Kankakei Gorge

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Kankakei Gorge
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Singapore, Singapore1,057 contributions
Ideal visit time - spring and autumn
Dec 2019 • Couples
December is not the best time to visit the gorge. Come in autumn or spring when the flowers are blooming or when the leaves are in a rich tapestry of red, and yellow. Ride the cable car up and down to photograph the colours. There’s a gift shop and local produce shop at the top.
Written December 17, 2019
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hfot2 🌸🍁🌸
Vermont6,475 contributions
Lovely in autumn, but not as mind blowing as we had hoped
Nov 2018 • Couples
We took the ropeway up and walked down which like to do in places such as this. We get two different experiences and two different views of everything. There is a separate review of the ropeway experience with its rock formations and colorful trees. There are two trails down, we took the longer western trail because it ended up right at the bus stop below the ropeway station.

We visited a few days before peak, though the Tourist Information Center told us the gorge was at peak. The colors were good, but by no means great. Some of the best color on the top was behind the toilet block which is worth a visit if only for its interesting design. The viewpoint east of the station also had some of the best color we saw on the summit. The view out to the coast was quite nice but we came for color not distant panoramas.

The summit was rather disappointing. Its main purpose seemed to be accommodating loads of tourist buses whose passengers wanted to shop, buy souvenirs or plants, and eat. There were a few lookout viewpoints which we searched out. We arrived early in the morning. As the morning progressed the place got more and more crowded.

The walk down was pretty exciting, with views of contorted and bizarre volcanic rock. There are many places where one could get mind blowing shots but some of the viewpoints looked very dangerous. We stuck to the path for most of the way down. There are signs, Japanese only, with photos of what can be seen in the rock formations if you look in the right direction. It took us a while to figure the signs out. The walk down was perhaps the best part of the visit. It took us an hour and 45 minutes to get to the bottom but we stopped for photography.

Once you return to the bottom, check the posted bus schedule and get in line. The line formed quickly beginning about a half hour before the bus was scheduled to arrive. There is only so much room on each bus, even with people standing, those at the back of the line had to wait for the next bus. We took turns holding our place in line whilst the other wandered around and took more photos. There were some very nice colorful trees around the edge of the parking lot and a small stream with a bridge.

Visitor's tips - go early, bring a snack, ropeway up and walk down.
Written July 21, 2019
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Grace B
Sydney, Australia210 contributions
Forgotten how beautiful it is
Dec 2018 • Couples
We walked up from the ropeway as it hadn’t started raining yet and we wanted to experience the forest which is natural. Although past the prime the autumn leaves were lovely. The forest was lovely and quiet and despite all the signs we were not disturbed by inoshishi leaping out of the bush at us. When we reached the top the clouds came in, the rain started and the temperature plummeted. We decided to take the cable car down the mountain which was a great idea as it took us through the gap which was not accessible by the path. The view was amazing and the trees looked gorgeous. We were treated to a lone trumpeter at the top playing beautifully through the mist. Thanks to whoever that was.
Written December 7, 2018
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Sean Seungwon J
Tokyo, Japan271 contributions
Short hiking
Oct 2018 • Family
Nice view of rock mountain on the way of going up. Great view of the islands from the top. We took the rope way and enjoyed walking around in the top of the mountain.
Written October 29, 2018
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Patricia O
amherst41 contributions
Dazzling Views out to the Ocean and down to the dogwoods
May 2018 • Couples
We didn't know where to look as up, down, out and over were all beautiful panoramas despite the relatively overcast day. While we hovered over dogwoods in blossom below, birdsongs filled the air. We never say any monkeys, but were not disappointed
Written May 22, 2018
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Villeurbanne, France147 contributions
Amazing view but
Nov 2017 • Couples
So i put 3 stars but hesitated a lot.
If it would have been for the island, the astonished view and the color of the trees it would have been definitively a 5 stars no doubt!
BUT we had the worse day in shodoshima in a month because it is not an easy island to freely visit and it is overwhelmed by chinese buses that continually arrive and result in huge queue. Ok normlly it is notna problem but you have 3 buses olive that make the island turn and very few buses toncirculate which make everything rushh since you have queue and then we needed to run to take the ropeway before the bus leave and we needed to rush tonbe av’entonget in the bus. Everything is so complicated for us, all bus timetable are kanjis and hard tondecript even for japonese. Then you are far from everything so hard to go for dinner or else. We didnt eat at lunch because there were nowhere to go even convini! We also had to walk back to hotel in the dark ..... in the wind...

So my advice:
- have 2 nights there (we had only one so rush was even bigger)
- rent a car
- prepare well your travel and book shoyu factory in advance
- take an organized trip
Written November 24, 2017
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Taipei, Taiwan2,007 contributions
One of Three Most Beautiful Gorges in Japan
May 2017 • Couples
Kankakei Gorge (寒霞溪) is located in the center of the Shodo Island (Shodoshima, 小豆島) of Kagawa, Japan. Kankakei is known as one of the three most beautiful gorges in Japan, along with Mt. Myogi (妙義山) in the Kanto region (關東) and Yabakei Gorge (耶馬溪) in Kyushu (九州). Kankakei Gorge is situated between the peaks of Mt. Hoshigajo and Utsukushi-no-hara Highland and was formed over a period of more than 2 million years. Extraordinary landscapes of unusually shaped rocks and stones can be seen on the southern side where the gorge is particularly deep (formed by intense volcanic activity and shaped by the wind and rain). Kankakei Gorge was included in the Setonaikai National Park (瀨戶內海國立公園) established on March 16, 1934. It is the first national park designated in Japan.

Kankakei Gorge was the only natural destination we visited at Shodo Island. It is quite easy to access its top via the Kankakei Ropeway, car and if you like hiking, the trail. The paved road can reach both stations of the ropeway. The parking lot is not so far away from the Kankakei Ropeway station. We were surprised to see some of the tall maple trees had red leaves, which are normally seen during autumn, when we visited in late May. Later we learned that not all maple leaves turn red in autumn. It took us 5 minutes via the ropeway to reach the upper station. The view was stunning with the deep canyon beneath and the Uchinomi Bay (內海灣) of the Seto Inland Sea (瀨戶內海) as the background. The greenish plant with the rocky cliffs encouraged us to take many photos during the ride. Once we were on the top station, we had lunch at the nearby restaurant. There is an observation platform less than 100 m (328 ft) from the restaurant. From here we saw the Kusakabe Port and the city below with the Shikoku (四國) in the distance. There is another viewing location, Takatori Viewing Platform (鷹取展望台), at the other side of the ropeway station. Here we could see the same scene from a different angle. It was a pity we did not come during the autumn to admire its beauty for the reason it won the title - one of the three most beautiful gorges in Japan.

There is a public transportation from Kusakabe Port, but there are only 4 buses daily to the lower ropeway station. Be sure to check the schedule before you go because the service is not year round. Kankakei Gorge attracts many visitors, particularly hikers and naturists, especially in autumn with its fall foliage.
Written July 15, 2017
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Margaret River144 contributions
Best of Shodoshima
May 2017 • Couples
Shodoshima is a lovely island the views from the gorge are great. Ropeway was fine and nice to find one where we were not packed in like sardines! Yes it is a short but enjoyable ride.
Written May 30, 2017
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Story S
Hong Kong, China16 contributions
Great view but cable car ride was short
Jan 2017 • Couples
The views were great, even in Jan when nothing was blossoming. The cable car was great as well, although it was much faster than expected....only 5 mins per way. Round trip costed 1350 yen. Hiking oneway is a good choice if weather permits....(but not in Jan)
Written January 24, 2017
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Richland, WA5 contributions
Great Sightseeing
Aug 2016 • Family
Many spectacular veiws. Great restruant with soba noodles. The gondola is a great value and is very roomy.
Written January 16, 2017
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