Mount Fanjing

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Mount Fanjing
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Sanya, China21 contributions
Amazing place to visit
Jun 2021 • Solo
I arrived to tongren Airport at 3:30pm, took a bus to downtown bus station and then took a another bus to Jiangkou which is the closest town to Fanjing Mountain, and then I took a bus from Jiangkou at5:30pm to the bottom of the mountain where they have many hotels and restaurants, right beside the entrance.
I'm not sure when does the mountain open but I went to the tourist center at 8am and bought a ticket for 120RMB, including the sightseeing bus which takes you to the cable car place and hiking trails.
I wanted to take the hiking trails but I couldn't find the place where to start so I ended up buying a one way cable car ticket which took about 10mins to get to the top.
It took me about 3h to go around the whole mountain, it was really amazing. the landscapes, the scenery were breathtaking.
On the way back, I took the hiking trails which took me 1h30mins to the sightseeing bus place but without any breaks.
I'd recommend taking the cable car up since there are many places at the top of the mountain that needs hiking and would too tired to see all if I took the hiking path up. but I like the way back, it was cool, just forest though, no landscapes or anything, but it was cool to breath all that clean air in and listen to the pure sound of nature.
Written June 22, 2021
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Tongren, China75 contributions
A really nice day's outing from Tongren city, Guizhou province.
Jul 2019
I have visited this mountain on a number of occasions. It's a great introduction for friends who come to stay at our home in nearby Tongren city.
On cloudy days you should not be deterred from doing the trip either. It sometimes makes for incredible photos as the peaks appear amidst the mist. From the highest peak you can look down on the lower one. Really fascinating and provides excellent photo opportunities.
Like most places in China, there are a variety of food and drink stalls along the way. No need to bring anything yourself.
Cable car access can be a little crowded during summer holidays, but you come to accept that in China. Go early in the day if that's any problem.
Written February 12, 2020
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Patrick S
8 contributions
Scenery is highly weather dependant
Jan 2020 • Friends
The hike up fanjingshan was challenging, well paved and enjoyable but due to the fog it was not as scenic as we hoped. Still worth a visit if your passing through the area. A word of warning, while we were there they were fixing the cable car, according to the staff they perform maintenance around this time of year so if visiting late dec to early jan be prepared for an 8k step hike.

As part of our trip from chengdu to Zhangjiajie we got a train that stopped at tongren and took a taxi to a hotel at jiangkou. From jiangkou there's a bus that costs 5rmb to the fanjingshan visitor centre. As mentioned, when we went the cablecar was down and the staff told us there was no food available on the mountain so we bought food at a vending machine in the visitor centre. From there a 30min or so minibus takes you to the bottom of the trail.

On the rainy offseason weekday we visited there was not many people and we had the trail mostly to ourselves. It took around 4 hours to walk to the peak and 3 hours back down and was quite steep and challenging. The area above the mushroom stone and was very windy but we had no trouble reaching the peak.

Written January 9, 2020
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Montreal, Canada99 contributions
Amazing but be patient!
Oct 2019 • Solo
An amazing place with unique views! All worth it, but be armed with patience. It was 8:20 am when I bought the ticket, arrived on top of the cable car station at 9:35.The process of accessing the site includes queuing at the entrance (waited 10 min), at the minibus shuttle (10 min), taking the minibus ride (20 min), queuing for the cable car (30 min), the cable car ride (10 min). You can buy the ticket directly at the visitor station for 260 rmb, including round trip cable cars and shuttle buses. Bring your passport to buy the ticket and keep the ticket with you till you exit the site. Once you are done taking the long stairway, everything is amazing no matter which sight you see in what order. Going to either summits requires climbing through narrow and steep cliffs, using chains to help manoeuvre up or down the narrow steps. This causes queuing in many occasions as well. Better to go slow and safe. I was lucky with the weather, it was clear and just warm enough. I can’t imagine climbing these slippery cliffs in the rain and wind! If you need a little break from the crowds, try going on the western trail a bit, there were hardly any people there, and there are some neat little spots to relax with a view. In all, I’d say to calculate 1.5 h to get to the main site, spend 4-5 hours visiting, add another 1.5h to get down to the exit. The lineups going up seemed far worse when I exited, so better plan to go early. As for accommodations nearby, I stayed at Mt Fanjing Qixi Resort. A very nice place right at the foot of the mountain, a 5-min walk from the ticket office/visitor center.
Written October 19, 2019
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Pavel Erokhin
Sydney, Australia100 contributions
One of the most unusual mount I’ve visited
Oct 2019 • Solo
This was one of the most memorable places I’ve ever visited. Mostly because of the shape of the mount itself and a temple right on the summit of it.
When you finally make it to the top, you’ll see the actual altitude, which is 2300 m above the sea level give or take.
View from the observation deck was stunning, mountains slopes going down the gorge in between them. Vivid green colour is everywhere around you, there is only the skyline where you can see the end of this green blanket.
You have two options to choose from: hiking up the mountain or take a cable car and around a hundred of stairs to get to the scenic spot.
Price of the entrance including the cable car round trip: 260 rmb.
It’s really convenient getting to the Fanjing mount from Tongren city by bus or from Jiangkou town, which is within 30 minutes by bus.
I spent 4-5 hours over there including my way up, cable car, stairs, seeing around at the scenic spot, queueing down the mount and way back by a cable car. So if you’re going to hike, it will take considerably more time.
Written October 6, 2019
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Hong Kong, China9,934 contributions
Stuuning and unusual views
Jun 2019
This is a 5-star tourist venue, offering spectacular mountain views. The rocks are unusual eg the mushroom rock. I have been to many other venues in Guizhou and this is relatively new but top spot for the keen tourists. Guizhou weather is often unstable. It was a cloudy and raining day when I went, in a tour group. I arrived there on a weekday at about 2 pm. Going up took a fair while, even with the cable car. Reached the top at about half past four. Took lots of photos. It started to rain at 5 pm and everyone rushed down to the cable car station. It was a long and slow queue in the rain. By the time I got back to my tour bus it was 7:30 pm. The place was supposed to close at 7, but they continued to operate the cable cars to get the tourists out. Going up the mountain was not easy either. A strenuous climb of hundreds of steps but I took the easy way out by going onto a bamboo chair lift. The two chair-lift guys were struggling up the mountain. The normal fee was RMB300 but they said that I was heavy and asked for 400. Nice guys so I gave them 500 instead at the top destination.
Written August 31, 2019
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Pam K
33 contributions
Unspoiled Mountain, Breathtakingly Beautiful!
Jul 2019 • Friends
Last month we had the opportunity to visit and "climb" Fanjingshan, in Tongren China. We stayed overnight at a charming little hotel (cheap - about $20 USD) at the foot of the mountains in the countryside and got up early for our mountain adventure. Tickets were expensive, upwards of 250 yuan pet person, which included two way, bus and cablecar ride where the climb began. This is where I would suggest that you better be reasonably fit, unafraid of heights, not queasy about being in close quarters with thousands of people, prepared to get dirty and grimy, and lastly, own a decent pair of hiking boots. Carry only as much as you can comfortably carry - water and some protein bars or such. Of course you can always but snacks and food, which is really reasonably priced, but when you're in the mountains, that convenience is not close by. At the summit, and just below are Buddhist temples, and the lush green views of the mountainside, stretching as far as eye can see, made it worth the effort. Be sure to budget an entire day for the adventure. Overall, the logistics and infrastructure was much better on the way up than down and back, when the lineups for the cable ride were long and super slow. If possible avoid the months of July and August as school's out in these months and everyone else also has the same idea as you! Overall, an amazing experience, which I would highly recommend.
Written August 12, 2019
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Hazzz M
Burringbar, Australia147 contributions
Magic in the clouds
Apr 2019
Fanjingshan is a holy Buddhist mountain and is an undeveloped wilderness full of rare plants and animals. The top has extraordinary geology that has been used as a place of worship and sanctuary for centuries. No more, it is now on the Chinese ‘must visit’ circuit, and can get extremely crowded, but it is still an amazing journey. Buses leave Tongren tourist bus station for Fanjingshan, and there is plenty of accomodation up by the mountain gate. Best queue early to get the vans up to the cable car and up to the top. The two summit temples are reached by exposed and thrilling walkways ( steps) and need about an hour each from the cable car top. Probably best to do the Red Cloud Golden Peak first before the rush. The tight nature of this ‘event’ requires immersion into the crowd, little to no English spoken and a whopping 290 yuan but it is a unique, and on a good weather day, remarkable journey. Just as a note, there are two walking tracks, one beneath the cable car for the very fit only, and an easier route from the west through this pristine forest, though with a more difficult road access
Written April 25, 2019
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Ale C
Singapore, Singapore267 contributions
See Paradise on A Clear Day
Mar 2019 • Couples
Mount Fanjing is a sacred Buddhist mountain, recently accorded Unesco World Heritage Site status. We were fortunate to experience the mountain on a lovely day, with no rain, some sun and a clear blue sky. There were quite a number of local tourists but the crowd was still manageable.
Getting to the hiking trail takes some effort. You need to board a shuttle bus up a winding path to the cable car station. From there, it's a quiet 20-minute cable-car ride up to the foot of the trail. Then make your way up the steps - about 40 minutes of safe step climb to view the Mushroom Rock. Stop there awhile to admire the rock structure and the surrounding views. It's like you are right in the midst of a Chinese ink painting !
Having rested and gotten your fill of nature's paradise, make your way down in a loop trail to the temple further down. From here, you can decide to turn right and climb the next high peak, 红云金顶 Red Cloud Golden Summit. This is a rather tricky climb up some very steep steps with only steel railing chains as barriers.
We opted for the less challenging route and trotted down to the cable-car station, retracing our way back, via cable car and shuttle bus, to where our coach was waiting.
Allow yourself at least 3 to 4 hours for this excursion. Remember to bring a bottle of water. It'd be well worth it, provided the crowds are not there to outdo the views.
Written April 2, 2019
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1 contribution
Awesome place to visit. Nice natural scenery and environment
Sep 2018 • Family
I really like mount fanjing. There are a lot of things you can do there. I stayed at the Borui Resort. It was a great experience with excellent amenity and services. You can sightseeing the UN natural heritage while hiking the interesting tails. It has a variety of bio species including precious Golden Monkey ,Giant Salamander and Dove tree. So it's very interesting for kids too. There is a very steep mountain called JinDing. Highly recommended if you are looking for challenging hike. On the top of it, there is temples and bridge surrounded by cloud which makes you feel like in the fairytale
Written October 1, 2018
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