Mount Tanigawa

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Mount Tanigawa

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Singapore, Singapore56 contributions
Jul 2018 • Solo
Absolutely beautiful mountain hike done in the Summer. Take the cable car and trek up to the cabin.Then continue along down on the other side (connects to the same train service once you are down). Hardly anyone does this second path so there are beautiful flowers everywhere. Perfect for a day trip out of Tokyo if you are fit.
Written March 30, 2019
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Hong Kong, China86 contributions
Jan 2019 • Solo
This mountain has killed 4x more people (800) than Mt Everest (200). Lots of mountaineers climb in the winter. Snowboard and skiing is limited to about 8 runs and 3 lifts once you get off the gondola. dont come here looking for lessons or learn to ski/snowboard. The backcountry is spectacular! Thats the real reason why the ski tourists come here.
Written January 5, 2019
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Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan147 contributions
Oct 2016 • Solo
Only 2 hours train ride or 2 hours drive from Central Tokyo, you can come here where you can enjoy real mountains. Some cliffs are very famous and notorious where many men and women have lost their lives because of its severe weather and steepness. However there is also an easy course to reach the top. If you take a ropeway, you can get it a summit with only 1.5 hours walk. Beginners can enjoy the climb. This area boasts its beautiful autumn leaves so if you come here in October, many visitors are expected and you will have to wait for a long time to take a ropeway, however, it is extremely value to visit in autumn.
Written March 13, 2017
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121 contributions
Oct 2016 • Friends
came up here via ropeway and thought that was it. if i had known there were hiking trials, i would have prepared myself more: shoes and proper attire to keep warm. not for the faint-hearted if wet.
Written November 9, 2016
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Edinburgh, UK1,198 contributions
Nov 2016 • Couples
We took an 8-minute train that costs 240 yen from Minakami Station to Doai 土合 Station (trains bound for Nagaoka 長岡 every 1 to 4 hours; no SUICA scanner), which is 462+ steps underground - pretty cool place! Then we walked right along the road for 20 minutes uphill to the ropeway. There's also a direct bus from Minakami Station's Bus Stop #3 once or twice an hour that's 670 yen and takes 20 minutes. Set ticket covering return bus & ropeway is 2920 yen at the tourist info center opposite Minakami Station to the left from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

The 2060-yen return ropeway is every 3 minutes and takes under 10 minutes. There's a restaurant up there. From there, you can walk up or take the chair lift which costs another 720 yen return. On the top, the panoramic mountain view all around is amazing! Signs show 2 trails going to the summit or to a hot spring. In early November, it was 10 degrees but felt much colder so make sure you have a jacket, hat, and maybe even gloves. Last bus back is at 4:56 pm. Last train back from Doai Station to Minakami is at 6:16 pm but I think the ropeway closes at 5 pm.

We wish we had gotten there earlier to walk the trails but getting there around 2:30 pm did give us plenty of time to have a good look around. There was some partially melted snow on the ground so shoes could get muddy.
Written November 6, 2016
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39 contributions
Jul 2016 • Couples
We hiked Mt Tanigawa from the base cable car station (740m) up to the summit (1970m), along the ridge which is marked as the yellow trail on the map. It's quite a big ascent, so not an easy stroll! To get to the trail head, simply continue up the road from the cable car station, the road does an S-bend, and then the trail head is very obvious off to the left in the trees. Be warned - it's a gnarly trail! It would be pretty miserable to do it in sneakers (definitely need hiking shoes/boots), or if it's wet. It's a steep trail up through the trees for about 400m (vertical), and then once you're out of the trees you're on an exposed knife-edge ridge. It's absolutely stunning! Spectacular views on a good day, and you can see the summit from here until you're standing on the top.

From the summit, we hiked down the pink trail to the top cable car station. This trail is much busier, and it's also a difficult down-trail - lots of loose and/or slick rocks, so you have to watch where you're putting your feet (I wished I'd had my walking poles at this point). It's also preferable to going back down the knife-edge ridge! You can then either walk to the top cable car station and ride that down to the bottom (which is what we did), or before you get to the top cable car station you'll see a trail branching off to the left - you can walk this all the way to the bottom cable car station and car park.

Most people say it's a 4-5 hour hike from the base cable car station to the summit along that ridge, but we did it in 3hrs 15, so it's possible if you're fit. From the summit down to the cable car top station it was around 1.5 hours.

Note that most people tend to ride the cable car up to Tenjin ski resort, and then hike to the summit of Mt Tanigawa from there. The cable car takes you up about half way (in terms of vertical height). But as I said, this trail is much busier, so if you want to get away from people and have time for a big hike, I recommend you do the ridge.

I recommend you stay nearby the night before you hike so you can start early. Can't recommend Tenjin Lodge highly enough - very comfortable, and the owners are extremely helpful and very friendly. They know a lot about the area, the trails, and they're right on the river which is wonderfully refreshing to jump into after a hike!
Written August 1, 2016
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Tim G
Sydney, Australia43 contributions
Jul 2016
Stunning alpine area of Japan and if you are prepared for a tough climb, a fantastic way to see it all.
I would highly suggest starting this climb early in the warmer months. Probably 5am you want to be on the trail. The trail starts on the road about 5 mins past the ropeway and about 200m left of the mountain museum and shop. It's a small entrance but clearly marked.
For the first 30-40 mins you are making your way up a steep dirt and stone laden trail. You are surrounded by the bush and trees for the majority of this section and the stone areas are a tough incline. My suggestion would be to keep the momentum through this part, it is nice being amongst nature but the ridgeback section is breathtaking and you will continuously stop for photos and to take it all in.
Once you are cleared you will be greeted with a stunning view of the valley down towards the ropeway.
From here it only gets better, you will follow the obvious trail along the knife edge of the ridge.
There is some tough steep rock and stone step sections, some even have rope and chains to assist you in your ascent.
The view begins to open up and impress you as you slowly ascend. The valley to the right begins to come into view and you can get glimpses of the glacier at the bottom of the valley.
Whispers of clouds will continually go past which adds to the aurora.
There was probably about 40 people we passed who were also climbing. It really is impressive how many Japanese are into hiking and have a huge desires to ascend numerous mountains. 👍🏻👍🏻
Pack your water but keep the worn clothing light and have your warm and wet weather kit in your pack. Once the sun starts rising in the summer months it quickly heats up.
As you ascend the panoramic views just get better and better, behind my huffing and puffing through the ascent I had a smile from ear to ear.
I will warn you, there is false crests, a lot of them. Right when you think you are nearing the peak another looming ascent will appear again and again.
The last quarter of the climb gets quite steep but makes it all the worthwhile when you reach the summit.
We were blessed with amazing clear weather for 90% of the ascent until just before the peak where some clouds came over and interrupted our view.
But the climb is just incredible and being exposed on the ridgeback for a lot of the climb means you are blessed with such stunning views and exposure.
A small mountain hut is just short of the peak and a coffee before the descent was the perfect treat.
We took the trail to the ropeway for the descent and we passed hundreds of hikers of all ages which again I was so impressed by, no wonder the Japanese are all in such great shape.
The ropeway and hike to the top is also another ascent option but we were surprised just how steep that ascent also is , maybe some sections harder than our route. So yes the ropeway ascent is shorter but be aware their is some tricky sections.
We ascended in 2hrs 15 but we pushed it as we had to make it back to Tokyo that afternoon
Probably allow 3-3.5 hours for a comfortable ascent and about 1.5 for the descent.
But highly recommend and a great location for a weekend escape.
Written July 25, 2016
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Maebashi, Japan46 contributions
Oct 2014 • Family
Either you are hiker or mountain climber or just tourist who bring your family, this place will give you awesome mountainious view from the top. On autumn, hike along the river and enjoy the autumn color leaves is a nice choice even though you can ride the ropeway uphill.
Written November 12, 2014
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