Leithen Lodge Spa
Leithen Lodge Spa
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  • Tracy M
    Glasgow, United Kingdom1 contribution
    Would not go back
    This was purchased from Groupon as a Spa Day for 2 with 2 treatments after driving 1Hr 20 min we walked round this very large house with no sign posts and no one in sight eventually I saw a woman through a window and she gestured with her hand to walk round after about 5 min someone eventually came out and spoke to us this turned out to be Emma our Therapist she ushered us into a room which was an outhouse with 2 tiny beds 2 chairs and a stone floor with a grubby carpet , square a tray with 2 cups and some tea bags in a dish and a flask with hot water although the heater was on my sister returned to the car to wait while I had my treatments due to the cold and dismal room she was left in not tastefully decorated by any means.The toilet was in another outbuilding which at the end of January and considering our scottish weather can be extremely cold The therapist was good and can not fault her work although her appearance was not very Professional the girl works alone so we had to wait on one another's treatments finishing I was advised that this was not advertised as a Spa day although it says it on the web site and Groupon I would not recommend this to anyone and was very disappointed in my Spa day there is much better deals out there so I would look around before booking this place could not wait to get back to the car to put heating up full .
    Traveled with friends
    Written January 27, 2016
  • scottishshell
    4 contributions
    Spa break
    I can't believe how rude the owner of this establishment is, her attitude toward myself & my sister whilst having an overnight stay here was terrible and I'm astonished if paying guests actually return here. I will just say, the only good thing about our stay was Emma, the therapist, she was lovely & the treatments were great, which is a shame as I definitely won't be back.
    Written June 21, 2016
  • st59scs
    Nairn, United Kingdom82 contributions
    Great Spa treatments/ Customer service needs looked at
    Really hard to write this review as the Spa treatments ( Emma) were very good and the apartment " Avalon" we stayed in was very warm and comfortable. There was a bit of a wait at check-in and no-one really knew what to do. Dogs running about, but you expect that on a country estate. perhaps if the gent who met us would have intorduced himself or explained there was no reception etc it would have been better. The other couple who arrived at the same time as us were not pleased at all. There is only the one therapist and if all rooms are booked out the treatments would have to be spread out over the day which may not suit all groups. Lovely location and what a beautiful building.
    Traveled with friends
    Written December 20, 2015
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15 reviews
Very good

Galashiels, United Kingdom87 contributions
Feb 2016 • Friends
My friend and I received groupon vouchers to go here. I first called which I was categorically told all bookings must be made by email... I then emailed saying the days and times we could go and got a reply with a date mid February... I said great... Only when I got the confirmation through I realised that even though I'd specifically stated our treatment would need to start at 10am or very soon after that time the treatment was booked for 1230 making it almost impossible for us to get back to pick up kids from school. We then settled on the 25th February. I was emailed at 820 that morning to say our treatment starting at 930 had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances... Ok fair enough things happen so I called and Julie explained that I should email with alternative dates times we could do... Which I did. I got an email back the next day saying 8th March @ 930... Perfect... I replied saying yes that's great, only to get a email the next day saying the first available date for our treatment was the 31st March!!!! Being slightly confused I called only to receive a whole lot of rudeness and being told to contact groups to get a refund.... Customer service is shocking.... Julie Martin really needs to attend a customer service course. I did say that she had redeemed our vouchers but she assured me she would undo this.... I am still trying to get my money back as groupon are having difficulty refunding as it says we have redeemed it. Surely this should not have been redeemed until we actually arrived for the treatment. Unless you want to be talked to as if you are a child or someone to be rude to you then I suggest you avoid this place completely.
Written March 1, 2016
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Edinburgh, UK12 contributions
Aug 2014 • Friends
Absolutely awful.The 1 star rating is only for the therapist who gave an excellent service-my massage was fab.My advice to her is find another job elsewhere-you are so much better than that place!
We arrived promptly and were told to wait outside(it was pouring with rain)-not exactly a warm welcome.
As the previous clients were running late,there was no where for my friend to wait as the "Relaxation Room"was occupied.It turned out to be a pokey wee cowshed with 2 single beds butted up against each other and a tiny wee window with a horrid net curtain.
My friend had to sit in on my treatments as there was no where else for her to go.She had to sit in silence on a hard wood kitchen chair.Not even as much as a magazine to read.The treatment room was a draughty old outbuilding with a concrete floor.
My treatment was interrupted several times for the therapist to check the "Relaxation Room"to see if the previous guests had left.
The toilet facility was a cobweb manky pig-shed with a soaking wet floor as it had been raining.
The"Afternoon Tea" was served in the cramped outbuilding with a tray table so we had to balance our food on our knees.
The "traditional afternoon tea"consisted of a jug flask of hot water and a selection of tea-bags.My friend who didn't drink tea was not offered anything else such as coffee or water.There were mini oatcakes instead of sandwiches which were served with some kind of guacamole or pate on them.Not a scone in sight.A couple of shop bought mini cakes and the offcut corners of a baked cheesecake which was probably left over from the meal the night before.
To say we couldn't wait to leave early was an understatement.
As we were relying on a lift,we had to walk about a mile down the road before we could even get a phone signal to call for an early lift home.
We were very hungry but glad to be gone from such an unwelcoming visit.
If you think you are going to get anywhere near the grandeur of a historic shooting Lodge-forget it!You will be confined to the outbuildings.
My advice-don't even think about it....
Written July 30, 2015
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uk16 contributions
Jul 2015 • Friends
On arrival at the lodge, I had to ask what I thought was the gardener if we were at the correct place.  We were asked if we were there for boot camp, however, we informed the gentleman that we were there for a pamper treat.  We were brought through into the courtyard and sat at the table outside with dogs around us and told to wait there until a lady came out to us.
Not before too long, the therapist appeared with registration cards and asked us to complete which we obliged.  As we were starting to get cold, we asked if there was someone indoors to go and were brought to the "relaxation" room.  Unfortunately there was nothing relaxing about it.  There was no music, the magazines dated back to April 2014, there were tea/coffee etc, however, no hot water.  The room was cold, there was a massive spider in the bed when I got in and to say the noise was horrendous coming from outside is an understatement.  It was actually so bad, I have taken video evidence.  The gardener was busy in action, filling up metal watering cans and the dogs were constantly barking... This is not what I expect when I go somewhere for a pamper day... I have never experienced anything like it and hope I will never have to again.
I have specially stressed at the time of booking that we required both our treatments to take place at the same time.  When we spoke to the therapist, she said that they would be carried out separately.  Not only had our times been changed from 12pm to 2pm, we would not now be attended to together.  This left my friend in a very awkward situation with childcare arrangements and no mobile phone signal.  If this is not possible as there seems to be only one therapist at the lodge, the client should be informed of this.  We are not local so travelled some distance to the lodge and this meant our treatments would not finish until 6pm.
When it was my turn for my treatments, the therapist asked me about my choice of treatments.  I asked for the Lava Shell Massage which was stated as part of the package, only to be told that she didn't have any lava shells at the lodge.

The whole experience was very disappointing and not what I would call a pamper day by any means! I came away feeling extremely embarrassed and guilty as I was the one who booked this for my friend and I.   

After complaining, we were fobbed off with a pathetic email following an investigation they had carried out basically saying that it was our fault, we should have stated we were uncomfortable with the dogs and noise, etc.

We will definitely not be back.
Written July 29, 2015
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Edinburgh, UK39 contributions
Be careful of this establishment. I bought a 2 hour pamper package and it ended after 75 minutes (I was late, and phoned, as it was miles from Edinburgh and difficult to find), but even taking my lateness into account it ended a full 45 minutes before the schedule end time. In a long email chain, the management showed no concern and tried to blame me. They did offer to make up the time but with a 90 minute drive, and so begrudgingly done I did not want to go there again, especially for a massage. I challenged at the time but with no result. I was told by email that I should have challenged harder (not much of a relaxing session if I the customer has to do this). With adding up the timings they used in their excuses, it is clear that the session would never have been 2 hours even if I was early – so watch out for a business that seems to be on the make and relies on the customer making a stand before you get what you paid for. … and I thought a pamper package was supposed to relax you!
Written May 22, 2015
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Ashley M
Nijmegen, The Netherlands2 contributions
Feb 2016 • Friends
I had been gifted this overnight stay by my sister, after a long drive there which resulted in us having to be towed to the door after getting stranded in floods on the country road 5 minutes around the corner, we arrived utterly disappointed in the place. Firstly I have never been to a 'spa' that does not have swimming pool, sauna and steam room and feel it is a misrepresentation of what the place actually is, a cold lodge with a massage room set up in an outbuilding. The one star is for the massage from Emma-I was impressed with her skills however we could not wait to leave this place soon enough, We may have done if my car was working as we were freezing. There is no phone signal nor wifi therefore we relied on disturbing the owner for use of the landline phone. to call for help for my broken car and were encouraged to leave money for it's use.

The afternoon 'tea' did not come with tea just scones. After the rescue van arrived to look at my car, my sister and I went outside to look at my car but it was freezing and raining therefore we went back to stand in the doorway as it was clear that they had already began to tidy up room. There is no waiting area we were introduced to.

We overheard the owner complaining that we not even bothered to tidy away our dishes (they had been washed and were lying on the rack to air dry) and we had just been sitting about all morning.. We were out the door before 10am an hour before we were meant to leave. This made us so uncomfortable to be in any proximity to such a negative woman that we chose to stand in the freezing cold whilst the loaded my unfixable car onto the rescue truck. I was utterly shocked by this woman's comments as we left the place almost immaculate.

WARNING * check the the lodge ahead there was NO warning sign of flood on the road... AND this is NOT a SPA, not even a pleasant stay in the country.

I hated every second of being there apart from the massage. I would highly recommend NOT going there.
Written March 2, 2016
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Cathy B
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom37 contributions
Feb 2016 • Friends
I am utterly disappointed with everything about this experience.
Firstly, on arrival we had to seek out somebody to ask if it was the right place to be and he was very abrupt.
Secondly, we were whisked into a cold, dark shoe box of a room with two beds in it, with no idea what was going on.
The treatments were average at best. One of us had to sit and wait on the other. The offer was for a two hour pamper package, which was for one person, therefore I bought two so that we could both go. We were there for a total of two hours. The cream tea was shambolic, I am allergic to wheat and we were given one plate with two scones, a cake and two small brown things. The tea bags weren't labelled. Additionally, not one person came to say goodbye or ask use how our experience was. So disgusted with the customer service.
This was a special birthday present and turned out to be an utter waste of time and money.
Written February 15, 2016
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Glasgow, UK2 contributions
Aug 2016 • Couples
This is easily the wierdest place I have ever stayed. Spa? What a joke! Rude and unhelpful staff, with the most pathetic 'afternoon tea' I have ever witnessed. The 'spa' is actually an old laundry cupboard with a single bed in it! The therapist was completely rude and unhelpful as we were 'late'. We telephoned 5 times to inform them we'd be 45 minutes late due to car problems - no-one ever answered the phone. She then docked two treatments off - even though it was already paid for, still early afternoon and no other guests there. The place is stuffily decorated, the bathroom suite was installed in the 1970's and they don't even provide towels!!! As for breakfast? You can forget that unless you want to shell out £15 per head for a 'breakfast hamper' - whatever the hell that is. No check in or check out, no information as to what services are available - well, that is because there are no services available! No bar, no restaurant - all for the £110 per head per night. Do not waste your money! How they even get a license to operate is beyond me. What they don't lack is the bare-faced cheek that comes in spades. Avoid at all costs - unless you are desperate to get ripped off!
Written November 1, 2016
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Girvan, UK843 contributions
Feb 2016 • Couples
I booked a pamper package for my wife via Groupon and she upgraded the package at additional cost.
As with any pamper package one would expect a certain level of comfort in a relaxed atmosphere and, of course, a high level of attention and customer service. Unfortunately, the experience at Leithen Lodge fell short on all counts. We were not made to feel welcome, the "relaxation room" is a dark, cold, converted coal shed and the treatment room was too cold for human occupation. The "consultation" was limited to a few words, the products and further treatments were not discussed and the whole process was hurried and the opposite of relaxing - stressful. How much would it cost to be pleasant and possibly offer a cup of tea (to take the chill off)?
I could not recommend the establishment to others and I will not return. One might assume that the poor service was because this was only a Groupon booking but, we did book and pay for additional treatment. Overall, this service gives not only a poor impression of the vendor but also of Groupon in general.
Written March 12, 2016
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Glasgow, UK123 contributions
May 2016 • Friends
Brilliant fabby spa break with 3 other ladies. Fantastic value (bought through living social).
An overnight spa retreat with back neck and shoulder massage, Indian Head Massage and manicure each + cream tea - unbelievable value at £199.
Stunning oldy world apartment - large lounge with beautiful views, television, dvd player, and a selection of books and board games, one large double bedroom, one medium double bedroom, bathroom with overbath shower (remember to bring your own bath towels - if you forget they are £5 each to hire - we all forgot lol!!!), extremely well stocked kitchen with fridge, freezer, microwave, cooker, oven and dishwasher and lovely seperate dining room.
The surrounding area is stunning but isolated - Innerleithen is only 10 minutes away by car - lovely little village.
PLEASE BE AWARE THERE IS NO INTERNET CONNECTION NOR PHONE SIGNAL AT ALL - this was not a deal breaker for us but may be for some. They have a landline in the house and you can make calls using their phone for a donation to their wild bird fund.

We would like very much to thank Julie and her staff for a lovely time - her two beautiful dogs joined us when we were out walking

Will be back
Written May 8, 2016
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Lisa H
Edinburgh, UK5 contributions
Apr 2016
Have been twice now and always enjoy it. Quirky, quaint and oldy worldy! Comfortable and allows you to chill out with friends or family. We take our own food, drink and towels. A trip into Leithen or Peebles is always on the cards or we wander around the scenic grounds. Lovely to watch the dogs and chickens wander around too.
Really friendly staff and helpful too. Can recommend.
Written April 23, 2016
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