Bobotov Kuk
Peak on Durmitor Mountain
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Very good

Art Zhiltsoff
1 contribution
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Aug 2021 • Solo
I did it on August 17. Made it to the top in 2.5 hours. 2 hours back. Had 1.5 liters of water and a couple of energy bars (burnt about 1500 cal) I was wearing sneakers - it’s fine, but hiking boots might have been better — easier on ankles.

No special equipment is needed. Mostly the trip is not dangerous. But you must be somewhat fit and careful. There is a couple of parts where you have to climb grabbing a rope, but nothing serious.

Saw families with children (from like 10 y.o.) on the route.

Absolutely stunning views. Highly recommend.
Written August 17, 2021
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Madison8 contributions
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Sep 2012 • Solo
Durmitor National Park is somewhat rustic (although improving), and doesn't have the information available that lots of National Parks have for tourists. This is rural Montenego (there are still signs in Russia around the town). Although the trails can be well marked, there are signs pointing to many different trails, camps, or other spots. Some of the signs are in Russian, and/or there are spots along a route that are not well marked. If you go to the post office in town, you can buy a topo map which should help.

The Park Office was only open from 9 to 5 -- I arrived after 5 pm from Kotor, and wanted to start before 9, so I do not know if the Park office has trail maps available (the tourist information center in town did not).

Hiking to Bobotov from the Zabljek side of the park is definitely as strenuous hike, with some scrambling and steep portions. The last portion of the route is step boulder climbing with some scrambling. When you get to the saddle, there is only about 25 minutes left to the summit. This is called a scramble (climbing can't be more than 5.4 or so), but it is very exposed. Looked like there was at least one rappel station, but everyone just climbs up this with no protection (when I say everyone, I think I saw about 10 other people all day). Holds are very good and the route is well marked with red and white bullseyes. However, if you are not used to exposed climbing without a rope, it might be a little disconcerting.

This hike (up and back) took me about 9 hours. I am very fit (it's marked at 5.5 from the trailhead one way). You definitely need to allow yourself plenty of time, and the weather in the pm gets cloudy. I brought about 3 1/2 liters of water -- there are no water sources. I hiked it the first week in September, and it was very hot.

Was a fun hike. Not many people do Bobo because it is considered only for "expert climbers" by locals. Again, I think this is because the last 20 minutes or so are sort of technical and exposed.

I understand there is an easier route from another town (Sedlo). Accordingly, a lot of people ascend this route, traverse the mountain, and hike down to Zabljek (they go down the steeper side). With either route, the path to the top appears to be the same exposed scrambling.

For those of you who are active and in Croatia on holiday, I rented a car from Dubrovnik (its about a 4 hour drive to the park), and then head back to hit the Dalmatian Islands. Durmitor was a good break.

Written September 12, 2012
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Dejan D
Zabljak, Montenegro21 contributions
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Sep 2016 • Couples
Bobotov kuk is 2525m high and the highest peak in Montenegro. The best hike is during summer months July and August, but September hike can be great if the weather is OK. There are 3 hiking trails leading to this peak and each of them is guaranteed adventure. First and the longest one is starting from Crno jezero (Black Lake) and it takes five and half hours hiking. Second one is from southern part of Durmitor mountain starting from passage Sadlo and takes 3 to 3 and half hike to the summit. The third and by my opinion the best one is starting from Dobri do - Sarban camp site. You can spent a night before the hike and take advantage of early morning hike to reach the summit in just two and half hours. The view from the peak is magnificent and in clear day you can see the most of the Montenegrin mountains, even those close to the sea. Also, you can see a large portion of mountain peaks in Serbia and Bosnia. The most beutiful sight is Durmitor mountain itself and astonishing canyon of Tara river. This hike offers different routes for return to Zabljak and many fresh water springs and one small lake called Zeleni vir (Green source). If you are spending some time in Durmitor area this is a must visit place. It is physically demanding but it's all worth of effort.
Written February 14, 2017
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64 contributions
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Jul 2018 • Friends
First, our group was not the one who have any experience in climbing mountains (except in Slovakia with a nice and easy hiking pass).
Second, I didn’t really know what to expect from this hike, even tried to read a lot. I prepared my team mates for this hike warning them that it will not be easy. And hundreds of times told them about proper shoes and clothes (it matters).
Third, at the beginning I chose to start our hike from Zabljak but then we changed our plans when we stayed at the hut before hike. We were advised to start from Sedlo.
Fourth, I was worried about how we will know the pass not to get lost. All the way there are red dots on the rocks marking the pass, follow them and you`ll be going in the right direction.
Zabljak is a lively town where you can start your hike, people usually tell that all the hike will take 8 h.
Sedlo is a place where you need to go by car. You won`t see a town or anything like this at the place. You`ll see the parking lot with a national park worker who will take 3 Eur fee from each of you to be able to enter the park. The promise was that it takes 3 hours in one direction. For us it took much more, we are rather thin, daily do some sports activities… But many people passed us by so we are not a point where to measure the duration of your hike.
The hike itself is difficult. When you start the hike soon after you will meet first relatively challenging climb up where you need to hold the rope which is very reliable. If you can make this than most likely you will be able to do other parts of most challenging hike. Prepare yourself that there will be steep hikes up (from place to place there is the rope – don`t worry so much about going down, it takes time but it`s also feel rather comfortable). First hour and a half is relatively easy because later there is less and less pause between each steep hike.
Last, take lots of water and some snacks. We took our time with quite many breaks, the food was exceptionally tasty. 😊
In the end we were glad we took hike from Sedlo. The views were stunning, amazing, magnificent, etc. Mountains are very different from corner to corner. If you`re lucky you`ll meet mountain goat as we did.
Check the weather forecast, when we were close to finish out hike it was getting cloudy. After less than an hour we were at the Black Lake and it was heavily raining, top of the mountains was covered in clouds.
IS THIS FOR YOU? 1. You are not very scared from height/you can overcome it (my buddy time by time say that they are but they managed it without any problems). 2. You are in a relatively good shape. 3. You are patient and can manage yourself when it`s difficult. 4. When you buy insurance.
Written August 19, 2018
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Damir G
Zagreb, Croatia421 contributions
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Aug 2017 • Family
We knew that Durmitor mountain is beautiful but ascending Bobotov kuk was one of the most beautiful hiking we had in our life. Scenery while hiking is so breathtaking that you even do not feel that legs are tired. Whatever direction you look the views are stunning.

We took the route from Sedlo (1900m). Group of 8 people (5 adults and 3 children around 14-16 yo). We all had good mountaineering shoes or trekking running shoes and this was a good choice as people in light summer shoes had difficulties and this type of approach is just seeking for an accident so pleas have a proper equipment with you. Small backpack is enough for a 6 or 7 hours of walking to s the summit and back. Take a lot of water, something to eat and a light jacket as it can be windy and weather can change in a minute on this altitude. Reaching the summit is not a big problem. It takes about 3 hours of normal walking with stops for a rest or water. There are couple of places which are more difficult to climb and you have wire ropes on those places. Last 50 meters of climbing are technically little bit more demanding and for person who is afraid of heights it can be a problem but when you reach the summit of Bobotov kuk (2523m) you will be astonished by the beauty of the view and nature around you. Surrounding peaks, lakes, Durmitor national park are just breathtaking. Descending the mountain is always more difficult and more risky as plenty of people think that they reached the top and now it is over. You should be aware of the same places which are risky and take it step by step. Nice place just below the peak with grass and beautiful scenery is a good place to have a bigger rest and to eat some snacks or food you have before you descend the mountain to your car. On this place you can choose to come back to Sedlo (if you have car there) or to take another path and to go all the way to Žabljak and Black lake. We needed around 7 houres for the whole trip with few bigger stops just to enjoy the views.
Written August 30, 2017
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Eugene Ang
Singapore, Singapore54 contributions
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Aug 2015 • Solo
I did the hike to Bobatov Kuk just yesterday starting from and ending at Zabljak and it was exhausting! The stated time to get to the summit from Crno Jezero is 5.5 hours but I did it in about 4.5 hours (I tend to prefer going fast uphill). Regardless, if you are a reasonably fit individual comfortable with walking for hours (uphill and downhill), 10 hours is a good time to give yourself for the entire hike from Crno Jezero to Bobatov Kuk and then back.

The trail to Bobatov Kuk starts from a tiny bridge by an old mill near Crno Jezero (check the map at the Tourist Information Centre or buy your own for 5 euros). Don't worry about getting lost as the trail is very well-marked. You'll begin with a steady uphill climb through the forest. After that, you'll have some small descents and ascents before you reach a nice small meadow. You should be able to see Bobatov Kuk just before descending onto the meadow. After the meadow, there are a couple of small shelters: this is the site of a katun, a shelter used by shepherds in the mountains during the summer. Beer is also sold there! For those who prefer water, there is also a small spring downhill from the shelter off the trail. It might be a little hard to find it from uphill but if you continue on the path from the building that sells beer, there is a word "Vada" scribbled in red with an arrow pointing downhill on a rock on the trail itself (I don't think the word was more than 100m away from the building). See the attached photo for a picture of the spring.

From the spring, you'll have a small descent along the side of a mountain slope and from there, it is almost entirely uphill to Bobatov Kuk. As you get to the base of Bobatov Kuk, you'll be required to walk on boulders; it is not difficult, just a little tiring if you're not used to bouldering. After that, it is a very steep climb up to a pass where the trail to the summit begins. I had to use my hands at some points for this climb just because the slope is very steep, but it is nothing too difficult. There are ample places on the rocks (on the left of the slope facing upwards) to grip on and absolutely no rockclimbing skills are needed.

From the pass, just follow the trail that snakes around Bobatov Kuk that will bring you to the top. The trail here is decent with some steep slopes but nothing too scary (yet). You know you are close to the top when you see a safety cable. Follow the safety cable and before you know it, you'll soaking in the jaw-dropping panoramas around you. This final part might be a little unnerving but there is definitely enough space for you to support your feet and body without feeling like you're gonna fall off the mountain. I actually expected this part to be a lot more harrowing after reading some of the reviews here before climbing Bobatov, I myself am afraid of heights but I completed this part just fine. Just be careful and you'll be alright.

Final note on footwear: I did the entire hike in a pair of old sneakers, which was of course less than ideal. Nevertheless, I still think the hike is doable in sneakers if it has a decent grip. In case you don't have confidence in the grip of your footwear (like I did), here's an unorthodox tip: go barefoot. At the final part where the safety cable started, I opted to go barefoot for a better grip as the surfaces were a little moist and my old sneakers felt slippery there. Without my sneakers, going up was a breeze: good grip, good footing, perfect peace of mind. The rock surfaces on the final part are generally even too, so it was NOT painful or uncomfortable at all to go barefoot.

Summary and additional tips:
- Strenuous hike (10 hrs) but NO technical skills required
- Bouldering and some use of hands required
- Well-marked trail
- Bring enough water (I had 1.5 litres and refilled my water at the spring on the way back)
- Start early (the summit gets crowded in mid-day)
- Wear decent shoes with good grip
- Sign the guestbook at the summit (it is inside the metal box with stickers)
- Last but most importantly, ENJOY THE AMAZING VIEWS!
Written August 19, 2015
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Irina A
Romania198 contributions
3.0 of 5 bubbles
Jun 2018 • Couples
Me and my boyfriend went on hiking the Bobotov Kuk on 6-th of June. We were staying in Zabljak and took a taxi to Sedlo to start the ascending from there, and went down the mountain on the other way, to Black Lake and Ivan Do, so we can walk from there to Zabljak.

We didn't expect to be be still so much snow on the path on early June, so we didn't take crampons with us. Nobody told us and we didn't read anywhere that is so risky to climb or even descend on the other way to Ivan Do. This track should be closed until July, for the tourists safety. Or at least the administrator who collect the fee for the National Park should search the equipment of the climbers. I couldn't believe how many were trying to ascend this difficult mountain without proper shoes, not speaking of crampons...

I believe we were lucky to be alive after 4 hours ascending (with short breaks for water and lunch) and then another terrible 5,5 hours descending on the other side of the mountain, hoping ot was easier. It waa a horror movie. The snow was everywhere and was covering the most steepest slopes and we could skip that. We vere very scared but after very hard 5 hours and a half, we made it to the lakes. We were so happy we were safe and sounds. Couldn't believe how dangerous it was...

I would never do it again, or at least not before July so the snow can melt and make the trail a little more accessible. But anyway, it is a medium-hard path so you must be in a very good condition to climb this peak and mandatory wear special mountain shoes! The views are incredibly beautiful and worth the effort aa long as they don't cost your health or life...

Be aware that there is no water on the way up, but on the way down to the lakes / Ivan Do you might find some watter or beer in the Durmitor Camp, where an old man sells it for 1-2 euros. Also, be sure that you don't miss the marks, because it happened to us few times.
Written June 9, 2018
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Stefan H
The Hague, The Netherlands32 contributions
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Jul 2014 • Solo
Everyone visiting Montenegro and fit enough to climb a mountain should hike up to the summit of Mt. Bobotov Kuk, the highest in the Durmitor National Park and second highest in the country. The walk up there is demanding though, so don't underestimate the mountain. Wear good shoes, bring enough water and food and pack warm and waterproof clothing, because the weather can quickly change in the mountains. I hiked up to the peak starting from Prevoj Sedlo near the village of Virak. A great way to get there is rent mountain bikes in Zabljak, bike the hour to an hour and a half to Sedlo, lock your bikes and hike up. The route is very clearly marked. Bring 3 euro for the ticket to the National Park. The hike starts gentle, but will get more heavy soon. The last bit up to the peak is very steep with loose rocks and the final 200 meters have to be climbed up by pushing up onto rocks and standing on small ridges. Don't do this if you feel you are not up for it. The view from the peak is brilliant and absolutely rewarding. This is THE highlight of Montenegro.
Written July 29, 2014
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leganes155 contributions
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Sep 2011 • Solo
I almost reached the top of the mountain in a little cloudy day in mid september,but the weather shift in minutes at midday, beginning with strong winds and light rains and ending with a downpour lasting the rest of the day and night. I arrived in Zabljak soaked and a bit frightened.
By the way, the trails are spectacular, with enough signs, but I encounter only two people in route. Midway are a very rustic lodge to use as a shelter, but is dirty.
Written August 4, 2012
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8 contributions
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Aug 2019 • Friends
I did the hike from Zabljak and the way back. It took me between 10 and 11 hours with a number of breaks. I read many opinions on the hike before doing it and I was expecting some challenge.

Some context:
I set off early at 7:30am from Zabljak after purchasing water (3.5L/pers) and groceries (supermarket opens at 7am). I was with 3 friends. We had all experience in hiking, some in mountains but we are only occasional hikers. I did the hike mid August, it was 20 degrees at Zabljak, sun in the morning and lightly cloudy starting at 2pm.

The hike starts at black lake. Going from Zabljak to black lake is trivial. From there a board with the available hiking paths directs you on the hike to bobotov kuk.
The first part is a rather easy climb through the forest and offers views on the black lake. After that, the path becomes a little bit more rocky and you leave the forest. It is still easy until you reach a small hutt which offers a good spot for a break.
From there, the hike becomes a little bit more challenging as the path is steep with rolling rocks. If you are careful that’s entirely manageable even for the inexperienced hiker (with good shoes of course).
Later, the path is even more rockier and you start to rely on your hands from time to time to help you get higher (a scramble). Nothing dangerous here but you need decent stamina as the rest of the climb will look a lot like this.
An hour later you reach the foot of the mountain with a scree made of big rocks. This part is rather difficult for the inexperienced hiker as again you have to use your hands, it can be slippery so you need to test rocks in advance and the slope is steep. Advance slowly and carefully for about an hour and you reach the saddle, underneath the top of the bobotov kuk where people coming from other hiking trails join you for the final ascent.
It took me 5hours to get to the saddle. Then you have 20 more minutes of climbing which is absolutely doable if you managed to get to the saddle. Some opinions read like after the saddle it is harder but I disagree as long as you came by the long trail from Zabljak. The path is way safer than the scree in my opinion, although it can be narrow but you are never at vertical and you have space for two people. If you are afraid of heights as I am you can still do this part, although if at any time you don’t feel comfortable then just turn back.
In my opinion it is the very last part, 3 meters under the top that the hike is challenging if you are afraid of heights. I did it halfway and turned back because I was too nervous. There the path is very narrow and you need to be absolutely comfortable with heights although there are sturdy ropes (metal with plastic protection) to help you. It does not help that you have to go one by one and that you have to deal with people climbing down on your way up.
I think it is totally fine not to do it and stay 3 meters under the actual very top. Don’t worry you’ll have the same magnificent view on the Durmitor!
Climbing down to the saddle must be done carefully and after that, climbing down the scree was the most difficult part of the descent as I had to be extra careful on every rock. Then it is all about stamina and taking time to descend one step at a time. Don’t rush it, especially in the part down to the hutt as rocks roll easily and it felt like it was steeper than when ascending.

Some advice on preparing the hike:

Have mountain boots. I had running shoes but I wish I had mountain boots for the rocky parts and the scree, as well as to avoid too much pressure on my ankles. I don’t get people attempting the hike in sneakers or worse. At least on that trail it looks foolish to me.

Be in good physical condition, have food and water and start early. As the hike from Seldo is shorter, you’ll reach the top at about the same time as the others that start later. The best is to reach the top at about 12 or 12:30 before it gets crowded on the saddle.

Take warm clothes since it can be chilly in some areas, especially at the saddle.

Written August 19, 2019
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