell me is it possible?
Written June 20, 2020
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Kaushik Kumar Das
Kolkata (Calcutta), India2 contributions
Gangotri-Gaumukh-Tapovan trek
Oct 2019
The river Bhagirathi originates from Gangotri glacier & considered as the origin point is called Gaumukh. The name Gaumukh means Mouth of a Cow. It is located about 19 KM from Gangotri at an altitude of 13200 ft & can be reached by trekking.
Me 65 yrs & my wife 62 yrs, reached Bojbasha & boarded in GMVN rest house.On 16th morning we crossed the Bhagirathi river by hand pulling ropeway and started our trek. Most of the path was full of boulders and walking on them was a test of physical endurance. After walking about 4 km , the site of Gangotri glacier & Gaumukh came in to view. The glacier is covered with mud and stones. It was a lovely view. Then we moved towards Tapovan (14640 ft) which was another 5 km. Trek to Tapovan is very tough. There are tricky glacier sections to be crossed in addition to steep climbs.It was very difficult to walk on big boulders & in some places loose pebbles.I was simply mesmerized to see the beauty of mountains surrounding me. Mount Bhagirathi was on my left, Meru on right and mighty Shivling was in the middle. Mount Shivling can be seen from top to bottom at Tapovan. I was simply hypnotized seeing the creation of nature and was standing like a zombie for minutes. After spending more than an hour we came down to Gaumukh. I was thrilled to see the origin of Ganges from the closest proximity. Finally we came back to Bhojbasha.. Next day we left for Gangotri.
This trail is rated as moderate & can be undertaken by trekkers with good state-of-health.
Written November 7, 2019
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Asha D
Mumbai, India9 contributions
Amazing trip
Oct 2019
For those who are visiting for the first time after 2013, please note that if you wish to visit Gaumukh take permission for Gomukh- Tapovan trek. After 2013, Gomukh trek is blocked due to landsliding. you can see Gomukh from 2 km away which is waste of time and efforts. So if you cross the river at Bhojwasa ( which is allowed only for tapovan permits) you can see Gomukh where Akash ganga meets Bhagirathi,(about 100 meters distance). You don't have to go to Tapovan for this trek.
Only those who go for Tapovan trek, can go till point zero and reach till Gomukh after coming down from Tapovan.
There were so many people returning back from Bhojwasa, who were disappointed to know that they can't go near to Gomukh with permit of only Gomukh trek.
Written October 28, 2019
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Roseburg, OR3 contributions
Rishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri-Gomukh
Oct 2019
We stopped inRishikesh Valley resort - rustic place with good food but difficult approach. For Badrinath we had booked New Snowcrest Hotel via One would think that would get good rates, but unbeknownst to us they charged 3x the prevailing rate for a hotel that was advertised as 5 star, but was barely 2 star with bad food. This has happened with me once before where reserving a hotel in Manila with got me worse than what I would have by doing it directly with hotel. Lesson: beware of deals offered by, they are likely to cheat you. Badrinath temple had the typical chaos and disorganization. We ended up paying INR 2100 / person to get decent darshan. Sarovar hotel in Badrinath appeared higher standard (we checked it out before leaving). We then went to Guptkashi- GMVN hotel was decent. We took a helicopter ride with Indicopter to Kedarnath temple - good experience! Kedarnath temple chaos was similar, if not worse than Badri. We paid INR 1000/ head but still no good darshan. Luckily my phone fell from my pocket directly on Shivaling, so I got a decent sparsh at least (hope phone was blessed by HIM). We walked down to Gaurikund. This was signed as a 15.5 km walk, but it was 24 Km! (I have GPX tracks to prove) - from temple to Gaurikund taxi stand. 15.5 was probably before 2013 floods. And then there was a huge scarcity of cabs I Gaurikund ( they didn’t allow pvt cars - unless you were somebody- to Gaurikund. Our cars were left at Sonprayag and it was a fight (literally) to get inside a Bolero taxi to Sonprayag. They crammed 18 people in a 8 person space, for a half hour ride.
We then drove to Gangotri via Uttarkashi. We really enjoyed Uttarkashi Vishwanath temple. No chaos, clean and orderly. Gangotri is a magical cold place. GMVN is overpriced and across the bridge about 1/2 km from parking. Food was decent. Next time I am staying with a private hotel near parking, like Manisha that appeared decent when we scoped it out.

We then trekked to Gomukh. We had the permit made in Uttarkashi in advance. A good thing as we saw police harass someone who had a photocopy of the permit and another person who had online permit without stamp. Police didn’t look into our bags for plastic inventory- they were busy dealing with the two unfortunate travelers. I also sensed that they wanted some extra as they tried to harass us for having a lower number entering compared to the number on the permit, and having two ponies. The trail is rough terrain and not an easy walk. Chirbasa is 8 km from park entrance (GPX track) and then 5 km to Bhojbasa. Same terrain and difficult walk, but not dangerous. We were lucky to see vibrant fall colors on the mountain just as one sees in Shenandoah valley - since this was 3rd week of October. GMVN in Bhojbasa had bare minimum facilities, but clean. Dorm had layered quilts and blankets but not enough for below freezing. They turned generator on for two hours just enough to recharge phones or cameras. There was no heat, borsi or bonfire. Lalbaba ashram had an inviting bonfire. Next time I am packing my own tent, sleeping bag and portable kerosene heater. Apparently there are outfitters in Gangotri who can provide all this and porters. We had also hired a guide- Himmat Shahi- a nice Gurkha kid who moved liked a mountain goat even when carrying some of our stuff. We were blessed with a gorgeous sunrise and then pushed off to Gomukh. This involved a climb up to the trail that had come from Gangotri, not fun due to low oxygen (my oxygen saturation was 85% - normal 95%+). Next time, if I have 4 hrs before sunset I will go straight to Gomukh from the Gangotri trail instead of going down 500 ft to Bhojbasa and then climb up 500 ft while panting for oxygen. Gomukh trail was rougher than Bhojbasa trail, made worse due to lower oxygen. Gomukh temple is about 4km and then 1 more to within 1/2 km of of the glacier. Apparently if you take the Tapovan trail (cross Bhagirathi by a trolley) then you can get closer but this adds another 2 km. My ox saturation was 82%. The last 1 km was even rougher as Himmat took us through large boulders by a higher route ( there is no trail beyond Gomukh temple). Returning to the temple we chose to stay closer to the river which was less tough.

Returning to Gangotri we encountered mild snow fall. This was the close of the season, and guess we were lucky to be blessed with good weather throughout. Another thing, mountain weather is unpredictable- we were told of bad weather- but it was good. It could just be vice-versa.
Written October 26, 2019
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Amitabha Das
2 contributions
Simply out of the world!
Oct 2019
We did this trek up to Gomukh during 8th and 9th October 2019. I had gone through numerous reviews of this trek. But none of the reviews told that tall ice-peaks will accompany us for the entire trek! I did not expect that zooming only at 100mm will fill the entire frame with the majestic shapes in ice and rocks. Simply amazing! The peaks were so close! We had taken tons of pictures and videos over the entire trek.
On 8th we started from the Gangotri National Park check point, after finishing all the formalities, at 7:30 am. We reached Chirbasa at 11:45 am. We went at a leisurely pace with lots of pit-stops for stills and videos. We rested for about 45 minutes at Chirbasa and started for Bhojbasa at 12:30 pm.
After lots of stills and videos we reached Bhojbasa at 4 pm and called it a day. We stayed at Lalbaba's. The total distance covered from Gangotri to Bhjbasa was 14 km in day one.
On the next day we started from Bhojbasa at 6:15 am and reached Gomukh at 8:30 am. We had spent nearly 45 minutes at Gomukh for time-lapse videos and stills. The famous and handsome Shivling peak was so close!
At 9:15 am we started our return journey and reached Bhojbasa at 10:20am and Chirbasa at 12:30 pm. Rested at Chirbas for one hour and then started for Gangotri at 1:30 pm. We reached the check point at Gangotri National Park at 4:15 pm. Overall the scenic beauty through out the entire trek was simply out of this world! I had been to Kedarnath twice. You cannot compare the Kedernath trek with Gomukh trek. Gomukh trek is simply thousand times better than Kedernath trek in terms of scenic beauty.
It was a mobile free bliss for two days! By the way I am 57 years old accompanied by my son 22 years old on foot. My wife and my daughter took ponies for the trip.
Written October 25, 2019
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Chennai District, India148 contributions
Oct 2019
A rather tough trek of 4 km each way from Bhojwasa to Gaumukh was really satisfying and fulfilling. The sight was just out of the world. Lofty snow capped mountains, the magnificent Bhagirathi gushing close by make the entire experience unparalleled. For the devout, this is a supreme divine fulfillment while for the rationalist this is a rare glimpse of nature's exquisite beauty. As we approach Gaumukh, the excitement reaches its peak till we have a glimpse of the cave from which the holy waters of Ganges gush out. The glaciers Bhagirathi 1 , 2 and 3 look so majestic and regal. The waters of the river are of course freezing it was a tremendous effort to dip my feet for more than a minute. The sense of achievement and fulfillment is indeed indescribable.
Written October 16, 2019
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4 contributions
thrilling Gomukh
Oct 2019 • Friends
Total 36Km trekking with freezing wind and low oxygen and steepy miuntains which make it tough and only two shops on way
Written October 11, 2019
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13 contributions
Wonderful and accessible trip
Sep 2019 • Friends
I recommend this trip to everyone. The walk is quite easy and you can walk at a comfortable pace. The view is amazing and impressive. The second day - walking to the glacier is not that recommended, not seeing much and the road is uncomfortable
Written September 26, 2019
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Bengaluru, India36 contributions
Very beautiful and majestic view of Shivaling & Bhagirath glacier
Jun 2019
Trek to Gomukh was a life time memorable experience.
Like to share some key important information
1. Gomukh is 5 KM from Bhojwasa and Tapovan is 10 KM from Bhojwasa. Both routes are different from Bhojwasa.
2. We need a permit to travel Gomukh or Tapovan from Govt. For Gomukh, one can apply permit through online and get original permit from Uttrakashi permit office or visit permit office Uttrakashi between 10 AM to 5 PM or can get permit at Gangotri permit office (8 to 10 AM or 5 to 7 PM). Note that we don't need any travel agent to get Gomukh permit and No permission granted for Single person.
3. To get permit to Tapovan, one must go through via travel agent and it is mandatory requirement.As per the govt rule, one guide must accompany for Tapovan Travel
4, If you are travelling with kids, ladies (if they are new to trek) it is good to take local guide for Gomukh and guides are available at Gangotri.
5. Only limited horses available from Gangotri to Gomukh and one must be at Gangotri at 6 - 7 AM to get horse. (we started at 10:30 AM and we couldn't get even one horse)
6. Gangotri to Bhojwasa takes 7-8 hours of trekking and Bhojwasa - Gomukh -Bhojwasa takes 4-5 hours. One can visit Gomukh and return back to Gangotri by evening. Few people will stay in Bhojwasa after visiting Gomukh and return next day to Gangotri.
7. We stayed in Baba's ashram and it has basic accommodation. Ashram provide good blanket. Ashram has shared toilet (it's clean) and no option to take bath
Written July 14, 2019
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