Necropoli di Pantalica
Necropoli di Pantalica
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Hiking in the magical Anapo river valley, you come upon steep cliff sides that are dotted with thousands of rock-cut tombs dating from the 13th century BC.
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Ana L
Navan, Ireland2,701 contributions
Sep 2020
There are several tracks going through this site, depending on your interest and time. A visit of 1h is enough to visit some tombs. To get a better visit, and also enjoy the stunning views over the valley, I recommend taking the track that goes through the old railway. It takes around 2.5, 3h. You can even enjoy a swim in the river!
Written October 13, 2020
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Riverside, CA56 contributions
Oct 2019
For travelers who have the time, Pantalica is well worth arranging. Properly done, it is a full day trip from Siracusa or Noto. We had the services of Carlo Montesanti, who is extremely knowledgeable about the archaeology and natural history of this ancient necropolis and good company as well. (He was recommended by another guide, who claimed that Carlo was THE expert on Pantalica.) Although the 4,000 or so tombs, dating as far back as the 13th century BC are the initial attraction, Pantalica's story continues through the classical era and into the medievall and modern Christian era. In addition, this is wild and beautiful area and makes for a great hike.
Written February 2, 2020
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United Kingdom132 contributions
Dec 2012 • Friends
My main reason for writing this review is to try and capture some of the details on finding this place, so people can get there more easily. The necropolis was carved in cliffs in a river gorge, over a vast area, which is part of a nature reserve called "Riserva Naturale Orientata Pantalica, Valle dell'Anapo, Torrente Cava Grande". I didn't find a "Point of Interest" on my TomTom for Pantalica. We realised that it had many approaches, among them, one from Sortino (coming from Catania), another from Ferla (coming from Pallazzolo Acreide). Once we reached Sortino, we started seeing brown (tourism) signs saying "Pantalica". Coming from Catania, if we stayed on the A18, we would, have seen the same signs at the right exit pointing to "Pantalica" and Sortino, but we took an earlier exit for some reason.

Once you pass through the one way system in Sortino, you reach a "T" junction, where there is a sign pointing right "Via Pantalica" and appearing to be more of a continuation from where you are coming. Don't take that (when we went there, there was a road block 100 meters down). Take the left instead, and eventually you should get more Brown boards for "Pantalica". It is still several kilometers after exiting Sortino. You must keep driving till you reach a dead end. On your way, you will pass an information sign with a map of the Nature Reserve (picture attached). Here is the exact location of the "dead end" which is the entrance to the park where you are merely 1 km from the Necropoli Nord, one of the many burial sites.

This is the link to the street view of this location:

Once you start walking in the clearly marked foot path, after about 600-700 meters, you will come across some burial holes carved in to the rock along the footpath on your right. You will have the gorge and the river on your left. Once you pass these, you will reach a point where there is a sign post, where if you take the path downhill, you will reach the river and possibly be able to cross over to the other side (we didn't try it). But if you carry on at that sign post, for a couple of 100 meters, you will come across the majestic sight of the hundreds of burial holes carved in the rock face on the other side of the gorge. It is a truly amazing site within such a short walk of the parking. But there is a lot more walking you can do in this location and see more burial sites, if you had the time. From the parking we probably spent less than 90 minutes at a very leisurely pace to get there back. Hope this helps.
Written January 8, 2013
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Australian in rural Victoria141 contributions
Jun 2013 • Couples
Pantalica is an area of canyons and necropoli. There are various entrances to the park. We came via Ferla where you follow the road for 9 km out of town following brown signs to Pantalica. We drove right to the end of the road, past some other parking areas for Pantalica, to a parking area for Necropoli Nord. From here, you can walk down to the river in the gorge below, past tombs and through the wildflowers. It is steep, but quite short to get down to the river, where you can explore the numerous little tracks and the lovely pools.

There are many tombs in the rock, some of which you can enter and others you can see cut into the rock. Or paddle in the river and cascades. Cross the river to find the remains of an aqueduct (acquedotto in Italian, signposted), which you can walk along for a short way and down to the river. Back on the main path, continue to the signposted cave where bat droppings were collected - down steps cut into the rock. Again back on the main path you can continue above the gorge to another car park on the Sortino side of the gorge if you wish.

When you have explored enough, return to the path and retrace your steps to the stream. Cross the stream again and explore the huge cavern with part of the cavern built in to form a small building at the back, then climb back to the car park.

Wear good shoes, take water and perhaps plan a picnic down in the gorge. Allow an hour at least for exploring. It gets very hot here, so go early in the day, or go early in the season when the flowers are out. It was very hot even in the first week of June.

From the Necropolis, it is possible to walk down into the Anapo Gorge by driving back towards Ferla and parking in the car park for the Anaktoron, the palace of the Principe. Walk down the cliff line, past various tombs, which can be explored and past a detour to the Byzantine church of S. Nicolicchio, till the valley floor is reached. On the floor of the gorge are places to picnic and to swim in the river. Here, you join the old railway line along the river to the station at Pantalica (there are toilets here).

From here, you walk along a little and then head up, up, up until finally you reach the rock cut church of S. Micidiario on the top of the cliff line. This is a very hot walk, especially later in the season. From S. Micidario, you can walk along the cliffs and then climb a shorter distance to the car park at the Anaktoron, or walk up to the rock trenches at Filiporto and along the road to the car park at Anaktoron. Either way, it is a hot walk, so take lots of water and go early in the day or in early spring when the flowers are at their best.

It is possible to walk in the Anapo Gorge section that I have described, by entering via Sortino, but we didn't do this part of the walk, so for details go to Gillian Price's book: Walking in Sicily. wnd updated ed. Cicerone, 2012. Or check the internet.

In the season, there may be a charge for entry.
Written July 11, 2013
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South Brunswick, NJ801 contributions
Aug 2015 • Family
There are two access points: Sortino and Ferla. Because of our location, we started from Sortino.
The car park is tiny, but enough to reverse and park along the road like lots of other visitors.
There is no entrance fee... there is no refreshments available either, so bring water because with all the up and downs you'll need it.
The site is spectacular, even neglecting the Neolithic caves: amazing cricket singing, luscious vegetation, the sound of the water flowing in the bottom, flashes of colours from a variety of flowers. The track follows a donkey path along the edge of the gorge. There are good views of the holes along the path (you can go in, look through... ) and across the gorge. There are side paths to a bats cave (very steep down... and back up) and down to the river. The latter seems to be very popular with the locals, a bit like a beach.
Written August 25, 2015
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Sicily1 contribution
Pantalica gorge is a wonderful place for a day hike in Sicily. You can even take the kids its so easy. It's about a 1.5 hour drive from Catania, just be on your gaurd the drive is a little scary if your no use to driving in Sicily. I would suggest buying a good map of the Island prior to coming to sicily things can be a little hard to find. Pantalica has a upper trail and lower trail both are very well maintained with beatiful views of the gorge. If your a rock climber there are some really good cave routes in the groge just take the upper trail and you'll see the climbing area. The climbs range from 5.10 to 5.13+. There are over 1000 catacombs in the gorge where the christians use to live thousands of years ago. Very cool!!!! If your planning on a summer visit make sure to bring lots of water, the air temp will be over 100F. On hot days take the lower trail and you will come across some nice fresh water swimming holes. Have fun.
Written July 3, 2006
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995 contributions
Apr 2018 • Family
This place is very very interesting for a multitudes of aspects.
Historically talking Pantalica represent one of the most important prehistoric archaeological site.
Over than 5000 graves carved into the rocks.
Naturally is a beautiful place that offers stunning landscapes, the biodiversity, the River, the caves.
The trays to follow are medium difficulties and correct trekking attires is recommended.
Also trekking sticks and bags with a good amount of water to drink, mosquito repellent, sun protection.
Avoid the raining days or very hot temperature consider that there is quite consistent distance to cover from the entrance point to other points of interest.
Cellphone is working even on the bottom of the canyon.
Is not for bikers.
Nature is protected.
Keep clean.
Bring your food and drinks from home as there are not points where to buy.
Take your wastes with you.
Written April 30, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Richard B
Edinburgh, UK3,922 contributions
May 2017 • Couples
Let me explain. Firstly, this is an UNESCO world heritage site. So, expectations can be high. As I said let me explain the following: what you should expect, where to go for your visit and what you can take from it.

If you are going to look at a few (okay, alot) of holes (tombs) cut into rocks then, being honest, you'll come back with very little from the trip. Usually made from the Syracuse area or even Catania.

However, if you are going to go on a great day out to the beautiful Sicilian countryside with an overview of a few tombs along the way then you will be in the right place. Thing is though, where exactly is 'that' place in an extended area of natural beauty?

A review only offers up an opinion. I knew I wanted to visit the area but wasn't too sure where.

Going up past the village of Ferla will take you to the top of gorges looking down on some of the cave tombs from above. A few walks up here can take you into the valley/gorge (although limited). Still good though.

However, there is a major paved/path walkway that goes right through the gorge/valley and has 2 distinctive entrance/exit.

The path goes from a parking area and is approximately 15k long. Ideal from MTB too.

Ingresso Pantalica lato Valle dell'Anapo is marked on google maps (one end of the walk).

The other end is called Ingresso Pantalica lato Sortino (also on google maps). This offers two solid options and might help focus the mind if you know you want to go there but maybe a little unsure exactly where.

The gorge/valley is flanked with cliffs, has the river Anapo running through with crystal clear waters and a natural haven of peace away from the coast or towns.

Written May 12, 2017
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david g
Galway, Ireland17 contributions
Aug 2014 • Couples
Words or pictures cannot do this please justice. We were looking for something to do between driving from Siracusa to Catania and saw this briefly mentioned in a guide book and though it would past a few hours. If you drive from the east side drive into Sortino and follow the brown sign posts through the town. There is a visitor centre but it is near deserted. Bring whatever water and food with you. At the car park there is a map and suggested routes. From the car park, walk through the gate and follow an old track about 10 minutes to get to the top of the canyon. The canyon itself is full of tombs dug into the rock. Track all the way down to the river and enjoy a nice swim. The water was cool and clear. Probably the best day we spent on our holiday. The route is a little tricky and good shoes are needed. Generally is was very quiet, probably only saw about 30 other people while we were there.
Written August 5, 2014
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Geneva, Switzerland63 contributions
Sep 2014 • Friends
In a stunning landscape 40 km far from Syracuse you go 15000 years back in time. It s a peaceful Unesco site with Necropolis hided in an unspoilt idyllic Mediterranean Enviromment. And if you want enjoy it while trekking with Vanni Spataro 0039 349 35 52 539 it s a more enriching experience. Not to miss Visiting small towns around like Ferla, Buscemi and Palazzolo Acreide!
Written September 23, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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Necropoli di Pantalica

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