Bintan Eco Farm

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Bintan Eco Farm
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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1-2 hours
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Very good

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Eco-farm & Safari
Jan 2020
The Eco farm is integrated with the safari. When you first enter, there will be a small area, they have some conical woven hats where you can borrow, it is useful especially when it is hot. You can also purchase some vegetables and other food if you want to feed the animals in the safari. There is also a small provision shop selling snacks and drinks.

They have a decent range of animals and plants in a vast spread land. You can expect to see animals like komodo dragon, crocodiles, deer, monkeys, snakes, a variety of birds, and even honey bears! The zoo is currently still maintaining, I think there will be some new animals in the future.

After you finish exploring the safari, you can get to enjoy some fruits(Durian, pineapples etc) , tea and fruit rojak and other snacks at a small cost. Not an experience to be missed.
Written January 17, 2020
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Sandy L
hk3 contributions
good eco farm and spacious
Jan 2020 • Couples
I have gone overthere; its spacious and had different animals over there; its had natural environment and fresh air; its suitable for parents to bring their children to take a look and rest over there. Good memories I got it from there.
Written January 16, 2020
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1 contribution
Elephant tied up and tortured for cash
Jan 2020 • Family
We went there hoping to see some. Vegetables and farm animals. It was a complete disaster. No idea what is 'eco' about the place but what we saw was limited farming (nobody mentioned or showed us what they were planting) and mostly an unregulated zoo with wildlife in questionable environment. That includes orang utans, tigers, eagles in tiny cages. Pythons and boas in boxes tiny and barely shut close. It was horrific and heartbreaking to see elephants being tied up by their front legs. They were untied to allow tourists to feed them but the carers who take out sharp weapons to keep them I check. There were so many red flags from an animal welfare point of view it made us feel really bad to have come and paid a small fortune to fund this tourist trap. If there was an 'ecov or conservation angle to this place it is either completely false or very badly carried out and communicated. Avoid at all cost!
Written January 6, 2020
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Singapore, Singapore81 contributions
Good place to visit and great staff
Feb 2019 • Friends
Definitely a must visit place if you are bringing in kids. They have a decent range of animals and birds in a vast spread land.

Urangutan, Monkeys, Komodo Dragons, Elephants, Snakes, Rabbits, Vultures, Eagles. They don’t have the big cats here, at least not when we visited.

They have a buggy ride and the drivers are well mannered, kind & they’d help with whatever information they know about the Eco farm and the animals.
Written November 14, 2019
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Steve and Family
Singapore, Singapore21 contributions
Great experience for families with children
Aug 2019
The Bintan Lagoi Safari / Eco Farm is a great experience if you have a family with children. We were looking for an attraction that didn't require a large chunk of time as a stop-off point on our way to a dinner venue which our children would love and this small zoo delivered exactly as we needed.

Its located close to the Bintan Resorts area and closes at 5pm. You will need transport to get to this place. We arrived at around 4:30pm and took the golf buggy guided tour given our limited time. We were the last family to leave and they were happy to keep the park open for us until 5:30pm. Our tour lasted less than 1 hour. Ordinarily allow 1.5-2 hours to do the tour at a more leisurely pace.

The park entry total cost was around $35-$40 SGD (3 adults + 2 chargeable children) and the buggy tour was an additional $25 SGD equivalent. The buggy tour is worth it if you want to save time and avoid the direct sunlight given there are parts of the park that are in the open without shade.

Set your expectations appropriately as this is not a Singapore Zoo style experience. This is a developing zoo which will evolve over many years ahead and you can see the progress they are slowly making in improving the grounds with landscaping and larger better designed enclosures.

Having said that, for a small zoo there was a great variety of animals including:

- a variety of birds of all sizes including carnivorous birds.
- An Orangutan
- An Elephant
- Crocodiles - adult and babies
- Deers with the ability to feed them
- Monkeys which you can also feed
- Sun Bears
- Komodo Lizards
- A Tiger
- A wide variety of Turtles and Fish
- Chickens and Ducks running around in an open setting near the fish ponds
- A broad variety of snakes including pythons and cobra's. The guided tour lets you hold the Yellow Python if you like.

There were other enclosure's which were blocked to the buggy that day so this list of animals isn't comprehensive.

I've seen some comments regarding this farm/zoo being inhumane due to the enclosures not being large and modern. I don't disagree that some of the enclosures could be larger and better. You can look at this in 2 ways - you're supporting a place that isn't as good for animals compared with a larger developed Zoo or you're supporting a Zoo that's trying to evolve itself and you're contributing towards helping them create a better life in the future for the animals. Your choice.

For a family children, this is worth the visit, doesn't require a whole day and I highly recommend it.
Written August 16, 2019
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Singapore, Singapore120 contributions
So-so experience
Mar 2019
My friend and I visited the eco farm with a guide (we could have actually done without - he didn't really explain a lot or give history of the animals in the park....) The area is huge but there weren't many animals to see, though the bears and snakes were pretty cool. It is kinda sad to see the tiny spaces that the animals live in, without much activity. They pretty much chill all day, I guess it's good they don't have 'animal shows' cos that would be horrible! You'll be done in an hour, probably less if you're getting around in the buggy (it can be very hot)
Written August 7, 2019
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4 contributions
Work In Progress but still interesting
Jul 2019 • Family
Much of the park is still being constructed/improved on.

As others have stated, it is more like a zoo than a safari. The selection of animals is smaller than what the usual zoos have but the kids still enjoyed viewing them.

The guide took us around the animal enclosures on foot; although, for an extra fee, you can go round in a buggy/golf cart. Our guide focused mostly on the animals and not so much on the plants and crops.

The kids were given the opportunity to feed rabbits, gerbils and deer - which they were very pleased with. Turkeys and goats roamed free.

Some enclosures do seem too small for the animals, here's hoping that the park will become more of a safari as the improvements are completed.
Written July 25, 2019
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Marcus K
Lac-Superieur, Canada4 contributions
A mixed experience
Jul 2019 • Family
This “Eco-farm” is actually a zoo and should be renamed as such. Zoo’s are important in educating the public about animals, conservation, training local people to take care of and treat sick/injured animals and they play an important role in conservation of threatened species.

For a ‘developing zoo’ it’s actually quite good - they are still setting up the facility with lots of landscaping going on and new enclosures being built. They have clearly come a long way to realizing their vision. They have a wide range of animals now to see (lots of monkeys/gibbons/orangutans, reptiles and birds, free range farm animals wandering around, and even a rabbit/guinnae-pig enclosure for the kids to potter around in which was cool).

The gardens at the entrance were very beautiful with a gorgeous vista looking over the park.

A lot of forest/jungle was cut down to make room for the zoo without saving any trees in key areas. Unfortunately because of this there is not much shade throughout the facility (for visitors or for the animals) - so I’d recommend visiting early morning or late afternoon to avoid getting baked if you decide to go. They realized their mistake and have planted new trees which are immature still and will take a long time to grow and provide shade again.

Regarding the “Eco” status of the zoo - there is nothing really Eco about it. To avoid misleading visitors time and time again (as seen in various posts already here) they should remove this from the title or upgrade their practices to actually become an ‘eco-farm’.

On questioning, the guide acknowledged that none of the animals have actually been rescued but bought by the Bintan government for the zoo (eg tigers, orangutans, reptiles) - which raises the concern that these animals may have been illegally poached or smuggled for the sole purpose of populating the zoo.

Although some of the animals enjoy larger enclosures with adequate shade, many do not and are in metal cages with no soft/natural surfaces, no escape from the heat of the tropical midday sun and inability to interact with other animals of their species in a meaningful way - some of the snakes I saw were left in plastic tubs in full sunlight unable to seek shade at all; when I asked about this I was told they were “bad snakes” that would be turned into handbags and the meat eaten. When I asked ‘why’ they were “bad snakes” the guide said they stopped eating so needed to be killed.

It was amazing to see so many elephants at this park but saddening that they did not have a proper enclosure yet. They were chained to trees and there were people with signs offering elephant rides for money (always a bad sign and most tourists will now days stay away from this kind of practice knowing the horrific training that is involved in making elephants submissive enough to allow this). The fact that this is allowed here is inexcusable and undermines any pretense the facility has in being eco-friendly.

The orangutan enclosure was the saddest part of the journey. They had a medium sized island built for them surrounded by water but minimal to no shade or climbing structures. Only one orangutan was outside a locked hut with several other orangutans inside it with metal bars on the windows of the hut. The orangutan outside was desperately trying to seek comfort by cuddling the orangutans on the inside through the bars with all of their arms reaching out like prisoners trying to console him; all the visitors watching were silent with horrified looks on their faces and many proceeded straight to the exit of the park to leave after seeing this.

I recognize that places like this are important for the economy of a small tourist island and provide many jobs (gardeners, vets, animal carers etc) and a potential to actually make a difference to the plight of endangered and injured animals.

For this place to do really well in an era where more and more people are becoming aware of and passionate about animal rights and conservation it would be a no-brainer for them to seek the help of experts from an established animal refuge to transform their practices into something that will draw in tourists from around the world. There is no lack of tortured, abused and poached animals in this part of the world that need actual rescuing and rehabilitation. A plaque with a story of each rescue at the front of each enclosure would do much to inspire the visitors that the zoo is making a difference and not just collecting animals. This kind of practice brings in more and more tourists and money for the park as they see it as inspiring and feel that supporting such a Centre makes a difference.

So in summary; an attractive developing zoo that has some interactive areas and a wide range of animal exhibits, definitely needs some external consultation into making it tourist friendly (shade, animal welfare, perusing rescue/rehabilitation over buying/poaching wild animals).

Written July 13, 2019
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Charis Tan
Singapore, Singapore13 contributions
Great guided tour and many interesting animals to see
Jun 2019 • Family
My family and I decided to go to the Bintan Eco Farm in the morning from 1000-1200. We had a private guided tour for the 4 of us, and we were given many opportunities to feed animals such as rabbits, deer and monkeys.

The guide was very informative about the various animals and gave us many opportunities to interact with them by feeding, and gave us a lot of time to explore and take pictures as well.

The pacing of the tour was good and there was a diverse range of animals to see as well, from tigers and crocodiles to monkeys and many different species of birds.

I would recommend coming to this Eco Farm tour for a informative and interesting experience!
Written June 16, 2019
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Valerie M
Wetherill Park, Australia10 contributions
Still under construction but still worth it!!
Mar 2019 • Couples
So I am a very big animal lover and I was very sceptical about going here but I took the chance after reading some of the reviews..
yes this Safari Park is still under construction as they have only been open for 2 years and they have a 5 year plan in total until expected completion.

I would definitely recommend getting a buggy tour, not just because the park is quite big but also because you get a worker that goes around with you and explains all the things that this park is doing to save these poor animals, as the majority have been confiscated off illegal importers or rescues from poachers, which explains why some of them are not in the greatest shape, as they are still being rehabilitated.

Yes the cages are a bit small, but if you get the guided tour you will find out how well looked after these animals are and how the majority of these cages are only temporary, for example the eagles get let out most nights to roam as they wish, they willingly come back at 6am each morning and they go back into their cages.. super intelligent animals.

Amazing experience and knowing the back ground about how these animals were rescued is just incredible.
Written March 30, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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