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8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
We are the only pro-platinum naui dive school in Colombia which offers all scuba diving certification levels from basic to instructor with international NAUI certification, we have staff of the highest qualification and with more than 10 years of experience in the practice of diving, who are always able and willing to respond to whatever worries our students and clients may have..
Taganga, Colombia
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Calipso Dive Center
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Very good

Anne C
Saint-Cloud, France5 contributions
Jan 2020 • Family
Great time with the Calipso Dive Center team. We had a beautiful day of two dives with Mike and Sebastien, very professional and friendly dive masters and the captain knows perfectly how to navigate in the area. The team is great, speaks fluently English and French in addition to Spanish. They looked after us and the kids really well during the dives and took us in an amazing place with lunch on the beach within the Tayrona park. We recommend this team with no reserve and total trust. Great place to dive ;)
Written January 3, 2020
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Lisa E
1 contribution
Aug 2022 • Couples
It was excellent! We had a great dive safari in Tayrona National Park. Roberto is a very good guide who knows all the ins and outs about the park, and marine life and he is so chill. We get plenty of “free and private” time. That was good for us as a couple.
Written August 25, 2022
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Alon K
1 contribution
Me and a friend did the open water course and the advanced course, 3 days in the safari. During these 6 days ee had an amazing experience, and there is honestly nothing we can complain about. The team was great, and Enrique was THE BEST instructor we could ask for! Patient, calm and professional. Thank you calipso!
Written June 15, 2014
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Tom T
Munich, Germany2 contributions
May 2014 • Solo
My experience was not that great at all. When I walked into Calipso I specifically asked how modern the equipment was and was shown a brand new wetsuit. "We bought our equipment new this year." Well, that is true for sure for the few wetsuits they have - but that's it. The rest is pretty worn out and cheap (i.e. They do not provide booty flippers but the ones just to slip in). Also the quantities are very few. So when you do the safari, be prepared to be arranged in groups and have rotating equipment all the time. It even occurred that there was a lack of wetsuits, despite rotating.

That brings me to the next topic: security. The standard is not high. A diving license was not asked for. Basically with every dive we did, there was at least one security issue. Not properly working equipment (in/deflators), tanks falling off due to worn out velcro, etc. (the regulators worked fine however). Also most of the depth gauges are defect, computers are not provided, meaning the divemaster is the only one who knows the depth. Calipso also works with different pressure gauges (PSI and bar) which sadly confuses the divemasters: 3 out of 6 dives were ended beforehand because the signal was mistaken as PSI indication.

Some of the dives are pretty advanced, imho not suited for making an advanced license. Also entering the boat can be quite dangerous in higher waves, as the ladder was broken. There was no proper briefing or "what happens if..." before the dive and rarely a debriefing. Divemasters don't follow their own instructions concerning the order of people, who takes the lead, etc. it often seemed for them as business as usual, diving bored and slow up front.
Besides, I felt a lot was pretty unorganized, the divemasters not coordinating things among each others well.

What was good: simply said: the location! The beach is a wonderful strip of nature, quiet and lovely. Sleeping in hammocks was nice, although the wind blows the tarp above which gets extremely loud at times. Also the cook was great, being very nice and providing yummy food. And Calipso provides a free bed before and after the safari (the room is very basic and hot, but hey!). Also the staff at the Calipso office is really nice and very helpful!

The diving itself was okay. It is a bit better than the daytrips from Taganga but you won't see different worlds. But let me tell you, if you also planning to go to Cuba or other Caribbean diving spots - safe your money. Cuba for example offers wonderful diving for as little as $25 per dive!!

I would recommend the trip to experienced divers with own equipment. There is also the possibility to just go for some dives or one night. I would not repeat it, mainly for security reasons.
Written June 4, 2014
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13 contributions
Jun 2019
I had just completed my Open Water certification a week before when I joined the 3 day safari and was left so disheartened that I nearly gave up on diving. I aborted the trip after two days, as I was too scared to attempt another dive and nearly gave up on diving entirely. I’m glad that I didn’t, as 40 dives on and now AOW, I can see that this was an exceptionally bad and unsafe experience and absolutely not the norm.

Despite non of the three divers in our group being experienced, the dive masters were incredibly unprofessional and never kept an eye on us. Instead they dove ahead purely focussed on hunting lionfish, with one of the dive master in training swimming so aggressively that he repeatedly kicked us in the head so we’d lose our regulators. Two of us were given wetsuits so big we might have as well gone without as the water was freely flowing in and out and for every dive we were given different BCDs and regulators, without any kind of explanation how the different models worked (briefings were non existent). Although I insisted on needing more weight, I was only given four kilo in an oversized wetsuit so full of air that I spent my whole first dive drifting to the surface like a balloon – which the guide didn’t even notice and when I told him, insisted it was due to me breathing too much. In between dives, heavy arguments broke out on the boat between the dive masters, for all of us to witness.

During a night dive we had only three torches for five people, so the two dive masters went without. When I couldn’t equalise one ear during the decent, no one noticed and I was left to drift alone in the pitch black water for five minutes. When the guide finally found me and I explained the situation, he simply told me to trust him and without further explanation began pushing me into the depths by my tank although my ear still wasn’t clearing. I had managed to stay calm until that point, but completely panicked when he kept pushing me under against the pain in my ear. I had to fight myself free to get back to the surface. When I explained the next day that I didn’t want to continue with any more dives, as I didn’t feel safe, the guide was completely surprised, as he hadn‘t even realised it was me who had had problems the previous night (after five dives together in a group of three with only one other girl there).

While this might be a fun diving enviroment for experienced divers who are happy to be left to themselves, it is absolutely not suitable if not outright dangerous for beginners.

The one positive highlight for me was the absolutely wonderful chef Toto, who was always concerned about everyones comfort and wellbeing and kept spoiling us with delicious fresh food and drinks.
Written October 18, 2019
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Santa Marta, null, Colombia13 contributions
Jun 2014 • Couples
I done my open water and advance in taganga with a company offers padi, I heard little bit of naui, then I decided to do my rescue course with Calipso in NAUI training, I was 3 days and 2 nights in la Playa del Amor in the middle to Tayrona Park, one lonely beach where you can relax all day, without electricity or wifi, sleep in hammocks, they offer yummy food, it was a beautiful experience that I shared with my boyfriend and the people who work for calipso, plus dive sites, I loved the cave! before i had dived near taganga coral and visibility are better in Tayrona, plus they have the beautiful coral restoration project and nurseries definitely make Calipso your best option for diving.
Written June 17, 2014
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Quepos, Costa Rica16 contributions
May 2015 • Couples
I did the 3 day dive safari with Calipso, on which I also got my NAUI advanced certification. The safari was awesome because of the private beach location and chill atmosphere. However, the equipment was in bad condition, (regulators leaking air, wetsuits torn up with holes, very limited sizes of fins and suits), and the instruction was extremely limited. As an inexperienced diver, I felt pretty much on my own. There wasn't much information about each dive/site before going down, and there weren't really debriefings afterward. I didn't actually learn anything for my advanced.

What set me off the most though, was that it took them a MONTH to send me my temporary NAUI advanced certification, which I only received after sending them various reminder emails. Further, as the instructor was on another safari the day after ours, I didn't get my dive logs filled in, and still have received no answer about the dives for each location, and never will. The staff just gave me his full name and told me to find him on Facebook and ask myself. Unacceptable.

Ok, the annoyances aside, the safari was quite fun. The location is lovely, and the meals were tastey. They speared lionfish and fried it to perfection. It was relaxing on the little beach between and after dives, and I loved the hammocks. For me, the dives were cool, but more experienced divers may call it average. Anyone would say it was fun.

Overall, the safari was worth the buck. But, because it was so incredibly unprofessional, I can't rate it better.
Written June 29, 2015
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Madrid, Spain63 contributions
After analyzing many dive centers I bet on Calypso. The receptionist, Maribel was absolutely kind and helpful when booking a minicourse of diving.

As many touristic services in the region, the beginning of the tour got delayed: 2 hours!!! So, the tour finished not at 1pm as forecasted but at 2:30pm. This is clearly a big inconvenience if you are tight with your available time.

The instructor was great: helpful, kind, clear in the instructions and with full knowledge of diving procedures and interesting location s where to dive.

One of the services offered was to make some photos when diving. They forgot to carry it and another instructor said Calypso's camera was broken. Quite a surprise. They should not offer if they cannot provide the sevice. At the end, one of the instructors lended his own personal camera only 5 minutes, as he was teaching other courses.

The following day I requested the few photos taken. It seemed the camera was damaged only for most of the photos taken of me, as the rest of the photos were correctly uploaded on Facebook.

In general was a good experience, but these inconveniences makes me to recommend to explore other dive centers in Taganga. Most of them provide the same service with the same price, so, quality of service is crucial.
Written May 5, 2015
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Tomoyo K
1 contribution
May 2014 • Solo
I am an advanced certified diver, and have done about 150 plus tanks. I must say it was not the best dive I have ever done, however, this team here looks after you very well and for the price you pay for 2 dives, all equipments inclusive, ok snacks in between the dives, I think this is a great value. Just one note is that dive time I find it a little too short. I normally go for 45 to 60 minutes but here I had about 35 minutes for both dives.

Over all, it was a good experience diving in Colombia!
Written May 20, 2014
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Lisa W
3 contributions
Apr 2019 • Friends
We did the Safari with Calipso and we cannot recommend the place to anyone who’s not a very experienced diver.

- Awesome chef Toto (good food and super nice)
- Nice private beach experience
- Good Diving (not as good as the “normal” Taganga dive locations though)

- Bad equipment (basically on every dive there was at least one leaking tank, one girl’s BCD didn’t inflate properly and so on)
- No learning schedule (I did my advanced open water diver and there was absolutely no written theoretical part and only very little oral explanation)
- Dangerous night dive (we went with a ratio of 1 dive instructor to 6 students so the situation was incredibly chaotic / the boat left for the evening before we finished the dive so there was no possibility of an emergency evacuation / there was only six torches for seven people so one of the students didn’t get one)
- Dangerous deep dive (only the instructor had a dive computer and we went to over 43 meters)
- Overexperienced or unfocused dive instructors and teachers (some of them basically only cared about catching as many lion fish as possible and I guess the more experienced ones were so experienced that they got really sloppy about safety)
- Disorganized (every time we got on the boat it took at least half an hour to equip everyone with their designated gear / even when we tried to organize the stuff before getting off the boat they kind of ushered us off instead of just letting us do it)
- long waiting times between dives (first dive usually at 11, second usually when it was already getting a little dark)

Though the guys were really nice to just hang out with, there is no way I would do this again. If you’re very experienced (and even better: have your own equipment) you might still enjoy it but in any other case: Just don’t go.
Written May 20, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Calipso dive center is a company dedicated to the protection and conservation of the ecosystems present in the Tayrona National Park, being the only ones to provide our services in this sector; we are used to having attacks like this commentary motivated more by our competence than by a real and objective perception of our service. However, we attend to all comments. we had a meeting with all the staff on this specific topic and we want to clarify the following: - Our main goal is the safety either divers and ecosystems, emphasizing 16 years working at Tayrona park with zero accidents and plenty of divers certified on Safari. - All our gear is periodically reviewed to ensure the proper functioning of the same and if there is any news our staff is highly trained and qualified to solve and determine if you can dive or not. - In the case that concerns us, the instructor Barak Charuvi has more than five years of experience as an instructor in this area, which guarantees the safety of his students, certainly, we can affirm that if he finds any detail that would put at risk the safety of the students would not perform the immersion. - We miss the claim that he did not receive theoretical information because Barak is characterized by being very professional and demanding with his training and he claims to have fully met the NAUI standards during the course. - It is a fallacy that during the dive there was a proportion of six students and the instructor. Actually, there were only two students and the others were three certified divers with a minimum level of advanced, including the author's boyfriend of the comment and one more diver (who did not have flashlight) which is one of our captains who has a dive master level and is on training for instructor who wanted to join them. Our boat goes back Taganga to re-fill the tanks and bring provisions, is also true to clarify that it is a protected area in the bay, there was a full moon the night was very clear and they were very close to the beach where we have the camp. - It is also a lie that we did not have a evacuation plan on the beach, although it is true that our emergency plan includes the use of another boat of a native from the area which is always ready in case of emergencies on the beach . (CALIPSO safety management plan reviewed and approved by the maritime authorities of Colombia). - Regarding that the instructor is the only one who carried a computer we clarified that, although our service does not include it, we have the rental service of this specialized and personal equipment, but we teach that the students know and manage the diving NAUI and RGBM tables. - Regarding the unpleasant and inappropriate comment about the lionfish hunting, we want to reaffirm that we are primarily interested in the control of this invasive species that threatens the subsistence of the reefs, but at any moment we compromise the safety of our students during the captures. - In the other hand, organization and dive schedule, we regret that you had that perception and we work every day to improve. IN CONCLUSION, WE WOULD LIKE TO LEAVE CLEARLY THAT CALIPSO DIVE CENTER ALWAYS ATTENDS ALL OBSERVATIONS FROM OUR CUSTOMERS, BUT WE PREFER TO LISTEN TO CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS AND NO DESTRUCTIVE COMMENTS WITHOUT BASIS AND MISSING THE TRUTH BY PUTING INTO DOUBT THE PROFESSIONALISM AND EXPERIENCE OF OUR INSTRUCTORS.
Written May 25, 2019
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