Bosnian Pyramid
Bosnian Pyramid
Geologic Formations
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Ljubomir D
Bosnia and Herzegovina232 contributions
Maybe Pyramid not yet discovered nor approved as Pyramid site. So many interesting facts for jiggling fantasy, but would be good to find out what if this is made app 30.000 years ago.
Not good signs how to find this location, and parking space not easy to find. Entrance fee is 2 KM (I think), and guide is waiting to give you some details.
Be prepare to walk UPHILL
Written September 7, 2020
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Andrey G
Moscow, Russia16 contributions
You can believe that these pyramids are man-made, you can believe that they they are natural, but in any case it's a miracle either man-made or natural.
I have read about Bosnian Pyramids in Wikipedia and was full of scepsis when visiting Vysoko, but to see all that with your own eyes is really impressive.
To tell the truth, not historical hypothesis of local enthusiasts but my own real feelings, sensations of some external energy or just SOMETHING that drains me in one place or vice versa fill my chest from underground in another place - that impressed so much that I would recommend you to visit the Bosnian Pyramids and test yourself.
Written January 12, 2015
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La Paz, Bolivia74 contributions
Great experience visiting the pyramid and tunnels. There is a lot not known about this and the jury is still out on exactly what this is.
It is interesting that the thousands of meters of tunnels in the underlying hills that trend toward the pyramid were back-filled by the people who lived here 700 years ago, and these tunnels are being excavated by experts and a team of volunteers. It will be a long time till the end of the tunnels are reached and I eagerly await to see what is found there. The tunnels, while they appear level (and there are multiple levels of tunnels), they have an intricate drainage system to direct seepage water out of the tunnels. Also, inside there are 5 large smooth stones (of a rock type not found in the area) which are said to sit above underground crossing streams. Sitting at these places gives an immediate sense of peace and tranquility, rather extraordinary.
After doing lots of googling I was still unsure how to do a self guided walk up the pyramid and even where the tunnels were located. Also, after arriving in town I discovered that the tourist office was not open (even after waiting till 11am) and didn't open at all that day, not sure if it is still operational) So I will help you out. I took the bus from Sarajevo (about an hour as it was a local bus that stopped a lot) and was dropped at the bus station (located on the right side of the bridge in the top of the attached map). Cross the bridge, and turn left, walk to the end of the main street (about 600m), and turn left. On this corner is a small supermarket so stock up on food and water for your hike). Then follow the roads to the brown path shown on the bottom left of the map.
I walked up to the top of the pyramid, a pleasant 40 min walk, and sat at the ruined house/castle at the top of the pyramid.
To get to the tunnels walk back down to where the path left the road and continue in the direction you were walking when you left the road. You will pass a couple of cafe's and the one I stopped at was on the right about 100m past the gate which had a lovely girl serving awesome turkish coffee and traditional food cooked on the fire by her father. So continue down this road all the way to the tunnels (past a small village with picnic tables). It is obvious when you get there. The was was about 4km but pretty much all down hill. The cost id 5 Euro and they will suggest that you wait for a guide, however there is a map on the wall of the tunnels and plenty of signs once inside to direct you back to the exit. I suggest going it alone. and this way you can sit as long as you like at the smooth rocks (called K1-K5). After the tunnels you can walk back to Visoko without having to go back up over the hill. An awesome day out.
Written September 14, 2015
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1 contribution
I did already a bit of research before my visit, and most of it was pointing to the fact that this was just a tourist trap and nothing more. But anyway, I decided to judge with my own eyes and came to the realization that it was in fact all a big scam. No actual traces of a pyramid other than the ones built by the discoverer\owner of this mountain. Save your money and time and just visit many of the other attractions Bosnia has to offer.
Written March 1, 2021
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Niksic, Montenegro23 contributions
This is one of the greatest places to be if visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pyramids are nice to see, but they are still mainly covered by flora and earth, jsut small portions are escavated, but what makes this place amazign are actually the tunnels. They are few km from the city center, you can walk there or take a taxi or by a car, tour bus too. The area inside the tunnels is aprox 1km long. The Bovin measured inside go as high as 40000 and even more, what means the healing chambers inside are truly healing and beautiful to be in. The air inside, the ventilation is a mystery, no one can answer how can it be such ventilation so far from the entrance. There have been more and more cases of healing of serious illnesses thanks to the energy that is felt in those tunnels and by drinking the water found inside on few spots. The place is such a beautiful, relaxing, detoxifing magic. Been there many times already and will go many more :)
Written May 25, 2018
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Zagreb, Croatia169 contributions
We went there first time in October and it was really amazing. Walking up on the pyramid of the sun and spent some time on places that are already excavated. After that went to tunnels Ravne which is on the side of the pyramid. People which feel the energy will understand what I write about... Tunnels have some extraordinary climate and energy is enormous. It is all confirmed by the science (energy measurements) and I'll not debate if there are pyramids or not but the things that you feel in the tunnel are amazing. Went there in December 21. again for solstice with my wife and daughter and spend 45min meditating alone on K2 Megalit position. It was so good that we went again on 22. It is like energy bath which is cleaning all negativity and If you can afford to visit the place than don't waste your time. Ticket for the enter is 2,5EUR and you go inside with guide. During the winter is almost empty. We stayed in Sarajevo which is 20km away on the highway which cost 1,1EUR one way. It is possible to find cheap accommodation and the food is very tasty and cheap. Our guide Emir was fantastic and next time we will visit pyramid of the moon and other locations. I know that personal experience can not be transferred but just to mention that just before visit the Visoko went home from Peru. Energy that I felt in tunnels Ravne is 10 times higher then in Machu Picchu where I really enjoyed. Jungle of Amazona and Tunnels Ravne have the strongest energy that I felt in my life.
Written January 5, 2014
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Istanbul, Turkey7 contributions
Although most of it is covered with soil, the sun pyramid and the moon pyramid really exist. There is also another one which I haven't been to. The pyramid of tho moon is more like the ones in Egypt. It clearly has steps. The pyramid of the Sun is covered with concrete. You can see piece of concrete on the way up. There are wooden steps made by volunteers. Semih Osmanagic is trying his best to raise funds to uncover these pyramids. It will change all history of civilizations.... If you pass by, stop and spend some time visiting. It is also good for people of Visoko, a very nice place to see...
Written August 5, 2011
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Porec, Croatia67 contributions
I didn't believe it when TV's were talking about pyramids found in Bosnia. So, I decided to check it by myself and to do it I knew there should be any entrance to any of those pyramides to prove those pyramides..and there is! Thanks to a local guy my friend and I came to the cave, one of the entrances where some volunteers from Spain where working. I entered the labirint with a guide and really enjoyed the tour, air and energy out there. Some stuff, I didn't believe, of course..but that those were pyramides..go and check it out! That's my advice! THEY ARE AMAZING! What the guide at the cave said was "We have had 800 volunteers this year. And when we say to some people to volunteer, they don't wanna. But when we will finish to clean the caves, everybody will want to be a part of the project"

If you come either from the train station or bus station, crossing the bridge you will see right away the most beautiful green pyramid I have ever seen. Take a pic because getting closser the pyramid become less visible to the eye, it becomes a normal hill with forest. Be ready to walk a lot if you don't find a taxi. Approximately, there are 2 km of walking to the entrance of the cave. In practic: when you cross the bridge, go straight for 2 km until you reach the sign to turn left. If, after crossing the bridge, you turn left and go straight, you will reach the Pyramid of the Sun. It is up to you what do you wanna visit. You can do both if you are an early bird ;) Take your time to hike up on the pyramid. On the top, there are small ruins where you can see the whole valley. The best is to get up with somebody from the place so he/she can explain you everything what could be interesting. Keep in mind there were no buses or touristic buses to take us to those places. We made a lot of walking and it took whole day long. Btw. on the Pyramid of the moon there are still mines, so try to skip this step and check what you are sure. Pyramid of the sun is safe! There is a fee to enter the cave- don't worry it is cheap.
Written October 30, 2012
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Paulius M
1 contribution
Ravne tunnels are 3 kilometers away from the pyramid. The pyramid is a hill, from the other side you can find the formations, but there are just bunch of rocks. There is no evidence that it is a pyramid, maybe something is spreading the energy about which they talk, but there actually is no proof of the pyramid formation (there are hundreds of identical hills). Not saying that this is total rubish or something, but there is nothing to see for a person who is not arhceologist, you can either believe funny stories about energy and about healing water or not. By the way you cannot drink the healing water from the cave but can buy 10 euros per bottle. Than there are chakra scanners before and after the pyramid. Important thing to see and understand, that there is no way to detect chakras by outside instrument and that according to yogi system there are 112 chakras in the body and two outside, they are showing only seven chakras. Why? Well because these are popular chakras. Everything seems to be made for quite gulible people, who tend to be "against the system". Maybe there is something there, but today there are ZERO EVIDENCE to see there.
Written October 12, 2017
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Kev B
St Helens, UK229 contributions
Getting to Visoco from Sarajevo is relatively easy. there are fairly regular buses from the main bus station. At least 1 each hour most of the day. Taxi's from Sarajevo cost around 25 euro one way.

I would recommend an early start to your day. From the main street of visoco, head up that big pointy hill you passed on the way in. After heading up the hill for a while (don't give money to mad gypsy ladies), you will find someone charging 5 euro entry to continue up the path to the sun pyramid dig-sites. during my visit they were just clearing and re-enforcing the steps after the winter shutdown. I was lucky enough to meet an English-speaking Bosnian archaeologist who was happy to explain everything in detail. I didn't get her name but she was wonderful.

before you come down, have a look at the local geography and get a feel for where the other sites are before descending back to the town.

Once back in town I would recommend visiting a local grocery shop and buying some bread, fillings and drinks for a little packed lunch before heading out of town once again in the direction of the Ravne Labyrinth. Provisions here cost far less than even Sarajevo.

If you have planned this right, your 2 minute walk will have brought you to the tunnels as you are nearing lunchtime. Let them know you want a tour which will cost you another 5 euros. This is the perfect time to visit the tunnels as it will keep you cool from the midday sun. Depending on how long until your tour you could have your lunch before or after on tables set up at the entrance.

I found the tunnels the most informative part of my day and the guys explained a lot about the pyramids too. Even if some sections smell faintly of urine and I was accosted by a camra-crew upon exiting, it was a great hour tour and I would recommend it to all.

After the tunnels you could carry on the days tour with a visit to The pyramid of the moon which has some interesting exposed limestone sections and maybe after that another one or perhaps back to Sarajevo for the night.

I must be honest I wasn't sure when I arrived nor when I left as to whether the pyramids were man-made or natural. It seems pretty obvious that the tunnel system is man-made and the belief is that excavating one tunnel all the way to the sun pyramid will add validity to the claims that it is man-made.

We heard many travellers saying that they didn't feel there was much to do around Sarajevo. I think we bucked the trend and we told them so.
Written June 12, 2015
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